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Muscle baked

by Drake69

Raging storm.

rnI was summoned in the middle of a storm. When I arrived he opened the sliding glass door and pulled me in. We made our way up to his room and before long my wet clothes came off. He entered with a towel as well as one wrapped around his waist. He dried me off before getting me completely naked. It was a loud thunderstorm, lightning all around and that wind just seemed like something to get off to. rnrnYou know why I invited you over during this storm. Because they all fled and I thought this would be the perfect time to break eachother in. The storm seemed to dim his shyness and some other force came out as he knelt down to thumb my half hard cock. He inspected it, just staring at it, then gently licking it. I had no desire to ask if this was his first forray into male on male. Instead he told me this was his first truly wet thunderstorm if that was the question I was pressed to answered.rnrnHis tongue met the slightly pre-cumming cockhead. I felt this warm, wet and willing to explore mouth wrapped gently around the head of my penis and then he just let out this moans as he sucked on it, gripping the balls with his cold hands. Fingering a way to my ass. I began to moan too in an erotic way to bordered on content.rnrnBoth his hands were moving up my chest, thumbing my nipples, then gliding back down to my waist as he sucked that hard cock. After what seemed like an hour of moaning, he suggested we lay on the bed and 69. He was eager to try this with me. I got on the bed, lying on my back as he climbed on, mouthing my cock in one gulp. There his hung for the sucking, hung, hard and dripping with pre cum. I took the head of his oozing cock deep into my mouth, he pulled mine out of his mouth to moan and urge me on, "fuck you have my cock so deep inside your mouth, will you cum with me."rnrnThe storm was still raging outside as we 69'd on the bed. There was some light coming from the window but all we saw were flashes, thunder was felt and the wind just eased us both into this erotic moment. I began fingering his ass in between the 69'ing and then found myself tongue fucking him, he was squirming all over the bed, perhaps i had found the outter part of that soon to be discovered g spot deep inside, waiting for me to discover it and bring him to a high of euphoria.rnrnMy tongue penetrated some wall inside him because in between his squirms he told me to fuck his ass before he came inside my mouth. I rose to action just as the lightning got really intense and the thunder seemed to guide me into his warm ass. First I had him on his hands and knees, his ass sticking out infront of my face. My tongue and fingers prepped him for my cock. rnrnAfter the prep I rolled him on his back and picked him up. Took him over to the wall as the storm was in full bloom. He anchored himself against the wall as I entered his ass slowly. Once inside he wrapped his arms around me and I began fucking him as he held on tight. My shoulders were already aching from all the activity. He got the swing of it as he rode me meeting my thrusts in between. Luckily for him nobody else was home, his moans were incredibly loud and his voiced seemed as tho he was at some football game but it was a thunder storm and I was guiding him toward a very intense climax.rnrnHe wanted me to cum with him but I was aching from him galloping up and down on my shoulders. I pulled my cock from inside his ass and laid him on his stomach. He came back up as I stroked his cock whilst slowly fucking him. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to cum with me and be as loud as he wanted to. I licked his ear, gently biting it and relying on the storm to make us both wet.rnrnI kept whispering to him the closer he came to climaxing. You wanna cum with the storm, meet it in the middle as I have my head deep inside you, massaging those muscles. I want you to milk my cock so I can pop that g spot for you. Will you cum for me. He was so turned on that I felt his muscles begin to milk my cock, I quickly began kissing him to guide him on his way. Just as our tongues met, i felt this long stream of cum jet all over my hand. I came a second after inside his ass, dripping down his hole, onto his legs and leaking all over the bed. It was a climax during the lightning, one major flash and we were both climaxing together.rnrnWe got into the shower to clean up and work on part two and eventually three.rnrnTo be continued


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