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IPOD Feminization!

by Sexy21id

IPOD Feminization!

It was another late night, and I couldn't sleep, because I was home alone finally. The whole family out of town, and I just bought me some nice items to enjoy while they are gone. I got a brand new red satin teddy and matching thong, some nail polish, and some hair removal cream. So I thought it'd be a good idea to take a bath and get rid of my nasty body hair, and just listen to some music. I put on my girliest country music and just enjoyed the night. I got out and put the teddy on, and then the thong and then went to my hard drive where I have all my saved feminization hypnosis mp3s, and loaded up my IPOD with all of my favorites. I started off with Female Orgasm by Lady Rio, and I was numb for fifteen minutes after, and I felt so girly. Then I loaded female for a day, female dreams, and a whole bunch of feminization mp3s up. And then proceeded to lay in bed. I listened to female dreams and then fell asleep, and didn't wake up until the next day. And thats where the fun begins.
I wake up and go look in the mirror and I see a blonde woman in a red satin teddy staring back at me, and I say to myself, DAMN I'm one sexy girl. I then get in the shower and get dressed. But while I was getting dressed I was wondering where all my sexy dresses and skirts were, so I through on some jeans, a top and bra and panties from my roommates (wifes) drawer, quickly did my makeup and was out the door. I then proceeded to the mall and thats where the fun began. I walked into Macy's first and was perusing the dresses, when a nice saleslady came up and asked if I needed help. I told her I need a dress to make me look extremely sexy, but I wasn't aware of my size. She then gulped and then asked again who the dress was for, making sure she heard me right. I told her me, who else would i be for. She sizes me and then helps me pick out a sexy, short red dress, and then tells me the guys will love me in this. This made me smile, because I needed to show off my sexy body, and if the saleslady approves I'm pretty sure a lot of hot men will.
Walking around the mall I saw a group of cute guys, and I decided to flirt with them. They looked at me and started laughing, but I'm not sure why. I thought I looked sexy as hell, oh well there loss. I then headed home and put on my new dress. I looked so doable in it, infact if I was a guy, I'd fuck me! I was getting a little thirsty so I went to the closest coffee shop and ordered a coffee. I was just people watching when I saw this strong blonde man walk in, and he took my breath away. I was in love. I saw him steal a look at me also, and this made me a little wet down there. He came over and started talking. His name was Ryan, and he was the man I've dreamed of my whole life. We talked for a while and he told me he loved special girls like me. I'll be honest I just sat there with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. Wishing he would kiss my lips. We made a date right then to go to a movie, and then see what happens from there. I would go anywhere with this man.
We went in his car, and he held the car door open for me when I got in. Sexy as hell and a gentleman, someone upstairs likes me. He only lived a few minutes away from the shop, but the ride seemed forever. He put his hand on my leg and just rubbed my leg the whole ride over, so I in turn put my hand on his thigh and returned the favor. We were both extremely hot from the ride over, he took my hand and led me into his house. He told me to sit on the couch, while I wait for him to get changed real quick, since he said he was underdressed to go out with a girl like me. I smiled. As soon as he left the living room, I was being a naughty girl and followed him to his room. I saw him with his shirt off and thats all I needed. I creeped up to him and slowly kissed the back of his exposed neck, and he didn't mind at all. He turned around and kissed me like the man he was, and I took it like the girl I was. I was loving every minute of it. We slowly moved to the bed.
We both got under the covers and slowly just kissed each other and rubbed each others bodies, each telling that the others were the lovers we dreamed about. I then showed him how much I dreamed of him by going down on my man. And we both just passed out from pleasure and exhaustion, and fall asleep in his arms.
I then wake up and wondering where the hell am I, why am I in a dress, and who is this man who is holding me so tightly. Thats when I remember the night before, and all those mp3s. And wonder what I'm going to do to get out of this situation.

To Be Continued if people like it.


Re: IPOD Feminization! - Sexy21id

If you guys or gals like i have more if you want to read it! :)

Re: IPOD Feminization! - slaveronda

Hell yeah I liked it wish the fem files worked that good for me.MORE....MORE

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