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Beth and the spell

by Nawk

Beth and the spell

The spell had gone off wrong and instead of slowing time for a few moments it jumped me forward in time. The feeling of displacement hit me and left me stunned and dazed. I tried to keep my focus on the magic pouring into the spell until the backlash hit me and knocked me out as I lost my hold on the spell.

I came to my senses on the slopes of the hill I had been practicing my magic when the spell had backfired on me for some reason. My wings hurt like hell from the backlash of magical energy throwing me to the ground and almost breaking them. I sat up slowly and looked myself over. The backlash had caused no permanent damage that I could see.

A moment later it became apparent that I had wet myself. I was not looking forward to the reception I would receive back at the castle but the sooner I flew home then the sooner I could change and start to find out what had caused the simple spell to backfire so badly.

I was supposed to be able to move freely while time stood still around me for a few moments. There was something odd about the backlash and I was going to have to investigate the cause after I changed into clean clothes. I spread my wings and took to the air for the shock of my life. Nothing was the same. I was seeing strange buildings and carriages of metal that moved without the aid of horses.

I flew to the castle for some answers and found only ruins instead. This wasn't right. Where was the castle and the village to the south? Nothing was right. What in the name of all the gods was going on? I landed and looked around before casting a few simple spells. The resulting answers had me shocked so bad that I sank to my knees, stunned beyond words. I had been flung forward in time almost 3,000 years!

Three more quick spells and I found the cause. I had been attacked by someone as my spell was forming and it had caused it to displace me forward in time. The bastard had tried to kill me! My own brother had wanted the land for himself and I had known this but did not think he would go so far as to try to use a wand to try to kill me. When I got back to my own time he was going to regret it. I would leave him in so much pain he would be begging for me to kill him to end it.

A sudden realization hit me and stopped me in my tracks. There was no way to go back. Magic did not allow travel back in time. I could displace, or go forward but not back. I was stuck with no way back. Everyone and everything I knew was gone! I had only the magic pack with a few books, my spare clothes for traveling and a couple days worth of food and water. What money I had was surely no good any longer as it was only a few meager gold coins.

If I ever made it back in time to my home I would kill my brother for this. For now I would need to find shelter and change into clean clothes until I could rinse out mine and let them hang in the sun and fresh air to dry. For shelter there was the ruins of my family castle perhaps, but it was nothing more than a few partial walls and a lot of fallen down stones now. Each passing moment fueled my anger towards my brother and his greedy ways even more. I used a few minor spells to create a primitive shelter and start a fire.

I dug out clean clothes from my pack and decided that in the morning I would wash out the others. I ate some food from my stores in my pack and wondered what to do next. I could not live off the land for long with so much of it covered by the strange towns and patrolled by the magic carriages. I was going to have to learn to adjust and survive until such time as I could find a way to go home again.

I about froze while trying to bathe in the cold morning and then wash out my clothes. I had awakened to find that in the night I had wet and soiled my myself. I was smelly and wet mess. I climbed out of the stream and got my last clean and dry clothes on. My other clothes had been washed out the cold water of the stream. It seemed to take forever to get the mess cleaned up out of my clothes.

With the clothes hung up to dry over the branches of a tree I stretched my wings out and flew off for some sight seeing while my clothes dried in the light breeze and morning sun. The world had changed so much that it all felt alien to me. I may as well have been sent to another place in the planes where everything was new and alien. Nothing made sense to me as I viewed everything from the sky.

To the East of me were the flatlands where my sisters and I used to send the sheep to graze. It was no longer grazing land but was instead a place where they had great tracts of dark stone that ran for a long ways and then ended. What it must have taken to put so much work into flattening the stone and laying it. Even with magic it had to have taken ages to do and for what reason?

I was frightened out of my mind when a strange metal chariot came moving out of a metal structure then stopped at the edge of the long flat road of stone. A moment later it let out a roar and went along the stone roadway and took to the air like a demon. It spit fire from it's tail like some odd type of dragon.

