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Swimmer Boy

by sleesor

Chapter 1

Swimmer Boy
Sam and Tommy were enjoying their weekend at home until they were knocked out. This story takes place simultaneously as "Pizza Boy and the Horny Stud."


It was a typical weekend. My parents left town, and I got the house to myself. Being an only child gave me plenty of privileges. I had a few rules each weekend. No parties and no girls. I always disobeyed the second rule. I brought girls home with me some weekends anyway, and it was annoying that they had this rule even though I'm now 19. I didn't throw any parties because the neighbors would let my parents know, and I'm not about to get kicked out.

I'm doing the smart thing, saving up money while going to college, and living at home. I'm constantly on campus anyway, as I am part of the swim team. I keep in shape using the school's gym, ensuring I maintain my body so I can swim to perfection.

This particular weekend, my friend Tommy is coming over. He's a long distance runner for our college. Tommy wanted to come by, hangout and play video games. I figured why not. I'd most likely be playing alone, so better to have company. The only difference is, I can't play sitting around in my boxers like I usually do.

Tommy came over on Friday night, we ordered a pizza and sat in. We were sitting around playing an online shooting game when our pizza arrived.
A knock at the door startled me, as I was fixated on the game. I got up and opened it to the pizza guy.
"Hey," I said, taking the pizza. I saw his eyes were a piercing blue. I looked into his eyes but couldn't look away. It was a weird feeling.
"That'll be $24.50."
I reached for my wallet... I couldn't find it as I was caught staring into his eyes. He blinked for a second allowing me to look around. I handed him $30, and smiled. "Thanks!"
"You're welcome." He said still staring into my eyes.
I heard Tommy behind me walk up, "dude! What's taking you so long? You're getting killed."
Tommy walked up to me noticing I was just staring at the guy for a few seconds. He looked at him and got caught as well. He went silent. The pizza guy smiled.
"What's wrong with you two? Never seen blue eyes before?"
"Uhh...." Was all I could say.
He blinked. "Have a great day." We both looked away as he shut the door.
Neither Tommy nor I acknowledged what had just happened.

As the pizza guy got into his car, he made a call. "Yeah I got two for you.... No, I don't want these ones, I have a football player waiting for me.... They seem like an easy take down. I'll come collect them in the morning.... Trust me, you won't regret this decision."

We went on with our night. Kept playing games, eating pizza, etc. My headphones were on high, as was Tommy's. We were in the living room playing on the TV and the computer, just having fun. Around 10, we stopped playing for a bit, and talked about girls, and all the normal sport things that straight guys talk about. Tommy got up to go to the restroom to get ready for bed and I put my headphones back on to shoot a round.

I was playing when I heard a noise behind me. I was so focused on the game because I was winning, I brushed it off.
"Tommy," I said thinking it was him, "Hold up dude I need to finish this round. I'm kicking ass."
The next thing I knew, I felt someone grab me around my chest and clamped a sweet, yet repulsive smelling cloth across my mouth and nose. My headphones jerked off as I tried to protest. What was Tommy doing? I looked up trying to get away realizing it was a man in a black ski mask... This wasn't Tommy. I felt myself getting weaker as I tried to push away. Then he spoke.
"Shhh, don't fight it boy. It's just a little chloroform. You'll be out in no time and you'll wake up soon after. Don't fight boy, don't fight."
He started rubbing up and down my chest as he was holding me down to the chair. Slowly I succumbed to the chloroform. My body became weak, my eyelids heavy... And then my eyeballs slowly rolled into my head as I passed out.



I got up and began to get ready for the night. Sure it was early, but I was with my good bud, and knew we'd just hang for a while. PJs were much more comfortable anyway. I headed to the bathroom, decided to take a shower. Why not? I like being clean. I could have sworn when I got into the shower I heard a huge thunk, but figured it was the game. Sam was always pretty bad at playing the game, but I didn't care. I was just hoping he was happy whooping some ass.
I got out of the shower and got dressed into my PJs. I headed out to the living room to see Sam passed out on the ground, in the middle of a round.
"What the hell Sam?"
Next thing I know, I heard a noise behind me, but before I could say a word, a sweet yet repulsive smelling cloth covered my mouth and nose. "Chloroform" I thought.
"MMMPPHH" I protested as I kicked and tried to get the guy off of me. He wore a ski mask. Another one came out of nowhere and smiled at me. He also wore a mask, but he had something to say.
"Sleep tight boy. You and your friend here will be fun to play with. I hope you enjoy your nap. You'll be awake soon. Don't bother fighting it, it'll just help you succumb quicker."
I was angry. I tried so hard to push the guy off of me, but he must have been a bodybuilder. Slowly I felt my body going limp as I succumbed. He looked at me and smiled before I passed out. "That's it, sleep tight." He said as he rubbed his hand across my crotch before I passed out.



