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TF TG: Shinju's Feline House

by mystic-wolf

TF TG: Shinju's Feline House

Shinju was at home, looking trough his TF tools, if they where still intact and ready to go,
Not that he used his TF guns much, he mostly used TF magic and TF alchemy, however,
He needs the TF guns incase he cant use his magic, each TF gun had a diffrent effect
One gun makes someone change into an anthro, another one into the opposite gender,
Another gun could activate absorbation TF's, he worked on that one a bit so it didn't
Had any bad side effects, only good effects that could work in the persons advantage,
"Ah, everything is still intact, good" shinju said, the black wolf anthro was happy his
Guns still worked perfectly, lucky he built them himself, or it could cause him some trouble
To keep the guns intact, "now to find a new target for a transformation" he said,
Eager to transform a human, he went to his work room turning on a computer with
Atleast nine screens, attached to a wall, with a pretty large keyboard in front of it,
"Heheheh.... i can't wait to try out my new plan" he said rubbing his hands against
Each other, as he was about to start to find a target a lucario anthro came walking
In the room, "Looking for another victim i see shinju?" she said as she giggled,
"Of course what do you think lucy?, that i'm gonna sit here and do nothing?" he said
"Typical you, always trying to transform someone" she said as she began to give him
A hug, which in his turn he hugged her back, "Typical you, always giving me hugs"
He said chuckling, she replyed with a giggle, lucy was shinju's one and only friend
Since highschool, everyone found shinju either weird or they where scared of him because
Of his transformation magic, whenever he was bullied he used his transformation magic,
First year students always get bullied and it never stops but because of that one bully
That was transformed by shinju in public, everybody was too scared of him because
They didn't want the same fate as shinju's first and only bully, however lucy was
The only one who wasnt scared of him, she saw shinju wasn't someone with evil
Intentions by sensing his aura, and ever since the two met him they've been best friends,
Both enjoyed each others company, shinju was far nicer then people thought, and lucy knew that
By now they've been friends for six years, shinju and lucy where talking a bit in shinju's work room,
Talking about things that they did and what happened to them, telling jokes, the usual friend stuff,
When they suddenly heard a noise coming from the living room, the sound was that of a window
Breaking apart, then they heard two voices, "Human thiefs, they want to steal you're guns" lucy said,
"Aw, they are jealous" shinju said and chuckled, "Looks like i have two targets at once" shinju said
With a sly smile, lucy replyed back with a sly smile as they walked into the living room,
Startling the thiefs, "Oh crap the owners of the house are still here" one of the thiefs said,
"We better get out of here" the other thief said as he witnessed the window repairing itself,
Shinju shaked his head, "my, my, my, didn't your mothers teach you too not steal things that belong To other people?" shinju said looking at them with a sly smile, "But thats too late now" shinju said Afterwards, the thiefs wanted to break open the door but before they could even touch it,
Shinju casted a spell on the two, lucy already laughing a bit, knowing what was going to happen,
The thiefs where a bit scared, not knowing what was gonna happen they felt a weird sensation,
There body began to thin, forming into a more femine shape, their hair on there arms,legs and chest,
Began to fall off, there legs began to change in a curvier shape, the thiefs looked in shock at their
Bodies how it began changing more femine, there new curvy legs where, the kind of legs every
Woman would want when they felt there pants more loose, they had to pull up their pants because
There waists was getting thinner, as the sensation traveled up to there body, there arms and hands
Began to thin into a more femine shape, from their feet to arms, it was all smooth skin, when there
Face suddenly began to reform more femine, "What the hell!?, wha- wat have you-" before the Thief could finish his question as both thieves there nipples began to stiffen, they began to breath heavily
As two orbs began to press against their shirts, there new breasts where growing to a cup C atleast,
"Thi- this is crazy!" the other thief said in fear, when they both felt there adam'sapple being pushed
Inside by an invicible force, both their vocal cords began to feel like they where burning from the Inside out, "What the heck happened!?" the thief said as he noticed his once intimidating voice was
Replaced by a beatifull, alluring femine voice, "This can't be real it must be a dream!" the other one
Said, "If this was a dream then you wouldn't feel anything would you?" shinju said with a smirk,
"Time for the finishing touch of the first stage of this transformation" shinju said afterwards,
"Oh god no you don't mean..." the thief said as he felt his two comrades being pushed inside
His body by an invicible force, the same happened to his associate, he felt his comrades shrinking
Until there was nothing left but a female organ with sensitive flesh, as she felt waves of pleasure
