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Lessons In Humility Pt 3 (Diaper)

by pigpup

Lessons In Humility Pt 3 (Diaper)

“Humiliation is literally the act of being made humble, or reduced in standing or prestige. However, the term has much in common with the emotion of shame. Humiliation is not in general a pleasant experience, as it reduces the ego.”

As provided by Wikipedia

When we last left Daniel, our Diaper Boy, he had enjoyed a nice diaper change after arriving at an airport miles away from his home and his partner. With Daddy David ending the pleasantries with the sudden act of silent commitment to the boys’ humiliation in the matter, the two set out for further teachings in humility.

On the car ride home Daddy David didn’t say much. At the beginning he handed me a bottle, which was hard to hold with my leather mittens, but eventually I managed. As I sat there and drank the enticing liquid down, I watched out the window at cars passing by, I barely noticed Daddy David playing with his ears and then turning the car radio on. It was strange music, no words just sounds. I drank my bottle and barely thought anything of it as I watched headlights flicker past the window at accelerated rates. I watched calmly and eventually fell asleep.

This time I didn’t dream of being humiliated in front of all of my friends and acquaintances. I didn’t dream of being in the largest diaper ever created. I didn’t dream of dog dishes glued to ceilings either. I dreamt of being home with James, him holding me as we slept as he usually does, grinding against me subconsciously through out the night, his beard tickling my neck and his body keeping me warm and safe. I dreamt of James praising me and telling me how great I was and how much he appreciated everything I did for him, I imagined a spotless house, and James being able to relax and just do whatever made him happy because I had taken care of everything else, and I dreamt that that made me happy. That knowing my boyfriend had gained freedom, gave me a certain type of freedom I couldn’t feel any other way. And I dreamt that I was warm, and that I was safe. I was happy in this dream.

It melted away slowly as I woke; it was perfect, slowly drifting out of it like lingering on the last pit of chocolate melting in your mouth. It sort of stayed with me as I roused, the safety of the dream, the happiness of the dream, the overall warmth it had made me feel. I sat there smiling to myself, past the pacifier gag, reveling in that warmth as Daddy David opened my door and unbuckled my seat belt. He looked at me for a second and chuckled slightly. I looked at him confused, wondering why he smiled, unable to mouth these concerns, and he answered with;

“I’ve never encountered a boy who got such a look of delight when he wet himself like you do!” and he chuckled some more.

As his words hit me, they hit through the nerve endings, and my body was a buzz with sensation as I realized he was right, that warmth I’d been reveling in wasn’t residue from some blissful dream, it was a reminder of the harsh reality I was in, I’d pissed myself in my sleep again, but it had been a lot, I was only in one diaper this time, so it wasn’t extremely hard to believe, but It had been dry before I fell asleep, and now it was leaking enough that the plastic pants hadn’t been able to hold it all! My body had realized it, and my eyes confirmed it as I looked down at my lap to see my legs rung around with wet spots at my upper thighs.

“Well boy, look on the bright side, the seats are treated for just this purpose, and we’re home, well you’re home for awhile at least, so you don’t have to wear wet soggy cloths any longer at all!” With that Daddy David began to undo each item of clothing, the overalls, the onesie, the shoes and socks, but not the pacifier, the mitts, the locking plastic pants or the diaper for those Daddy David said I would have to wait. For what I was unsure, but he left me sitting in the backseat, mostly naked in his dark driveway at the front of his house, some of his neighbors were awake, I could tell because I could see into a few of the houses surrounding very clearly from where I was, which meant they could see me just as easily. I noticed suddenly the bitter chill in the air that grew more as Daddy David opened the hatch of the rental allowing air to move more freely. And I noticed how the rush of blood to my cheeks had a counteracting effect on the coldness of the wind, keeping them from feeling the drop in temperature.

The rest of me however noticed, there was still pee drying on my legs, and you could clearly see some puddle in the plastic pants, I suckled on the pacifier strapped in my mouth as I began to shiver slightly from the cold. Oddly as I sucked I felt more comfortable sitting there like that. It wasn’t a direct confidence, just an overall gratifying feeling of safety. So of course I did it some more!

When Daddy David was done unloading what little we had brought he came back around to me, smiled and said “I see baby boy has discovered the pleasures of his pacifier, maybe now he wont mind having it in so much, maybe in a few days I can unlock it even!” he said this as he hoisted me up out of the car and into his arms, which were much stronger then I’d imagined, it seemed almost effortless for him to carry me to the door, unlock it and take me inside. He put me on the ground feet first, and as I stood I realized he was pushing down on my shoulders. At first I fought back but so did he, and my resistance was met with great pressure. The timing of it being so sudden I gave in almost immediately and went down on my knees. Daddy David kept pushing me forward until I was on all fours, hands and knees, pacifier locked in my mouth, soaked diaper locked into puddled plastic pants, and he said “Stay there baby boy, Daddy’s got to go get the luggage, don’t move from that spot!” and he walked back out the door.