I awoke a little while later to find myself tied to a chair. My hands were bound behind my back, my legs were bound to the chair, my chest was tied to the chair, and my mouth was gagged. I looked around and saw Tommy sitting next to me. Great.
I looked the other way and saw two guys in ski masks looking around the room. One finally realized I was up and came over to me.
"Finally woke up from your little nap boy huh?"
"Mmmmpphh!" I struggled to say any words due to my gag.
"Aww want to fight me? Well too bad. You're in the losing chair. I'm just here to have some fun with you two. Tomorrow you'll have much more fun, but tonight... You two will do things you've never dreamed of doing."
"Mmmpphhh!!!" I kept trying to break free, it was no use.
"Don't worry boy, you and your friend are in good hands. We only grab the loot... And by loot I mean you two and sometimes some valuable things in the house."
I protested as much as I could. I shook my head, trying to move the chair, but it was no use.

He got up and went back over to the other guy he was with and they started whispering to each other. I couldn't hear a word they said.
Tommy began to wake up, and caught what was going on at the same time. He protested and struggled. The guy came back.
"Tommy, buddy, welcome back!"
He gave him a dirty look, and I looked at Tommy shocked. He knew him? Was this all a prank?
"What's wrong Tommy? Didn't think we'd ever come back for you? Lucky for you the delivery guy didn't recognize you or he would have told our boss. Having to explain why someone escaped is really a pain."
"Mmmppphh!" Tommy was angry.
"Well since you know the drill already, you should be a pretty easy victim. I know you've been longing for this day for a while haven't you?"
Tommy shook his head in anger.
The guy bent down and whispered something into Tommy's ear. As he did that Tommy's posture changed completely. His eyes closed as his entire body went limp and relaxed. The guy removed his gag.
"Tommy, can you hear me?"
"Yes sir."
Sir? What the hell is going on I wondered. This was weird.
"Tommy, we will release you on one condition, you'll help us teach your friend here our ways. Oh and you'll join him tomorrow when we take you both in. Will you do this for us?"
"Yes sir. I will do anything to please you."
"Good." He smiled and untied Tommy.
I looked over and the guy started talking to me. "You see, Tommy here was kidnapped last weekend, but he got away. He won't this time. Just like you won't. You two, just like he is now, will become slaves. You'll do anything we ask, especially after your full training you'll go through tomorrow. By Monday you'll be back at home and back to normal until we call you with instructions. It'll be worth it. I promise."
I shook my head in protest. I wanted out of this, I hope Tommy was playing along.
Once Tommy was untied, he stood up. "Let's see how many instructions you remembered. Start stripping boy."
Tommy began stripping. He pulled off his T-shirt and revealed some pretty nice abs.
"Mmm so far so good."
He then slowly stripped off his PJ bottoms and revealed a jockstrap.
"Perfect, you did follow directions. You can leave that on for now."
Tommy nodded. And stood in place in just a jockstrap. I wanted to break free as quickly as I could and get Tommy back to normal.
"Well boy, are you impressed? Worried? Both? I know you're trying to check out your friend here, aren't you?"
I shook my head. I wasn't. Why would I want to check out my friend when we are both straight?
He smiled, "you will be soon boy, yes you will. Tommy, why don't you give your friend Sam here a nice lap dance."
Tommy nodded and walked over to me. He winked at me and smiled, "don't worry stud, I'll take good care of you." He looked me in the eye and kissed my lips over my gag. I protested as much as I could before he turned his body around and began shaking his ass in front of my face. He grinded my chest, crotch, and legs with his bare ass wearing his jock. I wanted to scream and push him off of me but I couldn't move. I almost cried, but that would have been too emotional for me.
The guy smiled, "what's wrong Sam? Don't like a nice ass when you see one?"
I shook my head.
"Perhaps you'd rather have a cock then?"
I shook my head faster as Tommy smiled and turned around. He found a way onto the chair to position his cock straight in my face. He was still wearing his jock, but he rubbed it all across my face.
"That's it stud, enjoy this cock," Tommy said to me. He kept moving it around my nose and gagged mouth for me to smell his man scent of his crotch trying to turn me on. It wasn't working, just making me more repulsed at the entire situation.

