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The Girl and her diaper

by abdl123

Chapter 1

Olivia’s village had taken care of plenty of werewolves in the past, they had a stock of silver bullets and crosses and garlic to handle whatever was stupid enough to come out of the forest to bother them, but a few nights ago, a werewolf had appeared that was different somehow. The silver bullets had bounced off its hide and after three nights of the werewolf eating its fill of the town’s sheep, the mayor decided they had no choice but to send for a witch to help them.

It wasn’t a popular decision, people in her town didn’t really trust outsiders, Olivia couldn’t exactly blame them considering half the people that came to town wanted to suck blood. Unfortunately for Olivia, it meant that as the town’s messenger, she had been sent all by herself to the edge of the forest to wait for the arrival of the witch and deal with the witch all on her own. It made her a little nervous, talking to some super powerful witch, but then again, she had known that it was all a part of the job description when she became the messenger.

The witch came into sight a lot sooner than Olivia expected, but she knew it had to be the witch because no one else would travel the forest road alone. She was wearing a signature black robe that all witches wore too, flapping back and forth in the wind as she walked. But the funny thing was, the robe wasn’t tied shut, it was open in front, and as the witch got closer, Olivia realized that she didn’t have anything covering her top half and her breasts were completely visible. It still might not have been as weird if there hadn’t been a thick baby diaper wrapped around her crotch, and Olivia could tell it was sagging in the front pretty badly. The witch didn’t even try to cover herself though, it was almost like she wanted to expose her breasts and apparently wet diaper to the whole world.

“Hey.” The witch said nonchalantly to Olivia as she walked up to her “You’re Olivia, the village messenger, right?”

“Erm, yes.” Olivia said “Are you Vivian, the, uh, witch they sent to take care of the werewolf?”

“That’s me.” Vivian said “You said this was the spot it appeared?”

“Yeah, uh, every night for the past four, um, nights it’s killed, er, sheep.” The diaper was making it so hard to focus on the conversation! Honestly, she had heard that the city guild witches were a little out there, but this was something else! Although, apparently they were also the most effective at getting things done too, so she tried her best not to judge.

“Do you know if it’s a regular werewolf or an enchanted one?” Vivian asked

“Uh, enchanted. We tried silver bullets but they didn’t work.”

Vivian nodded and yawned “K, I’ll take care of it and leave right after. Send payment to my guild.”

Olivia was surprised. She was sure the witch would set up some complicated spell to trap the werewolf, but Vivian was acting like it was no big deal. She just hoped that Vivian didn’t turn out to be as helpless as she dressed.

“You’re fascinated with my diaper, aren’t you?” Vivian commented and Olivia realized that she was staring at it intently. Blushing, she quickly looked away.

“Yeah, well, erm, I’ve never met a city witch before. I didn’t know they wore, uh, diapers.” She really hoped she wasn’t making the witch mad, according to rumors they had a short temper and many people had gone home with a pig snout or a monkey tail after saying something they shouldn’t have. Thankfully, Vivian shrugged casually.

“Nope, it’s just me that wears them.”

Olivia looked up “Uh, if you don’t mind me asking, why?”

“I don’t mind you asking, but it’s a long story.” Vivian warned

“We’ve got until night when the werewolf comes out.” Olivia said. She hoped she wasn’t prying too much, but now she was interested and wanted to hear more.

Vivian sighed and sat back on a rock.

“Well, let’s see, I should probably begin with the time I met Anna…”


When I was seventeen, like all witches and wizards I went to a magic academy to study magic. I first met Anna my first week there. We lived four to a room you see, and my roommates were Anna, Mattie, and Julie. Anna was a bit eccentric, very cheery, happy-go-lucky sort of person. That didn’t mix well with Julie, who was a down-to-earth know-it-all. I could tell from the start that those two wouldn’t get along. Mattie and I ended up playing peacemakers that year in their many arguments.

I think it was about three weeks into school when I first saw Anna’s special power. We were all fooling around in our dorm room, well everyone except for Julie at least, and I don’t remember but somehow Mattie decided to turn Anna into a pair of panties and wear her. It was all in good fun, but right after Mattie tried her on, Anna, who was now a picture on the front of the panties laughed

“Time to show you my special talent.” She said

“Huh?” Mattie asked, confused. She thought she was in control.

Anna bunched up and morphed into a thick baby diaper, which confused Mattie a lot because you aren’t supposed to be able to do anything as an inanimate object.

