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The Reunion

by ElSupremo

Chapter 1

It all started about 2 years ago. I found myself all alone after several years of pure agony and heartbreak. About 2 weeks after the funeral I started to explore the Internet and found a site that had hypnosis files and I figured that something to make me feel more positive about myself was something that I needed. After a while I really started to feel good about myself and got bored listening to those files and I had heard of some files that worked on sexual fantasy. I got a file that had me looking at women’s breasts all the time and I think it really had me looking at tit’s.

Then I found a website named warpmymind and it had so many sexual files it blew my mind. So many files had people wearing diapers or turning people into sissy’s of which I didn’t want any of that crap. What I really wanted was something to masturbate by and I found several and was surprised at how much they helped get me in the mood to beat my meat.


I found that I could jerk off and actually eat my cum and I wasn’t bothered or offended by doing either, in fact I would look forward to jacking off and having a cum snack. I became obsessed with looking for and trying all kinds of sexy files. I really enjoyed a file called masturbating cock sucker and the more I listened to it the harder my boners were while listening to it. I have never had a male to male relationship and had no intention of doing that and I only wanted to excite myself with the hypno file. It got to the point that I couldn’t wait to get home and go to bed listening to my masturbating files. It was a slow process and I was happy stroking my meat and thinking about sucking cock and then one day I got and listened to a file call “cursed forced gay” I listened to this file a lot and I played it on a continuous loop. I never stopped the playing and at night all I had to do was stick in my blue-tooth ear phones and the file would greet me. So I ended up falling asleep every night listening to CFG and waking up listening to CFG. This went on for months and months.


Even though I was listening to CFG so much I still didn’t have any gay encounters and wasn’t looking for one, but boy did I have gay dreams and ended up having many gay adventures in my dreams. while dreaming I could suck and deep throat with the best cock suckers, I could take the biggest cocks up my ass and down my throat and I still have not had a real experience with a man. I still liked viewing breasts at the store and I even thought about fucking and having weird sex with women. I figured I could do both if the opportunity presented itself and was content to my nightly listening and masturbating. The CFG file would tell me that I was being made completely and utterly gay and that I wouldn’t be able to have sex with a female. I didn’t believe it because I could still masturbate and think about large tits, but that was going to change.


I got an email announcing the 40th class reunion and was asked if I could go. I responded with a affirmative. Several weeks later I received an email from a ghost from the past. This girl Suzy was a 9th grader and I was a senior, I knew she had a crush on me, but being older and all I wouldn’t date her and I ended up with a girl from another school. I was always nice to her and we were actually friends with the age difference understood. I even had a slow dance with her at a Sadie Hawkins dance. She took advantage of me and I let her have her way with me on the dance floor and from that time on we seemed to be closer then ever. I graduated and went into the military and that was that. I never saw her again and this email from her was actually a shock to me.


Suzy wrote me several more emails and we found that we were getting along pretty good and our relationship was beginning to be special. Suzy and I found that we had a lot in common and she sent me a file that had my favorite oldies songs on it and suggested that I put it on and listen to it every day and at night. The files were so cool, she made them like she was a disk jockey and made announcements all throughout them and gave each song a personal touch. I found that the more I listened to the songs the more I wanted to listen to them. This went on for a couple of weeks and I think I was falling in love with her. It got to the point that I would get a new music file and I would be so excited to listen to her voice. Suzy would call me and we would talk for hours and hours. I felt that we were having an affair via phone and email. I couldn’t wait for her to call and found myself sitting and hoping the phone would ring. I still didn’t know what she looked like and would go through my school yearbook and just stare at her picture and read the little blurb she had written so many years ago (loved our Sadie Hawkins dance, will never forget it). She proposed that because I lived in the west and she lived in Dallas that if I wanted I could drive to Dallas, stay with her for a day or two and then we could drive to New York together. Of course I agreed and couldn’t wait to see her so we set it up that I would arrive on Monday, we would leave Wednesday and get to New York Thursday. Friday was a get together for each class, she would go to her class and I would go to mine. The reunion was a multi year reunion.


I decided that the Monday time frame was cutting things a little tight and told her that I could be there Saturday and that would give us more time to get acquainted again and she didn’t seem surprised at my suggestion and loved the idea. I was so happy that she really wanted to see me and have me come to her home a couple days earlier. The time flew by and the day arrived for me to take off for the reunion and couldn’t wait to see Suzy. For the entire 10 hour trip to Dallas I was in a daze thinking about her. I got to her house late Saturday afternoon and was I nervous at the thought of seeing her again. I rang the doorbell of a really nice ranch style house in a really nice neighborhood. The door opened and there stood a very beautiful slender woman with long dark hair with some silver steaks in it. The years have been very good to Suzy and she smelled and breathe beauty. I was taken back by her presence and appearance. I think I had forgotten to breathe and was getting light headed finally she said “hello” and I snapped out of it and took a huge breath. Blinking I said “hi” and just stood there stupidly staring at one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen and I was in love.


She broke the ice and said, “George?”. I nodded and said “Suzy?”. She just smiled and opened the door and asked me to come on in. I was in a different world drinking in her beautiful home and the smells of her house that had her all over it. I was over whelmed with her beauty, her smells and her house. She invited me to sit down and offered me a wine or beer and I said wine. She brought me a glass of wine that was sweet and had a touch of honey in it and I relaxed immediately. Suzy wanted to know all about me and for some reason I wanted to tell her all about me. We talked for hours and I ended up telling her that I had really liked her, but was afraid that the age difference and all had prevented me from being more friendly with her. Suzy told me that she had felt the same way about me and that she understood and respected my conflicts with the class and age difference. I told her that I had really enjoyed that dance and wished we had let that go on to bigger and better things. She said something about that’s life and maybe in the long term it was for the best.


