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Alistair's Regression

by williysimmons

Just a Note...

This was something that I whipped up from a drawing by King (Ya_King) over on his FurAffinity gallery. Therefore, a scene of the scenario belongs to him. But the rest of it and the character names belong to me. This is my second attempt at a hypnosis-themed story, after The Retrainer Society. This practically takes place in the world of Mystery Dungeon: EOT/D/S, but with a Gen 7 twist. Enjoy!

The Actual Story

    As Alistair drew near the temple, he stopped himself. Was he really going to do this just to get something for his girlfriend? After 30 seconds of debate, he decided he would. Entering the ancient temple, the door sealed behind him. Of course, he saw this coming. Arming himself with four devastating moves and his special Alakazite Mega Stone, he pressed on. He already knew about how to get through the temple, because he had done it once before as a Kadabra. But he had no moves to defend himself against a mysterious guardian he had never seen before, so he Teleported out of the temple. But this time... This time he won't run away.

    The first trap wasn't all too bad. He deftly dodged the spike floor traps. He almost didn't dodge a Toxic Spikes Trap, but he fortunately did. The next trap was a Monster House, but that was also far too easy, as he had a type advantage against everyone he fought AND was Level 100. He wasted no time preparing for this day. He didn't even bother using the Alakazite. The third trap was to pull the right levers to make each door open. He remembered the order: 1=Right, 2=Right side, 3=all, Top Right clockwise. With an IQ of 5,000 who can deny an Alakazam's memory? Nobody, that's who. ...Or so he thought.

    The fourth puzzle was by far his biggest pain: a slide puzzle. He realized it took more than 100 moves to create the figure of a Midnight Lycanroc. (Since it's my favortie Pokemon, I figured, why not put it in here?) After about 3 minutes, the door finally slid open. Next was a hallway crossing trap. He had to spell out "Giratina" by hopping on certain Unown characters. (Which is easy once you get used to seeing them. His GF was an aspiring archaeologist in the past.) The sixth puzzle was a trap door avoiding puzzle. Please, way too easy.

    At long last, he reached the final puzzle, a rotating lock. After rotating all of the discs, the final door opened. The last set of descending stairs revealed themselves. Alistair slowly climbed down. Finally, the last floor. He was there, face-to-[whatever passes for a face] with the guardian. A hulking Regigigas. The gigantic Pokemon leaned forward in an attempt to battle. But the Alakazam was too quick. Using the power of his Mega Stone, he Mega Evolved. After that, he went straight in with Focus Blast. Regigigas took one step, and he followed with Dazzling Gleam. Blinded, the colossal guardian failed to impact him with Dizzy Punch. He quickly moved in with Psychic, slamming it to the ground. It tried to get up, but he finished it off with Fire Punch. The battle was over. Victory.

    Satisfied, the Alakazam deactivated his powered-up form. He walked right by his defeated opponent to find the treasure he had been looking for: a Psychium Z. He took the Z-Crystal from the podium... only to realize it was a trap. Right then and there, the whole temple began shaking, crumbling to pieces. The now fearful Alakazam ran for his life, since he did not know Teleport anymore and learned Focus Blast in favor of it. Occasionally he used Psychic to block oncoming boulders from killing him. After what seemed like half an hour (it was only 5 minutes or so, actually) he finally came back out of the temple. And just in time, too -- the temple had almost completely collapsed by then. Relieved, the Psychic-type went back to Treasure Town to give his girlfriend the Z-Crystal he picked up.

    But when he came back to the town, it was in SERIOUS shambles! What had gone down there while he was away? He found a note in the sentry grate of the Wigglytuff Guild: "DARK, MUCH DARKER, YET DARKER STILL. THE TAKEOVER CONTINUES TO CLOUD MY MIND WITH HORRID THOUGHTS. TO ANYONE WHO FINDS THIS NOTE, PLEASE SaVe US! Only yOU Can" ...The rest is illegible. As he looked closer, he realized that it was in the handwriting of his best friend, Louis the Ledian! Why had he written this? Before he could ponder the meaning of the out-of-the-blue capitalization issue...

    "A bit late to the party, aren't we, Alistair?" He jumped at the sound of a voice to see his girlfriend. Haruto the Hypno. "Y-you're still okay... OH, THANK ARCEUS YOU'RE OKAY!" he cried as he leapt out into her arms. The 22-year-old Psychic-type just hugged him back out of sympathy. She didn't want to waste any time, though.

    "Where were you when the raid began?"
    "Raid? What are you talking about?"
    "All of the worst-mannered Rescue Teams banded together and attacked the town! Team Rogue, Team Skull, and even the legendary Teams Charm and Raider were in on it!"
    "What the actual - CHARM AND RAIDER?! No way! Why did they turn bad?"
    "I have no idea. But I do know where the survivors are. Follow me."

