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Danielle's Mistress

by mserin

Danielle's Mistress

Just part of a little fantasy I've always had. I thought you might enjoy it.


Danielle struggled against the ropes binding her to the armchair. She couldn’t see, a blindfold obscured her vision, and some kind of gag had been shoved into her mouth sometime between when she’d felt a sharp pain on the back of her head and now.

She’d been jogging in the park, a nightly routine for her, when suddenly she heard someone calling her name. Turning, she’d tried to see who it was, but before she could she was knocked out. Wherever she was it was damp and cold, and in that moment Danielle realized she wasn’t wearing any clothes besides her underwear. Her nipples stiffened in response to the room’s temperature.

Click clack. Click clack.

High heels seemed to be strutting toward her.

“Hello, Danielle,” a voice suddenly murmured in her ear. She struggled against her bindings again and the voice, husky and feminine, only giggled.

“You can try to struggle,” the voice said. “But I’m sure you won’t want to very soon.”

With that the blindfold was taken off, and Danielle was blinded by the sudden realization that a large screen was in front of her. It was bright white and blank, pushed up so close that it was the only thing she could see. She felt a hand caress one of her breasts and she gave a little yelp of pain when the woman tweaked one of her nipples.

“Such a pretty girl,” the woman said and she was standing behind Danielle, still massaging her breast. “You’ll make a lovely plaything.”

With that Danielle heard some typing on a keyboard and the screen shifted, changing to the image of a spiral. The spiral was bright pink and black, colors swirling down infinitely. Danielle tried to look anywhere else but she couldn’t, the woman was suddenly putting headphones on her and holding her head in place.

Weird sounds were coming from the headphones, beeps and murmurs of noise that seemed to sink into Danielle’s brain, and it was only after focusing on them for a while trying to figure out what they were that Danielle realized she had begun staring deep into the spiral. Words began flashing, so fast Danielle could barely read them. She was dimly aware of the woman still massaging her breast.

It felt like Danielle was drifting away from her body as she stared, transfixed, at the spiral in front of her. There was nothing but her and the colors, beckoning her deeper, burning the words into the back of her mind.

And then voices joined the noises in the headphones.

“Be a good servant. On your knees. Waiting for orders.”

More words flashed on the screen and Danielle’s mind began to comprehend them.


“Such a good little slut. You’re a good plaything for your mistress.”


“You don’t need memories anymore. Forget where you came from.”


“This is your life now. You know your purpose.”


“You are a slave now. You love being a slave. You love to obey.”


“You love your mistress. You will do anything for her.”

The words seemed to never end, repeating over and over as the sounds melted Danielle’s mind. She heard the voice as if it were her own thoughts, her only goal to keep absorbing the words and watching the spiral. She had no other purpose, she knew this now.

Suddenly, the display grew dark. The voices faded, but Danielle could still hear them in the back of her mind. An echo reminding her to keep still as the bindings on her wrist and ankles were removed and the gag was taken out of her mouth.

“Three hours ought to do the trick for now,” the female voice said and Danielle looked up. Staring down at her was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Long, lovely brown hair tumbled down and framed her flawless face. Sensuous curves were accentuated by the tight leather corset she wore. Her bare breasts were full and round, nipples hard, and Danielle wanted nothing more than to suck on them.

“I am your mistress,” the woman said. “You will address me as such.”

Danielle nodded, suddenly painfully aroused at the sight of her mistress.

“Who are you?” Mistress asked.

“I am your slave,” Danielle replied dutifully. “I exist to please you.”

Mistress smiled and it made Danielle feel so nice. “Very good,” Mistress said and the praise washed over Danielle like cool, refreshing water.

“I want you to prove your devotion,” Mistress said. “I want you to tell me your most embarrassing fetishes.”

Danielle could feel a heat creep up and color her face. “M-May I ask why, mistress?”

“I want to make them come true for you.”

Danielle felt a sudden flush of anticipation. She could have anything, any of her wildest fantasy, and before she could think she blurted out:

“Peeing. And squirting. I want to be made to pee and quirt for you, Mistress.”

Mistress’s eyebrows rose a bit and for a moment Danielle was scared she had said something wrong. But the smile remained on Mistress’s face, and she gave a little laugh.

“Much dirtier than I thought you would be. But I do love surprises.” She began to walk around Danielle’s chair, considering her.

“Do you need to use the bathroom?” she asked curiously.

Danielle could suddenly feel it building inside her, the urge to pee. The need for release. It wasn’t too bad yet but the impulse was there.

“Yes, Mistress,” she answered.

Mistress was behind her chair again, bending down and reaching a hand between Danielle’s legs. She hadn’t realized until now just how wet her pussy was, but Mistress’s fingers immediately became slick as she circled Danielle’s clit.

“Relax,” she commanded and Danielle immediately felt her body do so. “Just relax. But keep holding it. Tell me when it gets to be too much.”

Danielle gave a little moan as Mistress’s fingers dipped down into her pussy, moving slowly in and out. Another hand was on her nipple, teasing and playing with it.

“Such a lovely pet,” Mistress said as she trailed her hand up from Danielle’s pussy, now dripping wet, and circled

Danielle’s other nipple. It felt so good, so wet and nice, and Danielle could smell her own juices as Mistress coated her nipple. Mistress returned her hand to Danielle’s waiting pussy and Danielle felt a surge of pleasure as Mistress began fingering her harder.

“Do you feel the urge?” Mistress murmured in Danielle’s ear. “Do you?”

