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A Complete Exam

by Charliex

Chapter 1 The Exam

"Hello Nurse Crachet. I'm sorry I'm five minutes late but I must have overslept. I've been working very hard on a project at work and this has been my first day off in two months." I slowly muttered knowing that Crachet didn't give a crap about my excuses. I just wanted to get this doctor's appointment over with. It was my first free day in what feels like forever and I just wanted to get home and rest and relax.

"I'm not really interested in your excuses Mr. Wilson. Your doctor has many patients. You would think you would be on time for your physical" she snorted out of annoyance and fiery anger

"Wait I'm only here for a short follow up. I know nothing about a physical!" I belted out.

"Do not try to get out of it again Mr. Wilson. You have not had a full physical in two years and you no longer can avoid it!! Be an adult and let us do our jobs!!" She sneered at me as she led me into the exam room. I felt like a man being taken to his execution and I decided it was foolish to argue.

As soon as I entered the room I noticed the extreme temperature. "Why is it so hot in here?" I said as sweat was forming on my upper brow.

"The air conditioning is not working properly but the temperature is still adequate for your needs!! Now please disrobe and put on the exam gown and Dr. Robins will be with you in a moment!!" she screamed as she slammed the door.

I being always somewhat shy and submissive always felt uncomfortable in my own body and was reluctant to comply but I knew despite my unnecessary modesty I had to do what was required. All of a sudden a shocking thought pierced my brain... Today was definitely not the best day to be going commando.

I slowly undressed trying to put myself at ease. I had to tell myself there was nothing to be embarrassed about. This was old Dr. Henry Robins. He has been my doctor for 15 years and he has done this exam several times before. I just have to fill my thoughts with more pleasant images and just concentrate on the end goal. Just get through the exam and I would have the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted to.

I completed undressing and noticed how small the gown they have left me was. It only reached to above my belly button leaving all of my more important parts uncovered. I sat on the table with my balls and penis in my hands incorrectly believing that would hide my feelings of awkwardness.

Then finally the door opened. In stepped what was I would describe as a Greek god. A beautiful young man with perfect skin and a body that is shaped like someone I would often masturbate to. He was not my doctor and I more tightly griped my privates and was standing in sweat and shock waiting to find out who this was.

"Hi I'm Dr. Robins...Dr John Robins. You know my father. If you didn't know I will be taking over his practice soon and I'm meeting with his patients and doing the best to ease the transition." he beautifully stated.

"Whaaaat....the.....fuuuuuuuuuu" I mumbled due to his unexpected appearance.

"I would shake your hand but they look like they are full." He laughed. "No need to be scared I know how it is. I'm also going commando."

We both then let out a hardy laugh and that started to put me slowly at ease.

"If it's okay Mr. Wilson I would rather call you by your first name Charlie and you may call me John."
"That's okay with me uhmm err.. John" I timidly stated.

"As I see on your chart your here for a complete physical"

"Yes John.. You see this is a little awkward for me"

"That's okay Charlie as your Doctor I want to make you lose that awkwardness and become more comfortable with your body. I'm here to help you. Let's take that first step."

"Sure John I'll try" I said. I was put more at ease then came to the realization I was heavily sweating. My embarrassment made me forget the heat for a moment.

"Since I want to do a thorough exam and I can see your hot you are.... I mean look.... I mean are. Sorry just the wrong phrasing. And also since it looks like the nurse has left you a child's gown why don't we forgo the gown. It will save us time and it would help you became more used to being unclothed with your new doctor."

There was something about my doctor that made me implicitly trust him. I then agreed to do as he wished and I slowly peeled off the gown from my sweat covered body.

"Now that you are more comfortable please remove your hands and come up to the examination table"

"I thought this was the exam table, John." I said.

"No it's the one over here with the stirrups."

"What are the stirrups for?" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry they are are used for checking your prostate. At your age it is a necessary test. I will make it as easy as possible."

I eased off the table while my naked male body cringed with fear not knowing what I would be facing. As I made my journey suddenly the door violently opened and in came Nurse Crachet.

"Why are you taking so much time in her Dr. Robins when there are more important people to deal with today? I expect more from you. Your father made a mistake bringing you into the practice! Get this exam finished with now!!!" she yelled as she slammed the door.