“We’d better put me to good use.” Anna giggled as Mattie tried to wrench the diaper off her, but it was held on by magic. Julie and I watched as the diaper glowed green.

“Wha-?” Mattie asked as she suddenly lost bowel control and pooped. Julie and I watched her diaper sag in the back.

“Eeeewwww!” We all groaned, especially Mattie. But suddenly the diaper glowed red and became clean again. Without warning, I felt a pang of jealousy. I couldn’t explain it, but I was suddenly envious that Anna had done her trick on Mattie instead of me. Diaper Anna suddenly fell off Mattie and morphed back into her human form, laughing hysterically. Mattie and I thought it was kind of cute, if weird, but Julie was not amused at all.

“Why’d you just do that!?!” Julie yelled, furious “That wasn’t a funny joke at all!”

“It wasn’t a joke.” Anna said, calming down a little but still smiling “I absorb knowledge from people by making them poop me when I’m in my diaper form.”

“That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” Julie spat. Anna shrugged

“I don’t care if you believe me or not but it’s true.” She said


“That wasn’t true, was it?” Olivia interrupted “I mean, it’s not like that ability could possibly be real.”

Vivian shrugged “That’s what I thought at first too. I seriously doubted anyone could or would create a spell like that. But it did seem like Anna got smarter after doing it, she did well on a potions quiz the next day that she hadn’t studied for and Mattie struggled for some reason. Still, for some reason I couldn’t get it out of my head. I watched Anna do it to two other random people over the next month. Each time she did it, the longing to have her do it to me got stronger and stronger.”

“So, now you wear diapers because you have some kinky fetish, end of story?” Olivia asked. This witch was seriously out there.

“Well, not exactly…” Vivian said


Finally, after watching Anna do her little diaper thing a few times, I confronted her about it one day.

“Anna.” I said when we had a moment to ourselves in a courtyard “Why do you do the whole diaper routine?”

“I’ve already told to, to gain knowledge.” Anna told me

“Then why not use a more efficient way like mind touch or heart read that doesn’t require you to turn into an inanimate object and get pooped in?” I suggested

“Well, er, I…” Anna stalled. I could tell she hadn’t been asked that question before. There was a long silence before I suddenly spoke.

“You like it, don’t you?” I blurted out

There was another long shocked silence before Anna asked me quietly “How’d you know?”

“Because, well, I do too.” I admitted

Even as I said it, I couldn’t believe I was admitting it to her, but the feeling was just eating me alive. I so wanted Anna wrapped around my ass while I helplessly pooped her. Anna heard it in my voice.

“You want me to do it to you?” She asked and I heard the eagerness in her voice, even as she tried to hide it. I gave little nod.

“Meet me at the old windmill at 7 tonight.” She whispered to me

We didn’t mention the conversation again for the rest of the day. I had last minute thoughts at least four times, but I could never tell Anna to call it off because there were always other people around. 6:55 rolled around and right after I finished dinner, I put one foot in front of the other and made my way to the edge of the school grounds where the windmill was. I was going to call it off, I told myself. I was going to be matter of fact, I was going to respect her privacy, I was…

But then I saw her, leaning against the windmill, watching me intently. I found myself wordlessly pulling off my school robes and panties and standing there nude in front of Anna, my heart pounding out of my chest. Suddenly I had second thoughts and covered myself.

“Anna, you know what…” I began weakly, but Anna didn’t listen. She transformed into a diaper and wrapped herself around my butt.

“Anna…” I said again, but as I felt her push my legs apart, I knew I couldn’t resist any longer.

“Please…” Anna begged “Do it. Make a poopy in me.”

I obeyed. It took me one or two tries to override my potty training, but I managed to mess myself a little. I just remember feeling a little warmth press against my butt and then pure bliss.

“I-I just pooped you.” I sighed “Jus-just like a perverted diaper girl would.”

“I’m a diaper.” Anna sighed back “That’s what I’m used for.”

We lost all sense of time in the forest, it was a perfect night and after that moment it’s just a blur in my memory. Needless to say, there were dozens of more nights like that. Winter came and we slowly began to get bolder and bolder. It became obvious to Mattie and Julie that we were doing something together.

Mattie assumed we were just lesbians and was okay with it, she even offered to clear out of the room once or twice, but Julie was determined to get us. She didn’t approve of gays, you see, I can’t imagine what she would have thought of us if she found out. Obviously we didn’t want her knowing, so there was a lot of throwing her off our scent and checking for invisible cameras before I stripped and put Anna on.


