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by sammi


They say that money changes a person. I try not to believe that to be true but after my SO and I hit a rather large lottery winning I guess I’ll get to prove that to be either true or false. After the normal get out of debt, buy a few of our wants, and set up a savings and expenditure plan we were ready to start to see what we want to do with our time and money.

I love my SO dearly, but I guess I’m also into modification of many kinds both mind and body. I’m certain that my SO would consider me a less than normal, whatever that is, if I tried to control them into making the type of changes that would really interest me. So after a bit of real discussion “we” came up with a plan to run some tests as to how the real life would react to a couple of subject/employees that we would hire to change. Sounds complicated but we decided that we’d give it a try.

We place the following ad,
Wanted: 1 male and 1 female to work with local research to investigate the process of change within the environment. Room and board included, you will be
Required to become part of the ongoing experiments. For further info
Please contact at PO BOX 3242, Elston, Ill. 44810

We received several inquires and we settled on our female subject rather quickly but the male was a bit harder to find but after several interviews we also settled on our selection. This following in the contract we offered both.

1) 18 month contract at a rate of 10K per month plus room and board.
2) We’d require several modifications which we’d pay for, they would not have a say in the choice but would in the results.
3) This position may be considered sensual but there would be no sexual services
4) The position would require moving into a furnished apartment would be provided.

Jill was our female and we started this out with a dinner outing to a local restaurant that had a private back room. We started by telling Jill that we would be in complete control of her for the next 18 months, we’d pay for everything that was going to happen but she would not be able to say no unless she wanted to void the contract. That was our position and she signed the paper work.

The first stop was in a private limo we had arranged for the evening. After we entered the limo and gave directions to our destination which was about an hour away we put up the privacy screen and started our “training.” We instructed Jill to completely undress and put her clothes in a small suitcase that we had provided, we asked her to lock the case and place the key with my SO. She seems a bit concerned but after reminding her of the 2 points, 1 we were not going to hurt her and she could stop but the contract would be void, she complied.

After Jill was naked we provided her with a robe which did very little to cover her pussy and ass but she did look good in that robe, we also asked her to put on a blindfold before we left the city. The drive did take the planned hour and we soon arrived at the location given the driver. He was told to go and check into the hotel that was arranged while we made arrangements to start Jill’s modifications.

We were at the office of Dr. Inster, we had arranged 2 services on our fist visit to the good doctor’s office. The 1st was simple, Jill was to be implanted with NORPLANT, while we were not going to have her have sexual relations this would stop her periods for 5 years or until they were removed. It was a simple insertion into Jill’s fore arm which took approximately 15 minutes. Jill was set for 5 years!!

The 2nd was going to take a bit longer, Jill’s measurements were 34-25-35, not bad and she did look nice, but it was decided that she would become “slightly” larger. Here is where we did consult Jill, after sometime to review we decided that the top number of 40 was to be the goal. Jill was prepped and was given the implants which resulted in her becoming rather top heavy. She was taken out after surgery and allowed to recover for the evening.

The next day we took the limo home and showed Jill to her quarters and let her rest. We decided that we would do nothing further until she had recovered from the surgery and we were certain that the NORPLANT was doing it job and eliminating her periods. After 5 weeks it was certain that Jill would not be having periods and she had become accustom to her new breast.

We were ready for stage 2; Since Jill was naked most of the time she became very much at ease with her surrounding and new boobs. The next step was to measure her for some additional or should I say new clothes. We took several measurements, hips, bellybutton to top of pussy, back of pussy to ass, at the top of the hip bone, each leg, and a few others. Jill asked what was going on but was told that it was not time for her to find out what was in store. The measurements were taken and input to the form then faxed to the factory; reply came that the merchandise should be ready in approx 5 days. It was time to go to work on the settings.

Jill was told to get ready for a trip, the limo came to the backdoor and Jill again was ordered to strip and given a small beach cover up to wear for the trip. Again she was blindfolded and put into the limo; the trip this time as a bit longer, when the limo stopped my SO helped her out and into the office. We strapped her into the chair and then took off her blindfold and cover up. She was here for piercings. Jill was to receive large hoops one on the lower part of her belly button, one on her hood of her clit, and one at each side of the back of her pussy. This took approximately 35 minutes and she was all set to go to her next stop which was across the hall.

Jill was about to start the transformation to a heavily tattooed women. She was given the choice as to what she was to get but not where and how big, she would have a full body shirt and leg cover. It was determined that since she was to be fitted within a month it would be better to start at the waist and work down. Jill chose flowers and several butterflies along with roses and vines that would eventually go from her ankles to her belly button. She was in “session” for 2 to 3 hours at a time for 3 weeks until the lower half of her beautiful body was done.

After 3 weeks we took her back to the doctors’ office for a checkup on the NORPLANT, to check how her piercings were healing, and to remove all her pubic hair permanently. This took most of an afternoon visit. When the driver returned to the house and dropped us off it was time of the next addition. The order from the factory had arrived and all appeared ready for the next phase.

The measurements that were taken in conjunction with the piercings made the wearing of a chastity belt a possibility. The belt had an insert that was used to hold a small penis which was inserted into Jill attached to the shield, hooked into the piercings then connected to the belt. The penis had a timing which was set to go off at random time so Jill was a walking organism always waiting to happen. Jill was told that this would be worn for at least 1 week before further changes were made. Jill was concerned about going to the bathroom, but since she was naked most of the time and a quick rinse off in the shower was available until she got the hang off it really wasn’t that big a deal.

Ah, control, we were able to control the looks, the body now even the sexual frustrations of a horny female. Now we have even created a horny situation that is continuing to build. We’ve only started, we need to add Jack and he is another story that we’ll need to tell you about. Jill can’t wait to start to change him. Even she has plans for him. Until we write again, keep everything under control.


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a very good story wish there is more

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