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Age and wisdom

by dashaco

The knight sat down on his bed in the tavern. The night air gently wafting in through the open window. He sighed as he removed his heavy armor, laying it by a chair in the room. His sword he lay in the bed next to him for fear of being ambushed in his sleep always kept him up at night. What the knight didn’t know was that this night things would change. As he slept his dreams were filled of a beautiful woman that had golden eyes. Eyes that held many secrets and much loneliness, but every time he tried to follow her he couldn’t catch her, even when he ran after her. Eventually he sees her sitting on a rock washing her long silver hair. He approaches her the moon light glistening off her scales. He didn’t remember her having scales but something in his mind told him it was okay, and that the scales made her look even more magnificent. As he reached for her slender arm he awoke.

Eyes fluttering open and gazing around him. He was outside without any of his things. Near him a pool of water rippled lightly as if the water had just been disturbed. The chilly night air making him look for shelter and warmth. As he looked about he saw a cave opening near the other side of the water. Swiftly he ran to it knowing that it would at least get him out of the night air. As he approached the cave mouth a pleasant scent wafted into his nose drawing him in. the scent of lilacs. His eyes gently closed half way as he looked into the cave. A pair of golden eyes looked directly at his and seemed to beckon him forward. He slowly walked into the cave his arms moving of their own accord removing what little he was wearing. His mind clouding as he followed the eyes and scent deeper and deeper.

Soon he found himself deep in the cave sweat rolling off his shoulders and down his back. The cave had warmed up considerably. But the scent had kept his mind off that fact. It distracted him deeply as it grew ever stronger. As he looked about the large room he found the source of the scent. In the middle of the room lay a large dragoness with golden eyes full of wisdom and loneliness. He arpoched her mind fuzzy and will weakening as he kneeled before her. “My lady I am yours.” He spoke as she got up. He then felt her claws gently run down his back then a crystal collar wrap around his neck his mind seeming to drain out of him as the collar glowed briefly. Scales began to crawl over his skin replacing it. His head changing and reshaping his muzzle pulling out and ears thinning and stretching into small fins as a crest ran down his elongating neck. A pair of wings burst from his back as his hips widened. He couldn’t resist letting out a moan when te dragoness’s clawed hand griped his growing breast and her other hand rubbing on his shrinking cock. His tail bursting out from his spine and gently laid over his plump ass. Soon he wasn’t a he but a she as her balls shrank and a wet needy pussy dripped onto the dragoness’s hand. Her legs popping and cracking with her arms giving her dragon paws and hands. She then laid back and presented herself for the dragoness. The dragoness smiled as she claimed her new slave.


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