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A Dream Fulfilled

by radicalqueerkinkster

Chapter 1

Part One

“Before I bring you back, I'll remind you that are to play this file every night as you lay in bed, so I can program you in your sleep. It will seamlessly become part of your routine- you won't even think about it, you'll just listen as I've instructed. Now, I want you to start waking up for me as I count upwards from one to five. One; feel yourself slowly drifting towards awareness. Two….”

As the count reached five, a frown worked its way onto Jason's lovely features as he felt himself coming back to consciousness. He was a bit disappointed to realize that he felt no different, despite knowing that the description said that any changes wouldn't be immediately noticeable. Truth be told, he couldn't even remember most of the file, save for the count upwards, so he took that as either a sign that it had worked, or a sign that he'd just fallen asleep before he could enter trance. He sincerely hoped that wasn't the case, as he was getting pretty damn desperate.

Jason once again curse his depraved mind; he'd had a diaper fetish since he'd reached adolescence, but it hadn't been a full-blown paraphilia until recently. Where a simple fantasy about becoming incontinent had been sufficient to get him through a jerk off session before, it stopped being enough; the last six months have seen him unable to reach a truly satisfying climax. This file- one of many incontinence hypnosis files he'd found online- was a last ditch effort before he'd have to resort to professional help; and he certainly didn't want to listen to some pretentious old guy spew some Freudian bullshit. Considering he was uninsured, had a financially unstable freelance editing job he did from home, and had about a zillion dollars in student loan debt meant that medical advice was something he simply couldn’t afford, anyway.


He was at the end of his rope, and actually fulfilling his lifelong fantasy of diaper dependency seemed to be the only way to fix it. Hopefully these recordings would work, or he'd be having these ruined orgasms for the foreseeable future.

Part Two

After several weeks of listening to the file, Jason finally saw results. On this particular morning, he slowly drifted into wakefulness. Opening his eyes and pulling out his earbuds, he stretched​ across his bed languorously. It was only as his muscles relaxed from the stretch that he noticed a warm patch spreading across the crotch of his PJ pants. It took a moment to realize what it was, but when he did he quickly rolled out of bed and hobbled across the hall to the bathroom, with piss dripping down his leg. He didn't even get a chance to pull down his pants and drawers before his bladder relaxed fully. With his mouth hanging open and his eyes still glassy with sleep, he could only watch as his sleep pants were thoroughly soaked and a massive puddle of piss formed around his feet. As the stream began to taper off, arousal slammed into him like a freight train. He fell back against the wall, jerking his still dribbling dick. For the first time in over six months, he exploded into orgasm, idly recognizing that he'd completely emptied his bladder without conscious intent. Tilting his head back, a gormless smile spread across his face as he sat on the floor in his piss, feeling wrung out and blissful as he realized he was well on his way to diaper dependency.

Part Three

A few months after, "The Bathroom Incident", and Jason had begun wearing a diaper to bed every night. He now wet his diaper nightly (sometimes even several times), without even stirring. After several mornings waking to find his pants and bed absolutely drenched where the piss had leaked through the leg holes of his diaper, he invested in a pair of heavy duty rubber pants, a plastic sheet, and the most absorbent diapers he could find. It seemed they were delivered not a moment too soon, as the day they arrived saw him having his first (albeit minor) daytime accident. He’d managed to stem the flow almost immediately, letting out only the smallest spurt before regaining some control so he could get a diaper and his rubber pants on. After that, he wore the diaper and rubber pants when he was at home, not even trying to control his wetting. As time passed, he realized that the ability to control his bladder to any degree was diminishing more and more with each passing day.

While he thoroughly enjoyed his growing incontinence, and didn't regret his choice in the slightest, he realized he had underestimated the obviousness of the bulky, crinkly diapers and puffy rubber underwear, even when worn underneath his loosest pants. He still had to adjust to the reality of having his regular diaper readily noticed by those who were looking, and therefore had taken to wearing the significantly less noticeable protective briefs in public; relying on the feeble remnants of his bladder control so he wouldn't flood them. He figured he would just have to consciously work to maintain control over his body until he adjusted to the idea of wearing the more noticeable diapers in public, and everything would be fine.