Then once again I realized I was completely naked and my face turn completely red. I did my best to hide my genitals again because all of my confidence completely disappeared with the nurses unexpected tirade.

"I'm sorry about that. That was uncalled for. Please wait here and I will deal with her. She will not be able to treat me our my patients like that." John Belted out. "She will be taken care of.

John ran out the door. I couldn't make out what they were saying but it definitely loud. I never had someone who came so quickly to my defense. I was filled with feelings of great of pride and confidence. The arguing which was only for five minutes felt like it was going on for hours. Finally John came back in the room.

"I have to apologize for her behavior. I have terminated her employment with this office. I will let you be treated with so much disrespect"

"Thank you John that is very much appreciated. Thank you for standing up for me"

"No problem Charlie. I will understand if you need to reschedule. That argument cleared my entire office and it looks like my schedule will be cleared for the rest of the day."

"No john if it's okay with you I would rather take care of this appointment today. I'm already here and I'm already naked....." We both laughed and it broke the tension.

"Good then I will be able to devote my full attention to you. But as I can see you have covered yourself again and I think i still need to rebuild your trust in me if you will allow me."

"Of course John I would like that" I said sheepishly.

"My first step will be to lock the door so we have no more unwanted interruptions." John said as he clicked the lock on the door. "I want to make you feels as comfortable as possible. Please keep your mind open. The next steps may at first seem unusual but I'm doing them to help build up your confidence as much as I can."

"Go ahead John. I trust you. Anyone willing to stick up for me is someone I have faith in."

"Now in order to be comfortable with your body I need you to learn as much about it as possible. In order to do that I want you to give me a full physical exam also. This will open your mind and make you more comfortable with the male body. Now do you want to do this?" he asked.

"If you say it will help then I will try." This then caused an unusual stirring in my body.

"Very good. First we need to get me undressed. Charlie in order to study me better please remove my clothing."

I started with the easiest first which were his shoes and socks. I noticed his well manicured toes.

"Okay now my shirt."

I did as he ordered and then I peeled off his shirt.rnrn"That sure feels good" John stated.

He was covered in sweat and his manly scent penetrated my whole body. He had the perfect set of nipples. I had to use all my strength to resist the urge to suck them. They looked so tasty.......

"Now my pants and remember like you I'm going commando."

With enormous happiness I pulled down his pants. He stepped out of his pants and he had the one of the most desirable penis I have ever seen. Also his balls look like something I could spend hours playing with.

"Now I want us to spend some time really looking at our bodies. I want you to notice all the differences and the similarities."

"Okay we both have a penis and two balls" he laughed as I said it.

"Yes but notice how the hair around your genitals is trimmed and kept to a short length which only helps to accentuate your two best features your long sleek penis and big suckable balls. I on other the other hand am completely shaved off all my hair because it makes it easier for rear entry."

"Entry into what?" I asked.

"Don't worry about that. Now let's look at both of our anuses. Notice how mine looks closed off and tight and uncomfortable and your looks completely open, willing, and able. You're a bottom, right? "

"What does that mean?" I laughed.

"Don't worry I'm sure we will explore that later. Now are you any more comfortable Charlie?"

"Actually I am. This feels more natural and I am more at ease. Thanks, John."

"Glad to hear it Charlie now let us get started. Let's start at the top and work our way down. Let's both exam our hair for anything unusual."

"Okay John I noticed your hair is short and blond and beautiful."

"Thanks Charlie for the compliment. Your hair is long and brown and at first I thought it needed to be trimmed but looking at more closely I think I rather enjoy running my hand through your thick locks."

"Thanks I think."

"Good now lets quickly move on to our eyes. Now look deeply into mine and tell me what do you see?"

"I see a man I could spend all day fucking ..... I mean they look pretty normal to me."

"When I look into your eyes I see perfect brown eyes that compliment your gorgeous brown hair. But let's move on to one of the most important features your mouth. Tell me Charlie what you see when you look at my mouth?"

"I see a normal mouth. It's perfect on your sexy face."

"Charlie when I look at your mouth I also see perfection. I see something that is a perfect to fit my dick. I think I would be able to fit the whole thing in."

"That's a great observation John."