“Did Julie ever catch you?” Olivia interrupted again

“Well, she came close several times that winter and into the spring.” Vivian said “I remember one time where I had Anna on under my dress when she found me. I’d just messed Anna too, so I was sure she smelled something. She forced me to sit down and tried to get me to fess up, all while I felt Anna squishing around under my butt and trying to absorb the mess as fast as she could.”

“And she still didn’t find out?”

“I told her I was having bowel problems and needed to go to the bathroom. I then had to wear Anna for the next ten hours because she was watching me like a hawk. I don’t know how I managed to pull that off, but I did.”

“So she never caught you?” Olivia asked, surprised

“Oh she caught us all right, but I’m getting to that part. Now where was I…”


As we kept getting bolder, I began to wear Anna around school. One day, I wore Anna during a test. I was having a lot of trouble, so Anna began whispering me the answers and suddenly, we began doing that for every test. Anna realized that if I read the material, she could then absorb it and remember it word for word. We now even had an excuse for me to mess Anna, we called it study time.

Soon we had a system worked out, I read everything we needed to know for our classes and then messed Anna so she could remember all of it for us. Then, during the tests, I wore Anna so she could whisper me the answers. But then that wasn’t enough. I kept wanting to make bigger and bigger messes, so I began to read additional encyclopedias and dictionaries in the library, just so Anna could convert all that knowledge into a mess. She became super smart because of that, and because I always had her giving me the answers, so did I.

We made Julie completely furious because our grades were better than hers, which only made her redouble her efforts to catch us. But by then we knew every spell from most of the books in the library and we used that knowledge to escape her endless traps. We began to get so bold that I would wet and mess Anna in public. I started small, loitering at the edge of the courtyard with all the students while I let a little trickle run into my diaper, but by mid spring I was standing in the middle of the main hall while I pushed out a massive mess that dragged Anna down to my knees. My wardrobe became all long dresses because of that, nothing else could hide Anna sagging down to my knees and later down to my ankles.

Finally, in the middle of spring, Anna made a confession to me

“Hey Vivian?” Anna asked one day as I stripped down in the woods. I rarely saw her as a human anymore at that point, she was almost always in her diaper form.

“Hmmm?” I asked

“You know, I’ve been thinking, and well, every time we do this I want to go back to being a human less and less.”

I nodded understandingly. Even though I was wearing and messing Anna more than ever, I still couldn’t get enough. I just kept wanting to wear her more and more, to mess her, to surrender all my knowledge and become the perverted diaper girl I was. I’d bought a package of diapers to try to curb the urges, I’d even enchanted them to make them thick and cushy like Anna was, but they just weren’t the same and I threw the package out after trying just one.

“I was thinking…” Anna said hesitantly, then burst out “Could I please be your diaper? You know, like, permanently?”

“Permanently?” One side of me told me I had my entire life ahead of me and couldn’t live it was a perverted diapered girl, but another half screamed that this was what I needed to do. I couldn’t live without Anna, I just couldn’t.

“Yes.” I said without another moment hesitation and Anna tackled me, laughing with joy, and morphed into a diaper and glowed green. I laughed hysterically too, lying completely nude in the woods while I made a massive mess in Anna. It would have been the perfect moment, if I hadn’t heard the camera click.

It was Julie; I knew it even before I looked up. Anna must have been so focused on the confession that she forgot to put up a cloaking spell. I only caught a glimpse of Julie’s face; she had a look of triumph, before she vanished into the woods. Anna glowed a deep red, hastily trying to absorb the mess, but the damage was done.

“Anna…” I said, with a sinking feeling in my stomach

“She’ll try to blackmail us before she does anything else.” Anna said evenly as she morphed back into a human and I hastily put my clothes back on “I have until then to figure something out.”

“I’ll help.” I offered immediately, noticing the ‘I’ instead of ‘we’

Anna shook her head “No, it was my fault she caught us, I was distracted. Plus, I think I have an idea of what I’ll do, and when the police question you afterwards, I want you to honestly be able to say under truth potion that you didn’t know what was going to happen.”

I looked her in the eyes, about to protest, but something about her look made me reconsider

“All right.” I finally said


“Couldn’t’ you have just erased her memory or something if you really knew encyclopedias of spells?” Olivia asked. Vivian sighed; the interruptions were beginning to make it very hard to focus on telling the story.