In hindsight, he really should have known better.


One evening, he realized he needed to change his diaper before getting supper started. But upon opening the drawer he usually kept all his diapers and supplies in, he discovered an empty bag sitting next to the package of thin protective briefs. ‘SHIT! I hadn't even noticed I was running low!

He whipped his cellphone from his shirt pocket and hurriedly logged into the site he usually ordered from; adding several packages to his cart and starting the checkout process (this time having the presence of mind to select the monthly delivery option) only to find out that the delivery would take a few days to arrive.

Fuck! I know I can't last until then in just those protective briefs, even with the plastic pants.’, he thought. Glancing over at the clock, he saw that it was nearly 5:50.  ‘Well fuck me… I suppose that medical supply store downtown is still open; guess I'll have to bite the bullet and go pick some up in person’, he decided, flushing bright red (whether in excitement or embarrassment- or both- he wasn't sure) at the realization. ‘Oh god, people will know. They'll know that I need diapers. What if they realize I'm just a kinky fucker that gets off on being incontinent? What if they think I'm pathetic for not being potty trained at my age?’ Jason's mind spun intricate fantasies of a cashier side eyeing him with a disgusted sneer, or biting their lip in barely concealed amusement. He pictured a small child in the store with his mother, pointing at him and asking loudly, “Why does a grown up have diapers, mommy? You said that diapers were for babies!”, and being frantically shushed by his embarrassed mother. “But mommy, you said~~!” He imagined how the boy's mom would give him a tight-lipped, pitying gaze, knowing she must be thinking, ‘Oh, that poor boy! It must be so awful, so embarrassing to be incontinent at his age!’


Jason fully understood that he was being completely ridiculous; he knew the employees would think nothing of it and probably just assume he had some kind of medical condition; hell, maybe they would think he was purchasing diapers for his mom or gran or something. He knew that the customers would likely pay him no mind, and they, too, might be embarrassed at whatever they're purchasing. Jason understood these things logically, but that didn't stop them from taking root in his mind. After taking a moment to compose himself (and will down his erection), he stood from his spot at the edge of the bed and pulled down his shorts, followed by his rubber pants and soaked diaper. He tossed the latter into the diaper pail sitting next to his dresser, grabbing the package of wipes and a fresh pair of protective underwear. After wiping himself down, he slid on the briefs and then hesitated. He was worried about leaks, but he also wasn't ready to wear the rubber pants in public yet. Deciding he would be fine for the quick trip to the store, he chose to forgo them and pulled up his shorts, grabbed his wallet and keys and got in his car. Turning it on, he saw that it was a few minutes shy of 6:00. The trip to the store would take around 15 minutes; and knowing they closed up at 6:30, he pulled out of his driveway and hightailed it to the store.


Pulling into the parking lot at 6:12, he was surprised to see only one other car in the lot, parked in the space reserved for employees; usually the place was much more active. Hopping out of his car, he hurried inside. The shop, like the parking lot, was all but deserted, save for a lone inhabitant; a devastatingly handsome man sitting behind the register. Jason resisted the urge to sigh bitterly, not wanting to draw attention to himself and have to end his lecherous ogling of the man. ‘Of course, I need to buy diapers and fucking Apollo is my goddamn cashier. Well, the view more than than makes up for it, at least. Drinking in every inch of his flawless, tawny skin that wasn't covered by clothing, Jason was almost surprised at how small the man made him feel. He seem to virtually tower over Jason's short 5'5” frame, the size difference only further highlighted by the his wider, well toned body. 'Leagues more attractive than my pasty twink ass’, Jason thought, barely containing a self-deprecating snort.

