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Beach head

by Drake69

Chapter 1

Have you ever gotten head while bathing in the warm sun, on a public beach? This was being asked between myself and the man. I usually answer these questions honestly but instead I pulled down my shorts, looked around and gave him a look of, “hmm let’s see if I like it or not.” It’s a trippy feeling to be in the hot sun and this warm, yet wet mouth just encapsulates the moment by sucking me very very slow. rnrnThe sounds of slurping made the head of my cock grow at command. It was as thou he was sipping a soda and after a time he was gulping it like a true fan of the cock. As the intensity progressed and I felt that urge to fuck in his mouth, he noticed voices rippling near us. But rather than stop what he was doing, he just kept going.rnrnWhen a man such as this is gripping the head of your cock with his mouth, the safest bet is not to rip it out of his mouth and maybe he had my best interest at heart but c’mon it could be a bad turn out. Then I remembered this was a beach that was dominated by twenty something couples.rnrnTo our delight two men approached the area where I was receiving amazing head in the warm sun with the sea air, the waves rushing back and fourth. One man was African American, the other was a latin man with really light dark skin. They stood there holding hands just watching the man suck me, then in between move up so I could taste where his mouth had been and the tongue action was likened to a cold drink the warm sun. rnrnThey asked if we minded an audience and funnily enough the man actually took my cock out of his warm mouth to utter, “sure just as long as we get to watch the two of you.” Before you could yell suck it fast they were going at it as the man continued giving me that amazing beach head. rnrnThe African American man was the bottom and his latin buddy was the top. Hmmm sounds familiar in my situation only I was the latin and the man giving head was white with a nice new trail of facial hair coming in. Rubbing cocks in the hot sun, making out and letting the light breeze brush between our dripping cocks. The couple watching us were in a 69 position right on the beach, the waves just blazed past them but didn't defer them from drinking the cocks set before them.rnrnHot sex in the sun can take on new positions and add to the intense moaning that leads to all of us shooting our loads but not just yet. Sometimes I like to hop onto a cock and just ride for a long time. My buddy's cock was just glistening in the sun, draped in my pre-cum along with a bit of saliva. There wasn't lube around so spit provided a somewhat erotic yet messy lubrication. I sat back on his cock as if I was sitting in a boat that needed to be paddled backwards, only it was his cock I was paddling towards. rnrnWith the hot sun beating down on our bodies the four of us baked, fucked, sucked, thrusted and moaned louder than the rushing waves. Wetness in all directions, cocks going in and out, lips tasting every inch of the body, and the pre-cum draped cocks with their cockheads pressuring up to cum.rnrnI rode his cock for what seemed like forever. The couple watching us was in a position of a sideways fucking and we generally watched them as if this was live action karma sutra. They were having hot sex that was rough, grunting, sweat all over and just body heat combined with the sun's rays beating down. As I rode him watching these two guys, I felt him behind me just kiss the back of my neck and pick me up slowly. He wanted to fuck standing up and just fondle me with this heat glaring down on us.rnrnThe African American dude with his latino lover just took the role of top for once, bending his man over to fuck him doggy. They embraced in between thrust, kissing, licking, moaning, holding hands and just being animals when it came to the noises. We watched in awe of them, tempted to join in but those days were of another time, we knew where to draw the line and watching was healthy, stimulating but moreso our cup of tea. rnrnWe became inspired by the couple fucking infront of us to flip flop furiously throughout this beach no blanket -fucking. It was like a race on the track, which couple could cum first and who could shoot the most. But in all seriousness it was a tapestry of sounds, smells, tastes and the elements mixed in along with an open atmosphere to just be free to cum where ever we wanted.rnrnI fucked him doggy for a bit, bending him in, telling him to arch his back slightly, placing my hands all along his body as his ass gripped my cock gently at first then picking up the pace with harder more intense thrusts. He would talk dirty in between it, telling me to fuck his wet hole in the sun, making him grind his hands into the sand. It was hot sand by the way but the sweat dripping from him seemed to cool things up a bit, he didn't seem to care nor did his ass as it milked my cock, that was my cue to pull out have him inside me. He laid me on my back, rimming my ass to see how warm it was inside, placing two fingers in but my ass was used to his fingers. He sucked me off intensely to the point of cumming on the beach, all the while in the background the couple going at it, rubbing against one another cock-wise, teasing their asses, making out and breaking it to watch us in between grinding. They both asked to watch us climax together and for some reason that turned my buddy on as he knelt inside me pushing that cock against my rectum, past the ring then inside my warm ass as the hot sun bathed us in its rays. rnrnHe was in so deep that within a few seconds I felt like I was going to cum. He pulled out slowly, then went back in fast, thrusting hard but deep to penetrate with ease. The couple were on the verge on coming as we watched them grind into eachothers cocks, then docking to climax. The latino was uncut as was the African American, they fashioned their foreskins together and pumped their cock as if they were one. rnrnMy buddy and i had never tried that since he was still new to being with a man. He suddenly pulled out of my ass and began sucking me off, straddling his cock on my right leg, then humping it until his cock head began to grow as did mine which was inside his wet cool mouth. The hot sun and the four of us on the brink of cumming. Just as we felt the need to cum, the couple stopped docking and began a 69, they were climaxing along with us, their mouths dripping of cum as they danced up then down on their cocks. The latino was on top taking in his mans big cock, bobbing up and down as tho he was doing intense pushups. That trail of cum ozzed out from their lips, once we both caught sighta of that we unleashed our loads together, cumming on eachother's chests. We had changed our position so that we were facing one another, making out and pulling on our cocks. As he pulled me in and I pulled him in, the fountain of cum went up, landed on our nipples, belly buttons and the slight treasure trail he had coming in.rnrnWe all got up, swam in the sea to clean up, then dressed and went out separate ways. The beach is still a frequent hangout for us but we still have yet to see those two, hmm maybe a figment of our imagination.


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