Suzy put on some oldies music and when a really nice slow dance song came on she asked me to dance and boy did we dance and danced. She had me and I held her and I was in another world hoping it would never end. We ended up in her bed and then the unexpected happened. I had a really hard boner and she had her hand on it slowly stroking it. I was in seventh heaven and then I started thinking that she didn’t have a nice cock like me. My cock started to go soft and there was nothing I could do about it. Suzy asked me what was wrong and I told her I didn’t know, but I did know, she didn’t have a cock. For some reason Suzy got really interested in my problem and told me that she thought it was a mental thing and that she was a psychotherapist told me to lay back and relax. I found that I told her my whole story with the hypno files and she got really serious and told me that I had made a huge mistake fooling around with them. She knew about the CFG hypno file and told me that beating it wasn’t an easy thing and that I was probably going to be stuck gay whether I wanted it or not.


Suzy got up and came back a minute later and showed me a life like cock dildo. I immediately got hard and was excited by the cock. She teased me by rubbing it in my face and I automatically parted my lips and let her slide the cock into my mouth and I started sucking on it and while I was surprised by my actions of sucking on the cock she slid my cock into her pussy and actually fucked me while I was engrossed by her cock. Suzy said that because I was in her pussy her pussy would take over and my cock would become hers. When it was all over I was so embarrassed and actually had tears in my eyes. I was so confused. Suzy just held me and told me that she understood what had happened to me and that she had a patient that had done the same thing.


I couldn’t believe what had happened to me and the way I reacted to her rubber cock. The only thing I knew was that I had really enjoyed having a cock, even if it was a fake cock around me or sucking on it. Suzy told me that to really test my condition she wanted me to meet another guy from our school that lived in Dallas and was completely shocked when she told me his name. It was Gary and I knew him and that he was in the class below me. Suzy said that he was going to the reunion too and that she knew he was here in Dallas because he was her hair dresser and that she would ask him if he wanted to ride with us to New York. Since it was only 10 o’clock she gave him a call and he was happy to hear from her and said he would like to meet me in the morning, but it would have to be at the salon because he had a special event going on and would make time for Suzy and me.


We talked for what was like hours and Suzy told me that she really liked me and wanted to help me so we could enjoy each other more. She wanted to create some files for me and if I agreed she would do all she could to break the CFG hold on me. I didn’t know if I wanted to give up the listening to CFG because I was so used to listening and masturbating. Suzy said that in order to break the hold of CFG she was going to trick it, but I was going to have trust her 100% no matter what I thought I had to follow all her instructions and be completely devoted to her and allow all her suggestions to become my way of life. I agreed and she gave me a gentle kiss and I almost fainted. Suzy had been really nice to me and told me that she understood that I was probably still in shock and all she asked was that I just relax and go with the flow. I agreed with her and promised to be a good boy and just go with the flow. I told her that I was sorry about last night and she was so nice about it and said that she had enjoyed having me last night and that we could work on my issue. I told her that I was glad that she was willing to work with me to get through my problem and I was willing to do anything to get a semblance of normalcy back. The fact is I had been so sexually excited and hard and that I had gone soft in the middle of everything really disturbed me. I had thought that not being able to have normal sex was exciting and didn’t believe it. After last night I am a believer and am hoping that Suzy with all her experience can turn things around. I really am regretting not being stronger and being her boyfriend in high school. Suzy smiled and told me that she’s excited to get to work on me and that she has a few ideas on beating the CFG file and that I had to work hard at following her plan. I was so happy that I felt like I had a real chance at this and that Suzy was on my side. I was looking at Suzy like she was Supergirl using all her super powers to fight for me and I felt so fortunate and lucky to have Suzy on my side.


It was about 11 in the morning when we got to his salon after a really nice breakfast. Gary looked really good, he had a good body and hadn’t gone to seed. he seemed to be in great shape and had a really upscaled salon. I found out that this weekend he had a promotion going on that donated money to a national breast cancer foundation of some kind. Gary was so nice to me and I really enjoyed meeting him. I found that I felt strange being so close to someone who looked and acted so gay. I couldn’t believe the guy I knew in school was looking and acting so flaming gay. He had a crazy hair style and was bleached blond. I felt a bit faint just being in the same room with him, but he was really nice and Suzy was acting so happy and was smiling and seemed to be having a really amazing time, As it turned out I was wrong on everything I was thinking, the reason Gary had the crazy hair style was that he was participating in a fund raiser and people had donated over $200 for him to have his hair done like that.


After I knew that I felt a little strange and disappointed because he may not be gay. Suzy told me that Gary was gay and that his boyfriend broke up with him awhile back. I suddenly felt better and didn’t really know why. Suzy was holding my hand and we were acting like girl friend and boy friend and I really felt good with the situation like that. I knew

 I was in love with her and this time I didn’t care what anyone else thought about it. One of Gary’ assistants came around and took a picture of us and smiled and asked if we wanted something to drink. I got a glass of wine because that’s what Suzy asked for. Gary would swing by every so often and would say not much longer and smile at us. I was thinking we were wasting our time sitting here watching people get silly hair styles and colors. Suzy smiled and would comment on this person and that person. The time passed pretty quickly soon the girl came back and brought us a second glass of wine and about 20 minutes later she came and said that it was our turn. I didn’t understand and neither did Suzy. Gary came over and asked us what the problem was and I said that the girl said that it was our turn. He said “oh” I think there has been a mistake and started to laugh, he said the girl thought we were part of the volunteer’s that was going to get their hair treated for the program. I laughed and Suzy didn’t say anything except that she would only do it if I did it and that we both got the same treatment. Gary thought that was the greatest thing he had heard all day. He got all excited and and started to run around giving orders and his assistant was busy on the computer. I asked Suzy why she said that and she just squeezed my hand and gave me a really warm kiss to which I just melted. Gary came back and gave Suzy a hug and then gave me a hug to which I could feel my cock stiffening, I think Gary felt it and gave me a slight side look. Gary came back and said that it was time to get started if we wanted to get out of here at a decent time. I was going to say that I never agreed to having this done, but with Suzy so happy and excited, she said she was proud of me and was so happy we were here together. I just kept my mouth shut thinking that if Suzy wanted me to do this then this is what I wanted too and decided it’s just hair and worst case I would go to the reunion with a bald head and nobody would give it a second thought.


