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Tails - A Gale Of Memories

by williysimmons


This is a fan fiction story with the scenario made up by me! Credits to some of the characters Sonic fans have not heard of (namely the Gales and the Stryks) goes to Deviant Artist BlackNightWing, not me!!! (However, the ex-prosecutor was totally my idea!)

This story takes place 5 years after Tails - Back In Diapers (which was by BNW, not me). This story includes Sticks the Badger (from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal and the Sonic Boom TV series) and scraps Shadow and Rouge entirely. The made-up characters (Gales, Stryks and prosecutor) are entirely non-canon!

Without further ado, we're off!

Chapter 1 - The Memories Begin

It was 5 years or so ago. That fateful day when Miles Prower, A.K.A. Tails, revealed his secret of loving diapers to his parents. Shockingly enough, they accepted him for his little "secret" and everyone lived happily ever after, the end. Fast-forwarding to the present, though...

It was around 9:00 that morning when Rosemary had an announcement for Tails: they were going to see his favorite babysitter from when he was a kid: Ebony Gale! Tails was so excited he ran straight to the car. Before we get into what happens though, a little BG info is in order.

Ebony Gale and her little bro Evony were orphans until adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Stryk. They have never learned potty training, however. In fact, it was actually Ebony that introduced Tails to using diapers again in the first place. (That was ever since he found out her secret. Which was like, what, 5 minutes after she first came to the Prower household?)

So far, quite a few others knew about his secret other than his parents, the Gales and the Stryks: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Vanilla and Cream, Rouge, workers at an AB store and a HELL of a lot of people who made fun of him when Knux first found out. Heck, even Dr. Eggman knew about it! (He "keeps tabs on his enemies", according to him.) That's enough backstory, let's go back to the present.

Like I said, the three piled in the car, Amadeus driving. It took about a few minutes for them to reach the Stryk's house. Tails knocked on the door and who else would answer but -

"EBONY!" Tails cried! He immediately threw himself into the red-and-black vixen's limbs.

"Tails! How long has it been?!" she cried back! They hugged for a little while until Mr. Stryk, who was finally home for the year, broke them up and asked who we was. Ebony explained everything about Tails to him.

"I see... Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, kid." Mr. Stryk grinned sheepishly. "I've never really met any of my daughter's clients, so I've only heard of you."

"Eh heh heh... Well, it's nice to meet you too, sir!" was the 15-year-old fox's reply. He was about to step it when...

"Ebby, who's at the - OMG, it's Tails! Ha ha!" Evony had just arrived at the door, and started hugging Tails. He just couldn't help but to hug back.

After exchanging what happened five years ago, everyone seemed to catch up on what was going on. Not much had "changed" (ha ha) in the Stryk house, except the fact that the master was there.

Then, out of BLOODY NOWHERE...

BOOM! A huge-ass robot dropped in and clutched Ebony! Was Eggman planning to kidnap her AGAIN?!

Chapter 2 - Deja Vu

"AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!" screamed Ebony as the robot hauled her away.

Everyone just stood there in silence until Tails finally said, "You've GOT to be kidding me."

Sonic and the gang then decide to drop in and see everyone staring away from them. "Did we just miss something?" he asked. Everyone turned to see him just standing there awkwardly. Tails quickly explained what just happened. "Ah, so he's at it again, after 5 years, huh? Figures he'd go after the babysitter who's most important to you. AGAIN."

"Uh, what are you talking about?" asked Sticks.

Tails explained everything from 5 years ago. For about a minute, Sticks just said nothing, then started laughing. "YOU WHAT?! A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Knuckles, who suffered serious humiliation from doing the same thing, scolded her pretty hardcore. After what seemed like an agonizing eternity, the 5 decided to go visit Eggmanland to rescue her. (Tails needed a change first, so Sonic decided to help, while Sticks laughed at HIM!)

After about 4 hours, they finally reached their destination. It was quiet. TOO quiet, as Sonic pointed out. Tails hacked the security with the Miles Electric, and the front door slowly opened. They first thing they noticed were Vanilla and Cream in a huge iron box cage. Knuckles decided to stay behind and bust them out, so the others continued. Then a secondary security system activated, targeting only the girls for some reason, so they were out, too.