“Yes, but Julie was smarter than that.” Vivian said “She knew we might try something, so she had put some advanced wards on herself so that none of those spells would work. Not to mention she was standing in the middle of the main hall the entire time where we couldn’t discretely take her on. One wrong move and she would expose us. I think she would have exposed us no matter what actually, but she liked having the power over us and making us squirm.”

“So did you just have to turn tail and run?” Olivia asked “Assume a new identity and all that stuff?”

“Why don’t you let me finish and I’ll tell you?” Vivian suggested


Anna told me to eat dinner as usual and wait for her to make a move. I later found out that she broke into the potions storage room then and worked some powerful magic to get ready for the night, but all during dinner I was completely oblivious. Julie kept catching my eye and smirking across the lunchroom. I was nervous that whatever Anna was going to try wouldn’t work, and that we’d be permanently labeled freaks and who knows what else.

But suddenly toward the end of dinner, dozens and dozens of Anna suddenly ran into the lunchroom and began to morph and wrap themselves around startled people’s waists. She used the secret cloning technique to make copies of her, you see. It was in a book of forbidden spells I read after I didn’t have any more encyclopedias. Anna had created hundreds of copies of herself, enough to put the entire school in diapers. Everywhere, kids and teachers were trying to wrench her clones off while she glowed green on a hundred butts at once.

“Help me!” A girl yelled, running in front of me before farting and filling her diaper. Another dozen tried to ward off the Anna clones with their wands, but there were too many of her and they were overwhelmed. Even the teachers were powerless against all the clones.

Julie ran up to me and yelled something I probably shouldn’t repeat and then told me to fix it or else. I shrugged and told her I really didn’t know what Anna was doing. It was then that we heard a voice behind us.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” Anna, the original Anna, asked walking up to us calmly. Julie whirled to face her.

“You like this don’t you!?!” She yelled “Just wait until the authorities get their hands on you! You’re going-”

But she didn’t get any farther because Anna suddenly tackled her and morphed into a diaper.

“Wha-what are you doing?” Julie asked, suddenly nervous, as Anna wrapped around her waist

“I can’t have you telling everyone our secret, can I?” Anna asked “You’re going straight to infant just for good measure. I’ve actually always wanted to make someone go all the way…”

“Usually she just converts school smarts into a mess to absorb.” I explained triumphantly to Julie “But if she wants to, she can use basic knowledge too. It looks like somebody won’t remember her ABCs in just a couple moments.”

“Please! I don’t wanna be a baby!” Julie yelled her diaper glowed dark green, turning all of Julie’s knowledge that had put her at the top of her class into poopy that she used to fill her diaper.

“Mmm, you’re so smart.” The picture of Anna on her diaper giggled

“Help me!” Julie begged me, but I just watched her in satisfaction. I would have preferred not to do it, but she left us no choice. She was such a stuck-up prissy know-it-all anyways. After Anna had converted all her school smarts into messes, she began to work on her basic knowledge, walking and talking and stuff like that.

Julie kept begging until the very end “No! Stop making me make poopies! I don’t wanna… wanna… whaaaaa!”

I watched as the transformation was complete, and Julie became a stupid baby crying on the floor. Julie cloned herself one more time and left a clone of her as a diaper on Julie so she could absorb all her knowledge. Then Anna, the original Anna in human form, turned to me.

“That leaves just you.” She grinned.

“No please! I’m your friend!” I begged, jumping right into the roleplaying that we had done hundreds of times in the woods, except this time, it wasn’t roleplaying. I was about to be transformed into a diaper girl permanently.

“You’ll thank me for it later.” Anna said and whipped out her wand at the same time I drew mine. I ran, trying to defend myself against her as best I could, but she knew way more magic than me, after all she had absorbed everything I knew, and laughably bound me with magic rope in five minutes and stripped off all my clothes.

“Please…” I begged even though I wanted nothing more than this

“Unlike all the other diaper babies around here, you’re going to be permanent.” Anna explained to me even though I knew it already “You’ll never be able to get any smarter because as soon as you do, I’ll make you poop and I’ll get all that knowledge. You’ll need to ask me, your diaper, how to do everything.”

