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by Shadow772


How the hell do I expect anyone to believe me. My hands are shaking so much that I can hardly bring myself to write this down. My name used to be Nathan, but that was until I encountered, Selene. It was the beginning of 9th grade, and, as we had all expected, the horrifying realization that we had to make our own decisions from now on finally began to set into each member of the class.
My group of friends was pretty straightforward, we hung out together because we simply couldn't get into the popular group. What I found hilarious was that the popular group didn't refer to themselves as popular, they just assumed we would, and were free of the responsibility.

God, this was already going to be a bad year. I could tell because the popular kids had gotten a new addition, a beautiful new girl only they had met, Selene. I would later learn that Selene was French, and that her parents had moved here because one of her father's business associates had been brutally murdered and they feared for their security. She didn't reveal much about this though, since even when the popular kids asked about it, she looked away into the distance and looked like she was almost smiling. Almost.

I had just received my schedule from the extremely nice counselor when I realized that I had been given Physical Education twice and I had not been enlisted into Biology. Yeah, I though, that would be the schedule I want. Not really, since I wasn't too good at sports and all I did in PE anyway was to watch everyone else play. Well, anyway, by the time I had found that out, the counselor had gone back to his office and I was forced to attend my first class.

Desks lined together perfectly, facing the board and apparently cleaned more than once. I feared I was walking into the classroom of a teacher with OCD.

I took my seat, near the window just in case I got bored and needed the company of the various trees that surround my school.

It only took a while for class to start, and more and more students were beginning to pile in. I didn't know any of them. This was Physics, apparently, 12th grade physics. Damn counselor had made another mistake. But then, right when the teacher had walked in and I was about to ask her if I could go see the counselor, Selene walked in. She was beautiful. Pure black hair, pale, perfect face, piercing blue eyes. Selene was now the hottest chick in class, and, the best part was that she was also well developed in the, um, chest area.

By the time I had found my balls and decided to go approach the teacher with Selene standing there, waiting her turn to speak, I was already regretting the decision. Selene was so beautiful that she was intimidating.

"Mrs. Pang, I am not supposed to be in this class. Could I go meet the counselor in order for him to fix my schedule?" Selene's voice was also beautiful, she spoke calmly, and with the voice of angels. If only I could have imitated her.

"Yeah...uh... yeah me too!" I said, instantly noticing how I had broken the aura of perfection that Selene had created by merely speaking.

"Yeah, whatever" Mrs. Pang said and signed off two hall passes.

I opened the door for Selene as we walked out, and I caught her rolling her eyes at my action.

Walking down the hall, my first thought was that Selene wouldn't talk to me. Why would she? She was perfect and I was an ordinary-looking guy. I wasn't remarkable in any way.

"Hey, I'm Selene, what's your name?" Another perfect sentence. Uttered calmly and evenly, with no breaks or pauses that awkwardly interrupted it.

"Oh, yeah... Hi! I'm um... Na-Nathan." Idiot, stupid damn bastard; that's all I was, answering like that to the girl of my dreams.

Selene had an intelligent look in her eyes. Like she could see through everything, and like everything she saw was being held up for her inspection. I loved the way her eyes would move slowly over me, as if she was examining my very existence.

When we arrived at the counselor, we discovered that he wasn't there, but we decided to wait outside for him anyway. This is how it began...

"So, are you from around here Nathan?" Perfect tone and pitch, again, it baffled me.
"Y-Yeah! And um, you?"
"No, I'm French."
"You're-You have a nice name."
"Thank you Nathan, I like yours as well."
"Listen Nathan, I'm having a gathering at my house this evening, would you be interested in attending?"
"Yeah-No- I-I mean... Um- Where is it?"
"Can I have your phone number so that my mother could give you the address?"
"My ph- Yeah! sure- Wait."

At about seven I was already at her door. Her mother had called me earlier, with the same calm and perfect voice that her daughter possessed. The house was a mansion. An old one, at that. I had often seen it in the middle of a private neighborhood where I used to be unable to enter, however, the gates were opened to me by merely saying "Selene"

The inside was more shocking than the outside. Long portraits of beautiful women hung on the walls. But not a single one of a man. Odd.

By the time I had stepped inside, Selene called me towards the living room.

She was sitting on the couch and had a long black dress on. She had applied makeup, and I could see her red lipstick.

"Sit." She motioned toward the chair next to her.

"What's this all-"
"Shh" she interrupted.
"Don't worry, here, drink this." She handed me a long glass cup that was filled with a clear liquid. The instant the liquid touched my lips, I was gone.

When I came to, I realized that everything was wrong. Long hair caressed my shoulders and I could feel silk on my skin and the weight of something on my chest.

To be continued.


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