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by Haxsaw

Chapter 1

With his large house located on a Tropic Island at an unknown location Haxsaw had invited guests over. It was for the free listing of a presentation. He noted it was mostly girls. Girls, (the sort who liked being told what to do,) were the ones to show up for these events most. Haxsaw walked easily across the L-shaped living room. That is, he strolled easily as his gait would allow him. He tried not stagger on account of poor balance and poorer eyesight.

From the large kitchen area guests were mingling - drinking ginger ale mixed with orange juice and nibbling on biscuits. The glass topped kitchen table was set so those attending could get a paper cup, serve themselves from a bowl and then help themselves to light snacks. All was intended so those in company would be comfortable with one another. In the living room section the computer was playing music.

Naturally it was a file sent to Haxsaw, at price. It was none other than the elusive master of Warpmymind himself: E.M.G. Upon the file, (copied to a Memory Stick,) were various songs E.M.G. stated would be helpful. They were to be helpful for this event. Haxsaw smiled as a thin, drawn appearing lady in a sleek dress brushed past him. Haxsaw leaned forward, a quick yet courteous bow. The thin lady giggled a smile as she stepped past. She sat at the L-shaped couch. She said something about the music being so dreamy.

Seven o'clock.

Haxsaw clapped his hands together. The guests gathered therein. Upon the T.V. was an image seen. It was an image of illusionary making. Haxsaw requested all to please watch it and nothing else. In fact, as a matter of fact, while they did; to not look for any other answer.

Haxsaw, wearing his well formed Armani suit told and informed their breathing was so important, wasn't it? So, they were to watch and look deeper. Even for deeper meaning in their own lives. Seeing this you could watch see guests, (six girls, two guys,) were seated. They were as you could expect. They had faces sharing bedazzlement and curiosity. Some were startled. Others were hungering for more. A few were dazed, already. One guy chuckled yet followed along. One young girl glanced to her side - then immediately did as the others.

While the special music played it took about five minute or so for the guests seated to be going under. "And when I clap my hands again," Haxsaw stated matter of fact, "your eyes will close and not want to open."


Many were rested, very well rested. Some of the girls slumped easily., The two guys were leaning forward. Haxsaw deepened them. All along the music played. "Listen well to me ad only me," he said like an order. "I realize there are things, people perchance, that influence you. Remember them now!" While awaiting that moment Haxsaw continued. How big is the image of what influences you?

Haxsaw stepped back and forth. While pacing the guests were somnolently listening also to the special music. Haxsaw next asked, "Do you see that image you imagine in color or black and white? Do you see that image in a field, a wooded section or in a bedroom setting?"

Haxsaw walked past each member visiting. He gently touched each one.

He then told a new image to influence them. "When stressed or wanting to run away from what troubles you, come here. Come relax here, instead." Should they have seen that image what size was that image they could see? Haxsaw next asked, (gently,) if the image they could imagine was in color or black and white? Finally, Haxsaw asked as they floated, relaxing deeper totally in control, where was the place setting of that new image? Was it out in a field? Was it out in a wooded area? Maybe it was in a bedroom section?

Now came the play time.

Haxsaw had the girls undressing.

Once they were in bra and panties he had those same girls kneeling on the floor. Bringing out plexiglas sheets he placed them upon their backs. It was so as the girls were on hands and knees, (their faces forward,) the plexiglass was positioned upon their shoulders and buttucks. Haxsaw snapped his fingers. He told each girls they were serving a position of importance. The more still they were the more still they would become. The two guys were told to drinks cups of juice from each table. They were commanded to work and work throughout all their natural born lives. As the girl was beneath them she was to be protected. So it was, six girls on hands and knees plexiglas balanced over shoulders and asses. Afterwards, Haxsaw took photo images as the two guys were told to change from one table to the next.

After the session the girls were re-dressed and all participating were re-seated.



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