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24 Hours

by nyphosis

Chapter 1

Brad and Liam had been dating for nearly two years now. But there was something missing. Their sex lives used to be exciting. Full of spark. But they had tried everything. Even the hardcore stuff was starting to feel vanilla.
That was until Brad stumbled upon Warp My Mind. And had an exciting idea. Seeing as they were both party animals they both always had a supply of roofies. Brad's idea was they each create a playlist of hypnosis files. They both stay locked and bound in separate rooms with the headsets on them. A friend would assist in binding them. And feeding them once every 4 hours.
At the end of the day of conditioning they would each take a roofie and wake up forgetting what had been done to their bodies. To a big surprise.
Liam was immediately on board. And their good friend Harry was only happy to assist. The day came. Liam and Brad woke up and breakfast before Harry arrived and escorted them to their rooms. 
Each was handcuffed, one arm to each bedpost. Their ankles were too. They were then gagged and blindfolded. With the headphones being applied. As well as a diaper. Harry then left.
Every 4 hours, Harry returned. Fed the boys. Gave them water. And made sure the playlists continued. This carried on until midnight. When Harry returned to finally untie them. They were both in a daze as Harry gave them the roofies and helped them to bed.
The next morning the boys woke up to see Harry's face staring at them on their bedroom TV screen. Brad grabbed the remote and pressed play. It was a video Harry had made to show what a success the day before had been and a reminder that they had taken the roofies.
Brad and Liam looked at each other.
"So what files did you have me listen to?," Brad asked.
Liam paused for a moment. Wondering if it had worked and whether Brad would be happy. Liam was bi. Brad was gay. Liam had always been the bottom with Brad, with every guy, but he had been craving fucking pussy again. Brad had always refused a threesome.
Liam had chosen forced bisexual files for Brad. As well as a few other surprises. Liam grabbed his phone and pulled out some lesbian porn. He showed it to Brad who recoiled at first but when Liam went to grab Brad's dick he noticed it was already somewhat engorged.
Brad looked at Liam.
"Is this what you did?", Brad asked.
"You know I've always wanted a threesome. My biggest fantasy is my dick in a girls pussy whilst your dick is in my ass".
Liam hadn't used his dick in over 2 years and he was desperate. It was quite a waste too. He sported a strong 7.75 inches. And he was quite the shower too. Brad had often made Liam wear a chastity cage to reduce its visible size. Brad was a respectable 6.5 inches. But as the top, was always slightly jealous that his sub was bigger than him.
Which is why Liam should have known.
Liam got out of bed and went to the bathroom to have his morning constitutional. He pulled down his boxer briefs and sat on the seat. He always pee'd first before taking a dump. He decided to release. And got the surprise of his life.
Rather than dropping straight into the bowl his stream was a lot thinner and more powerful. And shot forward straight ahead of him, over the rim and onto the bathroom floor.
Liam was confused. This had only ever happened when he was hard but his hard dick would never fit in the toilet bowl.
Liam looked down and that's when he saw it. He was quite a hairy guy. His bush protruded about an inch outwards. However what he saw of his penis was shorter than what was hidden by his bush. He was less than 2 inches long. His shaft completely hidden by his dense pubes. All that was exposed was a wet, shiny, shrunken cock head. That looked more like a pink button on a fur coat.
Liam ran back into the bedroom.
"What have you done to me?!", Liam shouted.
"Relax, you'll love it, trust me", Brad said calmly.
Liam frantically rubbed his dick trying to get hard. It slowly started to work and then he started to deflate again at Brad's laughs.
"Shut up!", Liam shouted.
Liam finally managed to get it up. It took a good ten minutes but he was rock solid. His dick was throbbing. Veins pulsating. Wet with precum. He knew this was his hardest. He pulled the ruler out from the bedside draw and placed it on his dick. 3.75 inches.
And he was struggling to maintain that. Pretty soon, like a released balloon his dick shrivelled back down to under 2 inches. And then even smaller again. Liam was now struggling to see his tiny head in his thick bush.
Liam gave in. He sat on the floor and started crying. Defeated. Brad slowly came over to him.
"Do you trust me?", Brad asked.
Liam looked up, and nodded.
Brad took Liam into the bathroom and shaved his crotch. A shrivelled 1.5" cock stood there. It's tiny pink head glistening with precum. Brad took his thumb and index finger and started stroking.
Liam gasped in shock. Tingles rushed through his peanut-sized dick. More intense than he had ever felt in his life. And then rushed through his body. He looked down at his tiny jelly dick. Flopping everywhere and seeming to retract into itself even more. His tiny head popping in and out of his shrivelled foreskin with every thrust of Brad's hand.
Liam constantly leaked precum, and every 30 seconds or so a big glob would come out. Making Brad's hand on Liam's floppy dick even sloppier.
After a few minutes Liam began to moan and his body started spasming uncontrollably. Brad let go of Liam's dick as Liam's back arched backwards. His breathing increased. His complexion reddened. He looked down at his dick and his uncontrollable body. His dick started to stiffen, except it didn't grow, it shrank.
Liam's dick shrank down to under an inch as it started to vibrate. Within seconds Liam was squirting his hot juice. Waves of pleasure ran through his body. And he lay there. Completely spent. Tears in his eyes. This time, tears of joy.
A couple hours later when he had regained his stamina Liam asked the question Brad was waiting to hear.
"Would it be even better if I go smaller?", Liam asked.
Brad smiled.
"We've got more than enough roofies", Brad said.
"You want to forget again?", Liam asked.
"You lost 4 inches in one day. Imagine how hot it would be to wake up with no dick at all?", Brad asked.
"I still want a dick. Just a tiny one. An inch all the time. 2 inches hard", Liam said.
"Yeah but the smaller you go the more sensitive you'll be, the more compressed the nerves are, and lets face it you're never gonna need that dick for fucking anything ever again", Brad replied.
"True", Liam replied, "Alright then let's do it. Let's give me a button dick".
To Be Continued...



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