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no way out

by attc0913

Chapter 1

I wasn't personally present for this particular story so you won't have to put up with all of the wrestling commentary. This time you'll just get to listen to the story itself. The only thing that you need to really understand as far as the wrestling goes is that me and the guys were busy watching No Way Out. The main event was Shawn Michaels in a Steel Cage vs. the Undertaker in a number one contenders match that the Heart Break Kid would eventually come out of victorious.

Karen however was out with her special boy toy of the moment at their private spot up in the mountains. I never found out exactly where it was that the two of them used to go, it's kind of her private place to sit and think these days when she doesn't want me to find her. Right now however she was happily sitting on the hood of her Jetta with a bottle of Smirnoff in each hand alternating taking sips from the watermelon flavored bottle in her right and the sour apple in her left. She was dressed in a pair of black jeans that clung to her curvy hips and a matching button up shirt that could barely contain her bust. Beneath that she had a plain white undershirt to hide the bit of weight she'd packed on. Her crimson braids were visible on either side of her head escaping from the black beanie she'd stolen from me earlier that night.

Mark was a few steps away mixing her next drink in a thermos. His normally spiked hair was slicked back to his head in an almost secret agent sort of style. "Trust me, you'll love this girl." He looked up from his work letting the right side of his face pull up in a one sided smile. He was wearing a blue sweater over his work uniform, a white collared shirt and black slacks. "Now when you drink this you should drink it fast. Its good shit but the aftertaste is nasty shit." He smiled thrusting the warm thermos at my girl.

She only hesitated a moment to look at the concoction. Whatever it was it was brown and had wisps of steam rising up off it but it smelled sweet. "What is it?" He shook his head and motioned for her to drink it. Karen lifted the thermos to her lips inhaling the scent again. It was hot chocolate spiked with. .she couldn't quite place the liquor.

"Drink up." He shoved his hands down into his pockets waiting for her to drink up. He almost stopped her when he saw her lovely green eyes staring at him over the blue thermos but instead he let his smile grow just a bit. Karen gripped the thermos with both hands and leaned her head back drinking as quickly as she could. "Don't stop don't stop! Just breathe and finish it!" Mark insisted as she started to lower it from her lips. She gasped in a mouthful of air and then finished the drink.

There was a moment that went by as she felt the warmth invade her insides starting at her belly and then filling her chest and over her face. "What was it?" She finally asked fanning herself with one hand.

"I like to call it Panty Dropper. It's mostly hot chocolate but also a little something I cooked up in chem. class one day. It puts a woman into a hypnotic state." That lopsided grin was struggling to become a full blown smile but instead it remained just a half smile. Karen stared at him in shock and disbelief as the chemical started to act in her system spreading that intoxicating temperature to the tips of her extremities now. "And it usually makes them very skanky." He added. If he'd waited one more second she would have been able to tell him the last part on her own though as she felt her cunt moisten with hot slick juices.

"You bastard." She whispered as her legs started to tremble beneath her. A familiar tingle spread between her thighs as she stared at Mark hungrily eyeing his body. It had been a while since she'd really noticed just how sexy he really was. Right now was undressing him with her eyes imaging his smooth cream colored flesh. In her mind's eyes she was staring at his stomach that always tensed into a six pack just before he came and his hard dick. His hard dick was almost a full shade darker than the rest of his body.

"I know." He grinned motioning her towards him with a single finger. She didn't even have a choice over what to do. Her legs just carried her to him without any decision of her own. When he motioned downward she just fell to her knees and glared up at him. Part of her was infuriated that he had control over her, that her body was dancing like a puppet on his strings but the rest of her was thrilled at what he would tell her next.

Karen felt her nipples started to harden and press out against the fabric of her undershirt as soon as Mark started unzipping his pants letting his cock rest on her face. "Open up whore." Karen opened her mouth and leaned forward wrapping her lips around his shaft and slurping at his cock. He didn't have to explain to her to use her tongue to rub along the underside of his shaft as her head bobbed up and down. He just stared down at her and laughed. "I always knew this is what you were best used for. Just another piece of shit whore." He gripped her hair and wrapped it around his fist and started pulling her farther forward onto his nearly seven inch shaft.

It didn't matter that he was nearly tearing her hair out of her skull or that she could feel her body trying to keep from gagging as he pushed into her throat. It only mattered that he was a man and he was touching her and letting her touch him. She was already shifting her legs back and forth trying vainly to ease the ache between her thighs. "Only thing a man could want you for is this." He spat sprinkling her face with spittle before yanking her forward again stabbing the back of her throat.

Even as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft stroking him off tears started to form in her eyes. She hated what he said but it didn't matter to her either. If he said it had to be true she realized still slurping noisily on his cock. "Stop." He commanded. Karen pulled away from his cock only a thin trail of saliva and pre-cum connecting the purplish head of his cock to her lips. "Get in the car." Mark pointed to the car and Karen turned and got into the car. "Stupid cunt." Mark smiled and got into the driver's seat.

Mark whipped the little car out of its hiding place between the trees popping the e-brake to turn it completely around and start driving down the street. "Take off your shirt." He commanded rolling the window down as he spoke. He didn't pay her any attention as she unbuttoned her shirt and handed it to him followed by pulling her white undershirt up and over her head revealing her tanned skin. She hadn't bothered with a bra that day so he could already see her pierced nipples hard and surrounded by goose bumps. Lower her belly was just barely hanging over the band of her pants but like always he barely noticed. Mark rolled the window down quickly and tossed her clothing out.