I was lead to a wash station and Gary started to shampoo my hair and was really enjoying having him working on my head. I decided that with Gary showing so much attention to me I was just going to close my eyes and let him do as he wanted with my hair. He worked on my head and was talking about himself and brought me up on his history and all the while putting smelly stuff in my hair and reassuring me that everything would end soon and I would look great. He complimented me and said that I looked to be in pretty good shape all the while touching and squeezing me. I just laid back and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. What I really wanted was for him to take my cock out and stick his head under the sheet and give me a blow job or for him to take his cock out and let me suck him off. He rinsed the smelly stuff off and he made the comment that my hair really looked nice and he had me lay back and he started to add something else with some tinfoil that he seemed to be wrapping some of the hair in. he did this for like forever and he explained that some stylist will try to cheat on this part of the process by doing larger groups of hair so that then there would be less wraps and the process goes much faster. he said that for me he wasn’t going to cheat. He would lean against my arm on the armrest and I could feel his cock and every once in a while I’d fake a sneeze and push back on his cock. I think he knew what I was doing and it only encouraged him to move around and reposition his cock on my arm. After a long while he declared that it was time to remove the foil and rinse my hair.


With all the foil removed and my hair rinsed he started to blow dry my hair and he kept saying that he had done a truly excellent job. Suzy was still getting her hair done and Gary said I could open my eyes and check out how nice my hair looked. I told him I wanted to wait until Suzy was done and standing in front of me. He understood and told me to just lay back and relax. About a half hour later I heard Suzy giggling and I opened my eyes but I didn’t see her, she was behind me and Gary said close my eyes and that he would help me up, but not to peek. I got up and he lead me a few feet always holding and squeezing me, he even nudged my butt with his cock. He said that on the count of 3 to open my eyes. 1, 2, 3 and I opened my eyes and I saw my Suzy standing there with bleach blond hair with bright pink highlights, she even had pink eyebrows and she looked absolutely gorgeous.


As it turned out I was supposed to have my eyebrows done the same way and Gary had me sit back down and another guy came over and started getting me ready for my eyebrow job. I made sure my elbows were hogging the arms on the workstation and he didn’t seem to mind rubbing my elbows with his cock. He said that when working on eyebrows that I should keep my eyes closed so the fumes don’t irritate my eyes. I knew I was going to end up with matching eyebrows so there was no guessing what was being done to me. I closed my eyes and tried to catch a nap. The girls started to work on my fingers and said that my nails needed a little attention, I shrugged and just let her do her job. Another girl took my shoes off and started to soak my feet and remarked that I had really nice feet started to scrub my heels and work on my toes. I was mostly in the recline position and was afraid that I would get a boner with all this attention. The whole process took just as long as my hair had taken and I think I had actually fallen asleep for a short period of time.


Gary came by and told me that everything was done and that both Suzy and I looked incredible. I opened my eyes and Gary put the chair back into the upright position and I got up feeling so strange and I looked at my newly manicured fingers and I had bright pink finger nails with little diamonds stuck to them. Oh geez, what the hell was this. Suzy saw me looking at my nails and she just raised her hand and showed me her matching pink nails. Before I could say anything the pretty young girl came with the camera and said that she needed a picture of Suzy and me for proof. She also mentioned that we had gotten the largest donation of the day and was so happy that how could I say or do anything to ruin the happy mood in the salon. Everyone was excited that we had gotten such high amounts for our makeovers. Suzy acted happy so I put on a smile and said is this all they had to throw at us. Gary grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me over to him and said that I better be careful about what I asked for. I understood immediately and shut my mouth and hoped that nobody took notice of my stupid remark.


I was standing there for our picture to be taken and it ended up that a whole bunch of pictures was taken and we had to pose several ways. I notice that I didn’t have my shoes on and when I looked down and saw that my toes were the same pink as everything else and each of my big toes had a large diamond. Suzy wiggled her toes and hers were the same bright pink with a large diamond. She was holding my hand and smiled at me and she said that we have really done it now. I nodded in agreement and Suzy said something like it was just another life experience and at least it was for a good cause. I smiled and told her that with her there was never a dull moment. She squeezed my hand and I gave her a squeeze back. Actually as weird as everything was I wasn’t mad, I was just glad I was with Suzy. The more I looked at her the more I felt I was in love with her. I kept thinking back on that dance in high school and I wished that I had let it go a lot farther and maybe gotten a Sadie Hawkins marriage like a lot of the other kids had done. It could have been the start of great things.


Gary invited us out for supper and we ended up at a mom and pop steak restaurant and after the initial looks and gasps we sat down and everything seemed pretty normal. The food was great the talk was exceptional and the wine hit the spot. We ate and Gary apologized for getting us involved in the fund raiser. I brushed it off and told him that it was like no other experience I had ever had and besides now I looked cool. He smiled and said that I just said that to make him feel better and I responded with “you’re right”. we all laughed and ordered another glass of wine. We decided that it was time to leave and that Gary had to work in the morning and also had to work Tuesday so we would see him 0600 on Wednesday for the trip to NY.


