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the incredible and horrible yet interesting day (continued)

by EMG

the incredible and horrible yet interesting day (continued)

Jake chews his candy slowly and jizzable begins to swallow hers. Jake looks at jizzable and her boobs begin growing at an incredible rate. Her shirt expands so much a button shoots off and hits jake in the chest. He immediately got a huge hard on but it didnt stop there. He noticed he was getting stronger. All of his blood was pounding through his whole body. It started getting very hot. Jakes shirttore and fell to the ground at the same time as jizzable. He was built like a pprofessional bodybuilding champ. Jizzable filled out in all the right places. Then things started to get weird. I felt like some unknown force took over my body. My vision started going dark. I kept blinking. Eventually I couldn't see. I couldn't move. I felt weaker and weaker, than all of a sudden. I could move again! I reach up and rub my eyes. Then my sight returns. Only thing is I saw myself standing right in front of me. I looked around the room for jizzable and she was nowhere to be seen. I started to call out to her. Jake: jizzable I screeched. My voice didnt sound the same. I look back at my other self and a grin slids across my face. I see in the mirror behind me my reflection. I was in the body of jizzable! She began to speak as she walked towards me and said this is my fantasy. Haha we're going to have some fun. I step back and slipped as she threw the t as bbc.co le aside. As I fell my big breasts flopped and slapped me in the face. I look over at jizzable in my body and see a massive hard on growing up the side of the pants. My i noticed I was getting hot like I had a fever of a hundred and up. I was o n fire! My breasts pounding and then I noticed my pussy. It was so wet I was completely soaked. As I layed there trying to take it all in I had completely forgotten about jizzable. Laying on my back I start thinking oh shit im a women. Then she slid her cock inside my hot pussy. I was overwhelmed with a shocking extacy that shot up and swallowed me whole. I arched my back and couldn't help but moan. I reached up and tried to get out from under her. It felt so good and I was freaked out. Then her massive arms grabbed my hands pulling them together and grabbing them with one hand she started pounding me harder and harder. I couldn't ever resist. Before I knew it my lip was quivering and my whole body began to fill with an incredible electric orgasm. The filling grew and grew. I just layed there orgasming over and over. My sensitivity growing more intense. I began to lose consciousness. My mind wad overwhelmed with ecstasy. Then finally everything exploded in one massive feeling of euphoria. Moaning and groaning we collapsed onto each other breathing deep and heavy. I look up at myself confused and overwhelmed by what had just happened. Finally I started to come back tomy senses or rather jjizzables senses. Why was she doing this. What a freak I thought. Jizzable began to pick me Yuri p and put me over her shoulder. I resisted and shouted change me back! She chuckled and carried me to through to the room in the back. Jizzable said I was going to but now I think ill play with you just a little bit more. What! Well you were obviously enjoying it. You should've heard how loud you were moaning. It was hot. Hot me turnef on. I dare say you do it better then me. She sat me down slowly ontop of a sybian and tied my hands behind me. Jizzable please.. ha no I don't think so. She then tied me to the sybian. I was completely bound. I couldn't move at all. Then dhe slid a gag ball in my mouth anf strapped it around my head. I sat there panting pussy throbbing and covered in cum just waiting to get owned like so many of those pornos I've seen. ( to be continued)


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