She wanted to scream at him to go back and get her clothing but she couldn't. She didn't have permission to go back and get her clothing or permission to do much of anything but scowl angrily at him. "Don't look at me that way." Her angry scowl instantly faded at his command. "Pants too, and that stupid thong as well." Her eyes widened with fright as she realized what he was going to do, it was even worse because she didn't have any control over her actions. Instead of tell him to fuck off she reached down and untied her shoes and then rolled her jeans down her hips and then pulled off her thong. When Mark held out his hand he didn't need to specify what to do, she just placed her clothing in his hand and watched him fling it out the window. Behind her car she saw her clothing billowing in the wind.

"Where are we going Mark?" Karen finally asked staring out the back of the car as her clothing becoming a distant speck on the highway. She knew that people were staring at her as they drove by; a few of them had honked at her. Of course she didn't cover herself up, she knew better than to do that after Mark had thrown her clothes off.

"Margarita Rocks." He paused slightly but before she could ask another question he hushed her. They pulled up into the parking lot and he climbed out of the car. "Put on your shoes, I didn't bother to throw them out." She looked at him in disbelief while pulling her blue and black sneakers back on and tightening the laces. "Now come on." Karen's water logged eyes finally burst letting tears stream down her face and over her throat.

"Please." She pleaded getting out of the car and falling to her knees curled into a tiny ball. Her face and breasts were buried in her knees as she sobbed looking around the packed parking lot.

"Shut up, stop crying and follow me." Mark replied walking to the back of the bar. Karen sniffled once more and wiped the tears from her face and then stood up following behind Mark. The warmth of his drink was still flowing steadily through her veins, no sign of slowing yet.

There was a single man waiting for them at the back door and instantly knew who he was. His name was Jacob, the overweight younger brother of Mark. He'd wanted Karen since the first time he'd laid eyes on her. Always copping a feel on her and sending chills of revolt up Karen's spine. Right now as she felt his greedy little piggish eyes roaming over her naked body sent the same wave of nausea over her. She wanted more than anything to curl up and barf right then but she didn't. Karen just remained in place waiting for the horrible command she knew was coming.

"Karen, come over here and tell him how bad you need to fuck." Mark commanded.

Those words turned her stomach but she walked over to Jacob and looked down at him, he was actually a little bit shorter than her and the white striped t-shirt he was wearing made him look even fatter than he really was. "I don't want to fuck you." She sneered leaning close enough to kiss him.

"I thought you said?" Jacob whispered in shock turning to Mark.

"She is. Kiss him." She lunged forward pressing her lips to his. "Don't stop making him think you want him." One hand traveled down his back and over the rolls of sweaty flesh, the other caressed the side of his face. Most importantly to the fat virgin bastard her tongue was stabbing into her mouth and rolling around with his. This kiss continued as her hands started wander over his flesh trying to get past the revolting urge to gag.

"She'll do anything you tell her."


"Anything." Mark replied. "I'm gonna go get me a few drinks." He turned around and walked away.

"Finger yourself. I want you all nice and ready for me to fuck." Karen looked at him an angry glare burning in her green eyes as her fingers slipped between her thighs. Just two but she was still soaked from the formula so they slipped in with ease. Jacob could already hear the sloshing noises as she pumped in and out. "On your back, I wanna see."

It was disgusting enough to be kneeling in that back alley that stank of piss and spilled beer but the idea of laying in that filth was revolting. There still wasn't any choice for her as she rolled onto back her tanned skin instantly sticking to the grimy concrete as she spread her legs and continued pumping two fingers in and out of her slippery cunt. Jacob was smiling down at her as she continued pumping her fingers inside her.

She would never have admitted it but she could feel her orgasm starting to build up inside her. Each pump of her fingers drove a new unique chill up her spine that she wished she could deny. "Slut." Jacob gripped her wrist and pulled her fingers out of her pinning her hands over her head. Karen turned away as he lifted his stomach to unbuckle his pants still lifting his belly up to fish out his cock. The sweaty underside of his belly pressed against hers as he slipped his cock into her.

Karen hardly felt the four inches of flesh the virgin shoved into her. She kept her eyes so tightly shut that her eyes were turning purple. Her stomach clenched each time he palmed her tits with sweaty hands and thrust inside her. "Tell me you like it." Jacob hissed through clenched teeth.

"I like it." Karen sobbed.

"Look at me and make me feel like the best you've ever had." Jacob commanded kissing her throat. She immediately let loose a pleasured squeal and wrapped her legs as far around him as she could manage. She looked like she was straddling a horse, unable to cross her ankles behind him. Karen couldn't reach far enough to claw at his back; instead she had to settle for his shoulders raking up and down. "Oh yes baby yes, do me harder!" She moaned like the girls on the porn Jacob loved.

"Dirty slut!" He shouted as he pushed into her one last time and squirted his juice inside her. Karen shuddered as the fat former virgin rolled of her and got back to his feet. "Wow, that shit really works." He zipped up his pants just as Mark turned the corner.

"You enjoy her?" Mark kept glancing back over his shoulder as he spoke.

"Yeah man." Jacob walked over her. "Stay girl." He muttered before spitting on her face. Karen didn't move at all accepting the command as law before stepping away.

"Well we need to get out of here man, so leave that piece of shit and lets go." Mark grinned. "Where'd you park?"

"Why I though you had Karen's car."

"You should see it, that's what happens when you drink and drive."

Karen didn't manage to get to a phone until nearly three in the morning when the streets were abandoned enough for her to make it to a pay phone. By the time I got to her she was curled up in what was left of her car. It looked like he'd rolled the black car completely over. The paint was scraped off on one side and the other side was dented in. Most importantly as I wrapped Karen up in a blanket and pulled her clothes onto her I saw her eyes. Her normally green eyes were slate gray, a color I'd only seen once before when a boy had insulted her grandmother. Nothing good ever came of that look. Once you've become the focus of it there is truly no way out.


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