The guy laughed, "Soon, you'll appreciate this cock. Don't you see? We turn straight men gay. I hope you enjoy your last bits of freedom. Tommy, you can get off him now. My friend over there has a job for you." He pointed to his sidekick who was grabbing his crotch.
The sidekick smiled, "let's go to a bedroom hot stuff." He said while putting his hand on Tommy's ass.

"Great," I thought. "Just me and this guy. I wish I could break free." I tried to, but my hands weren't small enough to fit through the cuffs, and my legs were bound too tight for me to get them loose.

"You know," he said. "I can let you go."
My eyes widened. Why I believed him, I have no idea.
"But I won't." He chuckled. "Now. I'll release your gag, but you cannot scream, yell, or any of that. Believe me. I'll make your life a living hell if you do. Just remember you can't move, so there's really no use."
I sighed. For once I knew he was right. Sucked.
He ripped the duct tape off my mouth, and pulled whatever was in my mouth out.
"There we go boy. Now, let's discuss details."
"Details of what you sick freak?"
"Details of what is going to happen to you, and how we will make it happen."
"Now. You'll obey me once we finally finish your initial training. After that you'll be sent to our boss for more schooling and training. When we are done, you'll be as good as new."
"Leave us alone. Why are you after us anyway?"
"Oh no reason, we just like fresh meat. Our bosses are always looking for new victims. And we get paid in loot - both sexual payment and cash donations."
"You're sick, selling guys for slaves."
"I know. But see you'll have free will, just not enough where you can resist ignoring us when we need you. So let's get started."
"No. Let me out of here, I will never become your 'slave' you're sick and disgusting."
"Hah! If you only knew how often I've heard that. Now. Drink this. If you don't I'll force it down... Not kidding."
He pulled a bottle out of some purple looking liquid. I shook my head around fighting it. I didn't want to drink it. I was willing to have it forced down because I'm a swimmer... I can fight liquid when needed.
"Fine, suit yourself." He walked away and grabbed a giant force feeder that goes in my mouth and the liquid would just pour straight in like a funnel.
"Shit," I thought.
"Open wide."
I wouldn't. He held my nose closed forcing me to open my mouth a bit, just enough to breathe, but also to let him win. He forced the feeder into my mouth and strapped it around my head so I couldn't push it off.
"Fuck! I'm screwed," is all I could think.
He then poured the liquid down holding my head back so he could watch my throat swallow it. He poured all he needed in, and I still didn't swallow. He held my nose closed, which made it worse. Man I was pissed. I HAD to drink it now. No swimmer's breathing ability to help me here. I finally caved and it went down. All of it. He let go of my nose and smiled. "See Sam, that wasn't so bad."
I shook my head around wanting this feeder off of me.
"That should subdue you a bit and make you much easier to control. Don't worry, you aren't the first person to get a drink that way."
He took the feeder off. "Yes I was incredibly worried that everyone was forced to drink," I said sarcastically.
He laughed. "Sam, Sam, Sam... You're going to be a lot of fun really soon. Just listening to your attitude means you'll be a lot more vicious in bed. Now, I'm going to check on the other two while I wait for the drug to kick in."
He duct taped my mouth shut again. I struggled to get it off as he left the room.



I lost all control. He whispered into my ear the word. Once it happened I was gone. I knew it was coming, these guys don't mess around. When they want your body, they get it. That's what they wanted with me, and that's what they want with Sam.