"Charlie I need you to exam every detail of inside my mouth."

"How will I do that John?"

"I want to use more than your eyes. I want you to completely experience it. I need you to use your tongue Charlie."

"That's fine with me." I said as a placed my mouth on top of his mouth. It was a perfect fit and my tongue intertwined with his and we created a new perfect being."

"That's enough of that." John stated. "You might need your mouth for other things later. Now lets focus on the next important part of your body, your nipples. I know when you first saw mine you wanted to suck it. You suck on my left nipple while I play with yours."

We both started exploring our nipples and they immediately got rock hard. John started to let out moan after moan of pleasure.

"Now observe how important the nipple is to a man's pleasure experience. It is often ignored but it is a gateway to a new set of experiences."

Both of our dicks were standing at full attention and leaking pre-cum. John wiped some off his dick and placed it in my mouth. To my amazement it was the best thing I have ever tasted and I needed more.

"Please John can I ask you a question?"

"Ask anything you want Charlie."

"Can I please suck your dick? Please I want it. I need it. I need that sweet taste of your cum!!!!!"

"Of course Charlie all you had to do was ask."

I got down on my knees and gently placed his penis in my mouth. It was an almost perfect fit. I loved every inch of his penis I could get my mouth on and couldn't get enough of it.

"Now Charlie the blowjob seems to be a lost art form today. It's not that a woman can't do it but it's true that the person best suited to suck a dick is often one who has one too. Now don't be stingy if your going to do it you better do it right."

John then grabbed my head and stuffed his dick completely in. My mouth was full and I was hoping it was never going to be empty again.

I couldn't respond because my mouth was full.


The cum finally burst out of John's dick and wave and wave kept cumming. He lifted my head up and gave me a big kiss and said "You could have at least saved some for me."

We then both laughed "Wow Charlie that was the best blowjob I've ever had. I think you've blown me away. Now I have to return the favor and I'm going to show you what the stirrups are for."

"Now checking your prostate and making sure it's in perfect health is a necessary with any man.... but there is no reason we can't have fun while doing it."

"Fuck yeah!!!" I shouted while licking up more pre-cum while I stood in horny anticipation of what was cumming next. John led me the table and placed both legs into the stirrups.

"Now class is in session. Now can anyone tell me the location of your prostate?"

I immediately raised my hand despite the fact I was the only in the room. "Ohh me me please!" I begged.

"Yes the sexy nude man who smells of cheap booze and my semen may answer."

"In you butt!!!???" I chuckled.

"Good enough but for such a simple answer you will have to suck me off several more times as a penalty. And next time you must save some cum for me."

"Tell me when and I'll be happy to cum on over" John laughed at my joke and then started walking towards me.

"Now usually I would use a finger, some gloves and lube to check your prostate but since you have proven to be my most favorite patient I will definitely make an exception."

John opened the drawer and took a tube of personal lubricant number 62. "This is only the best lube for my best patient."

He opened the tube and gently spread some on my anus and some on his now once again rock hard cock.

"Now since this is your first time I will take it slow" He gently pushed his penis inside my butthole. It was at first a tight fit but he then starting slowly pumping and it became more natural. Once again it is if are two bodies were always meant to be together and two became one.

"Now I will slightly rub against the prostate and you should feel a new experience. Please do your best to describe it."

"I'll do my best John. The pumping motion of your dick is beginning to make me more horny. I'm still savoring what's left of your cum and all I want is your cock in my mouth again. Wait a second I just felt a small wave of pleasure and now. OH MY FUCKING HELL. OH SHIT. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I let out the loudest moan of my life.

"Charlie I using my dick to begin to message your prostate and I"m about to bring you into a brand new world. Please contine my Charlie or may I call you your new name my little slice of heaven bottom cocksucker."


"Okay only if you beg me to Charlie."

"Please John PLEASE HARDER!!!!"

"Again and louder."



"Okay Charlie all you had to do was ask." John then started pumping harder and harder. The harder it got the more pleasure I felt "Charlie?"


"Are you ready to cum yet?


"Cum Charlie"


"Cum now charlie."

As if we were in perfect sync I came on John's command. As he continued pumping I keep cumming for several minutes. I felt like I reached the pinnacle of ecstasy and passed out. Several minutes later I awoke we were down on the exam bed intertwined together covered in each others semen and sweat.

