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The Firey Change


Chapter 1

The song of the Cricketunes and Nincadas of the night were interrupted by the sound of gravel crunching beneath tires as Jay brought his car to a halt and rolled up the windows. He took a deep breath and glanced around. He found himself out in the middle of nowhere. Jay couldn't help but grin.


The yellowish, star-like lights of the city were miles away, and Jay had found a perfect place to park and hide his car while he was "enjoying the night." His neighbor owned a plot of land, a farm that she seldom ever used, that ran along an old gravel road. Covered up by tall pine trees, it was the perfect spot to hold a Pokémon battle, maybe have a bonfire, have some alone time with the current boy/girl-friend, or just a place to be alone for awhile, and She was kind enough to allow Jay and his friends to use the wide open spaces whenever they liked. 

Jay almost felt bad that she didn't know about what he used her property for on the nights of a full moon... That was where the REAL fun was at.

Adrenaline began to flow in his body as Jay shut off his car's lights and exited. His body had gone through this enough times that it knew when it was time... Jay checked his phone; it was 12:06. Jay gave a devilish grin up at the full moon shining through the trees, as if expecting it to wink back in approval. His car safely hidden in a small turn-off from the road, Jay continued on foot up towards the driveway to the property. He was already feeling slightly dizzy... a comfortable numbness on the tips of his fingers and in his brain, as if he had a few beers. Jay gave an excited sigh, it wouldn't be too long til the inevitable...

Jay loved holding off the change. It was as if he was taunting the beast inside, coaxing it to emerge more harder and more intense... In the end, Jay was never able to suppress the animal inside, but after a year with this "condition," Jay was nowadays the one to hold the reins of his other side....mostly.

Regardless, even if Jay had the choice to stay human, he wouldn't. He relished everything about his lycanthropy , the passive benefits while he was still in human form, the careful planning and precautions made for every full moon, the drug-like ecstasy of the transformation, and then a few hours.... or a whole day if he desired, to enjoy being nothing but a beast. 

Tonight was a night to totally shed his skin and become a Pokémon- a creature who had no debts to anyone or duties to anything. A creature who valued play and pleasure over any possession. (especially the pleasure...) 

He was a were-Charizard.

Jay suddenly felt a small nudge on the inside of his skull, and he pushed it back with a soft laugh. The big lizard inside was getting antsy...
His walking lead him to the small ranch house overlooking the field. None of the lights were on, thank God... He went to his routine spot on the side of the house where the hose-box was. He removed his watch, his belt, his phone, his converse sneakers, and the sweatshirt keeping him warm.

Going from a tall, skinny, 170 lbs. young man like himself into an enormous, almost 400 lb. dragon Pokémon has crippled Jay's wardrobe significantly, but he recently made it a point to deposit his valuables and any decent clothing here in the hose-box where it would be safe and dry, but everything else on his body was cheap, or worn out. a T-shirt, a pair of jeans he wore out from handiwork, old socks ... all easy to rip apart. That's how Jay preferred it. 

Jay realized everything was set, he was free to let the change take him... Jay felt another force push at his mind, and he gave a sudden gasp as beast's blood began to flow in him, sending a wave of arousal straight to his loins. It seemed like the big guy was done waiting. 

Jay laughed. He was playing a game of tug-o-war with himself. Another wave of power made Jay flinch, he leaned up against the side of the house for support. His heart was already thumping, more and more adrenaline flowing through Jay as he began to breathe quickly and audibly. He closed his eyes and felt the delightful pressure of his skinny, human frame trying to hold out against a giant reptilian beast... He knew these were his last seconds as a human...

This time, a tidal wave of warm fire hit his brain, and Jay tipped. "Ghh-AUGHH!!" He instantly cried out in release as he gave up resisting and let the hot, rejuvenating sensations of the change take him. 

Hot, almost burning hot blood surged throughout his body, particularly in his nether regions, bringing his manhood to a swelling, almost painfully full erection within his pants, tenting them at the front. Jay grunted and gasped as his human frame began to spasm and throb as his muscles and internals prepared for the drastic shift ahead.

A rush of blood to the head sent Jay's brain swimming in a tidal wave. His body seized and he fell to his knees. "OHHhhh gaaawd..." was all Jay could moan through gritted teeth as the chemicals took effect. He felt like he was spun upside down then launched forward at a hundred miles an hour. Finally, Jay let out a triumphant cry in approval as he felt the changes begin... 

