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Demon Candy 5 years Later

by cheif15

Chapter 1

I awoke from my slumber the same way I wake up nearly every night; sweating, gasping for air, and wishing that it was real. I pulled the cover off me and swung my legs around the bed over the side as I sat there and placed my hand on my face and began to rub the sleep from my eyes. I took a look into the mirror, what reflected back was a blonde haired blue eyed 20 something year old with bed head and a pretty effeminate face. I looked over at the clock; it was 12:00 AM SAT I then looked out the window. The night sky was somewhat illuminated from the lights coming from the city nearby so no stars, a crescent moon hung over head looking like a sideways smile or maybe a smirk, there was no noise it was just quiet as expected at 12 AM. I sighed and got up walking out of my room into the bathroom as I turned the sink and splashed the warm water on my face.

I opened up the mirror cabinet and brought out my toothbrush and began to brush my teeth, I didn’t know why, I wasn’t intending on going anywhere, I wasn’t meeting anyone. As I was brushing my teeth I looked into the mirror and expected to see my reflection instead what I saw made stop. A young woman most likely in her teens was standing behind me, her brown hair was parted in the middle, and on her cute almost childlike face were large, thin black rimmed glasses. She was wearing a black leather corset along with matching gloves and small black demon wings jetting out from her back and a collar on her neck. The most noticeable thing about her was the amused smirk on her face, then she spoke her voice was just as cute as it was in my dreams, the kind of voice that would melt any man’s heart but you could always tell had an underlying mischievous tone. “It’s been a long time Jonathon; I see you’ve grown since we last met.” She said putting her hand onto my bare chest. I immediately let out a loud gasp upon contact. It felt so real the texture of her glove on my skin, the feeling of her closing the distance and wrapping her body around mine. “I see you’ve kept you’ve kept your figure, look your old clothes still fit.” Suddenly my attention turned to my reflection and I could not only see but feel my old clothes. My chest had two leather straps on it leading up to collar on my neck as some as the straps wrapped around my body making a diamond shape. I turned around to confront the girl, when the feeling had disappeared like it had never been there, I turned back to the mirror only to see that my reflection was the way it was before just me shirtless. I kept looking into the mirror hoping that the feeling would come back, but it didn’t. I finished brushing my teeth and proceeded to put on deodorant and walk back to my room.

Ten Minutes Later I found myself walking down the sidewalk of the suburbs and looking up at the night sky. My Black T-shirt was rubbing against my skin and my black jeans were tight around my waist and thighs. I couldn’t help but think to myself.

“That was her, but it couldn’t be I haven’t seen her in five years, it couldn’t have been… could it?” I shook my head and kept walking as my thoughts turned back to her and my lips uttered the name “Noelle”. I looked into the crescent moon longingly as memories of a time when the two us were most times literally inseparable were brought up. I kept walking as those memories began to play and somehow I managed to walk into the city near my house. It was pretty busy for 12 even on a Saturday. People were going in and out of restaurants, bars and clubs as it looked like college students, High school students, and even some people in their 30s were enjoying their weekend. As I walked through the crowd of people the only one person who caught my attention was a girl leaning against a wall texting. Her hair was blonde and looked natural, she was definitely a DD natural too, and her figure was busty but looked adorable rather than sexy mostly because of her face and how smooth and round it was. Then she giggled and her tone and voice sang of not only innocence, but joy. The way she presented herself, the way her voice sounded, and the smile on her face just sang that she was happy to be alive happy. I knew someone like that once, and like her the girl I knew was wearing all white and had the same hair color and style. I went to go approach her when suddenly a group girl surrounded her and they began to walk off. I tried to follow them and get to the girl but she walked out of site.

“Caley, Come back…please.” My head fell to the floor and I continued walking. I didn’t know where I was going, my legs were moving but my brain wasn’t controlling them, I just felt like… there was somewhere I needed to be.