I stayed there, not having had the chance to take in any of the house and took in what I could from the ground. It had been too dark to get the layout from outside, all I knew was it was a neat dark brown brick house that sort of resembled a fairy tale cottage; it reminded me of houses I’d seen in Portland Oregon a few years back. From what I could see on the inside it was quite different then I had expected. I was on a rug of soft bristly fiber, in a dark blue shade, and it was covering a hardwood floor, it was a light color of wood, each piece cut so they were boldly separate and obviously real wood. He had a black leather couch with a chrome frame and a recliner that matched situated in front of a nice dark reddish wood coffee table with carved legs all centered in the room. Off to the side of the very large open room where I expected to see a dining room table or some flat surface structure I saw something that resembled more of a cage.

It was done in the same type of wood as the coffee table, but it’s floor had a leather cushion on it, and that was all there was of the wood until you got to the top of the chrome bars which must have been four feet tall and spaced no further apart then the largest portion of my arm. They were thin, but they were many. When you reached the top you saw a border of more of the dark wood, however these seemed to have spaces cut in them with leaves inserted. I was too low to the ground to see the top of the leaves, but from what I could see it looked as though they separated in the center so they could be pulled out. It was large, the whole thing took up a good chunk of the room, and it was big enough to crawl around in, big enough to sit in, but not big enough to stand up in. It was the harshest playpen I’d ever seen.

“Well! Boy seems to have already found himself something of interest here!” Daddy David said quite suddenly from behind me, I must have jumped three feet in the air, and he laughed very boisterously and said “Well boy, since your so afraid out here in the big wide open, and so interested in the playpen, we’ll see if we can’t get you in there, but first, does boy think he’s ready for a new diaper?” Daddy David looked down at me, luggage behind him in the doorway, and I nodded in the affirmative that I did need a new diaper. But in the back of my mind I was afraid of what he’d said, about being locked into the playpen.

Daddy David quickly told me to get up and walk toward a hallway at the far left of this room, as I stood up I got to see several pieces of art adorning the dark blue walls with dark reddish wood accents which shone in contrast to the light wood floors. Various rugs placed around the floor, a chair of some sort with more leather padding near the large playpen, and a door along the wall behind painted red, and the most contrasting thing in the room. Next I got to explore the hall way which was next to another door, which I assumed was the kitchen area. Daddy David led me to what I assumed would be a bedroom, but soon found was more of a holding room. Well, not so much a holding room, as a very stern looking baby room. Directly in the center of the room built into the wall, the first thing you saw was a wall of shelves and cabinets. Each shelf had a different type of diaper, thick disposables, thin disposables, thick cloth really thick cloth, and thin cloth diapers on the left half of the wall. To the right were various colors and types of plastic pants, and a few things that looked more like bondage gear then plastic pants all neatly stacked and folded where able on the shelves. There was a small table that sat directly in front of the lowest shelf, and on it were diaper pins, baby powder, baby lotion, baby oil, suppositories, baby bottles, by the time I was done taking inventory my only question was, what in the hell could be in the cabinets?

The floor was lined with black latex, there was a chrome framed leather cushioned futon fully laid out like a bed in one corner, a leather sling hanging from another, and between them a small fridge, there was a highchair, also built of the same dark wood, but with various straps and bindings located in what I was sure were prime locations, but far to many to conceive without being in it. It was a dungeon, fashioned after a child’s playroom; the most frightening thing was the crib. It greatly resembled the playpen out in the front room, but it was raised off the ground five feet with a small ladder to climb into, there was another section of chrome bars, these ones about 3 feet in height, mocking the standard crib style, and again a portion of wood which looked to have leaves that came out. The most interesting thing about the crib was where the ladder led too; a section of the bars were folded down. As I looked at the mechanics of the thing I could see that they could go back up by sort of swinging out and in, and they locked into place. That meant the steps were removable. It amazed me how much a crib could look like such a frightening prison. It wasn’t incredibly high like a Trojan horse or anything, but it was imposing and frightening to say the least.

Daddy David led me over to the leather futon and stood me to the side. He walked over to one of the cabinets, as he opened it I realized I couldn’t see inside, he popped back out holding a large piece of what looked like cloth and turned out to be a large changing pad. He laid the pad out on the futon and laid me down on top of it. Daddy David then pulled keys out of his pocket and unlocked my plastic pants, he had me lay my feet flat and lift my butt off the table while he pulled the plastic pants down, careful not to spill any of the excess contents. My legs straightened as he slowly works the wet plastic pants off of my legs and into a bin beside him.

