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The Barbie doll

by PS360

The Barbie doll

The Barbie doll

By Ps360

I was searching along ebay one day, bored out of my mind looking for strange things. Suddenly, There’s this one auction that caught my eye, “The Haunted Doll”. At first I laughed at it. Then I decided to take a look at what it looked like. It looked like one of those Barbie dolls, but when I looked at it my spine tingled. There was something weird about this doll. I scrolled down to see the description, it said:

“This Is the haunted Barbie Doll! It will change you in any way you couldn’t possibly imagine! You Were Warned!!!!!”

Now I knew this was a joke. Seriously, what is so ‘haunted’ about a Barbie doll? Suddenly I had the impulse to buy it to make a joke with my friends about it. I won the auction and waited to see this joke toy.

2 Weeks Later

My Package arrived, though a little late, it came! I just waited to see what it looked like in person. I opened the package and it was in a wooden box with a lock on it. “Whoever bought this must have issues” I said as I found a key laying under the case, I took the key and unlocked it. Yup, It was a Barbie doll. “OH nooo! A Barbie doll! I am so afraid!” I said when I picked it up. When I looked at it a second time, I noticed it having a little bit of a glow. I looked closer at it, then suddenly BAM! I got squirted by something. “Eww yuck!” I said Falling to my feet. I went to feel my face for any liquid, yet there was none there. “This is weird.” I said. Suddenly I felt dizzy, I clumsly spun around for a place to sit and I went to my couch. And before I could get a chance to sit down, Darkness.

I woke up a hour later, and noticed I felt a little stiff. “Uggh man what happened?” I said then suddenly I remembered everything about the doll. I eyed at the counter to see the doll standing there, still, motionless. “That doll did something to me, I just don’t know what.” When I started to stand up, I felt a impulse to play with that doll to see what it did to me. I went to grab the doll and I looked around it to see if there were any openings on the doll. nope, none.
“I am just a bit skeptical” I said. “Maybe if I go to sleep, I would get rid of this feeling.” I got dressed and went to bed.

I woke up the next day, Feeling Awfully weird. I yawned and something didn’t sound right. “That’s Weird” I said, then suddenly it hit me, My voice seems higher pitched than usual. I got up to look at the mirror, feeling even stiffer than last time. “AAAH!” I screamed and lunged back. There was a girl in the Mirror! “Ok, this is just a trick” I thought. “It’s probably some camera show my friends are trying to get me in by pranking me.” I moved up my left hand, she did the same. I moved my arm up and down, she did the same. “My god, that’s me” I said while standing there in the mirror, staring at my new body. I was guessing here but I was about 5’ 7”, and had huge, firm breasts, probably a D cup. I also saw Brown hair reaching Shoulder length, Thin Waist, Tight Butt, and I noticed how cute, innocent, and sexy I looked while seeing my new body. Wait, ‘Cute’, ‘Innocent’? What has gone to my head?

As I walked outside the bathroom. I felt Stiffer and stiffer, like something wanted me to stay still. I tried Moving my Arms away from my body, but it started to get tiring and Painful so I stopped. I also noticed how hard it was for me to walk. I take a few steps and I feel like I am starting to lose my balance. I open the closet, and I noticed a assortment of New clothes I never seen before. Skirts, Blouses, Thongs, Bras, Panties, and more! I don’t know where all this came from but I felt great to have these in my closet. I Decided to put on a Pink Mini-Skirt, Pink Blouse, and a matching pair of pink Bra and panties.
I checked myself out in the mirror.

Wow, I looked very sexy in this! But Suddenly As I was checking myself out, I turned around to see the doll, on my bed, staring at me. As I approached it, it started to glow. So bright it blinded me from seeing. When I managed to regain vision, There was a girl there. She looked just like me, except the clothing.

“Oh, Hey! So I see, like, your having a fabulous time!” She said. “Who are you?” I replied. “I am the person that changed your life, and changed mine. You see,” She said, “You broke my curse!”
Curse? What Curse? “What are you talking about a ‘Curse’?” “Well, As you can see, I am human again. But unfortunately, someone has to take my place.” Suddenly, I felt so stiff I couldn’t move anything but my mouth.
“Sorry Sweetie. But when someone gets sprayed on by that magical stuff that was put on you, they are chosen to be switched with the doll!” as she said that, I felt like I was shrinking.
“H-h-e-l-l-l-pp meee..” was the last words I cried out before I couldn’t move my mouth. Suddenly a huge glow overwhelmed me, and I was still, emotionless, and could not speak a word. I was suddenly THE Barbie doll! Soon my thoughts fuzzed out and soon i wasn't thinking at all.

Suddenly as i changed, I fell over like any Barbie doll would. She suddenly screamed “Ohmigod you look so much cuter as a Barbie doll!” she grabbed me and placed me on the bed. When she did that, she walked out of the room. I was just sitting there. Staring at the ceiling, with a really cheesy smile, forever trapped in a little doll, to imprisonment.


Re: The Barbie doll - PS360

I felt bored and wrote this after seeing the voting page about the barbie doll file. it just seems cool and creepy at the same time, but here's what would happen if there were really people that changed into dolls.

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