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The double cross (A forced cuckold story)

by rizz11

The double cross (A forced cuckold story)

As Harry snapped back to reality and opened his eyes, giving them a moment to adjust to the light, he could not believe his eyes. Blinking several times, his mouth going dry at the sight of his wife and his best friend, in his bed.

His wife was on her back, her legs spread wide, her nude breasts bouncing up and down as his friend – his best friend David pounded her pussy, his thick, bulging cock slamming into Harry’s beautiful wife Sara. Sara was moaning like a cock hungry slut, her voice ringing through their small bedroom as her own body bucked and bounced with each thrust.

Harry could feel his heart racing, his mind not quite able to comprehend what he was seeing. His first instinct was to lunge out of the chair and beat the shit out of David, but as he jerked forward to stand, another stark reality hit him. His wrists and ankles were bound to the chair.

“WHAT THE FUCK.” He screamed, causing David to look in his general direction, a shit eating grin painted across his face. “Oh, Hello Harry. Give me a minute.” And then David’s attention was back on Sara, his body growing tense, his shoulders pinching as continued his thorough pounding of the petite blonde.

“Fuck you David, Let me up and I’ll fucking kill you.” Harry shouted back, trying to rock from side to side struggling against the ropes cutting into his wrists. But at this point, David ignored him, his head tossed back, a loud groan of pleasure mixing with the wanton sounds rolling from Sara’s lips. A few more thrusts and David settles back on his knees, his cock slipping from Sara’s tight little pussy, followed by several thick droplets of sticky, thick, white cum, dribbling down the crack of her ass before spilling onto the bed.

Sara’s eyes were open, but she looked to be in a daze, staring straight ahead, not saying a word, not even acknowledging Harry. “What did you do? Drug her? Both of us? I’m going to make you pay for this you son of a bitch.”

“Harry. Harry. Harry.” David offered as he rolls off of the bed, stretching and slowly walking over toward where his friend was tied. “Sara, come.” David offers, glancing toward the naked woman.

Slowly, Sara rolled off of the bed and walked over toward the pair, stopping beside David, her hands behind her back. “Kneel for me.” David’s tongue brushed against his lips as the command was given, his eyes still on Harry. Without protest, Sara slowly sunk to her knees in front of David, her face scant inches from his left thigh.

“Now then. Let me explain a few things to you my friend.” The last word was spoken with sarcasm, that smug smile on his face. “Your wife is mine. I’m going to fuck her whenever I want to fuck her, she’s going to suck my cock whenever I want her to suck my cock and the best part?” he asks. “She isn’t going to remember a bit of it.”

“Oh and she is also going to fuck whomever I want her to fuck, whenever I want her to” he adds as an after thought, still smiling.

Harry’s rage grew with every word from his so called friend, his skin flushed with anger, his eyes glowing with rage. “The fuck you will you. I’ll fucking kill you David. Just let me up.”

Shaking his head, David could hardly contain his amusement. “Oh no, I’m quite certain all of those things will happen Harry. It’s the way it needs to be.” Glancing down at Sara. He offers a simple statement. “Cock sucking fun time for you.” The redhead’s body stiffened her back straightening as her hand wrapping around the base of David’s still rigid shaft, fingers slowly stroking up and down the man’s length before lowering her head, her lips slowly sliding down over the tip of his cock, a muffled moan spilling from her lips as she takes him in her mouth. Taking him deeper and deeper, until her nostrils flare, his cock pressing against the back of her throat.

“You see my friend.” David offered as Sara’s head begins bobbing up and down, slowly at first, and then faster, small, muffled noises spilling from her lips as her eyes drift closed happily. “Remember that gift I gave your wife back around Christmas? That soothing CD she loved so much? The one she asked you to make a copy of her a few months ago so she could keep one copy in the car and one in the house? A nifty little conditioning file that I had put together….I never thought it would work quite as well as it did.”

And so there it is, Harry could not believe what he was hearing, or seeing for that matter. His loyal, loving wife had been tricked and he had unknowingly helped make it happen. “You……I can’t…….why wouldn’t I tell her? She will kill you…..we’ll go to the cops…..you can’t do this….” His rage was slowly spiraling into desperation.

“Oh that is where you are wrong Harry. She won’t believe you, she’ll think you’re being a jealous asshole and making the whole thing up. Remember…..she won’t remember any of this…… his voice trails off into a hiss as Sara really begins to go to town on his cock, her head jerking wildly up and down, lewd gagging sounds rolling from her mouth as David brings his hands to the back of her head, driving her deeper, his hips rolling slowly back and forth as his eyes remain on Harry.

For a few moments, David says nothing, simply allowing Harry’s rage to build and enjoying the wonderful, warm lips working over his cock. He can feel another orgasm coming and at this point figures there is no point in stopping it. Harry meanwhile is getting more and more angry as he watches, unable to help his poor wife.

“I don’t give a shit. I’m going to tell her anyway.” Harry finally decides, setting his mind to what he must do, even if it means the worst. “Shhhh.” David decides, lifting a single hand pointer finger extended as if to say ‘just a moment’ as he shoots a thick load into Sara’s eager, waiting mouth, waiting as she swallows all of it, not even a drop dribbling from around her lips before she settles back, her ass resting against her thighs.

“Ahhhhh. You see Harry. The reason you won’t do anything…or say anything is simple. Cassie. Your daughter? She is what, just about eighteen now? Doesn’t she spend a lot of time in the car with your daughter and wasn’t she commenting the other day how much she was really enjoying listening to the relaxation CD with her mom?”



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It was short but if the parts come fast it'll be worth the wait ;)

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