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Your Other Half Adventure PART 1

by blanketcross

Your Other Half Adventure PART 1

Dylan came home from work as usual. He climbed his stairs to the office in the back corner of his house. He logged onto the computer and went to Warp My Mind. It was a daily ritual he had started a few weeks ago. He checked to see if there were any new files, and one in the feminization section caught his attention. "Your Other Half" - EMG. Hmm I think this might be just the file for me, he said to himself. It was fairly cheap so he decided to purchase it. It takes a bit to download. "Stupid Dial-Up is the 21st century, and I still havn't bothered to buy a new provider" He muttered to himself. He right clicks it and selects open with media player, and a voice blares through his speakers. "Haha I'd better turn that down!" He turned off the lights and sat back in his chair with his eyes closed. *A little bit later* Wow that was pretty cool! I can't believe he was able to take me down into trance so fast and well. You know, I have a bit of time so I think this would be more effective for me if I used my normal induction. Ok, now thats done I guess I should listen again...just to see what happens...OH SHIT! Its 11 pm! Ohhh crap...I think I forgot the wakener. I must have listened 9 times atleast. "Hello Dylan" a voice says in his head.....


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