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Had I Known

by Bedwetr1

Had I Known

Had I Known
By Bedwetr1-Rob
Had I Known That By The Time I Turned 4 That I’d STILL Be Wearing Training Pants During The Day, And Diapers At Night, I Would’ve Tried Harder At Potty Training.
My Parents Didn’t Make A Big Deal Of The Training Pants, But My Father Wasn’t Too Happy That His Son Was Still In ”Night Diapers”. My Mom Was Very Supportive And Made Sure I Had A Plastic Mattress Cover On My Bed At All Times.
“It’s Just In Case Sweety, You’ll Stay Dry Soon”. Well, She Really Didn’t Know What EITHER Of Us Was In For. When School Started I Was MOSTLY Dry During The Day, But I Wore The Training Pants As Security. Nights, Well They Were STILL A Problem. Soaked Diapers, And Sometimes Even A Wet Sheet In The Morning Because The Small Baby Diapers Were NO LONGER Capable Of Holding The “Big Boy” Amount Of Pee That I Was Producing. I Was Taken To The Doctors For My YEARLY Checkup, To Which Dr. Sims Would Tell My Mom, “He’ll Outgrow It, Hopefully SOON”.
By The Time I Turned 9, The Training Pants Were Too Small For Me To Wear, So My Mom Got Creative And Would Put A FOLDED Baby Diaper In My Underpants.
I Was Wearing About 6 Layers Of Flannel, And If It Wasn’t Enough, She Would Add Another One To Keep The “Wet Spots” From The Front Of My Pants. Some Days It Was Obvious That Even With “Baggy” Pants On, I Had A Bulge In My Pants. As Time Went By I Got Better At Holding My DAY Wetting, But The Doctor Was Still Assuring My Mom That I’d Stop Peeing My Bed.
Two Weeks After I Turned 12 I Had My FIRST DRY NIGHT. I Cried That Morning Because I Thought I Was FINALLY Going To STOP Peeing My Bed. My Mom Was Shocked And Told Me That If It Lasted For At Least A Week, She’d Take Off My Plastic Mattress Cover That Crinkled As I Moved On My Bed.
I Continued For 2 More Days As My Mom Praised My Efforts, And Dry Morning Diapers. Yes, At 12 I HAD To Wear “Homemade” Diapers That My Mom Concocted. She Would Put 4-6 Baby Diapers In My Underpants And A Pair Of RUBBER PANTS Over That. At Least I Had DRY Sheets In The Morning.
Within 6 Days I Was Awakening SOAKED Again. I Had 5 Dry Nights, Then It Was Back To Soaked Diapers. Needless To Say My Mom Was Disappointed.
Now It Was Time To Find Some Protection That Fit A Little Better, And I Could Use By Myself. My Mom Took Me To The Local “Medical Supply” House And I Was Subjected To A Humiliating Time Of Trying To Find “Something To Help With His Night Time Peeing” My Mom Told The Sales Clerk. “We Are Using Baby Diapers As STUFFERS, And That No Longer Holds Enough”. The Clerk Asked If We Wanted CLOTH, Or DISPOSABLES, My Mom Said That It Wasn’t An Issue As Long As It “Contained Everything I Was Putting Out In It”. “He Seems To Pee Very Heavily”.
The Clerk Took Us Into A FITTING ROOM, And Asked Me To Remove My Sweat Pants. As I Pulled Down My Sweats, He Asked If I Needed DAYTIME “Help”. My Mom Told Him “We Have That Under Control MOSTLY, Thank You”. “Well MOST Boys Your Age Young Man, Prefer A Disposable That You Can Put On And Take Off Without Anyone Noticing. I Have This “Pullup Diaper” That Holds A LOT, Or This One That Is “TOP Of The Line”. This One Will Also Fit You Better And As You Grow Older…Um If Needed”. He Handed It To Me And Said To Pull It Up OVER My Underpants To See If It Fit Correctly. It Was VERY Thick, But Soft On The Outside So It Was “Quieter” Than The REGULAR DIAPER Style. As I Had It On My Mom Asked About Wearing Rubber Pants Over Them. He Told Her They WERENT Necessary, “But It Won’t Hurt, Better Safe Than Sorry,…… Ya Know”. My Mom Felt Them, And Studied HOW They Fit Me. “They Definitely Look Better than the Diaper Stuffers We Use Now, And I Think You Can Put These On Yourself, Robby.
It’s Time You Do This On Your Own. You’re Getting To Old For Me To Diaper You, Right”? The Clerk Looked At Me Then My Mom. “My Mom Put Up With My Bedwetting Til I Was 16… She Was Relieved When I Stopped. Hey Champ, Why Don’t You Put That On And Wear It The Rest Of The Day, I Can Give You A Few Samples To TRY, Then You Can Order What You Need, Okay Mom? We’ll Go Out While You Put This On Then Your Underwear Over It ”. As They Went Out Of The Fitting Room, I Heard Him Tell My Mom To Let Me Wear The One I Had On, And Count How Many Times I Go Before It Leaks, Then It Should Last The Night. “If They Workout For Him, Let Me Know, I’ll Deliver A Case Of Them,…….Ok”?
