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Kangaroo's Cruise

by JadynMC


A little piece of fiction-

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Kangaroo’s Cruise

It was a nice sunny day out in the Caribbean. It was the third day of my cruise I decided to go see if I could darken my tan to that nice olive tone, since my father was mostly Italian, I figured I could achieve that color. I had set my mind on the ships mid deck pool and started walking there after eating a delicious brunch of cold meat, fruit, pastries and Turkish coffee.

As I walked through a set of French doors and into the Caribbean sun I was forced to put on my sunglasses from the beautiful blinding reflections of the huge pool that spanned out before me. My eyes automatically glanced around the pool area. There was a group of people off to the left, some young kids in the pool with their parents sun bathing on the right. I decided to go along the right, pass the sunbathing parents where there were a few vacated lounge chairs. Since the group of people on the left were a bit more engaged. I concluded them to be coworkers by the way their group dynamic was. Some people standing a bit distanced… they probably didn’t want to come on the cruise business trip but had to, to help their career. And the whole group mixing around this one older gentleman, either the boss or at least the one in charge. Anyways I had made it to the unoccupied chairs as my mind processed what my eyes saw.

Standing next to a random free chair. I slip out of my sandals and took off my shirt and sunglasses. Sitting down and laying back I close my eyes and begin to relax, allowing my thoughts to drift. As the sun warms my skin and the sound of splashing water reminds me of my last cruise.

I had first laid eyes on Skyler, at the bar, his hunched over back told me that he was gloomy and stressed. His blonde tousled short cropped hair, lean body somewhere around mid-twenties and my optimism and experience with helping people through their problems had me walking to first base. When I got to the bar he at least was coherent enough to face me and say hi. And I saw his gorgeous green eyes; those concreted my walk to first base as I sat down in the barstool next to him. After some small talk Skyler opened up and confessed to me that his life was falling apart and it was stressing him the fuck out. So he escaped to this cruise to take a breather. He was a mid-high executive for a large corporation, but his fiancé was pressuring him to spend more time with her.

Sky as I later would call him was just so used to his job being his life, that’s how he was so high up on the corporate ladder of his career at his young age. He was having trouble finding balance between his job and his relationship. Plus he confided in me that his fiancé wanted to wait until marriage for sex. Which he respected her for, but they both had sex before with other people and he just didn’t quite understand her reasoning. To “make the experience a beautiful moment for the both of them”. Sky being this handsome guy had had his share of girls while in college and was used to getting his way. I could tell that him having to make changes from being independent to interdependent and him not being able to get his way like he was used to, combined with sexual frustration was the cause of his stress. I knew that humans are prone to patterns and once set in their ways do not favor change.

So I turned to Sky and told him straight up. You’re having priority issues and are having problems with what you desire. You need to assign values so that you can figure out what the real opportunity costs are.

Skyler faced me and looked into my eyes as I knew his mind was digesting what I just said, and slowly he straightened his back and I knew I had started my walk to second base.

Sky said “you know you’re right, that’s why I’m having trouble deciding what to change, because I don’t know what the stakes are, so I can’t choose a definitive side”. Why are you so smart? Are you a psychologist?

No I’m just able to take a step back from problems and analyze what the foundational problem is. As I smiled at him.. and if you want some help I do know a little magic.


Well to the average person it seems like magic… the more common word is hypnosis.

Ya I’ve heard of hypnosis. One of my co-workers said it helped him quit smoking and he didn’t even have any withdrawals.

Now I knew I was on second base. That’s awesome to hear… see it is a bit like magic as I reach my arm around him and squeeze his shoulder.

Well said, as he perked up and grinned. How can this “magic” help me?

Now I knew that I was on third base. I decided to try for home. Well how about we leave this bar and go to my room where the atmosphere is more inductive to magic, as I chuckled.

We reached my suite and I directed Sky to take off his shoes and to just lire on the bed and to relax. I put on my soothing ambient sounds with my homemade subliminals and began to weave the magic around and through Sky’s body and mind. As I used one of my favorite stringed triggers of connecting asking a question to removing an article of clothing and removing an article of clothing to increase the relaxed obedient trance state. Soon I had Sky so relaxed and comfortably completely naked on my bed in my suite. And boy was using his sexual frustrations to help him change his life fun… and he was so hot being naked on his knees looking up at me... especially with those sexy green glazed trance eyes….