Once I was back under and following my Master's orders, I realized how cute Sam was. He was a swimmer, so his body was nice and lean with some nice arm muscles. They weren't too big, but still had definition. He wasn't naked yet, but I knew that would change soon. His golden surfer style blond hair was pretty sexy. He always let it flow naturally and it never got ruined from the chlorine in the pool. His deep blue eyes were his best feature, as I felt like I could fall into them. I felt as though I was falling for him.
When my Master tasked me with teasing him with my body, I wanted to. I wanted him to want me. My body took care of itself and did what it wanted to my sexy swimmer friend. Besides, he looked hot tied up and resisting me. It turned me on further.

After that I was sent to the other room with my Master's partner. Following Master's orders I became his sexual slave. The rest became a blur until my Master returned in the room.
He came in and looked at me while his partner was fucking me in the ass.
"Tommy, are you enjoying yourself?"
"Yes sir."
"Good, your friend Sam will be able to join you soon. I know you're longing for him aren't you?"
His partner fucked me hard as Master asked me that question. I dragged out my moan and moaned out loudly, "yyyyyessss sirrrr."
"Good boy Tommy." He came over and kissed my forehead. I felt his partner shoot his load inside of me and then pull out. Master stayed nearby and kissed my forehead again and whispered "sleep, boy." Next thing I knew, I passed out with my ass in the air.


Master (Nick)

I smiled as Tommy went out like a light, like the good little slave he was. I was upset he escaped last week, but that was our fault. We were supposed to transport him in the morning, with his friend Blake, but somehow we let him sleep unhypnotized. Blake wouldn't wake from his sleep when Tommy tried to wake him so Tommy left. Quickly. Pity, but at least he's back for more.
Tommy was a hot piece of ass too. He was a runner, so his legs were toned. His abs were rock hard and solid, and his ass was perfectly round. It was the perfect bubble butt that always longed to have a cock shoved inside. His body was lean, despite being muscular all around. His dark brown, almost black hair was short and spiked up a bit. His green eyes were dreamy, I almost wanted him to replace my partner. I knew it wasn't in the cards though. My boss wouldn't have it. He always had bigger and better plans.
I looked over at my partner and smiled.
"Gabe, clean him up, clean yourself up and watch him. You can't wake him only I can, just remember that."
"Yes sir."
"Good boy." I grabbed his ass. Now, to return back to Sam to make him... Fun.



I felt groggy. I was always awake but I felt my body shut down. It didn't, but I was so weak I didn't know what happened. I tried to take the loose tape off of my mouth, but I couldn't. It was a weird feeling. I felt like I lost all mind power, like I was a loaf. It felt like hours before he came back, but when he did he had the biggest grin on his face.

"Well, well, well, I see the liquid worked."
I groggily moved my head around trying to shake it, even though I knew it did.
"You're shaking your head in a circle trying to say no? You're hilarious boy. At least since we know it worked now I can let you know what it's doing to you."
I tried screaming but I couldn't. I had no energy. Plus the tape was in my way.
"Not only does this liquid make you easier to control, it makes you weak, which I'm sure you know already. It will help you follow my directions as I can already take over your brain. Your body will soon be under my control and you will become ours easily and quickly. It only takes a kiss on the lips and some hypnotherapy. I hope you're ready because I am. I'm ready to make you ours."

I wanted to scream, but I couldn't and I felt helpless. I was helpless.
"Listen Sam, you won't like it at first, but I know you will later. Just relax."
I felt my body relaxing.
"Imagine you're on a beach with your friend Tommy. You two, just hanging out at the beach listening to the waves crash against the shore. It's a nice relaxing feeling, lying in the sand, isn't it?"
I managed to nod ever so slowly.
He smiled, "Let me remove this tape." He took off my loose gag so I can talk, yet I couldn't find the energy to.
"Let's try that again. Relaxing lying on the sand isn't it?"
"Uh huh," I managed to let out.
"Good boy Sam. Now, you're on the beach listening to the waves. Such a nice feeling. You can feel the coarse sand against your body, giving it a slight massage as you move around, can't you?"
"Uh huh."
"Great, so keep feeling that massage as it takes over your body. Slowly you're being buried in sand as it massages your entire body. Do you feel that? Doesn't it feel good?"
"Uh huh." The truth was it did feel good. I felt myself relaxing. I wanted to relax, it had been a long day. I'm just glad he's helping me relax. My body felt like it was getting a nice massage all around.
"Now keep letting that relax you deeper and deeper. Each time you go deeper you let go control of everything. Your body will relax and relinquish control. Deeper and deeper."
I nodded slowly, " cccooonn...ttrroolll."
"Good boy, you're doing great. Now I want you to count backwards from 100. You will count out loud quietly. With each number you will go deeper and deeper into submission and relaxation. If you miscount you will start counting over, but remain where you are in the level of relaxation. Understood?"
"Good. When you hit 1, your eyes will close completely and you will be completely relaxed and under my control. Start now."

