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by eviltsunami

Chapter 1

This was it. Zeke's last night before his journey. It'd been a tough road already with doctors and head shrinks and everything but now was his time. They finally cleared him for hormone therapy and he was going to start transitioning into Kiki, his female self that he had wanted to be since before he had gone through puberty.

He had his hormones all ready for tomorrow, had picked them up from the pharmacy. He even had gotten a few extra things that he learned about from transgender sites online that would help him develop. He had the hormones from the doctors, but also got a herbal breast cream, a herbal nipple enhancer and an over the counter hormone therapy drug.

The hormones from the doctor where standard. The breast cream was just something he needed to massage into his chest twice a day and it would help his breasts grow. The nipple enhancer was a spray that he just sprayed on his nipples and then rubbed in and it would cause then to swell a bit and with repeated use would cause permanent growth. And the over the counter hormone therapy worked through aromatization turning his testosterone into estrogen instead of just flooding his system with artificial estrogen like normal hormones. So they where all things that worked in different ways to help his develop.

Plus, tonight was his last night before starting to take them and he knew that it was gonna be a strict diet while his body changed so he would get the best results. So, he figured why not go all out and treat himself to a good time, meaning whatever he wanted to eat and as much as he wanted to drink since he would have to eat health and not drink any alcohol once he started taking the hormones and other drugs. So, he drank a lot and ate a lot.

But after a while of being drunk he started to get some ideas in his head... Ideas that by anyone else's standards would be crazy. But he was drunk, and didn't know better. And thus he wondered over to his stash of hormones and drugs, looking at them for a second he thought to himself: “I could just dump all these down my throat and use all of the other stuff at one time and be fully female by tomorrow”. He pondered that for a little while before picking up the bottle of hormones from his doctor.

Opening the bottle he looked in, it was full of more pills then he cared to count. A three month supply of hormones, he then set it down and one by one started opening the bottles from the other hormone treatment he got too. He had bought that in a years supply cause it was cheapest that way, four bottles each with 3 months worth in it. Then with all 5 bottles of pills open he grabbed his drink and started to down them. In almost no time the first bottle of hormones was empty and he was starting the next, he already felt a little weird but he dismissed it. Bottle after bottle became empty until none was left then he sat there for a bit, not long, maybe a minute or two before it started. A tingling surging through his body as he started to notice it changing.

Everywhere the tingling started he was beginning to change. It started with his butt as it started to round out a bit, swelling and becoming plump and as it still developed his hips started to widen and his waist narrowed as he developed a much more feminine form. Soon his whole body was changing, muscle tone getting less as his features softened, his legs becoming softer and more feminine as he even started to shrink getting shorter. His face was changing becoming softer, his hair growing... All these changes, he was starting to get uncomfortable in his clothes as they didn't fit right any more and so he started to take his clothes off, first his shorts then his panties. With them off he noticed something happening with his cock.

He watched for a second or two as his penis shrank smaller and smaller. He expected it to stop soon but it didn't, it kept shrinking until it and his balls vanished into his crotch leaving him smooth. Then he saw something new, a slit forming and developing. It was a vagina! She reached down to touch it a bit, feeling her already wet folds as she rubbed it a bit. It wasn't quite ready to put anything in it just yet, plus she kinda wanted her first time to be one of her huge toys she had since she had no boyfriend. She started to play with herself a little rubbing her tight new slit and she still felt it forming. It felt amazing but she didn't know how it was happening. She expected to wake up any second, but she didn't.

Her changes continued as she suddenly felt her shirt rubbing against her chest sending bolts of pleasure through her. She looked to see her nipples poking through it a little, growing bigger, thicker and longer. She quickly took her shirt off as she remembered the other drugs she had. The nipple gel and the breast cream. She quickly grabbed 2 of the little spray bottles of nipple gel and sprayed her nipples with them, one in each hand. Suddenly she felt a intense tingle in her nipples as they surged out a little bit as the spray was rapidly absorbed. She couldn't believe it, she started spraying repeatedly soaking her nipples with it until it pooled a little and ran down her chest. Then something unexpected happened. The spray started to get absorbed again but all down her chest if soaked in and suddenly she felt a tingling running down her chest. As she looked she saw spots on her chest changing.

New nipples where forming. Six new nipples. So she had eight total. They started growing quickly becoming the same size as her first pair. To her surprise they felt amazing. She couldn't imagine not having them now, and she wanted eight massive tits to go with them. But she wasn't done with the nipple gel, alternating spraying each set of nipples with the gel going from top to bottom then repeating she kept spraying her nipples as they continued growing into nice big teats perfect for being suckled until all 6 bottles of the gel were gone. Then she turned her attention to the breast cream.

Grabbing the first bottle of it she popped it open. She couldn't wait to have nice massive breasts, ones that would fit her new body that was still changing, though now you would never know she used to be a guy. Her whole body was curves everywhere. She was never really skinny as a guy and now she was a very attractive kinda chubby girl. Except her chest which was about to change.