He must have made some sort of noise though, because the man- Adam, the now visible tag read- looked up sharply from the book he'd been reading, his wild black curls fluttering a bit with the sudden movement. Keen seafoam eyes met his own, and he offered up a soft smile as he asked Jason, “Is there anything I can help you with?” A light blush formed on Jason's cheeks as he declined the offer, telling Adam, “Ah, n-no thank you, I've got it”. He stammered out, blushing deeper still as he realised how unsteady his voice was. He suspected that Adam knew the effect he was having on him, because his smile turned into a mischievous, smug grin. “Well, don't hesitate to ask for assistance”, he practically purred. With a jerky nod, Jason fled to the back corner with a sign that stated INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS in bold print hanging overhead. He meandered through the shelves until he reached the diapers and incontinence briefs display, and risked a nervous peek over his shoulder to see that Adam had gone back to reading. Turning back to the display, he started looking for the right bag, a spark of worry settling in the pit of his stomach as he looked over the shelves once, then again. He frowned, brows furrowing as he realized that they didn't carry his usual brand, and started looking once more for an equivalent brand. Suddenly, a throat cleared behind him. He whipped around, letting out a shocked little squeak and clutching his chest, not having heard Adam's approach. “Shit, sorry! I didn't mean to startle you!”, he rumbled in his smoky-sweet voice as he brought his hands up, as if to steady Jason. “I just came over to offer help again, as I'm gonna have to start closing pretty soon”. ‘Well actually, I came over to hit on you; but I'm guessing almost giving you a coronary puts a damper on the mood, huh?’

“It's alright, I'm fine…..”, Jason replied as he caught his breath, “and I… I suppose I could use some help”, he conceded. What the fuck ever; I've already made a fool of myself anyways, lemme just heap on some more humiliation. Letting himself relax a bit more before he went on. Biting his lip lip and dropping his gaze as his face flushed red once again, he started to voice his request. “I need--”, just then, though, Jason froze in place, eyes going wide as he felt the now familiar sensation of his muscles relaxing without his consent to do so. It started as a small spurt, but this time his body wouldn't need his command and stop it. He knew that soon enough it would become a trickle, then a stream. “Bathroom!” Adam, alarmed at his sudden change in demeanor but registering his panic, pointed him to  a hallway over his left shoulder. Turning, Jason only managed a few shaky, cross-legged steps before he felt the full rush as his bladder fully relaxed. His knees gave way as he shoved his hands between his legs in a last, futile attempt to stop the flow.

It took only a moment to flood the briefs completely before the piss started gushing out the leg holes and into his shorts, soaking his legs and creating a sizeable puddle around him. As he lost the battle with his bladder, he squeezed his eyes shut tight and let out a stifled, humiliated little sob. Adam, who had started rushing towards him as soon as he fell to his knees, had paused as he noticed the puddle expanding rapidly around him. It took a moment for him to register what was happening, but when he did, he quietly stalked forward. As he finally reached Jason's side (though his presence seemingly went unnoticed thru the other man's tears), he found himself struggling to maintain a modicum of professionalism, blindsided by the unexpected surge of lust he felt for the ashamed man kneeling at his feet.

As the stream of piss finally trickled off, Jason finally seem to register Adam's presence, but couldn't bring himself to open his eyes and look at him. Only when he felt a gentle hand start combing thru his hair, and heard a softly uttered reassurance, did he pry his eyes open and blinked away the residual tears. Jason choked out, wobbly and wet, “I'm s- sorry.” Adam shushed him, coaxing him to lean his head against his hip as he started sobbing again. Adam, surprised and a bit ashamed, loved every moment of it; smiling contentedly and murmuring reassurances the entire time Jason leaned his head against his hip, he was struggling to compose himself.

When his sobbing finally died down, Adam looked down fondly, with a soft indulgent smile, and asked, “Okay now?” Jason looked up at him, his eyes still wet, and wiped at his nose in a disconcertingly childish way, trying to stop the sniffling. He nodded shyly, and thanked Adam for his kindness.