"100... 99... 98..."
I felt myself following his instructions perfectly. I felt more and more relaxed. I felt as if I was losing all control, which was a good thing, as having control can be a burden to trying to relax. I wanted to relax.
"65... 6...3..." Crap I miscounted. "100... 99..."



I love this part, watching them struggle to count because they are losing control was great. This one so far has been one of the best subjects, after the beginning hiccups that is. He was a cute guy, I couldn't wait to expand his horizons like we did with the sex slave Tommy over in the other room.

Finally, he's down to the last few numbers... Hopefully he won't screw up, I'm getting impatient.

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1."

And he's out like a light.
"Sam can you hear me?"
"Good, Sam, you trust me don't you? I helped you relax, something you've always wanted. You feel so good right now don't you?"
"Trust. Relax. Yes."
I smiled, "good boy Sam. Now you will call me Sir or Master, understood?"
"Sorry, yes sir."
"Good boy. You are my slave. You will feel relaxed and barely have to think as I will give you instructions. Most everything you do will come natural to you. If it doesn't, someone will show you the way. Understood?"
"Yes sir."
"Good. Oh and one more thing, before I allow you to wake up, you need to have a word that will put you back in this relaxed state where I can provide you with mind-altering instructions. Anytime I call you 'Swimmer Boy', you'll return to this state, understood?"
"Yes sir."
"Good. Now I'll wake you back up. I want you to come back to life as you were before you drank the purple liquid. You will remember your trigger. Go ahead and wake up."



I began to wake up from whatever nap my body took. I was still tied to the chair, but my mouth wasn't gagged. I looked up and saw the guy who was trying to kidnap me. I didn't want to say a word in case he thinks I'm under his spell.

"How do you feel boy?"
"Well that's a pity... GABE! BRING HIM OUT."
Gabe and Tommy walked out from the other room. Gabe was wearing his clothes, and Tommy was still wearing a jockstrap.

Tommy looked at me and smiled. "Master is he ready?"
"Close boy, but he says he's not horny."
The expression on his face turned sad. "I'd like to fix that master."
"Go ahead."

Tommy walked over to me and began rubbing my chest and body. He then planted his lips on mine. He started making out with me and it felt good. I wanted more. As he did this he was massaging my cock through my pants. I was starting to get horny. I was trying to resist, but something about the passion Tommy was giving to me made it seem real. I liked girls, I am straight.... I was so confused.

The guy came up to me and whispered into my ear "Swimmer Boy." Next thing I knew, my eyes closed and my head fell into Tommy's kiss.

I awoke what felt like a second later. Still bound to the chair, nothing had changed. I looked around no one was near. What happened? How long was I out? My mouth wasn't gagged so I wanted to speak aloud but I couldn't, like I lost my voice.

Then he came out from behind me.
"Welcome back Sam. How was your nap?"
"It was good sir." Sir?! What the hell?
"Good. Are you ready to have some fun boy?"
"Yes master I am." Master? What is wrong with me?! I'm not controlling my mouth, it's robotic.
"Good. Tommy, come out here now."
I looked over as Tommy came into the room. He was still wearing his jockstrap, and nothing else. I looked him up and down. I never realized how sexy Tommy is. He's a runner, but his body is slim yet satisfyingly full of muscles. I wanted him to want me. I needed him to want me. He made my cock hard just looking at his almost naked perfect body. I checked out every inch of him as he moved closer. His bulge in his jock looked huge. I wanted his cock so bad. He showed off his ass on purpose I'm sure... damn he had a nice ass. My cock kept growing. I felt harder than I've ever been.

Tommy winked at me and I melted. Next thing I knew, all I could think about was him and me.