My mind suddenly became alert to my surroundings as I hear a distant female voice and then another… getting closer. They are speaking English, but with an accent, it’s not English from the states… nor British… it sounds Australian, with the longer vowels. I open my eyes and look towards the female voices that are getting closer to me. There are two bronzed girls wearing short shorts with the tops of their two piece swim suits, one has auburn hair and is wearing a pink top with the logo of “hello kitty” with its embroidered name, while the other has dirty blonde hair and a brown with orange floral pattern top. Sitting up I smile and say “good day mates”.

The two girl’s heads turn towards me. Their sunglasses hiding their eyes but they are smiling at me, one seems to be more shy as she looks my way then looks at the pool while the other keeps her head pointed at me.

Hello she says with her accent.

I smile even wider.

You girls come to get some sun or to swim? I ask.

A bit of both she answers.

Oh does that mean you’re just going to sit on the edge of the pool?

Ya actually that’s what we had in mind. Just to put our feet in.

May I join you?

Of course, she says with a grin.

I put a hand on my chest to feel if I was radiating any extra heat from sunbathing. No, I wasn’t. I guessed I had only been reminiscing for about 20 minutes and I usually could spend over an hour in the sun before my skin burned. I sat up and found my sunglasses and joined the two ladies at the pool’s edge, with their feet in the water. I sat next to the shy one since I try to include everyone in conversation, and this way the more outgoing one had to talk through her so I knew she would be forced to join the conversation.

And sure enough I had just put my feet in the water and she’s talking over “hello kitty” which is on the shy ones top.

So Andrea and I were just wondering if there were any nice guys on this cruise. We hung out with some guys last night but they were your average guys. They said that they were from Texas right Andrea?

Yeah I think so she replies softly.

Where are you from?

California I respond I’m just on a relaxing vacation I have to leave the internet, the phone…. I chuckle to myself… civilization. And being on a boat in the middle of an ocean is better than camping, because with camping I can always escape into my car and drive back. But out here on the sea I have to relax. Plus there is more of a chance of meeting intriguing people where there is people, instead of wilderness. You two are Australian right? I’m just guessing from your accents.

Yea said Andrea. Kim and I are here with my parents.

So do you surf in California piped up Kim again talking through Andrea.

I chuckle again and say no, not yet, why does everyone think if someone’s from Cali that they surf?

Well we surf answered Kim.

Andrea leaned back on her hands telling me that she is easing a bit and that I’m no longer a stranger.

Kim continues the interrogation asking if I’m still in college?

I tell her that I just finished.

Oh yeah so have you started your career?

Kind of… I do programming. Like computers? Asks Andrea.

Yes I program machines, but I also program people.

Program people? Responds Kim with an arched eyebrow.

Yeah I program individuals to get over fears, to become better at sports and such.

Oh like a psychologist? Asks Andrea. My dad does counseling. Is that like what you mean?

Ya but I mostly do hypnosis to help people.

Wait what you said “programming people to become better at sports”, how so interrupted Kim, like you could make me better at surfing?

Well when you’re surfing do you think about it or do you just sort of feel the board and seem to naturally be with the board like it’s a part of you?

Yes it is a bit automatic to how I tense my legs.

So you would agree that it happens automatically like your subconscious just does the motions?

Yes they both answer.

Well hypnosis allows the subconscious to be programmed and can increase the skills of those motor skills and allow for your muscles to sense at a heightened degree of what the water is causing the board to do. There is also this thing called muscle memory which is when you have done something so many times that your muscles almost automatically do the motion for you. So it empowers you to allow your subconscious to take control and surf for you. Since it can make decisions instantly versus your mind trying to think what muscle to tense.

Wow and you can do all that with words? asks Andrea with a hint of disbelieving awe.

Well Andrea I use my words to stir up memories and emotions that are here, as I pat her head to emphasis, memories, emotions, and here.

What is practice? I ask them.