She could, the urge to empty her bladder was rising. But the embarrassment was also there, the fear of making a mess, and Danielle turned bright red as she gasped out “y-yes, Mistress. I need to pee.”

“Do it,” Mistress commanded but something was still holding Danielle back.

“I-I can’t-“

“Why not?” Mistress immediately asked.

Danielle felt horrible but the pleasure wouldn’t cease as Mistress mercilessly fingered her. “I-I don’t want to make a mess…”

Suddenly the hand on her breast moved down, and Danielle suddenly felt the hand in her pussy move to rub her clit quickly as Mistress’s other hand pressed down on her belly.

“Do it!” Mistress commanded. “You can’t cum until you’ve peed!”

Danielle let out a long, loud moan, the intense pleasure and the pressure on her bladder too much as she suddenly felt herself burst. Mistress immediately stopped rubbing her clit but still pressed down, making sure Danielle released everything.

It felt so dirty, knowing someone was watching her pee uncontrollably, but at the same time it felt so very good to obey her mistress. The flow didn’t seem to end for a long time. Mistress kept pressing down until Danielle was sobbing with the relief of emptying her bladder. She heard the wet noises of her urine as her flow came to a slow stop, the tinkling and slow dripping of whatever she had left in her slowly making its way off the chair she was in and onto the puddle she’d made on the floor.

“My my,” Mistress said and her hand returned to Danielle’s pussy, fingers slipping in with ease and making loud, wet sounds. “What a dirty girl. You made quite a mess. But you didn’t cum, did you?”

Danielle shook her head helplessly, more turned on than she’d ever been in her life. Each twitch of her mistress’s fingers inside her was ecstacy.

“So you want to squirt, too? Want to make a bigger mess for me?” Mistress asked and Danielle nodded frantically.
Mistress began fingering her harder, curling her fingers up and rubbing her G-spot with every quick, hard thrust. Her other hand was circling Danielle’s clit, now larger and harder, and Danielle was twitching with the shocks of pleasure running through her. She was moaning, the sounds tumbling out of her as Mistress kept pleasing her aching, soaking pussy.

Danielle could feel the squirt building up inside her, knew that it was coming as the wet squelching sounds that Mistress’s fingers were making got louder, and before she knew it she was right at the edge.

“Ah ah ah,” Mistress admonished. “You need my permission.”

Danielle didn’t think she could form words, her mind so lost in the pleasure and the need to release her squirt, but Mistress abruptly stopped and Danielle cried out.

“Please, Mistress! Please! Please may I cum!?”

“Keep begging.”

“Please, please! Mistress I need it!”

“What are you?”

“I-I’m your slave! Your fucktoy! I live to bring you pleasure!”

“Good,” Mistress said, seemingly satisfied. “Cum, you whore.”

With that she went right back to the pace she’d had before she stopped and Danielle nearly screamed with how good it felt. Without thinking of it she could feel herself releasing, could feel the gushing squirt that was pouring out of her as Mistress kept fingering, never letting up as Danielle writhed in the chair. The sounds were obscene, the tinkling of Danielle’s squirt joining the puddle of her urine so loud and in the haze of her orgasm Danielle suddenly went silent. She was only able to twitch and spasm as Mistress kept coaxing squirt after squirt out of her.

When Mistress’s hands finally left her Danielle was still twitching. She could see the mess she’d made, the large puddle on the chair between her legs and on the floor in front of her. Mistress’s heels clicked as she walked back around to stand in front of Danielle, laughing to herself.

“I’ll have to get you to clean that up later,” she said. “But for now, I want you to please me. On your knees, in the mess you’ve made.”

Danielle obeyed without thinking, kneeling down on shaking legs in the puddle of her own juices. The smell of them was thick and strong.

Mistress spread her legs. Her pussy was pink and dripping, her clit already hard. “Please me,” she commanded, and Danielle immediately moved to lick at her mistress’s wet pussy.

“Oh yes,” Mistress moaned and her hand gripped the back of Danielle’s hair. “That’s good. Such a good little toy, eating your mistress out. Oh I can’t wait to keep playing with you.”

Danielle only kept licking, moving a hand up and slipping two fingers easily into her Mistress’s pussy.

“You were so tight,” Mistress said as she moaned again. “I bet I could fist you, though. With enough training you’ll be able to spread yourself wide open for me.”

Danielle kept dutifully licking and fingering, feeling Mistress’s juices coating her fingers and dripping down her wrist and her arm. Suddenly, Mistress’s hips began jerking frantically.

“More, more,” she commanded and Danielle complied. “Yes, oh god. Yes. Oh you’re gonna make me cum, oh I-I’m gonna. I’m gonna-!”

Mistress came with a little gush of her own juice, not nearly as big as Danielle but enough to cause more liquid to run down Danielle’s arm. She fingered and licked her mistress as she came, the warm and wet walls of Mistress’s pussy spasming around her fingers. Finally Mistress pulled Danielle’s head away.

“Stop,” she commanded with a labored breath and Danille did as she was told. Mistress smiled and backed away from Danielle a bit, standing in the puddle Danielle had made.

“What do you say?” Mistress asked.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Danielle replied and Mistress nodded.

“Get back in your chair,” she said and Danielle obeyed. Mistress walked away and rolled the screen back in front of Danielle.

“You’ll condition for a while,” Mistress said as the screen flickered to life. The spiral was back and it was already drawing Danielle deep into it.

“Then you’ll clean up that mess you made,” Mistress said before slipping the headphone back onto her. The voices started up again immediately, clearing Danielle’s mind of any thought, and she drifted back into her happy, mindless state.


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