"So how's my prostate Doc?"

"Just perfect Charlie. Now we will have to clean each other up."

"That's fine with me I think we should use our tongues."

"That's sounds great to me Charlie." Hours later after we had our lengthy tongue bath we sat in each other arms contemplating what to do with the rest of the day.

"Now John now that we both have the rest of the day off what should we do next."

"Well I thought we would go back to my place where I have more toys and we can continue your exam. You looked like a bottom to me but I can't wait to see what you do as a top."

"Fuck Yeah John!!"

"Charlie I want to see how adventurous you can be. Are you willing to take a chance again and see what happens.
"As long as you bring the lube I will be willing to do anything."

"Okay Charlie get ready to take the next step into a brand new world. And I only have one requirement"

"Go ahead John tell me what it is."

"To completely start our new relationship we have to cast aside everything of the old us and start anew."

"That's Fine with me John."

"That includes leaving all our clothing behind. Those clothes represent the old us and I want everything to be new with you."

"Okay fine by me let's go." I forgot we were naked anyway and I was happy to spend as much time as I could with my new friend. John unlocked the door and we stepped out of the exam room to begin the next step of our journey.
to be continued..............

Chapter 2 A Quick Stop to the Market


"Now let's go Charlie because we have a day to finish and it's only 10:30A.M." John stated as we left his office. "Don't forget your wallet and keys we will need them to get back to my place."

My day only began and it looks like the best one yet. "Wow John I forgot tomorrow is a holiday and I have the next three days completely free. This looks like an extraordinary opportunity to spend time with my new best friend. I hope?????"

"Sounds perfect to me. In order to make the best of this holiday weekend we should make a list of all the supplies necessary before we shall let the games begin." John said with a big smirk and then I knew he was up to something. "Please list what you think we need Charlie-boy."

"Number one since it appears you only have a half of tube of your special lube left we will need much more."

"That's correct. Secondly I need some food supplies if we are going to spend most of the weekend indoors. I will need some whipped cream, Champagne, cucumbers, and ice cream. That's all I can think of."

"Also John I need to go to my place and pick up some supplies."

"It better not be clothes because you won't be needing those." John loudly stated.

"Don't worry about that. It is something I ordered from the internet that I never was adventurous enough to use util now. I think you will be pleased." I said tauntingly to gain his interest.

"I can't wait to unbox it and see what it is. You have gotten me all excited now." Which John wasn't kidding because once again he was rock hard and standing at full attention. "Since you have over exited me you will be responsible for getting all the supplies. We need to go to my favorite sex shop to get the lube, the supermarket to get the supplies, and back to your house for the box."

"Boxes. There are definitely more than one." I said with much excitement.

"Very good. Let's take my car and if you are lucky I will let you play with my driveshaft." he said as we walked into the waiting room.

"Charlie what the hell are you still here. And why are you naked?" I did not expect to find my mother in the waiting room. "Nurse Crachet called me and said something really strange is happening here between you and the Doctor. I never expected to see this!!??"

"Everything is okay Mrs. Wilson." John said also strolling into the room completed nude. "Everything can be completely explained."

"I doubt that very much!!!" my mother yelled.

"Charlie and I our naked because we and our clothes were infected with a rare virus. I am rushing him to treatment right away. This is a very rare virus that only affects one in every 400 million people. Me and Charlie were born without special Chromosome that's located in our Male reproductory organs. It's a C.U.M. deficiency and me and Charlie need it treated immediately. Don't worry I will take care of Chsrlie's C.U.M. and will be working with it all weekend. Please stand out of our way."

"Sorry for the error please make sure you take care of your health issues. Bye Charlie and be better."

"Thanks mom I promise to concentrate on taking care of my and the Doctor's C.U.M. all weekend." I almost laughed as John shoved me out the door to his car.

"Let's go Charlie!!"

"Thanks Doctor for the help with my mother."

"Don't worry now let's get to the supermarket first so we can finish our tasks and move on to the next phase of the day. John led me into a car with only a smile on his face. As John drove up to our local supermarket branch he said "I picked the smallest store with what you need as possible so try not to cause a big commotion when picking up our list. The key is to act natural and maybe no one will notice your naked. Just remember you have to get everything on the list in order for the next part of the fun to begin" John said as he parked. "Now get it done.!!"