Master smiled at me. "Good boy Sam, now. Go ahead tell me what you're feeling. Tommy can't hear you speak."
"Master," I said slowly.
"I want him bad. Really bad. I want him to fuck me hard."
"You can have him. He's all yours. But first you must do one thing to prove your loyalty to me."
"Anything for you Master."
"You must suck my cock dry, swallowing every drop. Then Tommy is all yours."
"Yes sir!" I really wanted to suck my master's cock. Pleasing him made me feel complete, plus I get something great in return.
"Good. I will untie you now, 'swimmer boy.'"
My eyes shut again.

I woke up still dressed, but lying on the couch. I was untied, so at least that was a plus. Tommy stood in front of me in his jock still. My Master stood by his side, naked except for his mask. His partner was asleep and clothed on the floor in a corner of the room.

I stood there looking into my master's eyes knowing what I had to do. I got off the couch and got down on my knees. He sat on the couch as I positioned my kneeling body between his strong legs. I leaned in and began licking the tip of his rock hard cock. It was long, thick and longing for my mouth. My Master wanted me to suck his cock so bad, I could tell. He smiled at me with his huge smile and pushed my head down to take in his shaft and buried my face in his pubes. I knew what it meant, so I started sucking down his shaft. He had such a nice cock, I took care as I bobbed back and forth up and down his shaft. Damn he was sexy. All I could think about is how much I'm pleasing my master and how good his cock tastes.
I heard him moan louder and louder. Tommy started rubbing his jock against the back of my head, making his bulge larger for when I turned around and swallowed him down too.

As I continued suckling down on my master's cock, I felt him jolt. I was ready. I knew he was going to shoot his hot and delicious load down my throat. Sure enough I was right. He shot one quick short shot straight to the back of my throat. I thought I would have gagged, but I didn't. It satisfied me enough to know I could take it down completely. After the quick shot, he shot another, faster shots, increasing in size. It was sweet tasting and delicious. I wanted more. I craved it as it kept hitting my mouth. It felt great. I heard him moaning which made me excited that he was happy. Once he was done, he pulled out.
"Good slave, Sam. Now, do what you need to do here to Tommy." He patted my head, as he wiped his wet and sticky cock across my face. I turned around and grabbed Tommy's ass through his jockstrap hole. I dug my face straight into his jock where his cock was causing him to moan and pushing his cock out the top of his jock. I sank my teeth around his jocks band and began to pull down. I let it fall off of him as he stepped out of it. His cock managed to hit my face as I was letting go, which turned me on. I came back up to look at his meat. It was long, thick, and cut. It was begging for attention, wanting to be played with. His balls were huge hanging off the end of his long shaft. I grabbed them lightly as my other hand continued to molest his perfectly round bubble butt. My mouth licked the tip of his cock and he moaned so loud, I knew it wouldn't be long before he shot.

Master slowly rubbed on Tommy's nipple. Tommy moaned louder as my mouth and face bobbed on his long shaft. Tommy moaned louder and louder, and his body also began jerking. It was time for me to take the load of my good friend. I was thrilled. He shot quickly, but much a much larger amount of cum than Master did. Tommy's cum was sweet, and each shot to the back of the throat was warm and made me hornier. Tommy kept shooting until he was done. There was significantly more cum coming out of Tommy and I swallowed every bit of it. It tasted so good, and I knew I was pleasing him just as I had Master. When he was done, he pulled out.

I stayed on my knees awaiting further instructions.

"Sam, I'm impressed. Did you enjoy that boy?"
"Yes Master, I did."
"Good, now, I hope you remember what that cum tasted like, I'm sure you'll be getting a lot more of it soon, you little cum slut."
"Thank you Master, I will. I want cum in my mouth all of the time."
"Good boy, swimmer boy."
I blacked out and fell to the ground.

A few minutes later, I awoke. I remembered everything that had just happened and was confused.
"I sucked two cocks?!" I thought to myself. I didn't know how it happened or why it happened. I looked around and no one was around. Yet again though, I was tied up. This time I was naked and hogtied with a ball gag in my mouth on the couch.