We got back to Suzy’s house and she brought me another glass of her sweet wine and I was soon relaxed and talking all about the makeover. I kept looking at Suzy and the more I looked the more I liked what I saw. Suzy was so beautiful and elegant I couldn’t take my eyes off her. We must have talked for about 2 hours and that she put on the music and we ended up dancing and once again in her bed. I really enjoy laying with her and holding her, we just snuggled and kissed and made so many silly sounds. I was really falling for Suzy and the only thing I wanted was to be with her. I had a boner and just as we were going to make love I got that thought of her not having a cock and my cock started to get soft. She pulled out her cock and I got hard again and she said that she was going to hypnotize me to allow me to have normal love with her. I agreed and said that anything she wanted to do to me was okay with me. All I remember is that she started talking to me and the next thing I was cumming in her and had just had the best sex I had ever had and that I loved her so much that it hurt. All I wanted was to lay there and hold her. I held her and held nothing back, I told her all my secrets and I even told her that I had elbowed Gary’s cock.


Suzy said that everything would be worked out in it’s own time and that she loved me for my being willing to bare all for her. I asked her if the hypnosis worked and she said that I was actually a good subject. I asked if she was going to make me do kinky stuff like walking down the street naked. She laughed and said that a professional would never do anything like that. She said that she was working with me to break the hold the CFG had on my cock. I told her that my cock was her cock. she smiled and said that she thought it was already hers and that she didn’t even have to hypnotize me to get it. Now, all she needed to do is to get my cock to love her and not to go soft but to get bigger and harder than ever for her. I said that after our love session I think she was doing a great job, she smiled and then the next thing I knew was making love to her with the biggest, hardest boner I have ever had. Suzy was telling me that my cock had to make a decision and that her pussy now had my cock firmly in it’s grasp. I could feel the grip she had on me and then she told me if I pulled out, her pussy would lose control and I would end up gay forever. I didn’t want to let her go, I could feel her pussy gripping and holding my cock, I felt wonderful and wanted to stay joined like this forever. I gripped her ass and tried to make myself deeper into the grip of her pussy and she said that once I came connected like this I would be completely lost and connected to her forever. I squeezed and held her tighter and my cock felt like it would burst with excitement. Suzy said, “CUM” and I squeezed her so hard I thought I might hurt her and then I saw stars and blew my wad into her wonderful pussy. When I finally came to my senses all I knew was I was in total and complete love with her and just wanted my cock to live deep in her pussy forever.


I woke up in the morning and I was hungry and I moved down between Suzy’s legs and started to lick her and smell her wonderful pussy. I had her totally in my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of her into my mouth and my nose was in there too. I felt like I was in heaven and all I wanted to was to eat her out. Suzy came and I slurped up everything. My cock was hard and Suzy said that my cock was her cock and she wanted her cock in her. I put it in her and I could feel her gripping it and my cock felt like it was swelling up getting bigger and bigger. Suzy was telling me that the longer I had my cock in her pussy the more her pussy would own my cock. The more my cock was in her pussy the more submissive to her pussy my cock would become and I would also become more submissive to her and I felt like she was right and I just wanted to live with my cock deep in her pussy and I wanted to be her submissive lover so much that I almost started to cry because it felt so good and I was so happy to be in her. Once again I wanted to remain joined forever and I think Suzy knew what I was thinking and she said that we needed to get up and she tapped my forehead and said cum. I felt like I was blowing my brains out through my cock. I came and came and then I went down on her and cleaned her out. All I can say is that I had just had the best love making session I have ever had. My love for Suzy was absolute and I was completely satisfied with that fact.


Suzy spent most of the morning working in her office and about one o’clock came out and announced to me that she had made me an easy listening run list for me to listen to. She said that I needed to reinforce all her suggestions and that it was completely my choice, but the results would hopefully be permanent and that we could be really happy together. I was so thankful and agreed with her and told her that now that I found her I didn’t want to lose her. Suzy told me to make myself busy because she had some real work to do for a few hours. I went for a naked swim in her pool and then I went in for a shower and she had a laser gun for hair removal in her bathroom. I picked it up and pulled the trigger and it flashed a light. I put the gun to my pubic area and pulled the trigger. My hair was shaved and had stubbles so I just started at the edges and proceeded to flashy flash my entire pubic area. I was really intent on flashing my entire area and maybe did the entire area 2 or maybe 3 times. My pubic area was red and tender, but if it really killed my hairs then I was happy.


I was in the kitchen getting a glass of wine when Suzy came in announcing that she was finished for the day and that she was in a really good mood. She asked if I had listened to the play list and I looked at her in shocked and she got a really disappointed look on her face which felt like a dagger to my heart. I started to get a tear in my eye and she just said that it was okay and that I could finish my wine in the living room and while she cooked supper I could listen to the files. An hour or to later I was being awakened by Suzy and she said that supper was ready. While we were eating I noticed that the background music was not from her speaker, but from my bluetooth ear plugs. Suzy said that if I didn’t notice the music right away then the person that made the list did a really good job. I agreed and gave her a nod and a wink with a peck on her cheek to which she smiled knowingly..


The evening went pretty much like the first evening except that I had a great time doing the dishes and had gotten such a thrill doing dishes for her. We must have drank a whole bottle of wine and listened to oldies. We talked and talked and it felt great to be having such a great time with being with Suzy. All too soon it was late and Suzy said that she needed her beauty sleep and I told her that she didn’t need a beauty sleep because she was already the most beautiful women I had ever known.