I was hoping to use a shopping cart to make the task easier but there were none available. I first picked up three bottles of the whipped cream and didn't know if that was enough so I picked up three more. I luckily found an empty cart and was relieved that the store was completely empty. I picked up the cucumbers and then the Champagne. I went to the frozen food aisle and picked up the last item. There was only one checkout opened so I proceeded to it and saw someone I was not expecting.

"It that you Charlie??? said my old acquaintance Ted Bradford. "Is that you old friend??" Ted was definitely not a friend. We met in college and last time I saw him was at the graduation ceremony ten years ago.

"Oh hi Ted. I'm in a hurry it's that anyway we can get this over with????" I pleaded with him.

"Now hold on a minute Charlie there is something different about you. Could it be...yes your naked."

"Can we just forget that and let me check out my groceries and leave??" I begged him.

"Since we have a no shirts no shoes no serve policy I can't help you unless???"

"Please I'll do what you want if you let me check out, please??"

"Since we are old friends I may be able to ignore your mistake if you do me one small favor."

"Just tell me what you want Ted."

"Since I never knew how beautiful you are naked just give me a handjob and I will check you out."

I didn't have much choice so I agreed to Ted's request.

"I will put your groceries aside and you come behind the counter and take care of business."

I got underneath the counter and now was completely invisible to anyone except Ted.

"Don't worry I have lube available under the counter for special occasions when I'm bored and alone."

I took off Ted's shoes and socks and then undid his belt. He was very eager to get out of his pants and threw his underwear to the floor.

"Now make this worth my time Charlie. I don't want this to take too quickly."

I took out the tube and rubbed it all over his average cock.

"OHHH, That's very good Charlie. That's very good. What a second please stop."

"That was not a part of the agreement." I said as I continued to deeply rub his very erect penis.

"Hello Mrs. Granger. How do you Do(OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH)? he said as a new customer decided to check out at his counter.

I decided this was the time to have as much fun with him as possible.

Ted did his best to check out his new customer despite the new waves of pleasure I continued to give him. "I see Mrs. Granger you picked out the melons and got the two for one(OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH) special."

"What is that you are saying Ted?"

"Oh nothing please give me all your coupons(AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH). Just give me a second and I'll cummmmmmmmm(OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) up with your total. Thank you thst will be twenty one dollars and thirty five(AYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) Fuck YES!!!"

"What was that?"

"Nothing Mrs. Granger have a nice day(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA). He quickly gave her the change and once she was finally out the door he let it out. He let out one of the second loudest moans I heard today and finally ejaculated. I was again covered in a man's cum. I got up wiped some off and tasted it. It was not as good as John's but it was still tasty.

"That was way better than I thought I was going to get. For that your order is free. Let me bag them up for you." Then I preceded to leave and he said "I left my contact information and I note in the bag for you. I will be free all weekend if you ever need a third to join your duo. I see your gorgeous friend in the parking lot waiting. Please tell me is he naked too and as gorgeous as you?"

"Why yes he is naked too and he's even more gorgeous than me!!!"

"Please call Charlie" he said as I walked out the door. I brought my packages into the car and showed John everything I got.

"Very good job Charlie" he smiled. "Wait what is that on you?" He took off some of the fresh cum and tasted it. "Delicious does this mean we have a third going us this weekend? I shook my head yes and handed him Ted's contact information. "Great job. Now we have just two more places to go until we get home. Try not to tire yourself before we get there."

We smiled and laughed as we preceded to out next destination.

To be continued.......... rnrnrn

Chapter 3 A Quick Stop at my place

"Now we go to our second destination Charlie. A stop at your place for some special supplies. This should be easier than our first stop but you never can tell. I've learned to expect the unexpected when dealing with you my now favorite new friend." John said with a hint of humor and a hint of mystery.

"This should be very simple. I don't think I should be coming back covered in someone's cum again. I will be not be covered in sperm or any other liquids from someone else." I told John.