What do you mean? asks Kim.

Practice, you know, says Andrea halfway turning towards Kim “the repetitious trial and error of actions to improve at something”.

Wow Andrea are you an English major?

Actually yes. Why was that a nerd moment? She chuckles and includes, I’m also minoring in Japanese.

Oh do you want to go surf in Japan?

Actually I already have twice and loved it. I want to go live there.

Ah that explains why “hello kitty” is staring me in the face.

Andrea’s cheeks turn a bit pink and she shies back.

So how do you hypnotize someone? Asks Kim.

Well since hypnosis is just when someone is in a highly focused state. When all of your attention is on one thing. Can you remember a time when you daydreamed or fantasized about something? Ya.

Well that is a bit like hypnosis. Those feelings of your mind drifting and then it just takes some relaxing words and then sooner or later you can become hypnotized.

Wait a “highly focused state” like reading or studying? Andrea asks.

Yes Andrea those are good examples too.

So would hypnosis also be able to help with my Japanese?

Hypnosis can help with anything!


Yes anything.

Well could you hypnotize me to be better at Japanese now… I mean I know it’s your vacation.

Andrea! I want him to hypnotize me to be better at surfing. And he should hypnotize me fist because I’m older.

Andrea sighs and her tone becomes a little upset. Kimberly why haven’t you gotten over that stupid excuse! You’re only older by a day.

Yes but I’m still older… and Kim’s voice lowers but I still overhear. Who got into bed with Derrick first?

We’re in college now and you still bring up high school!

Wow it seems like you two have been friends for a long time. I say.

Yes since I was thirteen and she was twelve.

Oh my god Kim!

She probably only does it because of your reaction I chuckle and say.

Pretty much Kim answers.

So anyways can you hypnotize me? 

Yes I can hypnotize you both since I am still on this ship and surrounded by water and am not going anywhere. We all laugh.

Well you want to go to your room or mine?

Um, we’re sharing with my parents says Andrea, so your room would probably be better.

Ok then just follow me I say as I get up and walk to the chair I had laid in earlier to pick up my shirt and slip into my sandals. The girls stand up and I notice that Kim makes sure to put herself next to me as we walk along the pool toward the French doors that I had exited an hour earlier.

After a few steps through the doors I take my sunglasses off and hang them on my shirt. I notice the two girls take off their sunglasses too. As we weaved our way through the ship, Kim’s mouth would just not stop moving. She asked about everything from do I like beer or mixed drinks better? To questioning about why I was vacationing alone… and if there was some special someone back home? For her there was no one, she made sure I understood. I replied with I was trying to get settled with my new job before I was going to start a relationship. See you’re too smart for your own good said Kim teasingly. And you two are too beautiful for your own good I said making sure Andrea heard me through Kim.

We finally reached the door to my room. I unlocked it and opened the door allowing the ladies to enter first and as Andrea passed me I asked, is she always like this? Andrea rolled her eyes and said pretty much. I’m surprised you two get along. Well we have been friends for a really long time. And I guess I’m used to it and put up with it because I know I can trust Kim with anything and she has stood up for me. Well that sounds like a true friendship I say smiling. You have a suite I hear Kim shout from inside my room. I enter the room following Andrea as I shut the door behind me.

Yes I do. I believe if you’re going to go on a vacation, go on VACATION. It’s a time to be selfish… and to create memories.

I like your way of thinking said Kim. I chuckle to myself and say that’s because I think. Most people have trouble in knowing what they want because they don’t take the time to stop and relax and just think.

That’s kind of true said Kim I still don’t know what I want to get a degree in.

I guess there isn’t a degree in surfing then? They both laugh.

If there was we both would already have one exclaimed Kim.

Speaking of surfing are you going to hypnotize me now?

Ah yes hypnosis. Well here Kim you lay here on the bed. And Andrea you can sit in this chair as I position a chair next to the foot of the bed.

Ok shoes off.

They already are giggles Kim

Andrea sits in the chair 

And I say ok you both comfortable?

Yes they both answer

Thirsty… need the toilet?