Taking some of the cream from the bottle she started to spread it on her chest around all eight of her nipples. Then she got impatient and just dumped the whole bottle on her chest and started spreading it and rubbing it in. in only a minute or two it was all absorbed into her skin and another minute after that she felt a familiar tingling all over her chest as little mounds started forming under her nipples. They swelled quickly as she developed eight breasts. She was ecstatic but wanted more. Grabbing the remaining 5 bottles of breast cream she emptied them all and rubbed it all in as her breasts continued growing. In the few minutes it took for her to rub the 5 bottles in her breasts had grown to a DD cup already and the tingling was getting more intense now as the larger amount of the cream took affect.

Suddenly her breasts surged in size growing a lot faster. She didn't care though, they felt amazing. So much so that her pussy was soaking wet and dripping down her inner thighs. In less then a minute her breasts doubled in size and they where still growing. She started to feel a pressure inside them too, like they where filling. Another minute and she was far beyond anything that could be considered natural but she still didn't care. She felt so good she though se was gonna cum just from the changes happening to her. Then something happened, the pressure in her breasts became to much and she found out what was causing it. Drops of milk started forming on her still expanding tits. From all eight of them too. She was lactating.

This realization pushed her over the edge as she came, her wet juices gushing from her pussy as her changes continued on not letting her come down she kept cumming as her body finished its changes. Her breasts finished growing, becoming so big she could barely reach any of her nipples and she was lactating so much that there was a solid stream of milk flowing from all of her breasts.

She may not have intended for all this to happen but she loved her new body more then she could have imagined. She could think of one thing that would make it better though... being pregnant.


Chapter 2

Lust Drunk from her recent changes, Kiki wondered over to her apartment door and opened it, walking out into the hallway that connected all the apartments, she set her attention on the apartment across from hers. That apartment belonged to her best friend she had had since childhood, Daniel. Walking over, leaving a trail of breast milk behind her, she knocked on the door a few times. A moment later her friend opened the door and was caught by surprise to see a short naked excessively attractive girl with 8 massive lactating breasts standing at his door. Kiki just walked into him pushing her massive breasts against him as she pushed him back into his apartment and let the door close behind her. She wanted his cock so badly.

The door to the apartment was in the living room so Kiki just kept pushing him with her breast until he was on his couch. Climbing up on him, Kiki could already feel he was hard in his pants, she reached down and undid them freeing his cock, She then grabbed one of her breasts and shoved it into his mouth making him drink her milk as she positioned herself and plunged his hard cock into her tight little pussy. As she did she felt a sharp tingling sensation in her tummy, she didnt know it but it was her reproductive system reacting to being penetrated and her ovaries had just released some eggs for Daniel to fertilize and make her pregnant. But not just a couple eggs, not even hundreds or thousands of eggs, but millions or possibly even billions of eggs.

Meanwhile as Daniel suckled on her breast milk it was having an effect on him. His body was beginning to change, much in the same way hers did but there where a few differences. Daniel started to develop extra nipples and grow breasts, and as his breasts rapidly grew his figure changed too, becoming feminine just like Kiki's. In fact the only difference in what was happening to Daniel and what happened to Kiki was that Daniel's cock and balls were growing. Kiki could feel his cock growing inside her pussy as Daniel couldn't help but start to thrust into her as he was filled with lust as well and a need to make someone excessively pregnant.

Daniel's changes continued until he actually had to lift Kiki and reposition her because the combined size of all 16 of their breasts was getting to much to be between them. So as the last of Daniel's changes occurred he moved Kiki into a doggy style position which also made it easier to thrust into her. Ironically as he moved Kiki the last of his changes happened as a knot formed on his cock, almost exactly like a dog has, which once in Kiki would keep her from leaving him while he made her pregnant.

With Daniel's massive cock thrusting in her tight little pussy and his knot pressing hard against it with each thrust, Kiki very quickly was starting to reach orgasm and all she could think about was being filled with his thick sticky seed and getting pregnant. After only a few moments of him thrusting away inside her Kiki started to cum, her pussy tightening downs over Daniel's huge cock as her pussy tried to milk his cock for everything it could get. But Daniel didn't budge, he kept thrusting away making Kiki's orgasm continue. Kiki's thirty seconds of orgasm turned into a minute, then 5 minutes, then 15 and a half hour, it just kept going.

As it was reaching about 42 minutes Kiki finally felt Daniel starting to tense up, then with a pop Daniel's knot slid into Kiki locking them together and a moment later she was in heaven as he started to cum, gushing gallons of his seed into her womb as her tummy started to swell from the amount. Over the corse of about 20 seconds Kiki's tummy grew bigger and bigger until she looked like she was 9 months pregnant, with sextuplets, but is was just his seed.

There was a pause for only about 30 seconds after Daniel finished cumming as his cock softened a bit, but his knot kept them together. Then suddenly his cock became hard again and was throbbing as he started to thrust into Kiki again....

((To Be Continued??))


Chapter 2

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