"Don't disappointment me. Bring me back a big surprise and I will have to give you one too. One I promise you'll never forget. John then pulled into the front of the condo I was staying at. "Charlie I'm going to get in back of the car and take a small nap because I know how long one of your short visits can take."

"Okay John." I said. I hated the fact that I was going to end up disappointing John. I live alone so besides the boxes there was nothing unexpected to get for John. I walked up to my front door and opened the door. My place was exactly as I left it. So I sadly went to my bedroom closet and took out the three boxes from adam's pleasure shack. I slowly approached the front door and then someone jumped out of my bathroom.

"SURPRISE CHARLIE!!!!!!!!! I promised we would see each other again. So here I am my fucking best FRIEND!!!!!!"

I was shocked to see an old friend of mine Michael Frances. He was my best friend and college room-mate and when we parted ways after graduation I did not know if I would see him again. He did not look as if he changed at all. To best describe I would have to say he reminds me of a big polar bear. He is a much bigger body type than me but that only approved his appearance. He was chubby in all the right places. He is the biggest crush I've ever had but I was too timid in college and was afraid if I ever described those feelings I would lose his friendship. We both slept nude in our college room and he has the perfect ass I've ever seen. Even my new friend John comes second to him and I still fantasize about Michael when I masturbate alone in my condo. In college when we were alone he would call me Charlie-Bear because compared to his body size I was something petite and I reminded him of a cute small teddy bear he had as a child.

"Your mom gave me a set of keys so I could surprise you Charlie-Bear." he said as he picked me up and gave me a big bear hug. "I couldn't wait to see you." and then he noticed I was nude but it was okay because I then realized he was naked too.

"Where are your clothes Michael? I asked.

"Does it really matter Charlie-Bear?" Michael said with a look of excitement.

"I think I finally can tell you the truth. I was scared but there is something I need to tell."

"I think I'm ready Charlie-Bear. Go ahead."

"In college we were best friends but I was always holding back. I wanted more but I was afraid to take a chance. I was in love with you but I always thought you might reject me so I always held back. But today is the day for a new life. I want you in my life. But there is a problem. I met someone today and he has opened a whole new world for me. He's waiting in the car for me and I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry Charlie. Do you think maybe your friend would be interested in a third coming to join the party?

"Well fuck yeah. Leave your clothes beyond because you won't need them."

I led Michael out the door with the three boxes. We got to the car and I knocked on the door and said "John I have a big surprise for you. John I want to introduce me to my special friend Michael."

"Well that's a surprise I wasn't expecting but it is a very pleasant one. You two get in the back seat and get acquainted."

I was shocked to find Ted in the front seat already completely nude.

"Sorry Charlie but I got bored waiting and called our friend Ted to join us. He just finished his shift at the market and he was ready, willing, and able."

"Fine by me the more the merrier I always say." Then I got into the back seat with Michael and we began I much needed make-out session as John drove us off to our next destination.

to be continued....rn

Chapter 4 One last stop

"We are here Charlie. If you can spare a second and get your tongue out of Michael's throat you can get the lube and the four of us can get to my house." John said with a slight hint of annoyance.

"Sorry about that John. Can I take my old friend with me? Please Michael come join me in the sex shop. I promise It'll definitely make it easier and more fun for me." I pleaded with my friend.

"I don't know Charlie. I'm scared. What if someone sees me. I not as adventurous as you. I don't think I can do it." Michael stated full of fright. "I want to be able to do it for you to show how I truly feel about you."

I then whispered in Michael's ear "Don't worry about it. I know how much you care for me and you have already proven it to me. I care deeply for you also. But I promise if you do this I will give you the best blow-job you have ever had. I want to give you great amounts of pleasure and I think you have the best body I have ever seen. I can't wait to also give you a rim job and suck your big and meaty nipples. I want to play with every inch of your body." I said as I was salivating over Michael's juicy cock.

"Anything for you Charlie." Michael said as he opened the door and grabbed my hand and led me out the door. His head was up and he was walking me proudly into Fred's House of Pleasure. When we stepped in we noticed the shelves were filled with dildos, anal vibrators, cock rings, and anything we can ever need for a weekend of fun. If this was our final destination we would have enough to last for the rest of our lives.

"Hello my two very naked and very cute friends. How can I help you today?" The store clerk asked. "I can see you are both ready for a weekend of fun."

