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Dares In the Mail - Part 01

by jasonporne

Chapter 1

Dares In The Mail

There were two weeks left. Just a fortnight and summer

holiday would start, but before that I had to get

through my exams. One week of final classroom sessions,

plus one week of half day examiniation periods, equals

two weeks of never ending stress; one doesn't need to be

a math whiz to figure that one out. With some good

fortune the outcome would also be high enough marks to

ensure my acceptance to university (not to mention marks

high enough to please my parents).

The rest of my family had long ago turned out their

lights, leaving me in the downstairs study trying to

organise my notes into something that might provide a

good study base. I could feel my contacts drying, my

eyes fighting against the itching of the lenses, when I

finally gave in and decided enough was enough. I figured

that I'd give my eMail one quick check and then put

myself into bed.

With a click, and a password, my in-box was painted on

the monitor with a new message at the top of the list. I

almost dismissed it as spam, the sender was TOAD which

mentally translated to "delete me," but the subject drew

me in: "Charlie -- your weekly dare." My name is

Charlie, a kid nickname which never went away; short for

Charline. Because I get all kinds of spam with a subject

that is some short form of my eMail address, seeing my

real nickname in the subject convinced me that it was a

friend playing a joke. Another click and the electronic

message was painted on the screen:

Hi Charlie,

You are much too wrapped up in your prep work for exams.

A tightly wound gal will not be accepted to university,

so I've put you on a weekly dare programme that will

loosen you up a bit.

Each Sunday I'll be sending you an eMail, and expect to

hear from you the following Saturday night. Nothing

short of a complete report with all of the details of

how you did; if you dare!

Your dare:

This week, you are to sleep wearing only a pair of

panties and with the door to your room open wide. Before

tucking in, drink a full glass of water, and if you must

get up to wee before 6:30 in the morning, you may not

put on any other clothes for your walk to the loo and


I am really looking forward to hearing how you do.



I read the eMail twice. Then, after closing my eyes and

counting to ten, a third time. I could not believe my

(still itchy) eyes. I was pooped, beyond pooped

actually, and this would have to wait until Monday when

I could give it a bit more consideration. I decided that

I'd go through with the dare for at least the one night,

and make a decision as to whether or not to continue,

let alone reply to this TOAD creature, when I was clear

headed. With that I headed to the kitchen to drink down

a full glass of water, and then bounced up the stairs

toward my bed. It was already half one, so falling

asleep took little time, and my bladder didn't object

before the alarm buzzer screamed out at 7:00am; easy


Well, easy until I realised that while I didn't have

wander down the hall mostly undressed to wee over night,

I was going to have to get out of bed and close the door

wearing nothing but my panties. I could hear my brother

and mother downstairs, and I was pretty sure that dad

had already left for work, so crossing to close the door

wasn't too bad, but I certainly didn't take my time.

After school I raced home and logged back into eMail.

Still sitting in the in-box was the message from TOAD

(actually my blury and scratchy eyes the night before,

and my choice of smallish font, had mislead me; I had

seen an 'A' when in actually it was an 'R' making the

eMail from TORD, not TOAD. "Ha!" I thought, "Truth Or

Dare," and wondered how I managed to miss that one the

night before. Still, I had no clue who might have sent

the eMail, and, maybe out of spite, continued to think

of the mistery eMailer as TOAD. I had paid close

attention, but nobody at school even came close to

touching on the subject. Either it was not one of my

mates, or someone was doing a wonderful job of keeping

very mum about it.

I read the eMail yet another time, and decided that it

probably couldn't hurt to play along. I found an on-line

journaling site, started an account, tadpole, and

prepared to journal my dares for TOAD. Yes, I was a bit

parinoid, and was going to work hard at not giving TOAD

anything that could be tied directly back to me. It was

clear that TOAD knew my name, and I wasn't sure how or

what anything I wrote back might come back to pester me

in the future, so assuming a new identity that didn't

involve my well known eMail address would put a small

bit of defense up. A quick invitation sent from the new

blog site alerted TOAD to where he would find my


That is how it all began. What ensued was several fun

weeks of dares, allowing this gal to relax just enough

to blast through all of her exams and bring home the

grades to please both the admissions offices and the

parents. For your entertainment, here are the blog

entries that I posted at the end of each week:


Keep it going - delcogy

damn, this is so hot, keep this story going please...

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