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Side Effects: how sean got tricked into being shauna

by Voodoopoerk

Side Effects: how sean got tricked into being shauna

Alright girls. I intended to write just an intro for this but I really liked the story and got lost in it. Its long but I really think you sissies will like it. Let me know ;)

I met her at the local bar, Her name was amy and she was beautiful with long blond hair, blue eyes and a smile that could make any man quiver. I don't know what I did more, admire her or wonder why she was with me, she could get any guy in the world with no effort. And she was with me. I was the luckiest man on earth.

She was always pretty dominant. She called herself a strong feminist and always told me she wouldn't let me make the decisions because it invalidated her as a woman. I didn't really agree, I always thought especially in a relationship everyone should have a say, but I didn't dare disagree with her. I would do everything I can to keep her with me.

It took awhile to have sex for the first time, But it eventually happened and she didn't know but she was my first. It was after a night out on a date. We went to a super fancy French restaurant and then went shopping for a little afterwards. I paid for everything of course. I never really liked how she always made me pay, She was a chemist at a huge pharmaceutical company and made tons of money so she didn't need me to pay, but like I said, I'd have done anything to keep her with me.

After shopping we went back to her place and she practically jumped me as soon as the door closed. Thinking back I don't even think it did close, her lust far outweighed the necessity of shutting doors. She continued to kiss me on the neck as she reached down, unzipping my pants, pulling them down with my boxers and pulling out my cock. As soon as she had me me completely exposed, her demeanor completely changed. The lust in her eyes had vanished and she just looked.. Shocked. She shifted her eyes up towards me and idk exactly how to describe the look she gave me, but it was one I'll never forget. It was a mixed look of almost holding back laughter, pity and I'm almost certain.. Happiness. I always kind of figured I wasn't the biggest in the world but I didn't think I was small enough to warrant that reaction..

After a pause that seemed like an eternity, she almost begrudgingly, grabbed my hand and led me back to the bedroom. She laid down on the bed, pulled me on top of her, and there's no other way to describe it other then, she let me have sex with her. There wasn't any enthusiasm or even desire there, she just laid down and let me have sex with her. It was my first time and like any other teenage boy losing his virginity (except I wasn't a teenage boy.. I was in my 20s) I managed to finish within a couple minutes. This is when it got a little weird though. As I was about to pull out and cum, she grabbed me by the lower back and held me in her as I finished inside her.

As I was completely finished , she rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning as I woke up she had already left for work. So I got up and head out the bedroom and walked down the long hall of her gorgeous house to leave. Her house was easily worth almost a million, Idk why I have to pay for everything, amy must have been loaded. Oh well I've got a great girl and am no longer a virgin I thought as I got in my car.

Before I could turn on the car my phone goes off. Its a text from Amy.
"Hey. So last night sucked. I really don't think this is gonna work with what you've got downstairs and you obviously being a virgin. Come over tonight after work so we can figure this out"

My heart was in my stomach. I was crushed. After that, the whole day was a blur of confusion, anger, sadness and anxiety in waiting for meeting her later.

Finally the time comes and I drive over to her place as fast as possible. As I walk in the front door I see her sitting on the couch waiting for me. I head over and ask her what's up, to which she just throws something at me which I instinctively catch and look at. I recognize it as a medicine bottle. But it was weird because there was no label or markings on it at all. Almost as if she read my mind she remarks "those are special experimental pills. They'll increase your penis size, give you stamina and increase your testosterone levels so you can be manlier. Honestly Sean, this is the only way we can stay together. I've got needs and you just can't meet them the way you are. Do you agree?"

I would do anything for her.

"Um yeah I guess.. I don't want to lose you Am.."

Before I could finish she had gotten up and walked away heading to bed. Before she gets to the room she turns and shouts to me down that long hallway

"Take 2 pills a day for a week and then come over after work and I'll decide if they've worked enough"

The door shuts and she's gone.

I would do anything for her.

For the next week I took 2 pills a day. The first day or two I didn't notice any changes really. Just a couple weird things that must have been side effects. My emotions were very whacky. I was very, Idk if it's the right word, but sensitive. I'm a waiter at a local bar and grill and a customer was extremely rude to me, to which I ran into the bathroom and cried in a stall. It was very strange. I chalked it up to my testosterone probably adjusting to the pills and fucking with my emotions.