I told that him that we are here to pick up the special lube that John requested. He immediately knew what we were talking about and quickly went in back and got a box full of the lube.

"Thank you my friends I can see that you are very lucky if you will be spending the weekend with Dr. John. He is a favorite customer of mine."

Then Michael let out a sudden gasp and said "Charlie you have to hide me. My boss and manager are coming in the door. If they see me here and without any clothes I don't know what they will do to me. Please Charlie you need to save my job. I don't know what to do."

I grabbed Michael and asked the clerk where we could hide. He mumbled and pointed to a door. I didn't see what he was pointing to so I took Michael to the first door I could see. Unfortunately I didn't hear the clerk when he said "No that's the wrong door."

We ended up in a small room with very dim lighting. I told Michael "You can calm down now. We just have to wait for them to leave and everything will be okay. I'm here to protect you so don't worry. I will do anything to keep you safe. I love you and I want the best for you."

"Thanks Charlie. I love you too. I knew if I stayed with you I would be safe. But Charlie why are there so many small holes in here?"

Right after that was said a penis was pushed through the hole on the right side of the room. "Now please let's get started I don't have all day. I want a number three right now."

"That's my boss Chris. I'm scared Charlie."

"I calmed Michael down and said "Shhhh. Be quiet I'll take care of it." I then said "Sorry I'm new here I don't what a number three is"

"For goodness sake. A Number three is when you suck my dick. You suck it dry until there is no cum left. Do your job. Don't make me come in there."

"Don't worry Mike. I'll take care of it. But remember I'm doing this for you but I rather be doing it to you."

"Thanks Charlie. Just get it over with."

I took the Cock of his boss in my mouth and started slowly working it. His boss let out moan after moan. I concentrated on just completing my task. After what took way too much time he finally started cumming in my mouth. This was not the pleasant taste I wanted but I still gulped it up the best I could.

"Fuck yeah. I'll make sure the clerk gives you a raise." Chris stated as we heard him zipping up his fly and finally leaving the room.

"I'm happy that's finally done. Now Michael we can leave."

But then what we got was a new cock from the other side of the room.

"Come on. Now it's my turn. Get your ass ready and I'll fuck that real hard."

"Oh no Charlie that's my manager Nate. I don't know what to do."

"I'm not giving your ass to anyone but me Michael. And my ass is reserved only for you but I have a plan." In the corner of the room was a special butt masturbator in the shape of a famous gay porn star. I lubed it up and did my best to give him the best fake butt fuck ever. After it was through he left the room unsatisfied but it was the best I could do.

"Charlie did you mean everything you said about me."

"Yes I do love you. These feelings I have are real. If you agree I will ask John to take us back to my place so I can prove the depth to my feelings for you.

"I would love that Charlie and can we stay naked."

"As long as possible. Anything for you." I said as I took his mouth and gave him the longest and most erotic kiss ever. I peeked out the door and made sure the coast was clear. "Also buy anything that you might find interesting in the store you will need supplies for our weekend." We finally finished shopping and went back to the car. We opened the back door and found Ted's face buried in John's ass.

"Well that took a long time Charlie. I hope you have a good explanation." John stated.

"I'm sorry John but I have to ask you to take me home. I appreciate everything you have done for me. You opened my eyes to a whole new world. But I want to experience that world with Michael Francis. We have both loved each other for years and now we have the courage to act on those feelings."

"Thank you for bringing me and Charlie together. Please I hope there is no hard feelings." Michael said.

"That's okay with me. I have to thank you for giving me Ted. He just gave me the best fucking Rim job of my life. I can't wait to return the favor. Let's just divide up the supplies and I will take you home. Then John took me aside and whispered in my ear "Promise me that you will fuck him better than you fucked anyone before."

"Oh hell yes!!" I said.

"Also Charlie there is a website you might be interested in. It's called Warp My Mind. If you open up both your minds there is a lot of potential fun times ahead for you two."