From on his knees, Jay gasped and began to grunt and yell out to cope with the swelling, ticklish, burning sensation of his thighs begin to balloon out, muscles beginning to protrude, then tightly smoothed by a thin layer of draconic, fire-proof fat so that after only seconds, his pants began to groan from the swelling, til finally the satisfying pops and snaps of the seams were heard, and Jay's legs grew thicker and beastly. The cloth of his pants didn't last long... and the sound of cloth giving way to the muscle and power of a charizard's hind legs made Jay groan in delight. He was left in his undies, severely strained by his increasingly eager erection.

"UNGHHH!!! Ghuh! Gh- Yeah, YEAH! C'MON!!!" Jay yelled at himself, already eager to be a Charizard again, despite the change only starting seconds ago.

Jay clenched his eyes shut and continued to grunt, pant and moan in sync with the odd, sporadic rhythm of his transformation. He yelped and arched his back as he felt his spine spasm and re-align with a long line of loud cracks. He slowly lifted his head to the sky, lost in the sensations and let out a groan of pleasure from an ear-to-ear toothy smile on his face. 
" Unnnghhhhh YES!" He hissed at the moon-lit sky.

Just as the changes in his legs spread to inflating his calves and beginning to bulk up his feet with a series of cracks and twitches, Jay let out a pleasured moan as his glutes involuntarily tensed up and spasmed, and began to grow, fitting the enormous thighs right below him. Jay let himself rub his legs, moaning at the feelings of sensitive new muscle, and the feeling of his fine, sandpapery scales beginning to protrude, thickening his skin and slowly changing the color of his skin to a vivid, almost glowing orange.

Jay huffed and groaned as a surge of energy hit his erection, making it even more erect than any human's penis should be... Jay braced himself for this part... but he couldn't help but yank down his undies and watch in a love-drunk stupor as his member began to grow...

"Annh.... AGH!...AUUGHHH!" Jay wailed as he watched it pulse, spasm and bubble out at the base, filling out the rest as the transformation spanned along his cock. The feeling of his manhood changing, it burned. the pressure, the swelling made it ache... It hurt so good!

The flesh of his shaft transitioned into a bright red, and the outer skin of his member began to collect itself at the base of his still-growing cock, creating the reptilian sheath it would retract into when this was all over... 

But for now- Jay began to sweat from the overwhelming sensations of his cock pumping out and growing thicker each passing second, he clutched the now inhuman member with one hand, his hand unable to wrap around it fully at the base, and as he continued to moan from the orgasmic burning, watched in an inebriated fascination as his member's head smoothed out to mimic that of a reptile's genitalia, and with a few more spasms, a few more frantic gasps and cries, and a spurt of pre escaping the pointed tip of his changed cock, Jay now had a 12 inch, massive, throbbing piece of equipment fitting only for a charizard.
"GHNNGHHH!!!! C-cmon.... mooooore...."

Jay eagerly gave himself a few strokes, letting out a deep groan as his soft fleshy hands rubbed against the swollen, sensitive meat of his new tool, but his body was far from finished with the change, and Jay was suddenly hit from behind with an unseen force as muscle grew and rushed in his buttocks, he cried out in ecstatic pleasure as familiar sensations began to build at the base of his spine, his tailbone slightly bulging with muscle and his tailbone building with building pressure.
"Angh!! Ngh! Yes! Oh god, YES!!!"

As Jay loudly fell to all fours and moaned in anticipation of his mighty tail, he felt as if his balls reacted to the excitement as he could feel them, pushed up from his yanked-down underwear, begin to fill out and become increasingly warm.
"Ahh! AHH!!!" Jay happily gasped in unison with his testes inflating, pulsing and throbbing to a size befitting to his inhuman cock above it.

His waist began to inflate, growing wider and stouter to support Jay's lower body as it became increasingly indistinguishable from any human, his undies began to squeeze him, the leg openings straining and eventually beginning to split. He panted and relished the feeling of his socks giving way to the bulges forming at the balls of his feet, and his toes forming massive, bulbous digits to support about 400 lbs of weight. He winced and gasped as thick claws sprouted from his toes, digging into the earth as he pressed his feet into the dirt behind him as they became orange and scaly like the rest of his lower body.