Nope I’m fine I get from Kim

Same says Andrea

Sweet, so I’ve got some of that relaxing music… like rain or flute… but I'm going to guess you girls want the sound of the ocean waves right?

Totally says Kim

Andrea is this nice and relaxing as I turn on the ocean waves.

Yes that is nice.

Ok now Kim just close your eyes that’s right. Andrea you can play along with my words too as I hypnotize Kim, if you want.


Now my voice guides you into trance which is just a highly focused state like what we talked about earlier. With your eyes shut you just turned off about 70% of your reception to the world around you. Now you only perceive the world around you through your ears, your nose and what you feel. And what you feel is this relaxation lying there, sitting there. This relaxation needs to pulse through your body. Just as your heart pulses, you begin to feel with every breath my words drifting into your mind, my words directing your body. It brings new sensations, this feeling of relaxation becoming more powerful. It’s almost like my hands are just inches from your forehead. It’s like you can sense the heat and feel that sensation almost like my presence, my vitality. It is soothing, it increases this feeling of peaceful relaxation. My hand is going to slowly move down your body and as it does you notice that this feeling of relaxation increases and it feels so good. And as you hear in the background each crashing wave you will just increase your focus on my words, on my voice as you do want to become a better surfer. That’s right. Keep increasing that calm feeling, that relaxation that could be addicting. Feel your desires increase as my hand moves to in front of your eyes. That’s right feel my presence know this increases your relaxation just as each wave you hear increases your openness to my words and it feels so good to relax to trust.

I glance towards Andrea and notice that her eyes are shut and her breathing has steadied and is a little slouched in her chair

Yes feel how my hand’s presence moves in front of your lips and how it increases how it doubles your relaxation. Now my hand passes over your neck and your body relaxes, feel the presence of my hand hover over your breasts increases calmness, your breathing steady and soo calm. Such a good girl. Now as my hand passes over your tummy you can surrender to this relaxation, give into this feeling of comfort and just slip into the realm of sleep. That’s right. Now feel the presence of my hand hover above your crotch, feel this soothing relaxation throughout your body just double and it feels soo good , so right. And it’s ok if you feel a tingle of excitement between your legs this is normal. It is normal to stay relaxed and feel a rush of pleasure. Good girl. Now feel my hand hover over your thighs as each time you hear the crash of an ocean wave doubles your deepness. Just as now can you imagine that with each time your heart beats it doubles your relaxation. And the more relaxed you become the more you trust me. Good girl. Now feel that relaxing presence of my hand hover above your knees increase your relaxation like the good girl you are. That’s right. Feel my hand float above your shins and feel deep down how good it feels to trust me, to allow my words to become a part of you. To make my words your whole focus. Now as you feel my hands over your ankles you truly just drift into the realm of sleep as your muscles just go limp. Good girl so relaxed so peaceful so hypnotized.

I move over to the bed and whisper to Kim. Now Kim you enjoy this feeling of relaxation, you can feel your desire to increase this feeling deep inside because you want to be better at surfing and to get better you need to go way down into this peaceful relaxation which feels so good. Good girl. Now Kim I’m going to raise your arm and then allow it to drop down and when it drops down you go down deeper into this feeling or relaxation, becoming lost in the addicting calmness. And when you feel my touch you know that you trust me completely you desire to do everything I say. I reach out and grab Kim’s wrist. Good girl. Increase this feeling of trust, I raise her arm up just a bit and as I release it I say go deeper.

I repeat this process a few times until I’m sure that Kim is in a very deep trance.

I say hello Kim’s subconscious do you enjoy surfing?

I know that the subconscious can take some time to talk back so I move over to Andrea, and notice that she is pretty slumped over in her chair.

I whisper to Andrea

Andrea increase this feeling of relaxation with every breath that’s right, it feels so good. This calmness, this vacation. Every crash of the ocean wave you hear increases this feeling. Can you imagine that each time your heart beats you increase this deep feeling of trust that you have for me. Instilling it like we are old friends right next to Kim’s memories. Good girl. Now continue to relax more and more. Now I’m going to pick up your arm and drop it and as it drops you are going to increase your feelings of relaxation and just drift deeper into the realm of sleep. And when I touch your wrist your heart beats will know and continue to increase this feeling of deep trust that you have for me. I reach out and gently grab Andrea’s wrist. Good girl. I here Kim say a quiet yes behind me.