"Okay John we will check it out." John then took me and Michael to my place so we could finish our weekend and start our new relationship together.

to be continued...rn

Chapter 5 The Next Morning

After our long day me and Michael were exhausted. We were still excited but the one thing we needed was rest. "Hey Mike why don't we have a quick dinner and shower together. Then we can have a special breakfast in the morning and the main dish will be me and your thick and delicious cock. I'm tired and I think we should rest and continue our fun tomorrow. I promise it will be well worth the wait.

"Fuck yeah Charlie as long as we sleep together and remember to follow the one rule you have already established. No clothing allowed!!" He giggled as he grabbed my ass tight and stuck his tongue down my throat. "This was only a preview. I see you already getting hard but I want you to save it all for me."

"Anything for you Mike. And remember your ass is mine. I am going to give you the best rim job you have ever had. After I'm done with you you'll be doing my two favorite things."

"What are those Charlie?" he asked with extreme anticipation.

"You'll be screaming in Ecstasy and cumming all over my face." We then sat at the dinner table and all I could think of is Michael's thick cock. I would rather have it in my mother now rather than this simple Chicken dinner. I desired every part of Michael's body and I wanted to make it my job to make sure that he will experience the best orgasm in his life.

"Okay Charlie it looks like we are done. Let's do the dishes and get on to that shower." We did the dishes and preceded to the bathroom. "Hey Charlie do you think the shower is big enough for the two of us?"

"Oh it might be a tight squeeze but that only means I will have to do all the washing for you. Now get in and I'll start with your hair." I got the shampoo and slowly scrubbed both of our heads cleans. Because of the close quarters I lathered myself up and used myself as a human sponge to deeply clean his body. When I got to his ass I took my time making sure that he felt every touch. He started moaning and I said "This is only the preview. Wait until you get to the main event. We finished our shower and spend I great amount of time drying each other. We didn't want to miss anything and I couldn't help but to admire every piece of his body. His body was a little chubby but that only accentuated the giant crevice that lead to his man hole. It only made it more inviting and it was like he was wearing a giant sign that said please insert penis here. The great girth of his dick made it all the more suckable because when I'm giving my man a blowjob I want my whole mouth full. Michael saw me staring at him and lead me to the bed.

"Remember our promise Charlie. Let's sleep now and whoever wakes up first must give a special surprise to whomever is still asleep. Something that will blow him away."

"Okay Michael but I'm a light sleeper so it won't be much of a contest." I said as we entered the bed. I hugged Mike and we feel asleep in each other's arms. My dreams during the night were full of snippets of our day together. The focus of my dreams were mostly of Mike and his perfectly fuckable body. The only thing I wanted was us to continue our journey. I dreamt of our shower together and that filled me with great feelings of arousal.

I was trapped in the dream. Michael led me to the bed and said "Do you trust me?"

I said "Of course I do."

Mike said "I want to give you a present. A very special present. Just lie down and close your eyes." When I closed me eyes I felt me hands and feet being tied to the bed. "Get ready for your special surprise!!!"

Then I awoke and found myself tied to the bed. "It's about time you woke up. I'm ready to give you your surprised." I struggled at first but gave in because I wanted to fully experience what was happened. "You can trust me Charlie. Let's start with step one. I know how much you loved my cum so I'm giving you some as a present.

Mike then shoved his erect cock in my mouth and I knew what to do. I wanted to take my time because I wanted to feel every part of his dick in my mouth. Michael began moaning loudly but I still took my time. I wanted a full load this morning and I was going to get it. My mouth was watering with anticipation of what was cumming. After several minutes Mike let out an even bigger moan and blew his load in my mouth. This was beginning to become my favorite flavor.

"Oh my god I thought I was going to drown because you blew such a load. But I could always use some more."

"No Charlie it's your turn. Since you are still tied down I can do what I want to you. You talked about rimming me but I think I want to start with you." Michael turned me over and buried his face in my ass. He used his tongue to gently massage my glory hole. All I got were waves of intense pleasure. "I'm going to finish you off and show you how good my dick feels in your ass." I turned over on my back and spread my legs. Mike's long and thick dick was easily shoved in my ass. He was taking his time and with every thrust I felt more and more pleasure. I was screaming in complete ecstasy.

"Oh I'm cumming baby!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as several shots of cum came out of my dick. I was now covered in both our cum and I couldn't be prouder.

"Now Charlie that was round one. I hope your ready for round two."

to be continued..........


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