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The Birthday Suprise

by 221

Chapter 1

My girlfriend had mentioned to me for a while that because I made us move to a new city for my job and she had not found any girlfriends to hang around with at this stage, she asked me if I would be a girl for her birthday and spend the whole day with her as a girl. I felt bad that we now had been in this new city for nearly 9 months, and she was yet to find a girlfriend, so I agreed. I actually thought because her birthday was still 6 months away that hopefully she would find a new girlfriend by then. She said that she would make all the arrangements and was very excited. She asked me of all the girls in the world, who I would like to look like most, after thinking carefully I said Miranda Kerr. As part of the deal she made sign this little document that she had written, outlining that I promise to be a girl that looked like Miranda Kerr for her birthday and I would not back out, not matter what. It seemed like a bit of fun so I signed it.Her birthday came around very fast, and had now arrived, she woke me up early. She told me that I had promised to be a girl for the whole day, so I needed to get up and get ready. She explained to me that while I was asleep she had put a special girl suit on and fully dressed me, now she just had to do my makeup and hair. As I felt my chest, I could feel breasts, they felt so real and as I felt where my penis was, it felt like a vagina. She said the suit she got me was the best she could find. She didn’t want me to look in the mirror yet. She said just remember when you go to the toilet you will have to sit down.She did my hair, my foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, blush etc, everything except for my lipstick. As she applied the Red Lipstick to my lips, I felt over whelmed with excitement and felt very feminine. I said to her I just can’t believe, that just after you applied the Red Lipstick , I feel so very feminine, I love that lipstick , I just love being a girl this feels wonderful.rnrnmirand kerr mirroThen she took me to a full length mirror to show me how I looked, I looked exactly like Miranda Kerr. I said to her you have done such an amazing job. I can’t believe how beautiful I look; I look just like Miranda Kerr. I feel so feminine; I just love wearing this lipstick.rnrnmiranda kerr bday suitShe said to me why don’t you take your dress off and have a close look at your girl suit and tell me what you think. I went to the bathroom, and took my dress off to have a look, at this girl suit, it was amazing, everything looked so real. I thought to myself this vagina feels like a real vagina , I can’t even feel my penis , I even put my figure inside , and could not believe how real it felt. As I looked at my breasts, they felt like and looked like real breast. I thought to myself this girl suit is amazing, I can’t even see the joins, or even how she has put it on.rnrnmiranda kerr bodysuitrnrnShe said before we go out, let’s have a cup of tea and I want to share a couple of things with you.rnrnAs we sat down for a cup of tea, she explained to me that 5 months ago when she gave the new vitamin tablets, they were actually high dosage female hormones. I said to her that I had notice that my skin had seemed to be softening and I was getting small breast, and my penis had seemed to shrink a bit, but I just thought it was some faze I was going through, I was too embarrassed to bring it up. I said I also had noticed that a couple of months ago when you convinced me to shave all my body hair off that it had not grown back.rnrnmiranda kerr red lipstickShe said the second thing I need to tell you is the soft music I gave you to listen to every night for the last 4 months to relax you, had a hidden subliminal message. “That when Red Lipstick was applied to your lips, you would immediately be addicted to wearing Lipstick, and would feel very feminine whenever you wear your lipstick.” She said it’s like a catch, the more you apply the lipstick the more you want to be a girl and the more you want be girl the more you want to apply lipstick , there is one extra catch , if you try to stop your desire to be a girl and wear lipstick will increase even more. I said to her that lately when I see her applying lipstick, I really wanted to try it myself; I thought it was just the idea of being dressed as a girl for her birthday that was giving me these thoughts.rnrnShe said I have one final surprise for you. When you went in the bathroom before, when you checked out your breasts and your vagina, could you find the join for the suit, or even how it is attached to your body. I said no I couldn’t, they feel and look so realistic, this suit is just amazing. Let me explain to you just how realistic they really are, remember 2 weeks ago when we came home from dinner, and you we had a cup of tea, I had drugged your tea. You have been drugged for the last 2 weeks, the reason the breasts and the vagina feel so real is because they are, the reason you look so much like Miranda Kerr is because I have paid for your face to be completely altered so that you just like Miranda Kerr. I have spent nearly $100,000 on you over the last 2 weeks just getting you ready. I hired the best plastic surgeon in the world to do this work. I said to her wear did you get the money, she said I didn’t mention to you but I have a very significant inheritance. Just so you know the surgery is not reversible, I have spent heaps of money so I hope you appreciate it, and you don’t have to worry about working any more, we can just have some fun. As girls we can have a lot of fun together.rnrnmiranda kerr2 You did say you would be a girl for my birthday, here is what you signed, and it says that you will be a girl for your birthday. I actually meant I would dress as a girl for your birthday. She had well and truly tricked me, I wanted to be angry, but all I could think of is how great it felt to be a girl and how much I loved wearing lipstick. I felt so excited and so feminine all I could say to her was “thank you, you have done such a great job” , I feel so beautiful as a girl , and so feminine , how about we go and get me some clothes and make up of my own.


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