I hovered and watched as another one joined it in the air. All too soon another set of them came flying at the first ones I had seen leap into the air. The four of them danced around in the air as if playing some odd type of game of tag. It was hard to watch them as they moved so fast. I felt a wetness and realized I was wetting myself yet again. I tried to stop it but to no avail. I had wet myself yet again and could not stop it.

That was almost three years ago and I learned that the magical backlash had robbed me of my control over my bodily functions. I was surprised to find others like me in some aspect at least and it helped as they carefully introduced me to the modern world were magic did not exist except in stories. Technology had replaced magic and they had done wonders with their technology. It all seemed to me like some powerful magic at first but I was 3,000 years from home.

The first avians I met were not spell casters like me but they took me in and helped me adapt to a new world. They were not sure about my story until I showed them some true magic. I was not intending to out myself as a spell caster but when a group of men in white robes broke in and grabbed the little girl and tried to haul her out of the house against her will along with the rest of us.

I lost my temper when they tore the clothes off of the little girl and tried to force themselves on her and her mother. I killed them with magic. The first one simply exploded while the second one burst into flames. This stopped them in their tracks and without stopping to worry about the consequences I simply killed the rest off in various ways until I reached the last one whom I had pinned against a wall and forced to watch as I killed his friends off.

“You are not deserving of life but I have questions for you to answer.” He spit in my face so I made him scream in pain for several minutes before letting the spell go. I got my answers and then simply reached out as he cringed from my touch. “You are a misguided fool who chooses to believe the lies and to hate those who are different than you are. You came here to night to rape and murder us all. May the gods have mercy on your soul if you ever come near here ever again, because I will have none. You will go to the law and confess or the pain you felt will be nothing compared to what will come next. You will beg for death to end it but you will live for years without being able to die.”

I released him and he quickly ran off into the night to escape with his life. I made short work of the bodies and simply vaporized them and the remains of the one I blew up. The man I set free was later rounded up by the police for his crimes and sent to jail for life. At some time in his past he had murdered a police officer because the man was Asian.

No one believed his tales of magic used to kill the rest of the ones that had attacked us in the night. I concealed all evidence of the men having ever visited us. I put a lock on the memories of the little girl as what they had tried to do to her was not something she should have to recall. She would think she had slept through the night peacefully and only a handful of adults would know the real truth.

I learned shortly after that of the wonder of disposable diapers for adults with my problem. I was tired of having to wash cloth diapers all the time. Disposable diapers were more money in the long run, but with my gold coins being so rare they fetched a great amount of modern currency for the two I sold to a collector of coins.

To exist in this world would take more education than I currently had. In the three years I stayed with the people who had rescued me from my despair I helped to make their farm a very good place with minor spells and my knowledge of farming. Even though I had been raised as minor nobility I helped the farmers a number of times when one of them would get ill and was unable to get their crops in or wen they just needed help planting.

They showed me the right way to do things and seemed to find it amusing when I would make a mistake and end up covered up in something or I would slip in the mud when it rained. I would laugh with them and continue to learn and help. I did not believe I was any better than them and offered my help in return for the knowledge of farming they could teach me. I shared my knowledge with all the farmers in our lands and they all seemed to like having me help them.

I even gave myself to one of their sons one night after having courted him for several months. I had fallen in love with him and my desire was to marry him even though he was not a noble lord but a simple farmer. It was never to be as he died of fever three months later. I was heartbroken and wondered if magic could have saved him.

I never found a way to bring someone back from the dead with magic or with any other means but it made me study magic more in depth than I might have otherwise have done. I was a natural at it and used my magic to continue to help others around the land while my sisters also used their minor magics to find love and marry then start families. My brother was not so nice and had on more than one occasion tried to rape me. He despised the people in the land we ruled over and wanted power enough to rule the land and eventually the world.