Going trough her body, her organs began to change to more appropiate organs for a female,
After both thieves moaned, wave after wave, the first stage of their transformation was complete,
"Voila, the first stage of the transformation is complete" shinju said, smiling afterwards,
"What do you mean by "First stage of the transformation"" said the thief, "Well..." shinju said
With a smile, you two have gone trough the first stage, gender transformation, the second stage will Make you an anthro, and the third stage... i'm not gonna spoil that one" shinju said,
Chuckling afterwards, "That can't be good..." the thief said scared, "..." the other thief was just as Scared and just nodded in silence, "Maybe i should give you a demonstration with your associate" Shinju said with a sly smile, he snapped his fingers as fur began to grow on the thiefs feet,
Her toes merging to three, paw-shaped toes, the fur quickly spreads over her body as she stood on the Floor on her knees and hands as a cat tail began to emerge growing fast, after a few seconds it was Done, but the fur was reaching her arms, already covered her chest, her breasts began to grow To atleast a cup D, the fur reached her hands finnaly and her nails became sharp cat claws instead,
The fur was spreading even faster over her head, her ears began to move upwards as the thief
Touched her ears, feeling they where going upwards,growing pointy and growing fur,
She felt his eye sight change, she could look even better now, however that wouldn't help her,
She felt her face stretch out, her nose turning black and being pushed flat by an unknown force,
"Agh..." is all the thief could say, she was scared of shinju, scared of this transformation and scared Of what the third stage could be, her face was done stretching out as she felt a weird sesation in her Mind, pictures of her memories flowing trough her thoughts, quickly fading away as she panicked,
"N-no...!, NO!, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" she said out of panic, "You should've learned to live properly, Like a normal person, but if someone breaks in my house this happens" shinju said seriously,
As the last of her memories quickly faded away, new memories took place, the transformation was The first memory she had now in her life, she remembered a thief being transformed into a beautifull Cat anthro, she saw some pictures flowing temporary trough her mind of the thief his bad deeds,
Then something clicked in her mind, "everything is fine, everything is perfect now" she thought,
As she stood up and gave shinju a hug, purring, "Thank you for making me a good person"
She said happily, as she turned her head to her former associate, looking back at her,
"What have you done to him!?" the thief said obviously afraid that the same was gonna happen to Him, "She said it herself, i made her a good person" shinju said as he hugged the new cat anthro Back with a smile, making her purr, "Don't worry, once the same is done to you, you'll understand it Better, and you'll know it is a good thing that this happened" the cat anthro said to her former Associate, once shinju stopped hugging the new cat anthro, he snapped his fingers again,
Light brown fur began to grow on the thiefs feet, her toes merging to three paw-shaped toes,
The fur spreading on the thiefs body as fast as it could, when the fur reached the half of her back a
A lion tail began to emerge, at the end of the tail was some more fur then most of the tail, when the Tail was fully grown, the fur reached her shoulders, her breast become even bigger, just like his Transformed associate a cup D, her arms became covered in the light brown fur, reaching her hands
Becoming more feline like, still she had five fingers but slighly animalistic, her nails become sharp black Claws, her transformed associate looked curiously at what she would transform in, that question had Yet to be cleared up as two, small white wings slowly emerged from her back, and the fur reached Her neck, as a sudden pop sound made it clear the wings fully emerged, moving a bit like she was Trying to fly, as the fur quickly covered her face, her nose being pushed flat by an invicible force and Turning black, her once human hair became dark brown, and long, almost reaching her butt,
Her face, painfully, streteched out, "Agh......no..." was all the thief could say, her eyes began to Change, her eyes became yellow, and her eyesight became a lot better, as she could suddenly feel Her ears somewhat traveling up, growing fur and turning somewhat round, as her face finished Stretching out, he knew what was gonna happen, and shinju looked at him with a sly smile,
Her memories fading away, so fast, as the last thing that remained, her now first memory,
The transformation of a thief turning into a beautifull sphinx anthro, just as her transformed associate,
It suddenly clicked in her mind, "This is....this is....so much better!" she suddenly said cheerfully,
"Thank you!" she said to shinju as she glomped shinju in a matter of seconds, and her transformed Associate joined the hug aswell, shinju got suprised and being tackled to the ground by the sphinx
Anthro, at same time being hugged by both the newly born anthro's, "no problem girls" shinju said With a smirk, lucy giggled "well, now that the thief prolem is solved, what now?" lucy said.


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