Once in bed we snuggled and hugged and was really enjoying just being so close to each other she reached down to grab my cock and she touched my sore pubic area and I instinctively pulled back because of the tenderness. Suzy pulled back the sheet and saw my redness and knew immediately that I had used her laser gun. She just asked if I realized that I may have killed off a whole bunch of my hair. I said yes and thought that maybe she would like having me completely bald down there, because she liked me being shaved and because she had the laser I wouldn’t have to shave again and would always be smooth for her. She liked my motive to make her happy and said that just because I zapped my hair once it wasn’t a done job and that I should zap’em once a week for the next couple of months and then my hairs would be gone. I thanked her for the lesson and figured that at least I had destroyed a whole bunch on the 1st time around.


Due to my soreness Suzy just pushed my head down and I feasted on her wonderful pussy. I figured if I couldn’t have my cock buried deep in her pussy I would bury my face into her pussy. She alternated on my eating her and sticking her dildo in and out with me getting to suck it clean. Every time I would suck on it my cock would get hard and Suzy would just push my head down and I would grab her ass cheeks and pull her towards me and once again make her cum on my mouth. Suzy kept asking me if I loved her pussy and how it tasted. I would tell her that I loved her more that anything else in the world and I couldn’t get enough of her pussy or cock. Suzy smiled and said that her pussy had that effect, and that she hoped that I understood that the more we had sex and the longer I kept my cock in her pussy the more it owned me and my cock. I said that I didn’t care.


We woke up early and all I wanted was to lick my way down to her pussy and that’s exactly what I did. Suzy said she was going to shower and do her hair so I should go to the pool and take a swim. I started to dig out my swim suit and she said “no” and that I didn’t need a swim suit. I said what about the neighbors and she said that they never peek over the fence so don’t worry about it. I didn’t worry and walked proudly to the pool and dove in. The cool water felt good on my sore pubic zone and I played for about an hour and was really enjoying myself when Suzy called to me that breakfast was ready and I returned to the house walking naked because I had forgotten my towel, outside the door on the chair was a towel, Suzy had realized that I forgotten it.


While we ate breakfast I kept thinking just how beautiful Suzy was, with her hair all blond and pink, her eyebrows pink and the way the diamonds on her fingers twinkling when the sun caught them. I started to think what a beautiful elf she would be, with her long slim body and long straight hair, all she was missing was elven jewelry and pointed ears. she would look like the girl in the Hobbit shooting arrows protecting her man. I snapped out of my fantasy day dream and Suzy was saying we should clean up our mess to which I replied absolutely and got up and started grabbing the dirty dishes. Suzy sat there smiling and said something about a good boy.


Tuesday was a quiet day and Suzy stayed busy doing what I guessed to be work stuff so I stayed out of her way and swam a few times and laid down on the couch listening to my play list of oldies. I was really getting comfortable being around Suzy and I hoped she felt the same way with me. We ate a early supper and Suzy said she had to finish packing and I could put my bags into her SUV and once she had her bags packed I could put hers in the SUV so we wouldn’t have to be loading everything in the morning. The evening went fast and we ended up in bed early and we just snuggled and the next thing I knew the alarm was going off and Suzy told me to hop in the shower real fast because Gary would be there around six. I told her I was going to jump in the pool real fast instead of a shower and Suzy said great idea and that she wouldn’t have to wait on the shower. I walked down to the pool naked and the predawn air felt good on my body. I dove into the pool and that woke me up. After a few trips across the pool under water I walked back to the house enjoying the morning air on my wet body. My nuked pubic area felt good and the soreness seemed to have vanished. I went into the house to get dressed and start a quick breakfast.


 Suzy came into the kitchen looking like a million dollars and thanked me for making coffee and snacks for the trip. The doorbell rang and it was Gary. Suzy said to open the garage door and pull the SUV out and help Gary load his stuff into it. We were pulling out of the driveway at 0630 and I couldn’t believe that we were on time and going to the reunion.


Gary said that we both looked great with our makeovers and I said that I was used to it now and hadn’t really thought about being so pink. He gave a glance at Suzy and she just shrugged and smiled at me. We made small talk and we all had something to say about past travels here and there, but none of us had been home in many years and were excited to see what had changed. Sometime in the early afternoon Suzy told Gary about CFG and her working with me to overcome it. He said that he had come to terms with it and felt like he had always been gay and had no plans to change. He just wanted to find the right guy and have a strong relationship. Suzy said that even though I was in the thrall’s of CFG I wasn’t available for him. He frowned and touched my shoulder and said too bad. His touch felt electric and my cock started to get hard and twitch. I found that listening to Gary talk about his journey into the gay world was fascinating and erotic. Suzy said that I needed to hear Gary’s story and use it to help me to overcome the grip CFG had on me and decided that how could I lose with Supergirl Suzy fighting for me and Gary being so understanding and seemingly wanting to help with my condition.


We all were taking turns driving and when Gary drove Suzy and I sat in the back together holding hands and talking quietly. I know I was putty in her arms and that was the way I wanted it to be and didn’t care what anyone would think about it. I am so committed to her and only want to serve and do what’s best for her. We also talked about our makeovers and Gary said that he was proud of the job they did on both Suzy and me. I hadn’t given much thought about my hair and nails and was at the point that I didn’t care what anyone thought and figured I might decide to keep my looks like this if that’s what Suzy wanted and besides I think it made me look years younger.