Day 3 was when I started to see.. Changes. As I got up in the morning I went to go take a shower as I usually do. I'm shampooing my hair when I realize that the water isn't draining. I rinse off my head and look down to see a bunch of hair clogging the drain. What the hell? That's when I realize all that hair was from.. Me. All of my body hair had fallen off during the shower. The side effects of this drug are insane. I was starting to doubt if I should keep taking those pills..

As I was looking at my now hairless smooth body, my eyes shift to my dick and cant help but think it actually looks.. Smaller. It couldn't be though, these pills make me bigger not smaller. It musta just been it looking smaller without pubic hair around it. I couldn't wait for these weird side effects to wear off, they were starting to freak me out.

That day was fairly normal except I made a lot more money today. Most the people that frequent that bar are guys so I normally get shafted on tips but today they all tipped very well. At least one thing went right!

The following day was the same, no new changes really.

It was on day 5 that I knew something was wrong. I wake up around 4 am to my chest hurting. Not like a heart attack but like my muscles of my chest hurting. Which was weird because I hadn't done any physical work in awhile. I go to rub my chest and immediately realize that I now had.. Boobs. Not like huge busty boobs but definitely not a guys chest ! I didn't know much about bras but I figured they had to be like A cups. What the hell was going on.

I had work that day and was partly hoping that it was a dream so I tried going back to sleep to no avail. Eventually I gave up on sleep and decided I should try to masturbate and maybe then I'd be tired and could go back to sleep. So I sit in front of the computer with my new boobs and smooth body and begin to search for porn while I jerked off my still flaccid dick. Finally I found a pretty hot video with 2 guys and a girl, something I'm normally really into. I continue to tug my still flaccid penis for several minutes into the video before I realize I just wasn't getting hard. Which was very strange as I can normally get hard and finish relatively quick with these videos. Right as I'm about to give up, the video did one of those annoying shots and showed nothing but the ripped guy, sweat glistening off his 6 pack, his huge cock rock hard and his tight sexy ass. Wait why was I thinking like that.. And then even weirder I realized I was starting to get hard. I almost stopped jerking off while thinking about if that weird thought about the guy was related to this sudden erection or not. But I decided against it and continued. Eventually I was able to finish but I had to keep shifting my focus back and forth between the girl and the guys. Weird. Thats never happened before.

I had to wear a tight undershirt to hide my new tits at work that day but it seemed to go unnoticed. These pills had some strange side effects. Finally work ended and I rushed over to Amy's house. I know she said a week but I couldn't wait. These pills must not be made right or something.

As I reach for the door knob, the door swings open to a big ripped black man opening from the inside and pushing past me and walking to the car. What the fuck? I knew she said she couldn't be with me but I thought we were figuring it out. I storm in and ask who that was

"Oh him? He uhh is my plumber. He had to uh check out my pipes" she almost laughed saying it.

"Alright if you say so.. But okay, about those pills you gave me. They have some.."

She cut me off.
"Haven't you realized yet?"


"You idiot hahaha you have no idea do you? You didn't think it was weird your already tiny dick was shrinking, your body hair fell off, you grew tits and everything else that's happening?!"

Out of all that she just said the thing that caught me the most was "everything else that's happening".. What else is happening. She just named everything I've experienced so far.. What else is there..

"Wait whyd you give these to me then if you knew what they did!"

"Those pills must be working extra fast on you. The dumbness normally takes a couple weeks to kick in. Sean, you remember when I said we couldn't be together because you don't satisfy me. Well I might have mispoke. I can't be with you Sean because Sean doesn't satisfy me. But that night you pathetically fucked me. Well I took your cum that I made you put inside me and crafted a specific and unique batch of a new special pill that turns you from a poor excuse for a man into a great little sissy girl. And to finish my original sentiment. I can't be with Sean cuz Sean can't ever possibly satisfy me. But I'd love to be with shauna, my new little sissy bitch."

What the fuck. Who is Shauna. Sissy bitch?.. Is she talking about me? Is all that about the pill true? What the fuck was happening.

"Now open up and take another one. Its almost time"

Without even thinking I grabbed a pill and popped it in my mouth. I don't know why exactly I did but I did.

I would do anything to stay with her


Re: Side Effects: how sean got tricked into being shauna - darkenedav

felt like it was over before it began :|
hopefully you continue it with one more chapter as it was getting good :)

oh and don't write idk so much :P

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