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by skaaak


All happened long time ago. I was about 14 years old at that time, and as any kid in that age, sex was something curious for me. Always thought i liked girls, and i actually did, until i met him.
His name was William, but for a kid, everybody knew him as Billy. He was 11 years old, and by that time i think that i felt him kinda of a kid yet. And he was, everybody thought he was younger, i thought he was 8 the first time i met him. He was very respectful for his age, a very educated kid, he was short and thin, we a nerdish look. Anyway, i wasnt a big guy neither, just a few inches above him, thin body, smooth skin, just was more older than him.
We used to hang out sometimes, mostly for playing videogames, but just that, there wasnt much talk, i think that we were in different stages of our youth.
But things started to change after a time.
One day, that we had arranged to play some videogames, i was entering his room while i caught him. He was masturbating, or at least trying to. Both of us got surprised and face to the other side. After some minutes he made me come in, and told me that he was just trying things the other kids talked about in school. I was so ashamed, since i never masturbated, and felt strange knowing that a kid younger than me was a step ahead.
The next thing was a day we were at my room watching youtube videos. My parents were away shopping, and since im their only child we were alone. We switched to put fun videos, both of us were trying to impress the other. In one of his turns, he put a video to load, and dare me to watch it. I saw a spiral frozen, and imagined that was one of those stupid hypnosis videos. I already watched some of them, and knew that they were fake videos made by young boys trying to get girls to do things. Laughed at him and told him that my dare would be better than watching a stupid video.
Then i put on my earphones and started watching it. But the first thing that i noticed was that it wasnt a kids voice on the video, it was grown up girl with a soft voice the one talking. After that i read the name of the video "Hypnotic Induction". And then there was a fog.
Here i was again, sitting in front of the computer, with my earphones waiting for the video to show. Still was smiling at him thinking this was bullshit, though i started finding this familiar. I watched the screen and read the title "Hypnotic Conditioning". And then there was a fog.
Suddenly i found myself kneeling in front of Billy, masturbating his little pennis with my both hands. Was strange, because i saw myself doing that, and couldnt think of doing something else. While i was doing this, my parents car arrived. Billy looked through the window, and then clicked his fingers. Suddenly i woke up, not understanding much of what happened. He pulled his pants back up, and laughed, and told me that since he had lost the daring, i should choose what to do next. I told him that we should get togheter again in his house this week to watch more videos, never knew where that idea came from.
Some days later, Billy parents had to travell to take his older sister Betsy to a Ballet competition. Billy told them that he didnt feel good since he felt some ache in his body, but told them that he would just rest for the day.
After i saw Billy's parents car leaving, i felt the urge to go to Billy's house inmediately. I crossed streets, knocked the door, and he welcomed me. Told me that we should go upstairs to his room to watch the videos. As we got there, he told me to sat and put the earphones on. It was strange, since we didnt even talk, less than the usual. As he played the video, i could read on the screen "Hypnotic Feminization". And then there was a fog.
The next thing i cant remember is waking up feeling so strange. He asked me if i was ok. As i heard him, i gave a look to my body, and found myself dressed in boys clothes. Asked him what was happening, he said he didnt understand the question. Then he asked me what was my name. "Ashley" i told him. He smiled and asked me what was wrong. I told him, the clothes were of a boy. So, he took my hand and we went to the room next to him. It was a girls room. He told me to put the clothes that would fit me. After a while, there i was, wearing a little white top, a mini skirt, some shoes, and of course a bra and panties. He told me that i looked very pretty liked that and i blushed.
He said we should go to his room again, so we did. There he told me to watch another video. While it was starting i could just read "Hypnotic Slavery", and then there was a fog...
To be continued.


keep it goinig - delcogy

i wish i was the older boy. please keep it going. it\'s so hot.

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