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If you act like a baby, I will treat you like a baby

by AlexanderRyder

Chapter 1

"Daniel! Get down here right now!" yelled his mother.

It was afternoon and Daniel had slept in as per usual. He got up and slauntered down the stairs in his underwear.

"What is this?' asked his mother as she held up the trash.

"The trash. Duh." he said with sleep in his eyes.

"Yes the trash! The trash i told you to take out three days ago! You do this every single time I ask you to do something and I have had it. I have a little suprise for you."

Daniel looked aprehensive, but followed his mother into the living room and sat down in his usual chair. Out of no where leather belts tied him down to the chair, and his head was imobelised. He was forced to watch the TV, and a pair of headphones was placed over his ears.

"This is your suprise. Enjoy."

Two hours later his mother entered the room once more.

"How is my baby doing?"

Daniel looked at her through glassy eyes and replied:

"Mommy. Hungry"

"I see, my little baby is hungry. Lucky for you mommy is prepared.

She sat down on the sofa and untied her son. He sat next to het as she opened her shirt and smilled.

"Com on little baby. Suck mommey's titties now and drink mommy's milk like a good baby.

Daniel did as he was told and started sucking his mother titties like a baby.


Nice - delcogy

keep this one going, i wish i was Daniel

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