I pick up and raise Andrea’s arm and it falls back down. Go deeper. I repeat this several times.

I then say hello Andrea’s subconscious do you enjoy speaking Japanese? I move back to the bed where Kim is but as I’m getting ready to sit on the bed next to her I hear Andrea say yes.

Wow she’s a good subject I think to myself. Since she answered quickly. She must be really suggestible and trustful. At least she trusts me.

I turn my attention back to Andrea and ask Do you trust me?

A few seconds go by and Andrea answers. Yes.

Do you want to learn Japanese faster? Yes she says with a shorter pause.

Would you take off your clothes right now to speak Japanese better?

Yes Andrea begin to naturally remember all of the Japanese you have learned now as you take off your clothes.

Andrea’s hands move to the button on her short shorts. That’s right such a good girl. Once you are completely naked you remember all of your Japanese.

I return to the place where I was going to sit next to Kim and begin to talk to Kim. Do you really want to surf better? 

It seems like a whole minute goes by before she answers… especially after talking with Andrea’s fast response.

Yes she says.

Do you trust me?

A shorter amount of time passes. Yes.

Good girl. Do you trust your friend Andrea?

Yes she answers this time only after a few seconds.

Would you take off all of your clothes if it would make you better at surfing?


I want you to remember every time you have surfed. Combine them all together. Feel the surf board beneath your feet and you make these memories stronger as you undress. Undress now.

Her hands go towards the button on her jeans, just like Andreas.

Good girl. I see a glimpse of turquoise at her waist line before I turn to look at Andrea. I see Andrea sitting there with her hands behind her back and then hello kitty drops to the floor on top of pink matching panties and short shorts.

Andrea feel your head fill with Japanese. Feel what it’s like to be completely naked and to be fluent in Japanese. Every time you undress you remember all of your Japanese. It is so easy to remember all of your Japanese right?

'Hi' she says.

She answered in Japanese I think to myself.

Well at least she understood my English I chuckle to myself.

Now Andrea what would it be like to become turned on? Can you imagine some naughty thoughts that you’ve had? Some thought that arouses you? Can you feel your breast become warm and tingly what about some beautiful sexy special person forcing their lips on yours? Would that excite you? Can you feel sexual tension between your legs? You can touch your breasts if this turns you on. What would it be like to feel pleasure all over your body? I watch Andrea’s hands move to her breasts. Good girl. That’s right. Feel how you increase your sexual pleasure. It feels so good to be in control of your pleasure doesn’t it?


Now as your pleasure increases you find yourself more in control of remembering Japanese. That’s right. Play with your nipples now and remember more Japanese. I return to talking to Kim as Andrea begins to play with her nipples and squirm and sigh in her chair.

Kim’s body is naked. On the bed lying next to her is her scattered clothes. I push them off to the floor. Kim you are a good surfer feel this knowledge swell up inside you. This feeling of excitement as you know how it feels to catch a wave, to be at the crest. These feelings turn you on don’t they? 

After a few seconds she responds with yes.

That’s right Kim this excitement is almost like pleasure… like if your breasts begin to tingle with excitement just thinking about how you are becoming better at surfing. The more sexually excited you become the more you combine all of your surfing memories. And you do enjoy surfing just like you enjoy feeling sexual pleasure right Kim?


Good girl. Begin to play with your breasts and increase these memories and excitement of surfing. Her hands readily move to her breasts. That’s right, it feels so good to build this excitement. You can even twist your nipples and feel your excitement grow Kim. She twists her nipples and moans. Good girl. I turn back to Andrea who is becoming very squirmy and noisy in her chair.

Andrea feel the pleasure, know all of your Japanese. Feel the control that you have in remembering your Japanese that’s right you are in control. I get up and walk over to my special luggage and rummage through the assortment of kink toys that I brought and find a strap on dildo. I move back over to Andrea and reinforce my words.

That’s right Andrea feel the pleasure associated with knowing that you control when you remember Japanese. Now I want you to stay deep in trance as you open your eyes for your subconscious to use can you do that?