He had magic and no talent for anything besides making others miserable. My level of magic power infuriated him and the fact that I would not submit to his sexual desires further served to enrage him. He was disinherited by my parents for his numerous acts of violence against the people he viewed as slaves to his every whim. The final straw was when e raped a girl and then had her and her family killed to hide the shame of this act. My magic revealed the truth and father beat him before banishing him forever.

He blamed me and threatened revenge on all of us then claimed he would return with the power and show everyone that defied him the folly of their ways. I learned in the old writings that he had done just that. He attacked me first with a wand that blew up in his face and sent me headlong into the future. For his next act he had mother and father killed. He took and publicly violated mother multiple times before finally killing her in a horrible way. She was impaled on a long wooden stake from her bottom to her head while alive and awake. She died screaming in pain.

He ruled the land like a spoiled brat child for nearly 25 years before the populace rose up and overthrew him. The took and put him in a metal cage then set it on a large pile of of wood where everyone could see him. They read out his numerous crimes as he screamed at them and threatened to get his revenge on them. They set the wood on fire and watched as he was burned alive. When the flames finally died down they took his body and threw it in the swamp to the south where it would rot and never again poison the land or the people with it's evil.

I can never get my revenge on my worthless brother for what he did to me. I could still help others and that would be a far better way to spend my life than wishing for the impossible. I had forged numerous documents and could now go on to further my education in this world by going to college. I was not sure what I wanted to study but I would ave to figure it out before going to school.

My money would not last forever so I would need to get a degree in something I liked and that would allow me to help others in some way. Engineering was a complete mystery to me and so were computers. Listening to other peoples problems and then spilling out my own was not my idea of fun either so psychiatry was out of the question.

Physics made no sense to me as my magic defied their so called laws. In the end I settled on the idea of perhaps being a doctor but my incontinence ruled that out due to sanitary reasons. I could try my hand at being a singer but it was not something I was all that good at and the music of the modern world was vastly different than what I liked.

Farming had changed too much and was now all about chemicals and fertilizers and machines. In the end I went to culinary school and loved it, but opening a restaurant was not quite my thing either. I wanted to be able to help others in some way. I chose to study law in the end. I could represent those in need of legal help and try to make a difference that way as well as earn a good living.

With this in mind I searched through the numerous colleges and finally found a good one that would not go through my past with a fine toothed comb and cause issues for me. I paid my tuition and then flew there over the course of three days. I took all my things and packed them in my backpack then sealed it shut with the command word so if it was looked into they would see only a few clothes and some changing supplies as well as a few spare diapers.

I vowed to not let anyone at the school know about my magic and to not use it unless I needed to. I would have to hide my wings and keep my incontinence a secret but I felt it could be done as long as I was careful. The incontinence was not viewed as anything but a strange and unfortunate health issue but it took very little to see how the world treated avians.

Avians were free, but so many places discriminated against us and believed the lies spread by hate groups. For now it would be better to stay quiet about being an avian and not let them know until it was safe to let them know. Flying would be done in secluded areas where no one would see me and even then it would only be done at night when hiding my wings would be easier.

If everything worked out then no one but me would know about my wings, or my incontinence. Using no magic would be tough to resist on occasion but not impossible. Since no one really believed in magic anymore it would not be difficult to avoid being asked questions about magic.

The flight took me three days and left me exhausted by the time the campus came into sight. It was very tempting to land and go straight to my assigned dorm room but it would not be a smart idea if being outed as an avian was to be avoided. After getting my bearings it was time to find a quiet place to land unobserved by anyone.

My landing place was in a poor area of town a short distance from the college. A lot of empty buildings in the area made it a perfect place to land unobserved since hardly anyone even passed by on the street. Once the last car in the area vanished into the main road a few blocks away I dived for the safety of an alley.

It was a tricky landing as the alleyway was narrow. Once safely down I changed shirts and then made sure my wings were tucked in tightly under it. With no one the wiser I simply hiked the remaining mile to the school. No one seemed to notice me as I walked to the school and wondered how hard it could be after what I had already endured. I was good at adapting or I would have never survived long.