They finally made it to the prison cells, where Ebony awaited. As they passed by the first cell...

"Sonic Hedgehog and Miles Prower, I assume?"

The boys turned to their left to see a white wolf in an elegant black suit. His left paw was blood red.

"Uh, yeah, how did you know?" asked the fox.

The elegant wolf shifted his glasses, but before he could speak, another voice rang out.

"Tails, is that you?" It was coming from the other end of the hall.

"Way to spoil an introduction, Ms. Gale... I'm quite disappointed," said the white wolf.

"Business before pleasure," Sonic snidely remarked before taking off. Tails tried his best to follow.

Chapter 3 - The Ex

After about a minute, they finally reached Ebony's cell. Tails quickly hacked the keypad and opened the cell. Ebony thanked the two about 100 times before finally leaving with them. But before the hedgehog could press the button to the elevator...


It was the wolf. Why had he shouted that? It was then that Tails finally recognized him.

"Heyyyyy... Haven't I seen you somewhere before about a year ago? At the store where I get my... supplies?"

The white wolf shifted his glasses again. "Yes, now that you mention it, I do recall seeing you in person before. At thta AB store..."

"Big slipup there, sir." Ebony smirked.

"Oh? Did I ever mention that I was shopping for myself there? I think not. I was there for my brother."

"I think you're lying," was the hedgehog's reply.

The wolf said nothing for about half a minute. Then he finally stood up. His tail whipped behind him. "I only use the truth in whatever I speak. I don't bluff, I don't lie. Never have, NEVER WILL."

"Wait... You're... No way!" the younger fox said incredulously.

"Yes. R. Donnell Southland, ex-Chief Prosecutor of Apotos."

"Ex?" asked Ebony. "What did you do?"

"Nothing. However, I was disbarred for a crime I didn't commit. Maybe Mei was raised too well..."

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Mei is a reference to the Japanese name for Ace Attorney prosecutor Franziska von Karma (Mei Karuma).)

"Raised too well?" asked the three.

"I prefer seeking the truth rather than a Guilty verdict."

Just as he said "verdict", the door to the elevator opened. Knuckles stood there, saying the girls are in trouble and he couldn't force open the cage. Releasing the ex-prosecutor, the five stepped out of the elevator to see an all-too familiar mech and an all-too familiar face piloting it.

"Oh, God, not this thing again." Sonic cringed. Tails wet his diaper, and the hedgehog easily knew he would be in for a rough ride.

Final Chapter - The Return Trip

"WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! SURPRISE! The Egg Dragoon is back in working condition! How do you like THAT, you pesky hedge-rat?! ...Wait, is that Mr. Southland with you? And that babysitter? You little - TAKE THIS!" screeched the doctor as he pressed some button on the mech.

Out of nowhere, the floor started to rumble...

"Wh-what in the name of-?" the doc said. He looked over at the ex. "Oh, NO..."

Everyone looked to see a witness stand there. Slowly, the ex's right paw raised... CRASH!

"Heh... heh heh..." An orchestrated theme filled the air.

"A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! ...Ahah." The music died down.


"You fool. Do you have any idea how much trouble you're throwing yourself into?" Without warning (much), another theme rung out. An Ace Attorney theme. Courtroom Revolutionnaire 2016.

Darting towards the giant mech, the wolf leapt up with incredible height and, in tune with the music, slugged the evil prick five times. He landed in the cockpit and found a self-destruct button.

"Why would this idiot have a self-destruct button? ..Oh, well. BWOOP!" A 5 appeared on a screen in front of him. "ACK!"

In a hurry, everyone abandoned the room. Just in time, with only half a second to spare!

Everyone hurried to the plane and fled the creepy theme park!

After that long day, everyone decided to take it easy for a while. They returned to their homes, and everything was all happily-ever-after-like. That is, until the next scheme was hatched 5 weeks later, but that's... a story for another time.


(ANOTHER NOTE: So, yeah, if you liked this or have anything to comment on, please PM me or let me know in the comments section! Peace out!)


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