That’s good. Ok open your eyes now. Andrea’s crystal blue eyes are that heart pounding, glazed vacant trance look. That!, is such a turn on. Ok Andrea now I want you to stand up. She slowly stands. I crouch down next to her left foot. Now I want you to lift your left foot and when you do you will have perfect balance. Now lift your left foot. She does. I slip the strap on over her left foot and tell her to lower her foot back down to the floor. She complies. I move the strap on up and around her waist and buckle it into place. Now Andrea feel your control over your Japanese grow more and more just as you feel your sexual excitement grow more and more. You need to solidify your Japanese in your mind. Right Andrea you want to be better at Japanese?


Ok just stand there and play with your body some more increasing that desire to become the best at Japanese. I turn my attention back to Kim on the bed who is moaning a lot.

Now Kim how badly do you need to orgasm?

Badly is her quick response.

How badly do you want to be better at surfing?

Badly Kim says through moans.

Your memories of surfing continue to increase and combine as you do know that practice makes perfect. You can feel the muscles throughout your body tensing and contracting as if you were on your surf board. And another muscle in between your legs needs attention too doesn’t it Kim? Yes!

Now as you can feel all of your muscles become tight and tense you can simply discover now how they relax… how they only need to tense when they are being used. Especially your pussy muscles like when a cock enters they relax and you feel pleasure, and you wait for the right moment to tense just like when you stand on your surf board your legs relax and they wait and know when the right time to tense is. Now soon you’re going to practice these feelings and timing and relaxation of tensing as a cock enters your pussy. Keep playing with yourself increasing your sexual excitement and know that you are becoming better at surfing.

I turn back to Andrea with those crystal blue eyes again so vacant so arousing.

Andrea feel your control over your Japanese build up and how you need to conquer yourself and others to become the best at Japanese. I want you to kneel on the bed, can you do this Andrea? Hi.

With those unwavering blue eyes she moves to the bed and puts her right knee on the bed and then her left. She’s right at Kim’s feet kneeling on the bed.

Now Kim feel your need and desire to practice to relax those muscles and then tense them at the right moments your subconscious knows when. Kim spread your legs and get ready to feel pleasure from practicing.

Kim spreads her legs.

Now Andrea move closer to Kim and feel your need to conquer, to take, to become better at Japanese to remember all of the Japanese you learn or have learned. I kneel on the bed next to the girls where the action is going to take place so that I can not only speak clearly to them, but also have a nice good show.

Now Kim get ready to practice to know the pleasure of allowing your muscles to work on their own. For your muscles to work in perfect precision. Now Andrea move in closer to Kim that’s right now you need to conquer and to achieve that, is to thrust in and out of Kim and as she moans you will know deep down that yes you remember Japanese easily and you easily conquer new words and remember them easily. You know that Japanese easily comes to your mind when you make Kim orgasm. Kim are you ready to become better at surfing?


I grab the dildo and tell Andrea to move forward and move her legs outward so that the dildo gets closer to Kim’s dripping pussy. I push the head of the dildo up against Kim’s pussy lips and she lets out a moan. Kim practice and Andrea conquer! I say as I let go of the dildo, Andrea pushes and the dildo penetrates deeply into Kim. Kim moans louder and Andrea begins to thrust. In and out. And Kim’s breathing becomes jagged between her moaning. Kim feel you muscles tensing and relaxing perfectly to your pleasure. Andrea feel all of your Japanese rushing back to you with every moan every thrust. Good girl. As Kim’s moans and sighs increase. Andrea thrusts faster and harder, increasing Kim’s moaning.

A nice cycle I think to myself.

Andrea’s eyes still staring vacantly I wonder what Kim’s eyes look like? My thoughts are broken as Kim moans/squeals loudly. Andrea slowly stops thrusting.