We were somewhere in West Virgina and found an old motel that had lots of flowers around the the cabins and we got one of the larger cabins. It was one big room with a kitchenette and a large king size bed and Gary said this was all they had because there was some kind of dog show in the area and it was this or nothing. I figured great because I couldn’t get enough of Suzy and had been looking forward to a night with her, but not a night with a threesome. Gary said he would sleep in the stinky overstuffed chair and Suzy said she would have nothing with that and that we were 3 adults that should be able to control ourselves for one night. I fell asleep immediately and woke in the morning holding Suzy and then I felt a hard cock nudging my ass. Gary wasn’t trying to fuck me, he was asleep and just pointed at me. I figured I could move his cock so I reached behind me to move him and I wrapped my hand around his cock and my cock which was hard got rock hard and just ached with lust. I was not only extremely aroused but I found I couldn’t take my hand off him. I started to slowly stroke him and he responded with a soft moan and I relaxed and continued to stroke him. Without thinking I was not only stroking Gary’s cock but with the other hand I was cupping and playing with Suzy’s nipples. She turned toward me and put her hand on my cock. I found myself lying on my back stroking Gary as slow and quietly enjoying the feel of a real cock in my hand and it reacting to my stroking. Suzy moved my hand down to her pussy and I allowed her position it on her pussy and I started to finger her. Without realizing it Gary had put his hand on my cock and had replaced Suzy’s with his and he stroked me with great skill. I was lost and continued to Stroke him not wanting to release the grip I had on him. Suzy had started to squirm under my finger and the next thing I knew my cock was being sucked and it wasn’t Suzy. It took maybe 45 seconds and I came into Gary’s mouth and he just took me into his throat and was swallowing my cum. I lost it and must have made noise or jerked around cumming. I think Suzy came too and was arching her back and moaning so loudly. Gary was babbling and he was cumming on my leg and I held on to him and stroked every last drop out of him.


When I regained my senses Suzy was looking at me and gave me a kiss, Gary said something about needing a shower and was gone. Suzy said that I made the mess and now I needed to clean it up. She pushed my head down and I was determined to lick her perfectly clean, to which I did and she made another juicy mess and I just kept licking and eating her out. I had gobs of sticky cum all over my leg and chest, the mattress sheet was wet so I got out of bed and as Gary came out of the bathroom I went in. During the shower I kept wondering how was Suzy going to react to my actions. I found out a minute later when Suzy came into the bathroom and sat down and peed, she then got up and stepped into the shower and held me tight. She started talking and told me that she understood what happened and said that we couldn’t let it effect us or the trip in fact she was glad that I had been nice to Gary and that I probably owed him a blow job. She said that for this trip we all should get along together and not be feeling any guilt about anything. We finished the shower and used the last of the towels and left the bathroom. We all got dressed and decided we had time to go to the local Denny’s for a big breakfast.


We arrived at Denny’s and got a booth. Gary slid in and Suzy pointed next to Gary and told me to sit. It felt like we were sitting in front of the principal. People around us were looking and I think they could see that Suzy was the boss and both Gary and I were hers. We gave our orders and the waitress smiled and departed, Gary and I just sat there waiting for Suzy to say something. The waitress brought our orders and we ate without a lot of talk. I paid the bill and Gary tipped the waitress with a smile. At the car Suzy said she was going to drive and that both of us should ride in the back seat. Once on the road Suzy gave us some advice and told us to listen to our play lists. We stopped at a gas station and we used the toilet and bought some soft drinks for the road. Once on the interstate Suzy started talking about the little sex adventure we had that morning and she wanted all of us to be open and out front with our feelings and that she also understood both of our needs and in fact she told Gary that if he wanted it I owed him a blow job and told him to open and pull down his shorts. I immediately got excited and couldn’t help myself reaching over and holding his rapidly hardening cock. Suzy was telling Gary that I had no experience sucking cock except for her dildo cock. He told her that he would ensure I only got the best instructions and pulled my head towards his cock. I found that I was drooling with anticipation of having his cock a real cock in my mouth. I was determined to give him a top notch blow job and proceeded to lick and suck on the head of his cock. Gary said that he was determined to stretch out my cock sucking for as long as he could.


Sucking on Gary’s cock was an experience I will never forget. I learned that I could take a lot of it into my mouth and because he had a really nice long cock, maybe around 8 inches he could hit the back of my mouth and I could feel it wanting to enter my throat. I gagged a few times and Gary coached me into relaxing and allowing the head of his cock to enter my throat. Once in my throat all I could do was feel him fucking my face deeply and I wondered what would happen if he came while lodged deep in my throat. I found out and got a direct load into my stomach. I pulled back and got a cum snack in my mouth and I licked, slurped, and swallowed until his cock was completely cleaned. Suzy was smiling and asked how well did I do for my first blow job Gary said I was adequate and then laughed and said I was great and having me suck him off was something he could get used to. Suzy surprised me by saying that we were one big happy family. I was sitting there with a boner and Suzy noticed and said that I would have to wait for any relief and that I would only get relief if I behaved myself. We pulled into a large truck stop and we all went to do our potty duties and refresh our fountain drinks. Gary got into the drivers seat and Suzy and I got into the back seat. Suzy put a couple drops of something into my soda and winked and said that it would help keep my pride and joy happy. I didn’t give it a thought and gave her a kiss and reminded her that I was putty in her hands and so whatever she wanted to do to make me the best I could be, just like the army commercials.


We must have drove for another hour or two and the next thing I knew was we were in another truck stop filling up the gas and Suzy telling me we needed to take a potty break. I zipped my zipper and together we walked into the truck stop heading straight to the women’s and men’s room. Gary followed me in and took the urinal next to me letting me see his ample cock. I told him he was a big tease and he said I had no clue just how big of a tease he could be and after shaking his cock off he stuffed it back into his pants giving me a big smile and a laugh. I finished, checked myself in the mirror, liked my pink look and left the room wondering when I would get to suck that cock again because we were “one big happy family”.