Once at the administration building it was a simple matter of getting my dorm room assignment and my class schedule. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. The girl running the front desk was an idiot and more interested in stuffing food into her fat mouth than she was in actually helping anyone. “I need some help please.” The fat girl looked up at me and then went back to eating without saying a thing.

“Excuse me please, but I need to get my dorm room assignment as well as my class schedule. “I'm busy so you can damned well wait, bitch. I have been accused before of having a short temper when it comes to being insulted but I seriously think that is not the case. I did not hurt her..fatally. She will live and even recover..eventually.

I looked around as she gave me a smug look of superiority. I simply reached out and then slammed her fat head down hard onto the desk with a nice loud smack as her head hit the surface of the desk. The sandwich was between her and the desk so it was unfortunately smashed when her head hit the desk. Her head came back as blood dripped down her face from her nose that was most definitely broken.

She staggered to her fat feet so I simply smiled and punched her in the face as hard as I could manage. It felt good to see her go flying back several feet into the wall with a nice healthy thudding sound as she hit it then slid to the floor out cold and with a few less teeth than before. I walked around the desk and smiled at her as she looked up at me.

With no one looking I picked her up off the floor and smiled at her. “I tried to be polite but it has been a long flight here and I would like to get to my room before tomorrow afternoon so you can find my paperwork or we can continue this little discussion a while longer. I get cranky and tend to get a bit impatient when I'm tired. When someone gets rude with me while I am polite it makes my patience run out even faster.”

Se gave me my freshman package then got stupid as she tried to hit me with my back turned to her. I ducked her clumsy punch and brought my elbow back into her gut with a nice whooshing sound as my reward when it hit her. She stumbled back so with a little assistance from some magic I decided to help her remember to never get rude with me again. Her huge mug of soda spilled and conveniently ran into the electrical outlet on the floor.

The current hit her hard and she stiffened a few moments as she soiled herself then passed out as the power went out. I walked out like nothing had happened and went to find my dorm room. I was nice and polite about the entire event and with the surge wrecking the camera and the recorder hooked to it there is no way to know what happened.

I had just found my dorm room when I heard an ambulance come into the campus and stop at the administration building. Such a shame about someone getting hurt. Oh well, accidents happen. She wont have to stay in the hospital too long and will recover in time. Perhaps with a better attitude towards people and less weight as well. One can always hope. I was also in dire need of a fresh diaper so that made me a little impatient as well.

It took a few more minutes to locate the correct building and then find my room that would be shared with two other girls this semester. I did not know if they would like me or not but if not then I would simply ignore them and concentrate on my studies while leaving them alone. I seriously hope they are nice and worth getting to know because I can always use more friends.

I was the first one into the room so I made quick use of the bathroom to change out of my soaked diaper and into a dry one before the other two girls showed up. I pulled my shirt up and stretched out my wings for a minute and looked them over in the mirror. They were a nice shade of light red with the bottom tips fading to a bright blue at the bottom.

Only my family and a few others had known about them. My beloved Jeramiah had always said they were the best feature and he loved them. The memory of him made me a little sad. I had truly loved him and did not care if I was disowned for wanting to marry him. Maybe I would eventually find another soul as kind and gentle and nice as he was.

I sighed and then threw away the wet diaper before going and claiming one of the beds for some much overdue sleep. The flight had been long and I was dead tired. I never even heard it when the door to the room opened and another girl came stumbling in dead tired as well. Janet saw me and smiled as she shrugged her shoulders and claimed the bed on the other side of the room from me. Within minutes she herself was out cold as well.

When I woke up the next morning Janet was in the shower already and had put her things away on one of the small shelves near the bed she had claimed. I yawned and stretched then felt the soaked diaper I ad taped to my waist. It was nearly ready to burst it was so full of urine. I grabbed a fresh diaper out of my pack and knocked on the bathroom door. “Are you almost done?” Janet replied to me in a polite tone.