I say good girl. That’s good Andrea you remember your Japanese and easily learn Japanese. You have conquered the ability to remember all of the Japanese you learn. Kim feel how easy it is now to surf to allow your muscle to automatically do what they need to do. I tell Andrea to scoot back a bit. As she does the dildo comes out of Kim’s pussy and she moans a bit more. I go and find a towel, since the dildo is glistening with pussy juice. I wipe off the dildo and unbuckle it and shimmy it down to Andrea’s knees and then tell Andrea to raise her left knee up. She does and I slide the strap on off her leg. I notice how wet and dripping Andrea’s pussy is.

I leave Andrea kneeling there between Kim’s legs and go put the strap on back in my luggage reminding myself to clean it later as I move back towards the bed.

I sit on the bed next to Kim’s face. Kim you want to get even better at surfing you want to win gold medals don’t you?

Yes she says. Now calm after her climax.

I want you to desire that gold medal more Kim. Kim I want you to remain deep in trance but open your eyes so that your subconscious can see. Can you stay in trance and open your eyes Kim?


Open your eyes. I peer down into beautiful chestnut brown vacant eyes. Oh my god what a turn on. Those vacant beauties. I love hypnosis I think to myself.

Now Kim feel how much you want to win gold medals. What would it be like to be holding a gold medal from surfing in your hand right now? Would it be exciting?


You need to practice tensing and relaxing your tongue muscles now for when you are excited and holding that gold medal to thank the crowd. You remember how good it felt to practice tensing and relaxing muscles right.


Good girl. I turn towards Andrea who is still kneeling between Kim’s legs. Now Andrea can you feel your excitement to have new experiences, to meet new people? It is easy to meet new people right Andrea? It is also easy and relaxing to have new experience right?


Good girl. Now the excitement and sexual energy that is built up between your legs needs to be let out, just your smile and relaxation around new people needs to be let out automatically. Now as your sexual tension builds so will your need to meet new people. And once you orgasm meeting new people seems so easy and natural to you. I turn back to Kim. Now Kim you need to practice with your tongue so that you know what to say when you win that gold medal. Here are some practice moves. Stick out your tongue and flick the tip up and down, and then back and forth.

Kim sticks out here tongue and follows my commands.

Good girl. Use the tip of your tongue like trying to get a water droplet off something flick it up. That's right stretch your tongue as far as you can. Good girl ok relax your tongue back in your mouth. Now it will feel and taste great to exercise your tongue. Remember your desire that gold medal. That comes from practice and then you need to talk to the crowd. Now as you hear the crowd's shouts and love you, you practice with your tongue more, ok Kim?


I turn back to Andrea. Now the more pleasure you feel the more out spoken of a person you become. You can already feel the sexual excitement building deep within and you know that you speak up on what your opinion is.

Now Andrea move up and straddle Kim’s tummy.

Andrea scoots her knees up close to Kim and then lowers her hands on each side of Kim and lifts herself up and straddles Kim’s tummy.

Good girl. Now move up and straddle Kim’s face.

Those sexy unfocused eyes still staring straight ahead. She moves up and straddles Kim’s face.

Now Kim feel your need to practice more and more as the crowd gets louder you flick your tongue harder and faster. Kim stick your tongue out now.

She sticks her tongue out.

Andrea slowly lower yourself until you feel that sexual tension begin to increase and get played with.

Kim’s tongue touches her pussy lips and Andrea lets out a bit of a sigh, causing Kim’s tongue to flick. Andrea quickly finds the best spot for her clit to be licked and flicked and is quickly sighing and moaning.

Good girl. I say.

Kim continue to hear the crowd get louder and practice flicking your tongue harder and faster. Andrea as your sexual tension builds feel yourself becoming louder and more out spoken. Feel how you tell your name to people. People are going to know who you are.

Andrea’s moans become louder and Kim’s tongue becomes quicker and faster.

Another nice cycle I’ve done today. I just stare at my handiwork and look from one set of beautiful vacant eyes to the other. Why do I get so turned on by control? By being able to make people into puppets? Maybe it’s just the manipulation? Or even that I know that they enjoy what I do for them? My thoughts are shattered as I hear one great loud moan.

