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Chrissy Poopy Pants

by canada

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It all began about a month ago.   I was vacuuming my nephew’s room when I came across a pair of underwear on the floor.   When I picked them up, I got a shock as they had a large poop stain on them.  I was disgusted that he not only pooped his pants but had left the dirty underwear on the carpet floor and not even in his laundry basket.  I went to deposit them with his other dirty clothes when I noticed that several other pairs of underwear were also dirty!

I couldn’t believe it.  It wasn’t an accident;  it was a behavior!   How was I going to confront this and how was I going to fix this?    I knew something had to be done, but what? 

And so I continued on with my cleaning and over the next few days thought about the situation and did a little researched online.  

I was able to custom order a hypnotic file.    Chris listens to the same relaxation file every night when he goes to sleep.  It is a perfect background music as it has waves and rain and soft comforting music.   I have the hypnosis master create subliminal messages onto the background and switch in the new file.

Aside from the induction, the body contains three simple messages:    “I will address Aunt Sarah as Auntie Sarah or Auntie from now on”; “I must answer whenever I am asked a question that starts with “Tell Auntie …”; and lastly “I must obey Auntie” that will continually repeat for almost an hour each time it plays.

 Then I started to make my preparations and gather all the supplies I would need.  It was a little inconvenient hiding everything, but I didn’t want Chris know what was going to happen and I was not sure how long it would take for the subliminal messages to take hold.

And then it happened!  Less than a week after I switched in the new file, Chris came into the kitchen for breakfast and said the magic words!    “Good morning Auntie Sarah.”    I was elated but was careful not to show it!    “Good morning.  Would you like something to eat before you head out?”  And then he responded, proving that it wasn’t a fluke “no thanks Auntie”.   He didn’t even seem to know he was doing it.   This was perfect!


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