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The experiment

by funygman

Chapter 1

Pam had been unsatisfied with her life for a long time. She was a straight A college student and had a large circle of friends but she care for any of that. She was stressed out and tired of her life and always looking for chances for a new life. That was how she ended up in Dr. Young’s office offering to test out an experimental new regression therapy. 

“This is an IDD, which stands for intelligence draining diaper.” Dr. Young explained, holding up what looked to Pam like an regular adult diaper in plastic wrap  “It is a special new invention in the field of mental regression. Once worn, it releases certain chemicals that travel straight to specific knowledge centers in the brain. It then transforms those parts of the brain into waste products, which go straight to the bowels and are then released into the diaper.”

“Why the diaper? Why not just give me a shot?” Pam asked

“We need to collect the stools to ensure proper progression of the treatment.” Dr. Young said “There are 365 diapers to complete regression, one per day so it doesn’t progress faster than the body can handle. Every diaper drains a different type of intelligence. For you I recommend just going three or four days to start.”

“I don’t want any pressure or stress!” Pam said “I want the full treatment.”

“You know that once the knowledge is lost, we can’t retrieve it.” Dr. Young said “This is a clean wipe, a reset.”

“I know.” Pam said and Dr. Young shrugged 

“Very well then.” He said “Please sign the forms on your way out and we’ll begin the treatment tomorrow.”

The next day, Pam arrived punctually to Dr. Young’s office.

“This is IDD number one, advanced calculus and trigonometry.” Dr. Young read, tearing the plastic off the diaper 

“I just need to poop in it?” Pam asked 

“Correct.” Dr. Young said “I’ll leave that to you, tell me when you have done it.”

Pam was in the room alone for fifteen minutes before Dr. Young finally heard the knob turn and Pam poked her head out.

“It’s no good, I can’t do it.” Pam said, disappointment in her voice

“Well, we could always give you an enema if it was absolutely necessary, but I think you just need to relax…”

“Give me the enema.” Pam demanded

“What?” Dr. Young was shocked at her determination

“I said I want the enema.”

“Nurse.” Dr. Young called and a woman wearing a white uniform and bright red lipstick seemed to appear out of no where holding a tube and a bucket of water.

“Please lie down.” She said and Pam lay down on the couch they had in the room and the nurse inserted the tube and began the enema. She felt warm water run into her. It actually felt really relaxing and good.

“It will be about five minutes.” The nurse said, pulling out the tube “Don’t try to fight it.”

She left and Pam was alone in the room. She felt the enema working its way through her system, down until plop! A little bit came out and landed in her diaper. She sighed and relaxed, feeling the rest of the enema working it’s magic. Then suddenly it hit her hard and she tensed and moaned as it suddenly all flowed out. It was like an eruption into the diaper and she groaned as it bulged. 

Once it was done, she quickly took off the diaper and taped it up before using half a box of wipes that they had in the room to clean herself up. She pulled her panties and jeans back on.

“Done!” Pam called and the nurse came in and took the diaper away. Dr. Young nodded in approval

“What’s tomorrow?” Pam asked

“Number two, advanced reading and vocabulary.” Dr. Young read off his clipboard “Come back same time.”

To Dr. Young’s surprise, Pam continued the treatment long after number twenty. She moved to the intelligence of a high schooler, then a middle schooler, then elementary schooler. She forgot cursive and reading, math and science, even much of her vocabulary and all her history. She even got better at using the IDDs, never needing another enema after day four. Finally, on day number ninety nine, just after Pam had pooped in IDD number 99, rhyming and spelling, Dr. Young said

“Tomorrow is number one hundred, advanced social skills. After tomorrow you won’t be able to go back to normal life, your personality will start to regress. Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes.” Pam said definitely

“Then please bring all your belongings tomorrow because you’ll stay here under nurse’s care from now on.” Dr. Young said “And make sure that you sign off on the rest of the papers.”

Pam easily moved in with Dr. Young and the nurse. Her intelligence had regressed to a point where she was satisfied playing for hours with dolls but she still had enough to take care of herself. Pooping the IDD was still her favorite part of the day. She loved how much easier life had become and couldn’t wait for the treatment to be done.

“What’s today?” Pam asked eagerly one day after about three months with Dr. Young

“Potty training one.” Dr. Young said “You’ll need to wear a pull-up after today.”