I Pulled It Up Followed My My Underpants, Then My Pants. It Felt Strange, And VERY Comfortable. I Walked Out Of The Fitting Room And My Mom Asked If I Left It On. I Said “Yes”. Hmmmm…. You Really Can’t Tell You Have It On, If It Lasts All Night, I Think You Will Be Very Happy…..And DRY”!!! The Clerk Looked At Me And Winked ”That’s Cool, Huh, Finally Getting DRY In The Morning”? Messing My Hair.
I Wore That “Pullup” Diaper From 2:30 When We Left The Supply Place Until About 4 When I Had To Pee. My Mom Said To Use It. “Lets See If They Will Work. I Stood In Front Of My Mom And Let It Out. It Instantly Swelled And Held All Of My Pee. It Felt Incredible. It Was WARM, WET, *D R Y*. I Didn’t Pee In It Again Until About 6, After Dinner. I Told My Mom I Had To Go. “Okay, Go Ahead, Let It Go”! I Stood At The Table In Front Of Her & My DAD!!! “Let What Go”, My Dad Asked. My Mom Told Him About Our Trip To The Store And What Was Going On.
“Well, Maybe You Will Grow Up A Little And Stop That Nonsense”. He Didn’t Think I Should Wear DIAPERS, “He Should Just Pee The Bed, And Clean It Up In The Morning Like I Did, When I Was 10”.
That Was The First Time My Father EVER Said Anything About My BEDWETTING, And HIM Peeing His Bed.
About 8:45 I Went To My Mom And Let Her Know I Was Going To Pee Again.
This Time It Felt REALLY Warm And The “Pullup” Seemed To “Snug Up” To Me And FIT Tighter. I Kept It On Until I Was Ready For Bed About 9:30. I Took One More Small Pee In It Then My Mom Came In And Changed It. “WOW, This Did Hold A lot, Lets See What It Does At Night”. My Mom Pulled Up My New One And Sprinkled Baby Powder In It. “I’ll Change You Tonight, Tomorrow Morning, And For The Next 3 Days, Then I Think You Will Be Able To Do It Yourself Robby, Okay”? “Fine Mom, I Just Hope They Work”. That Night I Slept Like A BABY…(No Pun Intended) I Woke Up With My Left Thumb In My Mouth, My Right Hand Feeling Up My Crotch. The “Pullup” Was SO THICK And SWOLLEN, But My Sheets Were DRY!!!!!!! I Rolled Out Of Bed, Headed Down To Breakfast. As Heavy As My “Pullup” Was, I Had To Hold The Front Up. As I Entered The Kitchen My Mom Asked How It Did.
“Great… Its REALLY FULL, And Almost Falling Down, But My Bed Is DRY”!!!!
“Well Sweety, I’ll Order A Case Of Those And You Can Start Wearing One Of Your Old ONESIES If They Still Fit. The Next Night I Wore A Onesie Over My New Diapers. My Mom Found A Onesie That STILL Fit. It Was SNUG, But It Kept My Diaper In Place. After About A Week Or So, I Noticed I Was Sucking My Thumb As I Fell Asleep And As I Awoke, I’d Notice It Was In My Mouth I Started LIKING The Feeling Again. My Mom Even Saw It In My Mouth One Saturday Morning As I Slept. “You Looked So Peaceful, Like You Were 2 Again”. HAD I KNOWN My Thumbsucking Was Going To Catapult Me Into Puberty I Would’ve Never STOPPED As A Kid. Within 3 Months AFTER I Started Sucking My Thumb, I Had THE MOST EROTIC Dream To That Date….. I Was With A Boy From School Who Was One Of The Boys In My Gym Class. He Was Telling Me He Knew I Peed My Pants And Bed. He Said If I DIDN’T Pee In My Diaper In Front Of Him And LICK His “PEE PEE” He’d Write It On All The Boys Rooms Walls “Robby H. Pees The Bed”. I Told Him Some Of Them Already KNEW, But If He Slept Over My House And Wore One Of My Diapers I Would Put His Whole “Pee Pee” In My Mouth. Then We Were Waking Up And His Diaper Had Leaked. I Told Him I NEVER Had One Leak, He Must’ve Been A Bedwetter A Long Time Like Me. I Pulled The Front Of His Diaper Down And Put His “Pee Pee” In My Mouth As I Tasted It I Had An INCREDIBLE “CHARGE” Like I Had Been Shocked, And I Woke Immediately With My Left Thumb In My Mouth And My Right Hand In My Diaper. As I Pulled Out My Hand It Had WHITE STICKY STUFF On It. I Looked At It Then Held It Up To My Nose, SNIFFED It, Then Tasted It…….It WAS AWESOME Tasting!!!!!!! I Didn’t Know WHAT It Was, But I Licked The Rest Of It Out Of My WET Diaper. HAD I KNOWN I Was Going To Wear Diapers And Like BOYS DICKS, I’d Have Asked A Few To Sleep Over SOONER.
For The Next 3 YEARS I Wore My Diapers And Onesies To Bed. My Mom Even Found A Woman To Make Me 3 More Onesies As I Grew. I Started Asking Boys To Sleep Over And Promise Them I’d Suck Their Dicks In The Morning If They Wore And Wet A Diaper.
At The Age Of 16 I Finally Went To Wearing Just A Diaper, And A T-Shirt To Bed. The FEW Friends I Had, Knew That I Peed My Diapers At Night. I Had Occasional Sleep Overs, Where I Would Pee My Diaper BEFORE I Went To Sleep, Then Soak My Sheets So When I’d Wake Up With A Boy In The Morning, We’d BOTH Be WET, And I’d Suck Him For Peeing The Bed. From Then On, I Decided That Boys Dicks, Especially WET Dicks TASTED AWESOME!!!!!!!!! AS I Grew Older I Started Having Boys Sleep Over More Often.


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