“Help!” I yelled as loud as I could, but I knew it was pointless, everyone else in the school was having their own problems. Anna smiled and morphed and wrapped herself around my butt. I felt her push my legs apart and knew I was never going to go potty in a toilet ever again. The ropes broke and Anna glowed black, sealing herself onto me forever. I fought and pulled, and yanked, but she didn’t come off. Finally, the spell was complete and Anna looked at me from the front of the diaper as a picture.

“I’m in charge now.” She grinned and glowed green.

I clenched my butt cheeks together and fought, one last stand, but I filled Anna within seconds.

“Are you ready to accept your new life as a diaper girl and me as your diaper?” Anna asked “You must have realized that it’s pointless to resist.”

“Yes. I am a diaper girl and you are my diaper.” I agreed and got the ultimate high. Anna wasn’t done yet though, she had a surprise for me.

“And just to prove who’s really in charge here, I’ll give you a little demonstration of what else I can do.” Anna said and glowed blue. I didn’t know what that did, until suddenly I toddled and fell on my butt.

“Gaga goo?” I asked aloud in confusion and then suddenly I realized what blue did.

Anna gave me the ultimate present that night, she turned me into a real baby. Not just me, but all the other students had their diapers glow blue and they were all regressed for the night. Hundreds of students helplessly crawling around in dirty diapers with me, it was bliss.

“You’ll have to wear me forever.” Anna told me lovingly as I crawled around among my classmates “Making poopy after poopy in me. And here’s the best part, I can choose when to absorb your messes. I’ll never be a clean diaper again. Don’t worry, though, I put a spell on you so you can’t get diaper rash.”

“Gaga.” I said

“I’m absorbing all the knowledge from everyone.” Anna said “When this is over, I’ll be the smartest diaper in the world. And you, you’ll just be a perverted diaper girl that needs me.”

“Blah bloo!” I spat with excitement.

In the morning I was just another student in a diaper. The police came and tried to make head or tails of what happened, but they never could figure it out. They finally decided that Anna had used some forbidden spell that went crazy wrong and backfired on her. I left school after that year and joined the witches’ guild because I, or Anna rather, was way smarter than anything they could teach me there. Mattie and I are still friends and Julie, well, last I heard she’d finally graduated to pull-ups. Hopefully when she grows up again she’ll learn to be nice to others


“So Anna’s your… diaper?” Olivia concluded

“She’s my dirty diaper forever.” Vivian said

“And you’re my diaper girl forever.” The diaper said. Olivia let her eyes go back to the diaper and saw that there was now a picture of a girl on there, yawning and stretching and looking back at her.

“Sorry, I was asleep, what’d I miss?” Anna asked

“I was just telling Olivia here about us.” Vivian said

“Really? Sounds fun.” Anna yawned

Suddenly there was a snarling and shaking in the bushes. Olivia leapt off the ground. She had forgotten all about the werewolf!

A dark hairy shape burst out of the bushes. Olivia tried to hide behind Vivian, who yawned in boredom.

“You’re the werewolf?” Vivian asked “I thought you were going to be taller.”

“And I thought the witch was going to be potty trained.” The werewolf growled in amusement, standing to his full height, two and a half meters tall. Olivia trembled and hoped that the werewolf would eat the witch and she would have time to escape.

“Anna, give me a spell to teach this idiot a lesson in manners.” Vivian said, half-annoyed

“You talking to your diaper?” The werewolf asked, even more amused

“Try stodus modus.” Anna replied

“Oh no you don’t!” The werewolf growled and charged. Olivia peeped out from behind Vivian as she waved her wand. Nothing happened.

“You didn’t do anything you sick freak, now we’re both going to die!” Olivia shrieked, but then suddenly the werewolf’s movement started to get stiffer and stiffer and he began to shrink. The werewolf didn’t seem to notice, but his arms and legs got thick and bulky and his hands and feet disappeared. By the time he reached Vivian he was a couple centimeters tall and managed to reach out one flat paw before toppling over.

“You… you turned him into a toy?”

“A plushie to be precise.” Vivian said, reaching down and picking it up “Now, what was it you called me?”

Olivia felt her stomach tie itself into a knot. It had been so in the moment, she hadn’t even realized she had said it out loud, but she had still just badly insulted the witch.

“I-I was, er, sca-scared…” Olivia trembled, but not as scared as she was right now.

“Of course you were.” Vivian said with a hint of danger in her voice “But that’s no reason not to be mean.”

“Heh, heh, yeah, sorry, well gotta run…” Olivia turned quickly to go and felt something wrap around her butt. She looked down to see a clone of Anna finish taping itself onto her.