From on his hands and knees he began to arch his back and buck his hips, panting and moaning eagerly as his spine re-adjusted.
" MMMMFFhhh...." Jay sighed as beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, he could feel it starting. 

The initial cracks made Jay cry out in release, and his spine began to frantically and sporadically spasm and crack and throb, several inches at a time, extending the bulk of muscle and bone above Jay's massive hindquarters.
"Gnnghh!!! GNGHHH!!!! GH-UUGHHH!!!" Jay moaned and groaned, a trail of drool running down his lips as he pushed, feeling, WANTING for the muscles to grow, thicken, he wanted to have that massive, powerful limb again! Within seconds, a 12 inch tail base had established itself, wrenching his still-attached undies further away from his body, til only the elastic remained. Jay clutched at the grass beneath him and moaned at the sky as he felt new muscles activate, and he could finally wriggle and feel the beginnings of his tail.

"Ohhhh fuuuck.... M-more...." Jay groaned as he lifted his hindquarters, relishing the surges wracking his prostate and the sensitive muscles in his tail as he flexed and clumsily maneuvered the sensitive new appendage as much as his new nerves let him. The last remnants of his underwear gave up and snapped off, falling to the grass below as Jay's tail grew thicker and longer. Jay remained on his hands and knees the whole time, moaning and squirming from the transformation, his tail growing rendering him almost immobile. Jay's reptilian cock spurted pre as Jay's tail grew inches per second, growing longer, stronger and thicker.

As Jay stared at the ground between his hands, pushing his tail out behind him, feeling it eventually brush against the grass, and continue to press and snake on the ground as his tail grew longer, the base now so thick it seemed to connect Jay's front to his hindquarter area, slightly spreading his massive Charizard buttocks apart. Jay moaned with a satisfied grin as he clumsily turned his head back to view his tail and newly changed lower half. The brilliant orange scales had covered everything from the waist down, and about half the length of his throbbing, pulsing, heavy tail. A creamy yellow had appeared near his groin area, as fleshier, finer scales appeared for his underbelly. Everything was so thick and heavy now, from his draconic member, slick with pre, to the huge balls held close to his warm body below, his enormous, thoroughly muscles legs and supportive clawed feet, he felt so STRONG already.
Jay grinned "Gheh... Fuck yea....." 

Jay could now swing his tail, the powerful muscles spanning the base and mid-section now active and sensitive. Jay purred to himself as he pushed his tail into the soft ground, stimulating more muscle and wracking his brain with sensations humans weren't ordinarily supposed to feel... Jay continued to gasp and happily swing his tail as it continued to grow, but slowly found the strength to kneel upright, the weight of his tail easily counter- balancing him. Jay giggled, It was weird being only half-human, everything was out of proportion, but it would all be balanced out soon. It wouldn't be much longer til he was totally as powerful and bestial as his lower half was. 

Kneeling upright, his huge butt pressed into the heels of his footpads, his tail resting on the ground beneath him, it seemed to be spurting out its last few inches now, as Jay happily snaked it through the grass. It must've been at least 5 feet in length now, and heavy enough to destroy a car with a good swing. Jay sighed and leaned back to give the base a few rubs with his hand, squirming a little at the sensations. "Man, I love this thing..." Jay confessed sheepishly.

Then, the changes were back on. Jay lurched back and his tail curled up from a sudden surge to Jay's mid-section. 
"Whoah!" Jay gasped as his belly and chest began to ache, then barrel outwards, swelling and thickening his frame. 
"OOF!....wh-OAA!!!" Jay cried out as guts shifted, his ribcage expanding and his slim torso being concealed by a huge, draconic belly and chest to fit, complete with a pair of admirable Pecs. The T-shirt he kept on was strained within seconds by the sudden growth, and began to split upwards from Jay's growing gut. Scales of orange and yellow creeped up Jay's back from his tail and changed the hue of his ballooning belly. Jay huffed and panted, furiously turned on by the intensity as he clutched his expanding belly in his hands, feeling how taught and thick and strong it all felt. Jay's cock dripped, purging Jay's human seed so that the massive, virile balls beneath could replace his with that of a Charizard's. 