Daddy David then got up and pulled down another disposable diaper, a very thick one with blue tabs, a cloth diaper, also pretty thick and he also grabbed a pair of black rubber diaper pants. These ones looked to have something extra attached to them, folded up I couldn’t possibly figure out what. He brought them over and placed them on the futon just above my head, he went back to the cabinets and quickly produced a small razor. He saw the shock on my eyes and was quick to offer soothing words.
“Don’t worry boy, this isn’t to hurt you, I won’t hurt you.” I believed him that was all it took. He came over with the razor and quickly slid it across the front of my diaper, rolled me over and did the same he said “There boy, I’m sure you know what this is for by now!” as he rolled me over he saw the worried question in my eyes and he was as quick to answer as he had been to offer soothing “Silly boy, you’ve got to spend time in you’re diapers to show you why you wear them, if your rewarded with a dry one each time, what will you learn? You have to remember that we keep you in diapers to remind you that you’re no better then anyone else. Since you seem to think you own pleasure is so important, your going to stay in your dirty diapers until you learn otherwise.” He then began to apply the second disposable, pulling it as tightly over the soaked under diaper. As he fastened that he noted to me that this disposable had been pulled from a pile of already cut disposables he had prepared for my arrival as soon as that was on he began pulling on the cloth diaper and fastening it with diaper pins, the thickness was obvious before he was done putting on the pins as my legs could already feel the inability to close.

Next Daddy David Raised the rubber diaper pants into my view and he explained “Daniel, these are special rubber diaper pants reserved for boys with real delinquency problems like you.” he let them fall open above me wand I could see that they were built with straps like suspenders of thick black rubber, they led down to a thick covering of latex in the shape of plastic pants, there were thick fasten able rubber straps around the thighs and waist. There were locking posts at each strap and the suspenders; there was even an extra locking rubber strap in the front center of the device.

It took a bit of maneuvering but eventually I lay locked into these sadistically designed rubber pants they were tight enough that I felt the diapers held firmly in place, but lose enough that they weren’t uncomfortable. Every strap was tighten and locked to Daddy David’s personal satisfaction, my hands were still in their leather mitts and my pacifier locked securely in place. Yet daddy David went back to rustling in cabinets and produced a pair of blue-footed sleepers, he brought them over and helped me up off of the futon and into the sleeper, he sipped up the front and with a surprise I heard another lock!

“There boy, I know you slept on the plan and in the car, you seem to be sleeping a lot on this trip, so I’m not going to put you to bed yet, and I have some work to do so I want to be able to make sure your not getting into trouble. You showed so much interest in it earlier I think I’ll put you in the playpen!” with that we we’re back on our way to the main room, past unopened doors and pictures of different types of art along walls, when we got there I was still standing so I was able to inspect the top of the cage like playpen and it was as I had suspected, the top was made up of two leaves that could be pulled out through the slots, there was a locking mechanism in the center and at each end to keep it from being moved while in place. I also noticed several other leaves in the far corner that had been hidden by my awe of the initial encounter with the playpen.

“See boy I have this playpen specially made, you can change out the leaves on top with several others, some have holes big enough for your neck, and maybe your wrists, so you can be kept in place if you deserve it, there’s even one designed with netting wire to let you see or be seen through the top, but all of them are designed to make sure daddy can be sure your safely in place and not getting into trouble!” With that he opened the top and helped me climb into it, he instructed me to stay on all fours as it was not tall enough for me to stand in and barely tall enough for me to kneel in without twisting my neck. He closed the top with me looking up pleadingly at him, trapped in my wet diaper in a cage and left to watch him walk to his laptop on the coffee table leaving me along in my fist mitts, locked into my sleeper and rubber pants, unable to speak out, unable to do much of anything other then crawl around and lay down.

As Daddy David’s lap top booted up he walked through the far door near the hall and came back through shortly after with three bottles, which he slid toward me through the bars, and then motioned for me to turn my head towards his hands, he unlocked and released the pacifier and I stretched my jaw a bit while I could. He removed the restraint the pacifier was attached to and placed the pacifier back n my mouth, he said “This is only for a short period boy, only while you are in the playpen and most importantly only so you can drink your bottles. When your not drinking your bottle I want to see you sucking on this pacifier, if I see you without it in your mouth you wont like the consequences.” Daddy David went back to his laptop and picked up a remote turning on a stereo system I hadn’t heard and some music I didn’t know, again he played with his ears for a bit, it as then, and while starring at him in profile that I realized he was putting in earplugs. The music he was playing must have been laced with subliminal hypno, which explained a lot about waking up soaked in the vehicle on the way here.

At first I worried about the situation, where I was, what was happening to me, the diapers, the bottles, the pacifier. I was locked up and didn’t have any real choice what happened at this point, I was right where I’d described my fantasies many times, and it wasn’t at all as I’d expected, it was frightening, humiliating, hard, tiring, and emotional. It was arousing in many ways, but everything else pushed that to the side, to the back of my mind, I wasn’t used to being treated like this, and despite all the sleep I’d gotten I was tiered. I hadn’t had a solid meal in at least 24 hours, so as I sat there milling things over, listening to the music, eventually, almost without thinking I found myself mulling it all over while sucking on one of the bottles. At the same time I noticed this I noticed that I was already halfway through the second one. The only thing I could do was question what I’d gotten myself into and hang on for the ride.


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