Outside they were waiting for me and Suzy had a fresh coke for me and told me to drive. For the next two hours we talked about the scenery and about how much wild life there was and just how many road kill bodies was beside the road. Gary looked to be napping in the back seat and Suzy just kept talking with me so that I wouldn’t get bored and we speculated about a bunch of “what ifs” and I wondered what if we had done one of those Sadie Hawkins temp marriages. Suzy giggled and said we would have had a fun wedding night, at least until her dad came to pick her up from the dance. She said that for old times sake we could say that we did get the SH marriage and that for now we should consider ourselves married and not let anyone say different and at the reunion we would tell everyone that we are married. She said that we could mix between classes because we are married and that’s that, Period!


Suzy took out her tablet and started doing stuff and after awhile she announced that due to the document she had on her tablet we had been married since 1970 and asked me to say out loud that I agreed and still considered it active and valid. I told her that I loved her and now that I think back that when she bailed me out of the SH jail we went straight to the judge and got hitched the Sadie Hawkins way which is firm and binding as long as both parties agree. There was bunch of small print but that didn’t matter to me. I told Suzy that when we parked the car I would get out and repeat the words “I marry you via Sadie Hawkins” 3 times all the while turning 3 times to lock in the marriage as binding and permanent. Just up ahead there was a rest stop and I pulled in, Suzy got out and pulled me on to the grass under a weeping willow tree and said “do it now”. I took hold of her hands and said “I marry you via Sadie Hawkins” and turned around, She did it just like I did. I repeated it again and she did it and then I took a deep breath and looked her in the eye and we both said “I marry you via Sadie Hawkins” turned for the 3rd time and gave her a deep loving kiss and she had a tear in her eye.


Good Ole Gary had woke up and was getting out of the car asking what the hell was going on and we both said that we just reconfirmed our wedding vows and that from now on to see us as a married couple. His only response was to say “KOOL”. From that moment on I would only see Suzy as my wife and that actually we had been married for all these years only we didn’t realize it. I told that to Suzy and added that from now on we wouldn’t forget it and I was so happy we are hitched for good. Suzy said that she would make and treat me like a good husband and don’t let anyone even think of ruining it between us. I was hers and there was no changing that fact, ever. To further enforce our marriage Suzy had a document she had worked on with her tablet and told me to read it over and I needed to type my name and email address in to electronically sign it. She said that it outlined our marriage contract and set up ground rules so there would be no doubt about what is expected. She said it was setup using standard Sadie Hawkins rules where the women would be the the absolute boss which is why it’s the women that selects the man to dance with and marry. I told her that with her I wouldn’t want it any other way and wanted to be her man forever and proceeded to type in the information and without a second of hesitation or bothering to read it I struck the return key binding me to her.




Gary drove and we arrived at the hotel and checked us into two separate rooms, took us out for a fine dinner and said he had never seen a happier couple and it was on him as his wedding gift to us. It felt different his time getting into bed with Suzy, I was hers and she was mine. We opened the bottle of wine Gary bought at the restaurant and Suzy gave me my glass and toasted our relationship and new beginning as a married couple. We talked and I assured her that I was the happiest person on earth that we had met again and I felt that we were doing everything right this time. Our love making was incredible and Suzy’s cock was still part of our game plan. After resting and smuggling Suzy said that we should both review the marriage contract so that I would understand exactly what I had signed off onto. I made a joke that it read as blah, blah, blah I do. Suzy didn’t laugh, she just smiled and said no, let’s read it together. It mentioned that under Sadie Hawkins she was the absolute boss and that the man was to abide and honor everything the women said and did. I thought that it was a bit much, but with Suzy who cared, I didn’t and I just wanted to hold her and never let her go. I asked her if this meant I was to be a total and complete sissy and she said not to worry because that’s not what she wanted at this time, but maybe if I did something really bad she would. We made love again and as I put my cock into her she explained that her pussy had powers and if I came in her, her pussy would be my ultimate boss and own my cock. My cock felt so good that I told her I wanted it to stay in her forever pulled on her butt cheeks to keep it lodged deeply in her. She smiled and said that she wanted her pussy to hold it forever too. I guess we were two of the happiest people in the world. For some reason I stayed hard for a long time and all the while I was firmly in her pussy she kept telling me just how much her pussy owned and controlled my cock now. I couldn’t think of a better pussy to own my cock. Suzy did something and I started to cum and her pussy just sucked all my juices from me. Suzy told me that now I was completely hers and for now on I was connected to her pussy, she had conquered me and I was the spoils of war. I closed my eyes thinking that this was the way to lose a war and my cock slid out of her pussy. Suzy just pushed my head down and said my work wasn’t done yet.


I woke up with my head still between her legs and all I could smell was her wonderful pussy that controlled and owned my cock. I started sniffing and then licking, I was making moaning noise and then I felt the pussy push back on me and I got excited knowing she was waking up. As she got juicier I got harder and as I entered her she said that I was coming back to my mistress’s pussy and my cock knew she was right. All I wanted and all I could think about was how much I wanted to be in her pussy and how much I loved being owned by such a wonderful women. We made love and Suzy kept up the talking about my captured situation and how helpless my situation was and how I couldn’t resist wanting to be hers. I knew she was right.


We ate breakfast in the hotels dining area and Gary was there drinking coffee and remarked that we looked great and satisfied. I think we were glowing like newlyweds and I didn’t care what anyone thought. Suzy looked gorgeous and I was so proud of her. We ate, we made plans to drive around and check out the town to see what had changed over the years, we held hands and I wanted to be stuck like glue to her, I couldn’t get enough of her. This was true love and I loved it.