The changes took Jay's arms next and he cried out with ecstasy as they tightened and surged with power, defining the muscles in his arms. His hands shook and as the orange scales overtook them, his pinky and ring finger retracted into the growing, bulking palm of his hand, and the remaining 3 digits puffed up and grew thick and strong, til with a satisfying pang of pain, they sprouted their formidable claws.
Jay was almost in a state of paralysis as the burning, warm, energizing, pleasurable sensations wracking his brain hit a fever pitch. He gasped and moaned at the sky as orange crept up his neck and onto his face. 
"NNGHHYEAAH!!! Ch-CHANGE MEEE!" Jay yelled to his inner beast as muscles built in his back, forming two bulges on his shoulder blades, lifting up the remnants of Jay's shirt with them. Jay curled forward and pushed at the growths, moaning and growling more deeply than before as his neck slowly grew a bit thicker. "GHHRUUUU...!"

Flesh, bone and muscle materialized from the hidden force of the beast within Jay and pushed out two new limbs out of Jay's back, similar to a new pair of arms and hands. They shook in the cold air as new nerves and strength took root, the fingers cracked and grew, and grew til they were several feet in length. 
"Mhrugh..... OOHH!!!" Jay groaned, his voice dropping several octaves as his neck grew thicker, and with a few cracks began to shift and expand. Jay flexed the new muscles on his new set of arms and grunted happily as he ripped the rest of his t-shirt off with his new limbs. He felt the odd sensation of the digits becoming interconnected with a thick, powerful membrane, and grunted in sincere approval. With his new, mighty draconic wings, Jay grunted and growled as he strained his muscles and gave his wings several huge, whooshing flaps, lifting his massive weight up off his knees, and up onto his feet, where the now-almost-charizard stood sturdy and comfortably with the help of tight, strong muscles and an enormous counter-balancing tail.

Jay's neck was now significantly grown out, and he moaned a deep, inhuman groan as the changes hit his head. his jaw muscles began to pulse and throb, growing, and a painful ache formed across his face. However, Jay was indifferent to the pain, his brain was flooded with beautiful fire, heat, warmth that made him feel high as a kite. His thoughts simplified as the Charizard's mind merged with his, Jay could literally feel his "knowledge" leave his mind as his thoughts turned to nothing but how good this felt, how powerful he felt, how he was almost a Charizard!

Jay let out a low, pleasured cry as he welcomed the end to his humanity for the night. His face cracked and snapped, distorting at the nose and mouth, making them thicker, and then his features pushed out as Jay gave a mighty roar, mucus and tears rolling from the orifices of his face as the intense finale of his transformation took him over. his teeth were pointed and spread out throughout the inside of his reptilian maw. The orange scales spread across his face's clear complexion, and his hair, wet with sweat, began to retract into the pores of his skin. Jay threw his head upwards to the night sky and flapped his powerful wings as he let loose a full, deep roar as his skull adapted two long, stubby horns that grew above Jay's brow, clenching his eyes shut as the change came to an end.

"CH-RAUUUUUUGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" The open air rang for several seconds with the echo of the deafening roar.

The Charizard fell to his claws and knees, panting and snorting... He was momentarily confused, but then his simple mind was able to identify a familiar sight... the night, the shredded clothes surrounding him, a full, throbbing erection between his legs and his body sensitive and aching... He looked up at the moon and snorted happily. He remembered his name was Jason and he was a human who changed into a charizard!
Wait, was his name Jason or Jay?
Didn't matter!
He grunted as he got to his feet and admired himself. His nostrils flared as he smelt something odd... Then noticed the tip of his tail was cold and bare, which he remedied by curling his tail to his mouth and spitting a small bit of fire onto it, igniting the secretions on his tail and soon, a blazing, bright fire was hissing from the tip of his tail. Jay the Charizard stretched his neck from side and stomped around a little, getting re-accustomed to his big new body. His red, draconic member was sliding slowly back into his sheath, but he could not deny to himself how horny he was... Pokémon were frisky, playful creatures but it wouldn't be easy to find a common woodland Pokémon who's willing to take on a Charizard.

Jay grunted in slight frustration... but he realized he could remember some faces... human faces... he remember sharing a bed with them... he remembered the sweat, the moans and pants as they embraced and mated...
Jay's cock peeked out of his sheath again and he smiled a toothy grin, and a fire appeared in his eyes... He remembered where he could find them. 
He snorted again with excitement for the fun the next day promised, and with 2 huge flaps of his wings, Jay the werecharizard was launched upwards, and he began gliding , slowly ascending upon the air currents. His tail-flame left streaks across the sky for anyone who caught the charizard soaring through the night sky.


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