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The Psychiatrist

by housefartz

Chapter 1

By Housefartz

The Psychiatrist

“Hello? Is anyone there?” Abby asked as she peered through the glass door. Opening it slightly,

she walked through.

“Hello?” She asked again, walking further into the dark room. Nervous as she was to meet this

psychiatrist, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of relaxation. Soft music played in the

background as she trudged across the carpet. It was so soft it felt like an effort to move

anymore. She almost just wanted to let the room swallow her up. She shook this off. Remembering that she had a purpose.

“I need help dealing with my stress at school,” she recited under her breath, “and I was wondering if we could use something to get rid of it? Maybe hypnosis?”. She laughed. That was a pretty lame excuse, even from her. What she didn’t want to say was how, ever since the last time she was hypnotized, she’d had a weird fascination with it. Didn’t want to talk about how it made her throb. How being so open, so trusting, so under control made her feel. How wet it made her, and the tingles it brought about in all the right places.

“Abbey?” A voice suddenly shook her out of her aroused fascination, “I heard you’re here for the stress treatment?”.

“Yeah, sure,” she put in, realizing that she had been blushing, and feeling the wetness she had let herself have. Any longer and he would’ve seen her in ecstasy on the floor. Hands trembling, she tried to summon up her excuse.

“Hey, umm… and can we try hypnosis?” was the best she could muster.

“I’d heard from a friend that it might… be fun” she threw in, faking an air of nonchalance.

“Sure,” the hypnotist replied, “based on our previous call, you’d seemed like someone who would do great with it!” She heaved a sigh of relief.

“R-really?” she jutted in, “what made you say so?”

“Oh nothing much,” he casually replied, “you just seemed so able to follow”. For reasons she wasn’t entirely proud of, this sentence made her wet.

“S- sure. Want to try it right away?” she suggested nervously.

“Are you sure? Don’t you want to make sure you trust me? Make sure you know me?” he probed her.

“Make sure I’m not a shifty person?”

She sighed.

“Sorry, I get ahead of myself. I’ve been known to be a bit too… trusting”. She apologized.

“Gullible? He jutted in, “Do people say that about you too?” It was as if he had read her mind. Maybe she did let on too much in that phone call.

“M- maybe a little bit,” she played it down, “but not much more”.

“Yes, much more”, he responded, “I can tell”.

Her heart rate increased, not out of fear, but out of something much more pleasant.

“Well, w- would it be okay if we started now?” she asked nervously.

“Sure,” he replied, grabbing her arm, “let’s get right into it”.

She looked at her arm. His hand seemed to make it buzz with life and arousal. Looking at her arm, she curiously tried to figure out where this was coming from. But before she could ask, the room dimmed to black, and she shut her eyes as the world faded away. Before long, they were cast open again.

“W- what happened?” She asked, opening her eyes and yawning. It had been a little more than a few minutes.

“Nothing. You just seem to respond so well to someone taking control. You almost seemed… excited”. He played with the word.

Does he know? She asked herself nervously, Can he tell?

“In fact, it’s almost like you have a need to be controlled. To just follow along”. At this point she knew he was toying with her.

“Be honest Abby,” he casually asked, “Why did you request hypnosis?” At this point, she just decided to give in.

“I- I guess it turns me on a little…” she faded off.

“More than a little,” he said as he looked at her tights.

She turned in amazement. They were soaking wet all the way down to her knees.

“But don’t worry”, he snapped her back to reality, “I’ve already gotten us started”.

“Have you heard of… Hyper suggestibility?” He asked her.

“It’s when we get you to the point when you don’t need to judge or doubt anymore,” he filled her in, “You can just accept. And it would be nice, Abbey, wouldn’t it?” She nodded nervously. She knew it was very nice for her.

“Y- yeah”, she responded, “I- I guess so”.

“Well, I know you do, because you told me under trance. And I taught you a few tricks”. Her world suddenly started spinning. Everything seemed brighter, more intense. She was bathed in tingles and a pleasure that was inescapable. Moaning unintentionally, she came as the world faded to black again.

“Wake up”, she heard a voice command her, “How was that, Abbey?”

“...? What?” she responded, too dazed to talk properly. Her legs felt faint with tingles, and she felt too weak to stand.

“I’m glad of it”, he snapped back, interrupting her, “because I need a new subject”. Before she could say anything, he snapped his fingers and the world faded to black once more.


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