Master, or whatever his real name is, came out and smiled at me.
"Well boy, I see you're awake now. Do you remember sucking my cock?"
I nodded in disgust.
"What's wrong? Feeling gross?"
I nodded again.
"Well just remember you're gay now. I mean you sucked two cocks and swallowed their loads."
I sighed in my head, he was right. I must be gay... No. I can't be. He's playing tricks with me.
Tommy came out of the other room, naked. I stared him down checking him out not realizing it. I saw his cock and longed for it. No, no. I can't be.
"If you aren't gay, why is your friend turning you on?"
I realized he was right, my cock was hard. Shit.
Tommy came up to me and began rubbing my nipples, even as I tried to turn away. Damn that felt good. Shit. Stop! I hated not being able to talk. All they hear is "mmmpppphh."
Tommy then grabbed my ass and looked down into my eyes. He had a look of lust and desire in his eyes. As he was rubbing my body, he got down on his knees, and leaned his head in to whisper in my ears.
"Sam, don't worry, I'll take good care of you, you sexy swimmer. I want you bad. Really bad." He said that to me as he tugged on my already rock hard cock. He smiled as he kissed my cheek.
I felt comfortable yet nervous. What did he mean he'll take care of me? Did he really want me or was that the hypnosis talking? So many questions.
Tommy kept rubbing my cock in my most vulnerable position, as I was still hogtied on the couch, unable to move because I wanted him bad. I don't know why, but if we get free I'm starting to truly think Tommy will be mine.

As Tommy began to get me turned on more and more, I heard the words. "Swimmer Boy." I fell asleep instantly with Tommy's hand on my cock.


Nick (Master):

"Runner Boy."
Then Tommy went down, still not letting go of Sam's cock. I smiled. My work here was done. I can deliver the goods of these two hot guys, one fully loaded and one empty. They'll make a great couple when this is all over. Lucky for them, they already want each other.

"Tommy stand up." He did so. "Now boy, get dressed and get ready to go, like the good boy you are."
"Yes Master." He walked off and put his PJs back on with his slightly still wet with precum jockstrap. He waited off to the side.
I decided to untie Sam and get him ready. It was already approaching the time when these two get picked up.
"Sam, go get dressed. Make sure your underwear is a jockstrap, your master loves jockstraps."
"Yes sir. I only have one master."
"Don't worry, we will fix that soon."
"Thank you master, I didn't want to upset you."
"Such a good boy Sam." I patted his ass as he walked to get dressed.

I decided I should probably wake my partner. He always wants to go right in and get his action, yet doesn't let the guys struggle beforehand. Oh well, maybe I'll get a replacement soon.

Before I even could wake him up, I got a call. The delivery guy was here. "Great." I thought. It was 2 AM, the pizza guy was early. I never knew his name, everyone just called him PB.

I opened the door. He smiled, "so Nick, show me the prizes."
I pointed over to the mindless Tommy and Sam.
"So boss said you had two? What about that third one over there?"
"That's my partner, I hadn't had a chance to wake him up yet."
"Why was he out?"
"He's a horny guy, never works on the slow build up with hypnosis, he just wants me to prep them for fucking."
"Your partner is a smart man. Lazy, but smart."
"Oh I still have fun..."
"I never said you didn't. Now, Nick, I'll take them in. Unfortunately for you, you're only getting credit for one."
"Yep. The other one is mine. My catch of the night is my morning breakfast. Just like your partner over there, I like to fuck them too."
"That's not fair dude. We all have to turn in our prizes. You know what the boss will do to me if I don't deliver."
"I know what he will do. You see, you're a good hypnotist. You're a threat to me, even though I'm above you on all aspects. Plus you're cute. I know you'll make a great slave. Oh wait you already are one, huh Nicky Boy?"
With that I blacked out.


Pizza Boy:

What Nick didn't know is, I was the boss's right hand man. I called the shots. I always got what I wanted. I'd let Nick go eventually, but he needed a little tuning up. His style wasn't good enough. Boss said he let one get away last week and played it as if it never happened. His partner told us he was here tonight, so at least he didn't get far. Nick was cute... Cute enough that I wanted to fuck him.

You see Nick had gorgeous eyes. Not as nice as mine, but still. His eyes were a nice bronze brown color. They went well with his dirty blonde hair. His body was fairly muscular but trim and thin. He was no winning prize, but he was still a cute guy. His partner though, was a body builder. He was partnered with Nick to make sure he took down the guys and knocked them out in case little Nick couldn't take it. I figured I'd take Nick in and give him a little tease before I go back and pound my football player.

