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hello my boobs!

by kobasuya

the change

Day 1

So i decided to start writing a journal about my sex life (im 18 by the way). This tought came to my mind after my girlfriend broke up with me for "being disrespectfull". All i did was ask her to show me her tits and she went ape shit at me! I will write later.


Day 7

Sorry i forgot to write because of the weird things happening to me. Firstly i woke up after my last entry with no body or facial hair, it didnt even look like it was shaved almost like i never had it in the first place. Then i started to get pains in my chest, dick, waist and ass, all i've done all week is walk from home to work and back, i should not have pain let alone this extreme. And finally i havn't had an erection all week! The actual fuck is hapening.

Day 14

Im only going to write every week instead of every day. So things have gotten even weirder than last week infact its starting to scare me. So none of my hair has grown back exept for the hair on my head which is growing at an unusually fast rate. All those pains have become more intense to the point where i had to miss 3 days of work. I am also not as hungry as before and i need to pee all the time. My penis has also decreased in size and i couldn't masterbate to porn or at all. I also have the biggist headach at the moment. Hopefully these things will stop.

Day 21

AlRIGHT IM ABSOLUTLY TERRIFIED RIGHT NOW! Iv'e realised that the strange occurances are starting to change me into a woman! I know it sounds crazy but its true. My hair now reaches my shoulders, ive lost weight and muscle, im now 5cm smaller than before, my butt and hips have swollen up a lttle, my voice is higher and to top it off i have begun to develop breasts small as they may be they are definatly there.

Day 28

Ok so this week i visted a docter to see what was actually happening, and what he descoverd made him jump out of his seat. Aparently i am the first person in history to have rapid estrogen production without any triggers (hypnosis, medication ect) Not only that but the changes are more visable than last week. My breasts have grown to the size of a 13 year old girl. My waist and stomach have shrinked, i have become another 5cm smaller, my hips and butt have swollen up giganticly now, my penis and ball sack are almost non-existant and my hands,feet,legs,arms,neck and face have become more feminine as well as my voice and nipples changing. Why is this happening to me.

Day 35

I have compleately changed into a woman. From the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I have a fully functional vagina, double d sized breasts, a feminine figure, long wavy hair and a cute face. Even my sexual preferance has changed and my memories and thoughts are changing to. Why d d th s h   e     p......(the rest of the page is smudged with tears)


new life

Day 1

Hello world it's me!!! So i found this diary in my closet while packing up to move and i decided to begin to write in it!!! Anyhow today me and my boyfriend Chris are going to start our new life together in an apartment right in the center of Melbourne, Australia!!! We will be living together tommorow and im so exited i can wait to start a life together with him!!!

Day 2

Hello world!!! Today while packing the last of my stuff i noticed two pages of this dairy were stuck together. On the pages were a story about a guy slowly becoming a girl. The funny thing is i dont remember writing this story, It reminds me of the guy on the news who recently had a similar thing happen to him...Anyhow today i walked into my new home and saw Chris standing there with a home cooked romantic dinner waiting of the two of us. Then afterwards we made love together! Oh just thinking about it now makes me blush with happyness and enjoyment.

Day 9

Hello world!!! Sorry for the late entry i lost my dairy in the many boxes of stuff i brought from my old house. Anyhow me and Chris havent had much time together because his shifts have been going late into the night. I hope that soon we can do something romantic again soon! During this time i also visited my grandperents who also live in the city and catched up with the girls for dinners!

Day 10

OMFG! So tonight Chris comes home a 1 o'clock in the morning drunk as can be. I asked him why he was drunk if he was at work and he full on punched me onto the floor, pulled down his pants soon followed by mine and he proceded to rape me. I couldnt stop crying it hurt so much! I tried to reach for my phone to call the police, but it was too far away.

Day 11

Today i was going to break up with Chris when i woke up and saw him and his friends taking meth in the living room. When i walked into the room he asked me infront of his friends to show him my breasts!! I can't believed he said the and so i slapped him packed my stuff and left...for good. I hope one day he feels the pain that me and other women go trough. I wish he will experince what its like to be a woman and feel the pain of being raped and abused and disrespected so he knows what i went through!

Day 12

I dont have much time because im being questioned for where Chis had gone because appaently he as disapeared off the face of the earth.


Love this - Sorez

Love the gender tf and the memory changing! Especially love how it all repeats again ;)

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