That’s right Kim you are such a good girl. You know exactly what to say when you have that gold medal in your hand. You will tell them that practice makes perfect. And that you love to practice. Practice just fills you full of excitement since you know that practicing gets you the gold medal. Andrea feel how natural it is to talk to people now. How you enjoy meeting new people. How excited you get to tell someone your name and about yourself. You are such a good girl. Now Kim close your eyes and just relax, allow this feeling of calmness to flow throughout your body. It feels so good to relax to get what you want. Now Andrea move to the right and stay away from Kim. That’s good now move back into the chair you were sitting in.

I pick up Kim’s clothes and put them on the bed. Andrea gets back in her chair. I speak loud enough for both of them to hear me. Now as you put your clothes back on these memories of what happened will be covered up deep inside you. You remember to forget and forget to remember. As you put your clothes on, these memories and feelings become part of you, part of your deep subconscious. Being hypnotized allows you to change and keep these changes. As you put your clothes on your remember to forget and forget to remember what happened here, and you are changed and will act differently from this new exciting and enhancing experience. Now put your clothes back on.

Andrea reaches down for her “hello kitty” top as Kim’s hand gropes for a piece of her clothes. I help her by dangling her turquoise g string over her hand, which she grabs and pulls up over her feet. Andrea has her top on by this time. Kim’s hand is looking for her shorts which I oblige her with, and then her top. I move over to in front of Andrea and just stare at those beautiful unfocused crystal blue eyes. They say that the eyes are the doors to the souls… more like windows if you ask me. Andrea close your eyes. She does.

I move back a ways to where I started, and make sure that they both can hear me.

Remember to forget and forget to remember. Now surfing is easy to achieve better results with practice just as Japanese is easier to learn with more practice and now as I begin to count from 1 to 8 you will begin to awaken. You will be conscious at the number 5 and then fully wide awake at the number 8.

1 slowly starting to feel relaxed to know my voice and to keep everything that you learned while hypnotized.

2 becoming more relaxed and feeling refreshed like after a good sleep.

3 listening and known that yes changes were made here today.

4 hearing my words.

5 back to consciousness knowing my voice and knowing that you can practice surfing and Japanese at a more accelerated rate now. Kim how do you feel? Feel great is quietly incoherently spoken. Andrea how do you feel? I… I… am just thinking Japanese. Good girl. Now just continue to know somewhere deep down that changes were made for the good. And that yes you do enjoy hypnosis I say with a chuckle.

6 coming up to the surface more and more.

7 feeling the bed, the chair, hearing outside noises.

8 feel great and refreshed and open your eyes and see your surroundings and really know that you are different… you are better.

So how was that ladies as I wander over to turn off the ocean sounds. 

Amazing exclaims Andrea.

Ya says Kim, my tongue is a bit stiff.

Oh ya sometimes that happens to people, their tongue lays funny in their mouth and falls asleep,, or something like that I reply.

Andrea stretches in her chair and says dang hypnosis is awesome I have Japanese words floating through my head and I understand them.

That’s good Andrea. Now you know the power of hypnosis.

Really cries Kim now I want to go surf as she sits up and then suddenly falls back. She makes a groan.

Are you ok I ask concerned.

Yes I’m fine. I guess you’re right, I just sat up too fast and just had blood rush to my head. She laughs.

Andrea and I join her.

Well ladies I’m famished that’s hard work... talking.

Ya well relaxing must be just as hard too because I’m hungry also, says Andrea.

Kim chimes in with an agreement.

Well aren’t you suppose to be hanging out with Andrea's parents?

No today’s their “relaxation day” Andrea says with some accent which must be some mimic of one of her parents I guess.

I don’t know if I should be seen around the ship with two beautiful ladies I teasingly say.

Well you seem to be more fun than those guys from Texas were and plus Kim likes you blurts Andrea.

Kim’s hand reaches for the closet thing which luckily is just a pillow that is quickly testing the laws of aerodynamics and crashes into Andreas raised arm. Seeing her assault deflected. Kim decides to assault with words, saying no I don’t, Andrea likes you.

I chuckle to myself and just get up and head to the door. Ladies it would make me most happy if you both would to join me for some food. They both jump up and join me in the hallway.

I close my door and as I am walking down the hall towards the smell of good food, being bombarded with questions of who I like better, and all I can think about is that I’m framed by two beautiful sets of eyes.








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