“Oops, sorry. I'll be out in a minute so you can change. Let me grab a towel real fast.” She opened the door and was wrapped in a large towel. “I hope I didn't wake you. I was trying to be quiet.” “Thanks. I'll let you have it back in just a few minutes.” I ran into the bathroom with the fresh diaper in hand and quickly removed the soaked one I'd had on overnight. After wiping down really well I put on the clean one before I wet the floor or dropped a pile on it.

I felt better after that and walked back out after dropping the wet one off into the wastebasket. It always feel good to be clean and dry again. If only my greedy brother could be revived so I could spend some quality time helping him to see the error of his ways before I send him screaming in pain back to the hell he deserves. Perhaps if I ever find enough magical power and the right spell I will seriously consider it.

I came out of the bathroom and smiled at Janet. “Thank you. I was getting desperate to take care of a problem.” “I saw. I had to wear diapers as well a few years ago until an operation fixed the problem. I'm Janet Mayers.” She extended her hand and I shook it. “I'm Beth Ross.” I liked her. She was polite and very considerate of my need for diapers so far. “I'm studying law this year and going for my masters in it if I can keep my grades high enough. How about you?”

She smiled as she sat on her bed. “I'm studying literature. Not sure what I'll do with a degree in it but I'll figure something out. I had to go to school or my parents would not let me have my inheritance. I wanted to study a vocational trade but they refused to let me spend money on a vocational school. I'm stuck going after a two year degree in literature so that I can go to a vocational school eventually with my inheritance and learn how to fix diesel engines. I love reading all sorts of books so this should be interesting.”

“I plan on eventually setting up my own practice and helping others who need the help. Too many blood sucking lawyers out there looking to get their next big rich client out of charges through technicalities and then getting rich by screwing the honest people and setting the truly sick fuckers free again to continue what they did in the first place to get themselves into trouble.”

She laughed and we discussed her favorite books for a while. She even told me of her interest in the occult and how she loved to prove so many of the so called magic books wrong. “Every one I have seen so far has been so much commercial bullshit. A true spell book would be handwritten and full of notes on research as well as the final finished spell. I do not believe that true magic exists. I've heard legends of it all my life but have yet to see a shred of proof.”

“I can do magic. The voices in my head said so. And the doctors keep giving me these nice little pills to try to silence them.” She cracked up and shook her head. “That was fucked up but funny. I love researching myths and ancient legends. I have found a cool one recently about a red headed angel that vanished in a bright flash of light. The legend says she was attacked by a brother out of jealousy and that he was eventually dragged to his own death by the peasants.”

I was shocked to hear of that legend that obviously referred to me. “She was rumored to be searching for a way to call back her lover from the realm of death so she could be with him again. According to the legend she had found a spell to do this and was working the magic when she was attacked and sent into oblivion by her brother.”

“I know that legend. It is sad. Jeremiah was the lovers name. He was a peasant farmers son with a kind heart and a gentle soul. She was a noble lady with the gift of wings but a somehow they found each other. He died of fever before she could marry him. I would have thrown it all away to be with him but it was not to be. The spell was a time displacement spell and her brother attacked her when she was in mid spell cast. The spell did not go the way it was supposed to go and she vanished from that point in time when it backfired thanks to her brother's greedy desire for power and wand that was not made right to begin with.”

“Wow! I never knew that about the legend! I would hate to be her brother if she'd ever gotten her hands on him.” “He was filth and a cruel bastard as well. He tried to rape her numerous times and wanted power over all else. If there was a way to make him pay for his deed it would be tempting.

He killed his parents and anyone that defied him. He took the throne and ruled like an angry brat for years before they finally overthrew him. He was put into a cage and burned to death on top of a huge pile of wood and the castle fell into eventual ruin over the centuries until all that remains is a few walls and a bunch of stones.”