Gary was driving and we sat in the back holding hands and I was ogling Suzy. I just couldn’t find anything wrong with her and couldn’t understand how I could be so lucky as to have met her again and now be married to such a perfect women. She now owned me and I was thrilled to be owned. I didn’t want it to end and now that we were married it wouldn’t end. Life was good and with Suzy it couldn’t get any better and I knew what we had was special, very special.


The day went fast, so much had changed and everything was smaller then I had remembered. We returned to the hotel and decided to leave at 6:30 for the class get together s. Suzy gave me a new play list saying that I was ready for it and the timing was right. I laid down and Suzy started to tell me how happy she was with my efforts to please her. I was so happy that she was happy and found myself with a rock hard boner bursting with cum and wanting to stay joined and locked in her forever. I ended up cleaning her delicious pussy out and taking a really hot shower. Suzy had laid out my clothes and she had a pair of see though panties for me to wear and when I slid them on I fell in love with the total exposer I felt wearing them. Suzy said she really liked seeing me wearing them and I asked why not wear this kind of pantie all the time and she gave me a kiss and said I would be wearing cute panties from now on and I was so happy I was making her happy. She said that she had a web store that I could use for my sexy underwear and I couldn’t wait to check it out.


We dropped Gary off at his class get together and then went to Suzy’s. When we got there so many people were excited to see Suzy it seemed like she was the most popular of them all. People loved her pink hair and she told them we had been married a long time and we both participated a charity event that got our pink looks done. Most people thought that was great and a few guys gave me one of those looks, but I didn’t care and just said I would see them the next night and said I had my own party to go to. I told Suzy I was a little scared at leaving her alone without me and she just laughed and said that she was with friends and would be fine. She told me to go and have fun at my party and not to worry and remember I was hers and not to do anything I would be ashamed of later. That made me feel better about leaving her and departed for my party.


I had weird thoughts about seeing my old classmates, but told myself that I wouldn’t take any shit from any of them. The get together turned out better then I thought and when I told them about Suzy and me doing the pink thing for charity most of them warmed to that idea. A couple of the guys I could see didn’t think that way and tried to make me out as a queer or something, but I stood my ground and basically dared them to push matters and they backed off and I felt good about myself. I felt a little strange walking around with my see though panties on and also felt a little sexually excited being so vulnerable being little boi hairless and wearing pink see through panties. Everyone was just older and in most cases heavier, but once we all started talking the same old clicks got together and some old attitudes started to come out. I stayed above the old shit and was determined to be just myself and I think I was very successful at that. Once a couple of the guys were talking about old relationships and crap they mentioned how one of the other students was always good for a blow job. I could tell they were checking me out and I just ignored them and said “oh really, I didn’t know that” and started talking about sports or something. My cock tingled a little but I had control and just moved on. Finally it was time to leave and just as I was walking out the door one of the guys that was talking about gays and stuff stopped me and asked if I could give him a lift. I asked where to because I had to pick up Suzy and Gary. He told me and if was on the way so I didn’t have any excuse not to. As soon as we got into the car he started talking the gay stuff again and that he really liked my flaming fag pink hair. He said that the moment he saw me he knew I was a cock sucker. He said I covered the fact pretty good, but he saw my cock twitch when one of the guys talked about cocks just like it was now. He was right my cock was getting hard and I couldn’t stop it from getting hard. He laughed and said he knew it and said it was alright he understood my reaction because when he knew someone was getting a boner he would too and sure enough he had a really large bump in his pants and started to unzip and unbutton his pants letting his cock spring out and it stuck straight up and he gave it a stroke and reached for my zipper. I got really scared he would find my panties and bald cock. I reached over and started stroking his large cock and he forgot about my cock and laid back telling me how good having me stroke him felt. He pushed my head down towards his cock head and I didn’t fight him I just opened my mouth and leaned over his cock licking and sucking at it. At least he wasn’t still grabbing at my zipper any more so I started to really tease his cock and stroke and suck at it. I could feel him start to swell up and I jammed it deep into my mouth and it began to enter my throat and he exploded and I relaxed and just let him cum and cum and cum. He started to lose his size and his cock slid back into my mouth and I sucked it dry. As he recovered I said I had to go and he laughed and said while opening the door that he would be looking me up at the reunion for another round of a pink haired cock sucker.


I picked up Suzy and she knew instantly that something happened I explained that I resisted the stuff about cocks and she was smiling, but when I told her about the guy in the car she stopped smiling and I knew I was in trouble. We picked up Gary and he said he had a pretty good time and we all went back to the hotel and went to our separate rooms. I showered with Suzy and she told me that she understood what had happened that we had to work on preventing it from happening again. I told her I was worried about the reunion and she didn’t seem to be worried in the least. We finished our little chitchat in the shower and dried off, I got some glasses and a bottle of wine and we sat in the bed sipped wine and talked and talked. Suzy was actually proud of me and said my cock control was improving and she needed to reinforce some things. I told her how much I loved what she was doing with me and that I had never been more happy and that I truly wanted everything she wanted to do with me. She said I had no idea what she had planned and I told her I didn’t care as long as we were together she could do whatever she thought was best for our relationship. I loved her, love being married to her and whatever she did to me is exactly what I wanted her to do to me. she said if I woke up six months later as a women with huge tits and tattoos all over my body would I be mad, I simple replied if that’s what she wanted then of course I wouldn’t be mad.


Suzy said that I must really trust her 100% and I said 1000%. Suzy said she needed to help me with the reunion and was going to have me go deep and to relax and allow myself to be completely vulnerable to her suggestions and conditioning. I woke up feeling deeply in love and wanted to forget the reunion and spend the entire day and night with my head between her legs. I just couldn’t get enough of her pussy, when I put my cock in her I just wanted to be in her forever, when I licked and ate her pussy I wanted to be licking and eating forever. Her pussy owned me completely an


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