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human jealousy 3

by Raziken

human jealousy 3

Human Jealousy 3

Nate and Jeff sat outside the closed store, looking out at the sunset over the trees and buildings of the suburbs. Nate was still in disbelief at his current situation, and Jeff had been wagging his tail happily the whole time.

Two hours pass, having been checked on by Kevin, and a goodbye for the night to the people who had helped. The two just sit and let the day soak in.

"Now what am i going to do with my life...?" Nate finally says through the sounds of cars swishing by, leaving a heavy carbon smell.

"What do you mean?" Jeff moves closer. His right shoulder propping up Nate's head, and Jeff's head lays against Nate's. Jeff could feel Nates ears swivel and twitch at the amplified sounds and increased sensitivity.

"I mean... i'm not allowed to be sad any more... i had a career in depression and you saved me! How the hell am i supposed to cope with that!" Nate says jokingly, smiling wide.

"Well. Finish school... Get an apartment... Get married... get a decent job..." Jeff proposes his ideas, nuzzling between Nates ears, which flicker around and he shakes his head and turns to Jeff.

"Being happy sounds exhausting." it sounds like Nate has more to say, but Jeff cuts him off in a kiss. Their hands meet between them, sitting on the concrete against the brick wall. They set their heads back together and sigh lovingly together. "i wonder what my family will say... I mean, they will be happy..."

"Stop worrying about stuff like that. Things will be great! One day at a time. Wanna stop by the mall..? brighten up your wordrobe a bit since you aren't in self mourning any more?" Jeff liftsNate's hand, making a general gesture to the mall across the street.

"I'm not THAT bad am i?" Nate doesn't move. For once, he just wants to be lazy, in a happy way!

"Not really. Just giving you crap." Jeff takes a deep breath and sits upright, leaving Nate to do the same on his own. Jeff gives a big stretch, and a sigh. He pushes off the wall and hops to his feet, offering a hand to Nate. He takes Jeff's hand and is pulled to his feet as well. "you know... i don't think you realize the differences between the senses of a human and a fur. I have to take these things slowly!" Nate says as he takes small sniffs at the air and catches the leaves of the trees, the fresh cut grass, the soil underneath, and the lingering tar smell of the roads and parking lot.

"you can only get better at controling your nose by using it. But you're right. We should probably avoid the food court and big crowds." Holding hands, the two venture forth to the mall. Jeff offers to buy a few outfits, and Nate just blushes and refuses. However Jeff gets away with it at the register, and even sneaks in a kiss in front of the register lady, embarrasing Nate in the proccess.

Jeff just couldn't help Nate as a shy wolf guy. His friend was so damn cute like this! Although, Nate finds himself very distracted, and is wide eyed and high on the boost in the experience of living like this.

"You okay? You look tweaked out..." Jeff says with a wolfish grin.

"I'm okay.. why do you have to do stuff like that though?" Nate relaxes a bit, realizing he was pretty tense.

"what? The kiss?" he plays coy, but shrugs right after. "you're cute. I can't help it. Besides, I've wanted to do that for a while now."

Nate just blinks and nods. "Okay... It's just a bit embarrasing..." Nate covers his nose at the strong smell of a popcorn stand nearby. Jeff notices and directs the two of them off to another route.

"It's really different huh...?" Jeff's ears fold back a bit as we walks along side Nate, who looks timid and scared of everything lately.

"You were born into it." Nate adds for injury to his own feelings.

Jeff interrupts quickly. "and you've experienced more than me now. You have been two types of evolution in your life. I've only been one. I know you hated being human, but from now on, people are just going so be this way. Besides, you can actually appreciate it. I take it for granted." Jeff thinks about it for a second, and continues. "but, it's about the future right? What comes next. How things are now. You owe me a few good dates for this." Jeff adds happily.

"true..." Nate drones as he catches some scents from somewhere, following the trail a moment to be coming from his new mate, and friend. "oh.." he blushes, realizing that was the scent from the earlier cuddling. It is Jeff's scent.

Jeff just smiles, and grabs Nate's hand. The two leave the mall together through the darkened entrance. They head back to Jeff's house, holding hands on the middle console in the car.

Nate feels something familiar, although different. His hips feel aroused a bit, and the feeling of his sheath swelling catches his attention. "Jeff...?" Nate asks a bit urgently.

"yeah...? Jeff turns to look at him. "what's up?"

"i uh... just noticed... that i have a sheath... do i... you know..." Nate blushes again, trying to keep his eyes on the raod. "have the new shape and everything?"

Jeff gives a chuckle, squeezing Nate's hand a bit. "of course! I picked all of that stuff.. we're equal. I wanted to really drive home that fact. Why? Are you...? don't let it out too far! I wanna be there for your first time!" Jeff says with a whine.

"i can't control it! It's sensitive... and i'm stuck in here with your scent and all..." Nate tried to come up with excuses while lane changing. "how big is it...?"

"big enough for the knot to get stuck out of your sheath if you get too worked up. Just don't think about it. Don't touch it or adjust it. It will go away." Jeff looks down in Nate's lap. It doesn't look like he is trying to think of other things. The length is going down his jeans. Although, after a moment, it stops, and shows signs of deflating as Nate is faced with a good amount of lane changing and barely making a turn.

Nate sighs as they pull into Jeff's apartment complex, and he stops by where he drops Jeff off.

"just keep calm. We will get some alone time. And it will be personal and great." Jeff leans over and plants a kiss on Nate's cheek. And Nate leans over to kiss him on the lips in return. The two say goodbye for the night. Nate sits in his solitude for a minute, looking at his hands and grabbing his tail. It's still real.

Taking off for home, Nate things about what happened today, and in conclusion to his night, he gets to see his family and their reactions.


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