“I would love to go and see the place for myself. They say she made a secret vault in the castle full of her spell books and gold coins but no one has found it yet.” “There is no vault. Never was. She took her books with her. The gold does not exist. That is a merely a myth that someone with wishful thinking threw into the story. If she did exist then she would not have died in the attack on her.

The spell would have been amplified and caused a ripple backlash that would catapult her forward in time. She is supposedly a relative of mine in some way but so many places had no way to keep records except to pass them down verbally to the next person. That was over 3,000 years ago by the modern calenders. I got curious one summer and tracked down the rumors and few pieces of the story from all over the area.”

“Cool. I still want to see that castle ruin though. Maybe this next summer I'll go there and look at it to put the finishing touches on my report about the legend. I have a notebook full of fake spells and the reasons they are fake and why they would never work in the first place. Maybe sometime I'll sow it to you. For now though, I need to go and find where my classes all are and then see if I can find me some entertainment. A cute guy would be great, but a nice looking girl would be just as fun too.”

I was a little surprised to find her so open about being bisexual but I gave her credit for being brave enough to admit it and not let it be used against her. “Have fun, but don't forget to find me something as well. A good looking guy with a great body and lots of stamina as well as well hung. You find anything like that and I want him for myself.” She laughed and then was out the door to find her classes and maybe to also get laid.

I sighed and opened up my pack all the way and put all my things into a large wall locker. Inside were some dresses that would not fit the time anymore as well as a bag of diapers, wipes, current clothes, and five books full of my spells and notes. I was careful with the spell books and locked them with a spell so no one but me could open them.

After an hour I had everything set in the locker the way I wanted it so I could easily find what I needed, I had my class schedule in hand and was tempted to say fuck it and go flying for a little bit but I stopped myself and forced myself to go find my classes first and then find the student bookstore. As an afterthought I decided to find the campus clinic they claimed to have.

After nearly two hours I had found all my classrooms and the bookstore. The clinic was not where the old map said it was and the few others I asked had given me false answers. I found every place but what I was looking for. I finally went back to the security officers room and asked two of the men in there where it was.

They told me exactly where it was and even called ahead to warn the good folks there that I was coming and in a bad mood thanks to some smart mouthed seniors not telling me the truth. They seemed to think it was funny but I was not amused. I forced myself to calm down as I walked to the far edge of the campus and slugged a tree when no one was looking.

The tree shook a moment and I heard laughter from behind me. I turned and saw a lady with with wings and wearing a doctors coat. “The seniors think it's funny to pull pranks on people and send them to all the wrong places. I'm Molly and also the crazy doctor that works here on campus. It's amazing that the poor tree takes a lot of abuse. A number of times I've slugged it and so has my wife and our daughter as well. So, why are you hiding your wings?”

“Not sure how they will take me being an avian. I have had some issues in the past so until I know how they will react I prefer to keep them under wraps as it were.” My wife was like that for a while and so was I but it's not good to hide such wonderful gift. Come on in for a quick exam and I promise to not tell anyone.”

I followed her in and she was very nice about it all. Once in the exam room she had me remove my shirt so she could examine my wings carefully. “They look a little swollen but nothing a bit of time wont cure.” “I flew here over three days. Got here about four yesterday afternoon and as soon as I got to my dorm room I crashed for several hours of overdue sleep.” “Smart move. Any incontinence?”

“Unfortunately. Complete incontinence. I wear disposable adult diapers to manage it.” “How long?” “A few years now thanks to an accident.” “I don't suppose you have any medical records?” “No ma'am. Where I'm from we did not keep track of such things yet and since coming here I've not been hurt or ill.” She updated my medical files with all the information I gave her.