“No! Please don’t do this!” Olivia got down on her knees and begged Vivian “I’ll do anything! Just don’t make me a stupid diaper girl like you!”

Vivian looked at her with her arms crossed. It took Olivia a few seconds to realize her second slip.

“Ooops.” She managed to say before the Anna clone glowed green and turned her brain into poop. Vivian watched with satisfaction as Olivia sat back and relaxed, flooding her diaper with pee and emptying all her big girl knowledge straight into her diaper. She sucked her thumb absentmindedly while experimentally squishing around in the mess she’d just made, her brain completely empty.

“When you grow up again, you should learn to be nice to witches.” Vivian suggested, handing her the werewolf plushie to play with. Olivia looked up and cooed. Vivian tickled her under the chin, then turned around and walked back the way she had came.

“How long do you think she’ll be there?” Anna asked as they walked away. All her clones were mindless drones that became real diapers after a few minutes, so there was no need to worry about it. Anna’s knowledge wasn’t worth absorbing either, she was just a simple girl without any knowledge of magic. Not to mention all the knowledge in her head was barely enough to make a 30 kg mess, she must have been empty headed anyways. Vivian remembered that Julie had at least a 500 kg diaper by the time she was done.

“Probably less than half an hour.” Vivian said “I’m sure someone will want to see what happened when she doesn’t come back. They should take good care of her.”

“By the way, you did some reading this morning didn’t you? You’re a smart diaper girl now, and we can’t have that…”

“I read four encyclopedias of magic this morning.” Vivian said, then added quickly “But hang on, if I released them all now...”

“You have twenty seconds to get to a secret place.”

“You can’t be serious…”

“Nineteen, eighteen, seventeen…”

Vivian took off into a sprint through the woods. She knew what Anna was about to do and she needed to be well out of sight when she did it.

“Fourteen, thirteen…”

Vivian ducked in and out of the trees and suddenly came to a clearing.

“Ten, one!” Anna shouted gleefully and glowed green.

“Why you little…!” Vivian swore as she squatted.

Vivian had done an experiment once where she tested how much of a mess each encyclopedia made in her diaper. She found that one encyclopedia meant about a fifty kg diaper. If she had read four since her last mess…

“My, my, somebody really needs to go.” Anna commented as she stretched and hit the ground and then ballooned out.

“I… huuurrrk…” Vivian sighed in defeat as she focused on pooping. When she was finally done, she tried to take a step, but knew it was pointless trying to move a 200 kg diaper.

“Ah great.” Vivian groaned “Now I won’t be able to move for at least a day.”

“Looks like big stupid diaper girl needs a change.” Anna taunted

“I’m not stupid!” Vivian countered

“Then what did you learn this morning?” Anna asked and when Vivian gave her the silent treatment, Anna giggled

“That’s what I thought. Somebody just dumped all their smarts into their diapey.”

“Says the one full of poop.” Vivian said

“Hey, I’m just a diaper, that’s what I’m used for.” Anna replied

“And I’m just a diaper girl, that’s what I do.” Vivian agreed

There was a moment of silence before they both burst out laughing. Vivian flopped back, using the ridiculously full Anna as a bed as she stared up at the first night stars that were just coming out.

“It’s a full moon tonight.” She commented

“I can’t really see.” Anna said “Can you wet yourself a little to get these creases out of your crotch?”

Vivian sighed and soaked Anna so the picture of her showed up more clearly.

“Well, mission complete, eh?” Anna asked

“Mission complete.” Vivian agreed

“I guess that means I should give baby her reward.” Anna said and glowed blue. Without thinking, Vivian stuck her thumb in her mouth and curled up into a ball, using her own massively full diaper as a warm squishy bed. There was a gentle warm breeze in the woods and after a long, hard day of walking and spell casting, she was as pooped as Anna was.

“You have anything to say, baby?” Anna asked. Vivian closed her eyes and farted loudly as she relaxed and let all her worries fade away.

“How can you be pooping even more!?!” Anna asked in disbelief

“Imma diapey girl.” Vivian yawned, snuggling into Anna to get more comfortable “I make poopies.”

Anna grinned “Yes, yes you are. And I’m your diaper.”

By the time she had finished saying it, Vivian was already fast asleep. Anna let the picture of her fade before she curled up around the mentally regressed Vivian and fell asleep.


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