Eventually I found myself in the more “colorful” part of town, where most of the more seedy night clubs resided. Not long after that I was standing outside one of the more popular clubs in this section of town. “Venus’ Thorn” I’ve been here moonlighting before, several times in fact. Most people here on their first time might’ve been scared or nervous me however, I felt at home relaxed; it was definitely an odd feeling. I walked through the door and was stopped by the doorman who asked for ID. I gave it to him; he nodded handing it back and waved me into the club. As I walked through the door I was met with the sound of music sounded like some kind of alternative/punk rock band I never heard of. The main room was full of people some covered head to toe with either leather or latex, some just wearing pants and no shirts, some with collars, others with leashes on. There smell was a mixture of ecstasy, fear, joy, and pleasure overall not an easy scent to make relatable. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink just something to calm my nerves. As the bartender gave me some alcohol I began to look around as I slowly sipped from the bottle. Some guy was kneeling at the foot of this woman and she was using them like furniture putting her feet up on his back. While on the other side this guy had a chain leash and leather collar on this girl and was holding her back like a dog. Both of these brought back memories. My attention then turned to the bar as a woman dressed in black latex that looked similar to the clothes that the hallucination I had of Noelle, along with Black latex boots, and latex arm length gloves. Her hair was brown/light brown, and her eyes were a dark purple. However one of the biggest differences from Noelle was that the facial features and way her face was shaped told me that this wasn’t a girl, but a woman, her body also gave that away.

“Vicki?!” I asked and said and said at the same time as the woman grabbed my arm and began to lead me to one of the private rooms. I couldn’t help but follow like a good little puppy as we walked past a few of the other Mistresses some of them even gave a jealous looks at the woman leading me. When we reached the room I closed the door behind me and locked it, when I turned around the woman was sitting on leather thrown with a wine glass propped in her fingers and against her lips as she took a small sip.

“Vicki…” I said again. She smiled and placed her glass down on a stand which looked like a person kneeling.

“It’s been a long time Jonathan, I’m glad your remember me.” Her voice was neutral, but at the same time commanding. Her voice, her figure, her presence was the exact same as I remembered it.

“Five years, Vicki it’s been five years since we last saw each other.” I said with a little depression in my voice.

“You seem upset Jonathan, tell me did you really Miss me that much.”

I couldn’t help but look at her as tears began to drip from my eyes. “I… I’ve missed you all so much: You, Noelle, Caley. It’s not been the same without you.” I said as more tears began to fall from my cheeks onto the floor.

“Well we’ve missed you too, tell me what have you been doing since we released you?” She asked taking another sip.

“I’ve been trying to live a normal life, but I can’t I just can’t!” My fists were struggling and the tears were in free fall as I yelled. “I’ve been coming to this damned bar every couple of weeks trying to reach the high you and only you were able to bring me. What you did to me was like a drug, and I’ve tried to fight it but I can’t! Every night a different and every night another disappointment, none of these women were able to bring me to the place you did!” I yelled at her as my tears dripped along my face.

Vicki grabbed my face and shushed me as she smiled. “Jonathan, did you really expect that you would ever be able to live a normal life after what I put you through. I’ll admit you were strong willed and are to be commended for that, but you were with me for a year, a year with the best at what she does. I don’t blame you for wanting to come back I did break you, but in a different way.”

I stared at her and whimpered as she grabbed my face and I asked her. “Then why did you let me go?”

“I’m a woman of my word Jonathan, I made you a promise.” However do you remember what I offered before you left?”

I nodded of course I remembered her offer; I honestly had considered it was a very enticing offer, but I thought I was strong enough to go home; to live a normal life. “I remember and every night when one of those Mistresses tried to own me I just couldn’t commit to them, they weren’t good enough there was only one woman good enough to own me. When I wasn’t with one of those other women I had dreams of being back with you Noelle, and Caley and I felt at home.” I told her looking down at the floor and then falling to my knees in front of Vicki.

“Jonathan you flatter me, but tell me why should I take you back hmmm? I mean you’re the one who chose to leave, how do I know you want leave again?” She asked swirling her glass.

I stared at the floor and whimpered. “I… I can’t live a normal life anymore; I’ll never be able to live one. You broke me in the one way I couldn’t predict.” I stopped there and looked into her eyes. “I can’t live without being your demon candy.” I told her as I felt the tears coming on again.

The smirk that Vicki gave is one that I’ll never forget, an image that will be forever engraved into my mind for as long as I lived. The smile that said: I Won.

“Very well Jonathan, I’ll take you back… but all I ask is one thing of you.” She said with a smile.

“You want my soul again right?” I asked her.

“You’re such a smart boy.”

“Well you can have it, and I don’t even was a Klondike bar this time.” I joked

Vicki smirked and took me by the arm as I was led through a portal back to hell, back to my home, back to… my family.”


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