“This is my last pair of panties?” Pam asked

“That’s your last pair of panties.” Dr. Young said “But don’t worry, we have plenty of pull-ups for you.”

“All right!” Pam said excitedly and grabbed the diaper and pushed Dr. Young out of the room. She tore open the plastic and slipped the diaper on and pushed. It was easy letting go in a diaper now, almost like going in the potty, but not quite. As Pam was going, she felt a new sensation in the front of the diaper. She looked and saw it was sagging lower and lower. Pam got excited and ran out of the room in just the t-shirt and diaper.

“Look! It worked, I just peed in the diaper!” Pam said happily to Dr. Young

“That’s great Pam.” Dr. Young said “Now can you please get dressed and put this pull-up on?”

Pam needed a constant supply of pull-ups after that. She was very proud every time she wet and showed Dr. Young proudly. Dr. Young always patted her on the head and had nurse change her pull up.

Pam soon stopped feeling any want for privacy and was willing to have her pull up changed just about anywhere. She even stopped letting Dr. Young and thr nurse leave the room when she used her daily IDD. She would just take off her clothes, let the nurse help her into the diaper, and then squat. It seemed to be getting easier and easier for her to go in the diaper, until it became necessary. 

“Number three hundred twenty, bowel control.” Dr. Young read

“Does this mean I need diapeys?” Pam asked

“Yes.” Dr. Young said

“Yeah!” Pam said, grabbing the package and ripping it open. Dr. Young helped her out of her wet pull up and into the diaper. Pam pushed as she always did, but halfway through she realized she didn’t need to push anymore, it all just filled the back of her diaper on its own.

“I just went poopie and couldn’t help it!” Pam said, sticking her butt in Dr. Young’s face to show him.

“It did work well…” Dr. Young gasped for air “Nurse…”

“Yes doctor.” The nurse said and helped Pam into a clean diaper.

Pam soon wasn’t even aware of the state of her diaper, so Dr. Young added regular diaper checks to the nurse’s ever growing list of responsibilities. Pam often chattered excitedly about how far she had regressed and Dr. Young would always smile and nod. Soon she couldn’t even do that though.

“Number three hundred fifty one, basic linguistics.” Dr. Young said one day. Pam snatched it out of his hand without a second thought.

“Pam, you know, once you’ve done this…” Dr. Young said, as he helped her into the diaper.

“Talking go bye bye!” Pam said, jumping up and down. Since her bowel control was gone, she had to wear the intelligence draining diapers until she had a genuine accident. The day before it had taken two hours before her bowel movement took away the last of her social skills. But today it only took fifteen minutes. Pam was absentmindedly sucking her thumb when suddenly, blart! The back of her diaper sagged and Dr. Young went over to check it.

“Gaa!” Pam said excited and proud of what she had done. “Blab bla poo!”

“Yes Pam, you just lost the ability to talk.” Dr. Young said “And I guess you probably can’t understand me either now.”

Pam farted loudly in agreement.

Finally, one year after first meeting Dr. Young, Pam’s treatment came to an end.

“Number three hundred and sixty five, basic muscle coordination.” Dr. Young read

“Gaa?” Pam asked, looking up at him. She was long past needing an enema to prompt diaper usage. The little stinker made at least five presents a day in her diaper.

“Here you go.” Dr. Young said, taping the diaper on. He didn’t know if Pam was still somehow aware or if it was just luck, but no sooner was the last tape on than the back of her diaper bulged as Pam pooped out the last little bit of her big girl brain.

“So quick…” Dr. Young muttered as he immediately took the diaper off and replaced it with an ordinary soft white diaper. 

“Blah blab!” Pam spit all over her shirt

“That’s right, you’re a little baby now for real.” The nurse said

Taking the poopy diaper in his hand, Dr. Young left Pam to play with her toys and went to the industrial freezer where he kept all of her diapers for study and hung her last diaper on a hook at the end of rows and rows of her poopy diapers. He would study them later and include his findings in his report.

“Nurse, how is the subject?” Dr. Young asked when he returned to the room.

“An absolute success doctor.” The nurse replied, gesturing towards Pam on the floor. She looked up at them with interest as she messed her diaper yet again. Dr. Young nodded with satisfaction.

“Then call the factory. Tell them to begin mass production.”

“And the subject?” The nurse asked

“Give her a clean diaper and some soft food. I’ll make sure to raise her well.


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