“It's alright. Now, I want you to wait here and catch your breath while I lock up. And when I'm done, I'll come over and we'll get you cleaned up, okay?” He said softly, reaching over with his thumb to swipe the last of the tears from Jason's face. After seeing a nod of assent, Adam when over and flipped the switch of the neon OPEN sign off, locked the door, pulled down the security gate, and lowered the shades. All the while, Jason looked, rather confused but ultimately grateful for the kindness and patience Adam had shown him. When he was finished closing, he came back over and said, “Now, how about we get you cleaned up, hmm?” Blushing shyly again at the intimacy that suggested, he nodded up at Adam, catching his eyes briefly as he looked up thru still-wet lashes. Adam offered his hand and helped him to his feet before bidding Jason to follow him down the hallway and into the employee lockers and adjoining bathroom. He instructed Jason to strip the soiled clothing and set it in the sink while he retrieved something. After he did as instructed, he disposed of the protective briefs in the trash can, and leaned against the wall, wringing his hands anxiously as he settled in to wait. When he heard footsteps approaching, he pushed off the wall and used his hands to cover his groin. Adam approached the bench in the center of the room and set a handful of trash bags and a large shopping bag on one end. He turned and unlocked one of the lockers, removing a bulky duffel bag and setting it with the shopping bag. Pulling a large, fluffy looking towel from the duffel, he laid it down to cover the bench before turning to Jason; he raised a brow as he noticed the hands covering his junk, and giving a warm smile when Jason moved them.

“Good boy”, he praised, before ushering him over to the bench and instructing him to sit down and wait once more. He took one of the garbage bags with him over to the sink, where he proceeded to rinse out the soiled pants and drawers; he wrung them out, put them in the trash bag and tied it before setting the bag in the corner. He picked up Jason's sandals and rinsed them off as well, propping them up against the wall to dry. APulling the garbage bin with him, he straddled the bench on the same end he set all the stuff down on.


“if it's alright with you, I'd like to get you cleaned up and diapered.” Jason nodded in response.

“Alright, then go ahead and lay back”, he said as he bent down to rummage thru the store bag, pulling out a pack of body wipes. Starting at his feet and working his way up, Adam wiped him down slowly and tenderly, and Jason struggled, unsuccessfully, to quell his body's reaction. The further Adam got up his body, the harder he got; and soon, he was rock hard and panting out his excitement. When his fingers strayed between his cheeks, he almost came untouched; his body tensing up and every muscle pulled whipcord tight, but unable to reach his peak. Finally, when the rest of his body had been thoroughly wiped clean, and all that was left was his dick, he assumed he was going to be allowed to cum. But Adam carefully avoided his dick and balls, only giving it a perfunctory wipe down. Twisting to throw the used wipes in the garbage can, he ignored Jason's desperate whimpers and whining. Only when Jason reached for himself did he respond, smacking his hands away from temptation and squeezing the base of his dick hard.

“No. I'm going to continue diapering you, and you won't be allowed to cum unless I give the express command to do so. Alright?” while the rest of his words were firm and brokered no arguments, Adam had phrased the last word like a question, giving him a way out. He considered objecting, but he was enjoying himself far too much; not only that, there was some part of him that couldn't bear to let Adam down. Without any conscious thought, he found himself nodding his head in agreement. Adam continued his task, taking out a bottle of powder meant to stop chafing and diaper rash, and lightly dusting his lower body with it. Reaching into the bag once more, there was the sound of a plastic package opening followed by a loud crinkling as he pulled out an extremely thick, obscenely crinkly diaper. Jason bit his lip in excitement, and lifted his hips as Adam laid the unfolded diaper beneath him and started taping it up.


Adam looked up at him as he finished securing the diaper, only breaking eye contact so he could reach down and rummage around in the duffle bag and bring out a pair of basketball shorts. Sliding them onto Jason's much smaller frame, he pulled the drawstrings tight so they wouldn't slide down.


“Now, I've gotta finish cleaning up in here; but afterwards, if you're willing to wait for me, I'd like to invite you to my house for dinner”, Adam said.


“Yeah I.... I'd like that, I think”, Jason replied, smiling shyly up at him.


“Great; just sit tight, and I'll be done in a few”, Adam said as he walked out of the room, only turning his head once to tell Jason, “Oh, and keep your hands out of your pants; I still didn't give you permission”.

To be continued…..


Great story - somethingdiff981

Great story.\r\nLooking forward to see what happens with Jason and Adam next.

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