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Jake to Jane

by nyphosis

Chapter 1

Jake was the most popular guy at college. Or so he thought. Whilst everyone surely knew who he was, not everyone liked him. He was a tall guy. 6ft 5. He stood with a large intimidating build and strutted about in a confident manner. Or rather, an arrogant one.

His chest was almost godly. Broad and thick and covered in a thick forest of chest hair. Below this were defined washboard abs that went well with his engorged biceps. His dick was also very well proportioned standing at a proud 9 inches. His favourite appendage. Though like most guys he wouldn't have said no to an extra inch or two. It was safe to say, every guy wanted his body. 

He was the star player on the football team. In fact the only reason he was at college. He'd managed to bag himself a scholarship, contingent on the fact he keep playing. And play he did. He put in 110% to every game. Pushing himself until he could no further and then a little more. At the end of every game he was flooded with adrenaline, and would have his pick of the cheerleaders to have a night of passion with.

What Jake also had was a big secret. The secret to his success. He had been listening to hypnosis files for many years. Encouraging himself to work-out. Conditioning himself to raise his testosterone level. Teaching himself to raise his confidence. He owed a lot to these files, probably his scholarship, and fell asleep listening to a playlist every night.

The files had their side effects though. What he made up for in confidence he lacked in empathy. He would string women along, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time before breaking their hearts. They were all just objects to him. To be used until he got bored.

That was until the day he met Jasmine. There was something different about her. Something that compelled him to respect her. He was most definitely intrigued by her. She seemed almost familar. Someone he could be comfortable around like he would with a male friend.

She told him about how she had just transferred from the other side of America and he immediately offered to show her around the college campus. When he was around her he felt the nervousness and awkwardness he hadn't felt since his early days in high school. Which intrigued him even more.

The reason he was so nervous? The day he met her he found out she too was into hypnosis. He'd never talked to anyone about it before but finally wanted to confess to someone who would understand. Whilst giving her a tour of the campus he was desperate to let loose, but the idea of her rejecting him was too much to bare.

He spent many days binging himself on confidence files before he built up the courage to ask her on a date. To his surprise, she accepted. He took her to a very fancy restaurant and spared no expense. Lobster, champagne, he'd never spent so much money to get into a girls pants. But this time, it wasn't even that. He was vying for her heart.

As they dined the topic of hypnosis soon surfaced. For the first time he was able to share the secret to his success. He told her about how he helped himself grow so tall and muscular and after a few glasses of champagne even admitted to extending his penis.

And she shared back too. She told him about her experiments. She had increased her breast and nipple size and sensitivity. As well as giving herself a nice shapely ass. She'd also installed triggers in herself, one of which caused lactation, another of which to cause instant orgasm.

Jake jokingly asked for the trigger phrase. To his surprise, Jasmine gave it to him.

"Time to cum now", Jake whispered across the table to her. Suddenly she started quivering. Her eyes shut, her head leaned back and her breathing deepened. Her face went red and Jake could tell she was trying to hold back the moans. He could also tell she didn't care who saw her. She started to moan. Louder and louder. Jake's cock sprung to life as he realised nearly everyone in the restaurant were staring at their table.

With one last gasp Jasmine came back to Earth in a daze. The restaurant was silent, soon broken by a diner from the back yelling "I'll have what she's having!". The rest of the diners started laughing and then went back to their meals as Jake stared into Jasmine's eyes and heard the best line she could have said.

"Shall we skip dessert?", she asked.

Within 20 minutes the bill was payed and they were in her bed. What followed was a night of passion Jake had never felt before. It wasn't just lust. It was love. He was falling for her. Her body was the most luscious he had ever laid eyes on. Her tits were large and natural. Her nipples thick and long to compliment her silver dollar sized nipples.

Her ass was like that of Kim Kardashian. They played with each other until dawn before watching the sunrise on Jasmine's balcony in each others arms.

"I don't think I've ever said this before, but I am shattered", exclaimed Jake.

"I'm sure we can fix that with some audio files", suggested Jasmine with a wink.

"Any suggestions?", Jake asked.

"I'd love an increased cum production", Jasmine suggested.

"Hungry, are we?, Jake asked with a wink.

"Why don't you let me curate a custom playlist for you?", she asked.

"What are you planning?", Jake asked.

"You'll find out soon enough", she said with a grin.

Jake's heart began to pound. He was so excited as to what she had in store for him. If only he had known what she was planning to do to him. If only he had recognised her from the time he had met her all those years ago. If only he knew all this time she was planning her revenge on him. He might still have a penis.

To be continued...


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