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Dreamscape I

by sothishappened

Chapter 1

“This isn’t right… I remember being in my bed… Is this some sort of dream?” It must be a dream. Of course it is, he reassured himself. How could I have gotten here, he asked himself looking around the room he found himself in. It was a square room about twelve feet wide. There doesn’t seem to be any doors or windows. A single lightbulb dangles from the ceiling, which wasn’t very high. The floor was hard, and so cold. Why was it so cold?

“Naked?! What gives? I know I just had clothes on…”

He surveyed the room but there were no clothes in sight. He stood up only to find that he had grown weak. As his legs were began to fail him he collapsed to the floor. Without the warmth of his clothes the room only grew colder. Goosebumps covered his body. From the tips of his toes to his fingertips they ran the length of his body.

“Ahhhhhh… this is ridiculous. I do hope I wake up soon. Anything to get out of here—“


“What the hell was that?” He said, startled.


“Creepy as fuck…” he whispered to himself. The noises seemed to be coming from a small vent in the corner of the room. It seemed to be the source of all the cold air too.

“I could swear this wasn’t here before. Looks like the only way out. What a terrible idea this is… But its not as I have any other option.”

He removed the cover to the vent and managed to crawl in. Thankfully he had a very small frame and had no trouble fitting inside. As he expected, the ventilation shaft was even colder than the room itself. The cold metal against his naked body was unpleasant to say the least. He body was beginning to numb itself. But with no other option he continues to move forward. The dim light of the room slowly fades behind him.

“Ugh. Its pitch black in here… I don’t even know where this tunnel leads. I’ve been moving straight for some time now. Something doesn’t feel right....”

The vent he was crawling through had been ice cold but now it seemed to be getting warmer. Much warmer. Hot.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck. What the hell?! I can’t keep this up. Im gonna fry in here. This is just about as much as I can take. I can’t … move…”

Just as he had given up the metal under him gave way, causing him to fall into what seemed like an endless void. All that could be seen was black. The wind actually felt nice, cooling him after being in that dreadful vent. His fall wasn’t broken by a wall of water. The water was inexplicably soothing. Still weak from before, much too weak to swim, he sinks. Allowing the water to cover him was all he could do.

I don’t have any other options do I? He thought to himself. This still must be a dream after all. I may as well enjoy this. This water isn’t the worst that’s happened.

It was strange but it didn’t seem to frighten him, as if he could just relax and stay underwater unharmed. As he allowed the water to pull him deeper down he reaches the bottom. Its peaceful. The sounds of the water soothe him.


His eyes open wide as the noise startles him. He hears a voice.

“What’s taking you so long?”

He stays silent, confused.

“Come up here, I’m waiting.” The voice says.

A light shines through the water leading him back up. He slowly makes his way back up to the top and breaks the surface. The void had disappeared, and was replaced by a tranquil beach. The water was no longer black, but a sparkling blue. The white sand tickled his feet as he emerged from the water the worst seemed to be over.

“Well this is definitely a dream…” he mutters to himself.


He spun around quickly. There was a girl standing behind him. She was short with pink hair and pig tails wearing a pink bikini.

“You loose something?” She said still giggling.


It only dawned upon him that he had been without clothes the entire time.

“Ahh! I’m sorry I haven’t seen any clothes since I’ve been here.”

*giggle* “Its OK! Since you showed me yours I’ll show you mine!”

“Whoa! That’s a dick! You’re a guy?!”

“Yup. Its cute isn’t it?”

“I… guess so.” He says, couldn’t help but noticing it was bigger than his own. “Any chance you have more clothes I can use?”

“Hmmm… just these cutie.” She says Holding up a tiny pair of panties.

“You must be joking. You don’t have anything else?”

“Nope.” she giggles.

“Ugh fine. As long as I have something to wear.”

He slides the tiny undergarments up his legs as the fabric gently caresses his tiny package.

“Fucking lovely…” he says sarcastically. Though he can’t help but secretly enjoy the feeling.

“Hey. It looks cute on you. I think it suits you. Walk with me”. she says motioning him towards a path that stretches the length of the beach.

“So what’s your name cutie?” she asked.

“I… I actually can’t remember. All of this is just so strange.”

“Hmmm… I think I’ll call you… Sissy!”

“Wow. You are NOT calling me that.”

“You don’t remember your own name and you reject the names other people give you? How rude.” She said poutily.

“Its not rude. I just don’t like the name that’s all.”

“You must like it, Sissy. This is a dream. I’m only a figment of your imagination, which means I could have picked any name you wanted.”

“That… sounds logical… but none of this is what I wanted… I haven’t had control over any of this.”

“Maybe Sissy doesn’t want to be in control. “

“I… what?”

“All of this is happening because Sissy wanted it to. I know because I’m you silly. I’m the you that you’ve always secretly wanted to be.“

“I… don’t know what to say.”

He couldn’t ignore what she was saying. She was right, about everything. He had always hidden these thoughts in the back of his mind but it had all become so clear.

“You don’t have to say anything Sissy. Look at yourself. You look so happy prancing around in those cute little panties. You can’t hide it from me. That little clitty of yours looks a bit stiff.”

“Heh I guess your right… I do like feeling this way.”

“Now I’ll ask you again. What is your name?”


“Now, Now… *giggles* Like you mean it.”

“My name is Sissy.”

“Good girl.”

The words strike a chord inside him.

“My head… feels fuzzy… its getting hard… for me… to think…”

“That’s good Sissy. Just let it happen.” She said grinding her body against Sissy’s. The pleasure almost too much for Sissy to take.

“Just let the feeling take over sissy. Soon you’ll be just like me.” *giggle*.

“Just… like *giggle*… you?” Sissy said finding it very hard to speak or even think in her old voice.

Her head was swimming, predominantly with thoughts of the girls cock.

“I know what you want.” She said pulling down her bikini bottom. “I see you eyeing it.”

“Yes… Please fuck me.”

“Now you’re being honest with yourself. Bend over Sissy. That ass is mine.”

Her cock swelled with blood. It was much bigger than Sissy’s to begin with but this was a monster. But given Sissy’s current state, mind fuzzy and pink, it only made her crave this monster cock even more. She got down on all fours and held her ass high in the air.

“Such a pretty pussy… it’s a shame I’m going to destroy it.”

Her enormous cock slid inside Sissy’s tight hole.

“Ahhhh!!!” Sissy squealed. “It huuurts….”

“Just let this happen. Let it change you. Feel it deep inside you.”

And she could feel it DEEP inside her. She mouldedcould feel every thrust, every throb. It began to feel amazing. Her back arched and her mouth opened. This was more than she had ever hoped it would be. It felt instinctual, primal, as if this is what she was meant to be. Just a fuck pet for this gorgeous shemale. Her thrusts became slower and harder. She pulled out and sprays a huge amount of cum all over Sissy’s face.

Sissy cuddled up to her in the afterglow of the moment and licked the cum of her cock.

“Good girl.”


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