"Nick can you hear me?"
"Yes sir."
"I'm going to wake you up. You'll follow all directions I give you, understood?"
"Yes sir."
"You won't talk back to me, but you will be conscious and you'll know I'm in charge. Understood?"
"Yes master."
"Good boy, now wake up."

Nick opened his eyes.
"Wake your partner up under my command."
"Yes sir."
He walked over to his partner and bent down to whisper in his ear. His partner's eyes opened slowly as he got up and stared at me.
"Yes Master."
"What's your name boy?"
"Gabe sir."
"Okay Gabe, do you find Nick here attractive?"
"Very much so sir."
"Good. He's yours. You can do whatever you want to him sexually and he will like it, won't you Nick?"
"Yes Master."
"You get one hour. Then you're both going back to headquarters."
"Yes sir, they both said in unison."
I looked over at the two prizes, and went up to them to wake them up.

I whispered in their ears, "Come with me boys, for I am your master." Slowly they both stood up and opened their eyes to follow me to the van. I sat them inside and strapped them to their chairs. I couldn't let them get away. They instantly fell back asleep in their chairs. Damn Nick was good. He programs them so well. Such an asset.

I went back inside for a second to hear moaning and screaming of Gabe fucking the lights out of Nick. I figured I'd wait till they get back to HQ before I bother punishing him more. With that I went back so I could deliver their goods. Pity they don't get to watch.

I drove off leaving Nick and Gabe to have their fun. I arrived at headquarters with the prizes/delivery and smiled.
"Boss, I got the goods."
He came out from another room. "Excellent job boy. Now whose delivery are they?"
"Both are Nick's sir. I left mine for more fun tomorrow. You know me."
"Yes, yes I do. Where is Nick and Gabe?"
"They are receiving some.... Punishment."
The boss gave off a huge grin, "I hope its good boy."
"Oh believe me, it is."
"Great. Now let's put these two in their rooms for their initiation. We need to welcome them here."
We put each prize in their own room and worried about them tomorrow. They'd sleep it off until we were ready.
"Well boy, go have your fun. I'll wait for these boys to come back."
"Ohhh no. I'll wait too. I don't need to go back till morning or afternoon. He's got a note with instructions and a trigger. He'll be passed out on the floor by the door waiting for me."
"Smart boy you are. I knew I liked you."
"Why do you think I keep your guys in line?"
The boss smiled. He only smiled with me, unless the prize is worthy. I liked that I always got what I wanted as everyone else had to deal with the wrath. Lucky for me, my eyes happened to let me get my way.

We waited around for Nick and Gabe. Slowly they pulled up.
"Welcome back boys." I said to them. "Wake up now."
They both came out of their trance and back to reality. Nick looked at me, realized where he was and said "shit."

"Don't worry boys, I won't hurt you. You aren't fired yet. PB here confessed to his mistake. You're both good to go for now. But you both need a little tuning up."

Nick looked up at me and the boss and was upset.
The boss whispered something into their ears and they both froze in place, eyes wide open. "Now boys, no more mistakes. Next weekend you'll grab me this one." The boss handed Nick a flyer. "Understood?"
"Yes Master," Nick said in a monotone voice.
"Gabe. You're going to be replaced for next weekend. You need a good rest. Nick, bring him to his own room for adjustments. Come back here when he's there."

Nick guided Gabe to a 'holding cell' that every slave goes through before becoming a worker. It's the same cell we brought Sam and Tommy to. I stood around waiting with the boss for Nick to come back. When he returned the boss spoke again. "Good boy Nick, now, Friday you'll get your assignment, and your partner. Don't screw anything up this time. Understood?"
"Yes Master."
"Come back here Wednesday for a pre-trial. You cannot cum until I let you."
"Yes Master."
"Now wake up and go."
Nick shook his head, the life came back into his body as he walked out the door.

I looked at the boss.
"Nick will be good. You must train him well. On Wednesday give him the time of his life. For now I must tend to our new victims and fix Gabe. Go back to your waiting stud."
"Sure thing boss."
"One more thing PB." He leaned in and whispered to me, "just because you're the best doesn't mean I don't own you boy." He smacked my ass as my body went limp and my eyes closed.


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