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How I Got Into Hypnosis

by anexperiencedhypnotee

Chapter 1

At first, i didn't know about hypnosis very much, apart from the general misconception and illusions potrayed as "hypnosis". I just thinked it was a trick magicians used, and nothing else. But it changed when i came across a channel.

I thought i would give it a try, but not accomplished much due to skipping induction. But at my second attempt, i didn't skip the induction and got under a light (not deep) trance. It was like walking while sleeping, you do it, but not aware of it. After this hypnosis, i looked to see other hypnosis files, and because i wanted to experience being a woman ( I'm not a transgender, i just wanted to experience it temporarily.), decided to give a "Male to Female Hypnosis" a try.


But sadly, it didn't work because i didn't set how will i behave after hypnosis ended. After my countless failed attempts, i decided to see a "Dog Transformation" file. It worked actually, but it was limited because i didn't want to lose my control over my body for half an hour and decided to limit it to thoughts.





To be continued, hopefully.


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