“Have you ever been tested for the legacy gene?” “What's a genie have to do with this? They don't exist anymore unless you are foolish enough to summon one and are willing to get the bad end of a deal with one.” “Gene not genie. I'll show you and try to explain it to you a bit. So when exactly were you really born?” “It's in my school records ma'am.” “The people up front have no care but I need to know in case something happens to you.” “I'm only 21 years old but yet over 3000 years away from home. Does that help?”

She shook her head and sighed. “Have you lived for 3000 years or only 21 years?” “Bo
th. I am here thanks to an accident caused by my now dead brother.” “I need to know the truth young lady. Everything you tell me goes no further than here and is only used by me to help treat you if something bad happens to you. You have my word of honor upon my clan and family.”

I stopped pacing and turned to look at her. “How do you know that promise? Who are you really?” “Thought so. You are from Scotland near one of the highland regions if I'm correct. I'm stabbing in the dark so to speak but I'm guessing about 3000 years is your real age?” “No. My real age is only 21 but an accident caused by my brother put me in this time with no way to ever go back and thank him properly.”

I sat down and told her everything about my life and how my brother stranded me here and left me in diapers. She smiled. “Magic is not real dear so try again.” I had no desire for word games and she seemed to genuinely want to help. I muttered a minor spell and made a motion with my hand. She found herself with her shoes on the wrong feet a moment later thanks to a time spell allowing me to remove her shoes and put them on the wrong feet then tie them together.

She went to take a step forward and almost fell. “How the..” She looked at me and smiled “cute trick. A real spell?” “Yes. A small one only, but yes, real magic. I prefer to not let anyone know about this as it will keep things from getting dangerous. If anyone tried a simple spell without knowing the right way to control it then the results could be devastating. I almost blew up my teacher's house once trying to light a candle. I used too much power.” She laughed and promised to not reveal it to anyone and did not even write it in my files.

Her exam of me was very careful and very thorough. She let me read everything she wrote to help ease my fears. For my age she wrote 21. She took a small vial of blood and set in a cooler so she could test it for the legacy gene. Before letting me go she gave me a couple of booster shots to make sure my shots were up to date.

She was showing me to the door when another avian landed and walked in. She looked me over and smiled before walking up to molly and kissing her. “Beth, this is my lovely wife, Amelia. We've been married 20 long and wonderful years now. She is the best thing to ever happen to me.” I shook Amelia's hand. “It's nice to meet you ma'am. So, is she always this stubborn about knowing every bit of a person's health in the past?”

Amelia laughed. “She gets very picky with those of us lucky enough to be avians and goes out of her way to make sure we stay as healthy as we can. She's a great doctor and an even better wife. At any rate, it was nice meeting you.” I left and went back to the dorm room to see if my other room mate had arrived yet. I did not open the door when I heard the sounds of two women obviously busy in a most intimate manner.

In the interest of being polite I simply knocked first. “It' me, Beth.” “One moment, please.” I heard shuffling then a loud thump followed by Janet saying ouch and the other girl laughing about something. Janet opened the door wrapped in just a blanket and nothing more. Laying on the bed and looking nervous was a very pretty dark haired girl who was covering up with a large towel.

She looked a bit embarrassed as she spoke up. “Sorry. We haven't seen each other in several months and I couldn't help it. I'm Donna Feldman and I'm assigned to this room as well. We kind of forgot where we were. We're lovers and have been for a couple of years now but no one else knows. We keep it pretty quiet, usually. I promise to be more careful and for us to find a more appropriate place to get intimate next time.”

“Get dressed and get out.” She looked at me in surprise. I couldn't keep a straight face any longer and started laughing at her. “I admit it, it was mean, but too good of a joke to pass up.” she looked relieved and then relaxed. “You can have the room to yourselves for a few minutes to get dressed or whatever. I'm going to change real fast.” I grabbed a spare diaper and vanished into the bathroom to change and allow them time to get clothes on. It was going to be an interesting year to be sure.


great story and start. - alpurl

While it makes for a great story as it is, it leaves me wanting more.\r\n\r\nI cannot wait to see future development.

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