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Priscilla, The Cock Sucker (TG/Feminization/Domination)

by Macabre

Priscilla, The Cock Sucker (TG/Feminization/Domination)

DISCLAIMER: There is a SLIGHT CASE of stereotyping in this story. It is only there because it suits.

Paul Ankleson was an ordinary male. He got a degree in business, had lots of friends, and generally speaking dated at least twice a week. However there was something missing in his life. He soul-searched constantly. Eventually he came to the conclusion that he secretly lusted for the cock, even though he received regular sex from reasonably attractive females. After 6 months of adjusting and fantasizing, he bought a pair of panties, a thong and some lipstick etc, dress up and practice fellatio on whatever phallic-shaped objects he could find.

After a few months, he eventually bought himself, using absolute discretion, a nice, thick, eight-inch, flesh-coloured dildo. He would experience so much pleasure every time he stroked and massaged the sex toy, whom he called "Brian", and he would orgasm every single time and would devour his own sperm with much glee.

Eventually, he decided to take it one step further- he would go out on the town as a woman, whom he calls "Priscilla". He dressed up in what he had, including a pair of 5 inch black stiletto heels. He went out in the cover of night, and pranced, vogued, and generally had a ball. As he was preparing to reach his apartment district, a man stopped him.

"Hey sweetie, wanna play?" The man asked in a dirty voice.

Paul's heart was pounding, and adrenaline flooded his veins. Surprisingly frightened, Paul ran, but he stumbled, in those 5 inch black stiletto heels. All he could recall from this point in retrospect was 3 men encircling him, 2 black and one white.

"Awww! Princess fell!" leered one of them. "It's time to show you what happens when widdle sluts run from Daddy's dick!" sneered another.

And soon, Paul was choking on their hard, voluptuous cocks. He loved it. He adored it when they pushed down hard so more of their thick, manly, lengths could go down further down his throat.

After they all came on his cute, pretty, dolled up face (with mascara and eye shadow running down it like rain droplets down a car window), they hoisted him into a van.

"Since you're such a good little bitch, we can't let you go." remarked one.

"Yo! We gonna make you our personal cock slut, bitch! How does it feel to be chokin' on nigga dick on a daily basis?"

Paul eventually arrived at his new "home". A steel cage with a long steel chain attached to a radiator in the basement of some disheveled basement. He had been equipped with a collar, which would be linked to the steel chain.

Around him were all kinds of designer clothes, expensive shoes and a near truckload of makeup and hair products.

This was his new life now. His fantasy come to life? Maybe. However every night when the 3 guys got home, they made her feel like TRASH. Priscilla liked this. She loved being fucktoy. She even didn't mind in the ass after a while, though well-endowed men do make a girl scream ;)


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