    On that note, she led him to the depths of Beach Cave. But what Alistair saw there came as a complete shock. Everyone -- and I mean EVERYONE -- was cowering in total and utter fear. But when they all saw Alistair, they all took a sigh of relief. Everyone kept asking where he was or what he was doing during the raid, and that reminded him of why he went to the temple in the first place. "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Haruto. I wanted to give you this as an anniversary present." He foisted over the Psychium Z. She grinned (or whatever passed for one, since Hypno don't have mouths.) "Thank you, Alistair. I think I can use this to end this insanity once and for all." And with that she left.

    5 days later, she returned. Everyone was asking how she did, and all she replied with was a mischievous stare. Alistair was, of course, hunting for survivors from other regions of the world. He left a few hours after her. When she saw that he was gone, she stared even more mischievously. She took out her pendulum...

    Another couple days went by, and Alistair finally returned from his search. He went down to the depths of Becah Cave again, but surprisingly, nobody was there. He looked around for some kind of hint, and he noticed that everyone had left the same way. He followed everyone's footprints, using psychic power to see them. (NOTE: I don't think that's a canon thing for ANY Psychic Pokemon to do. Or any Pokemon, really. Anyway...) He eventually found himself in front of an open Wigglytuff Guild. That's strange... How could it be open when it was closed? Did a Psychic Pokemon do this? Nevertheless, he entered the darkened facility. Nobody on B1F, nobody in the kitchen, not the dorms not the lobby, not even the sentry post. But... What about the Guildmaster's chamber? Surely there had to be someone there! He opened the door to find that the Guildmaster was, in fact, there.

    "Guildmaster? What in the name of heck are you doing here?" he asked. Slowly the Wigglytuff turned around to reveal a brutally wounded face. Alistair was in shock... What the heck was he to make of this? "What the... Not even you could do something about the raid?" "N... No..." was the reply.

    "Oh, Guildmaster." The two boys nearly leapt out of their skin to know that someone else was there. It was Haruto again. "I just wanted to... Oh, hi Alistair. Didn't expect you to be back this late." Alistair was in shock again. Again, what was he supposed to... You know what? Forget it. Let's just get to the climax. She slugged the boys right in the gut, then slammed them on their pressure points, causing them to black out.


    Alistair woke up seemingly the next day. (It was.) He couldn't feel his arms for some reason. He tried to get up, and he then heard a crinkling sound. He looked around, but it was too dark to see anything. And why did his waist feel a little tight? He tried again to get up, and felt that his arms were chained to a wall. He turned back in horror. Just then, a soft gold glow was radiating behind him. He turned around again to see... Haruto? Her pendulum was enveloped in some kind of gold aura. And then it hit him: she subdued him and Wigglytuff! He tried to break free from the chains, but realized eventaully that they were made of a material that could not be broken, and the locks could not be picked due to a psychic barrier. As he struggled a little more, he heard the crinkling even more. He looked down and then realized: he was wearing an oversized DIAPER! He immediately tried to take it off, but again, all efforts were in vain.

    "It's fulite, Alistair. Don't try to struggle or resist... I guess I should tell you why I did that to you. After subduing the evil Teams, including Charm and Raider, well... I kinda went... hypnosis-crazy. And I still haven't been cured." She glinted her eyes and waved her pendulum. Normally, a Psychic-type would be oblivious to another one's tricks, but something about her pendulum made him feel... relaxed...

    "That's it... Just keep staring at my pendulum... Now, Alistair. I'm going to implement a drastic change in you in a bit. But first, please... Power me up with the Z-Crystal you gave me to make it permanent." Alistair didn't need to be told twice. He got up and did a small Alolan dance. Finishing the dance, a strong pink aura flared to life around Haruto. "Thank you. Just keep staring at my pendulum. Now, for that change. Do you see the diaper on your waist?" Alistair only mumbled yes, but she heard him well enough.

    "Good. Now... you will become a baby again. That's right. Become a hatchling, who had just hatched. You will permanently become a baby. You will never grow up. You will become a baby in mind and potty training. No, you don't like to think. Now, all you are is a little, mindless, dumb, messy baby." And right when she said messy, Alistair immediately began filling his diaper really quickly. The diaper expanded to contain his waste. Wetting himself like a baby, messing himself like a baby. He had no control over that, either. "Such a good, little, mindless, dumb baby, filling your diaper just as you should!" At last his filling stopped.

    "Hee hee hee... That's everyone. There is nobody else in this world who is not a complete baby in mind and potty training!"

    THE END... Or is it? (Actually, yes, it is.)


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