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The undone

by pokmin

The undone

You awake, your body upright, and a flash of pain in your skull and a feeling of grogginess escaping your body as you try to make sense of your situation. You cannot hear anything, or see anything, for that matter, your sense of sight, as well as hearing, completely useless to you. as you breathe in, all you smell is a musky scent, the scent of someone you know, a scent you've always tried to smell firsthand, but only dreamed as you sniffed their underwear and clothes. You attempt to open your mouth, trying to get as much of their scent and taste, only to find it impossible. Your entire body from the neck down is incredibly cold, giving you goosebumps along every inch of your body as it screams for sensation, it receiving none. Your entire world of one smell, and that's all you have.

Hours pass, the smell stronger then ever, enhanced by it being the only thing you have. Your mind begins to envision this person, this lovely person to whom this scent belongs. Your body aches at the thought, becoming aroused as the vision enters your mind. you haven't thought about much for the past couple of hours, other then trying to figure out where you are. your mind clings to the image of this person, wanting their touch, to hear their voice, to taste the air around them and to see their body, but all you have is their scent, and that's all you'll have.

More time passes, you haven't eaten, you haven't drank, but you haven't noticed. The only image filling your mind right now is that of the person whose scent is only getting stronger. your body twists and turns, not feeling anything. you can't even beg for sensation, you mouth sealed shut by something unknown. Your arousal has grown greater, your body shuddering and convulsing, not merely wanting the touch of this person, but needing it. Still, as long as you wait, nothing comes, but the smell grows even stronger.

It's been at least 2 days now, your mind is wearing thin, the only thing keeping you anchored is the scent, the scent of whom you long for, who you long to touch, to taste the sweat on there skin, to hear the sound of their voice calling your name, to see their body open before you, to take in their beauty and magnificence. but all you have is their smell, the scent of the most intimate parts which your body aches for. Your hunger is slowly getting to your without you realizing it, you no longer twist and turn, you no longer convulse at the thought of this person, yet with all your thought, you believe yourself to still perform these actions. the only thing changing, is the strength of their scent, which grows stronger every minute, every second.

Your body in completely immobile, unable to sleep, unable to feel. the cold feeling gone as your entire body numbs over, no longer aware if you are moving or not, not even able to think of anyone but that person, who's scent is the only thing keeping you on the brink of insanity, the very thought of them no longer just exciting you, but nurturing you. the scent is all you have have, it's all you will ever have, and it will only grow stronger and stronger, never leaving you, not even for a second. You yourself, begin to cease to exist, your mind can't even remember how you look in the mirror. All you see is them, this person, they only exist, nothing else matters, nothing else exists but them, and their scent.

It's been 4 days since your imprisonment, but you don't even remember, all you care about, no, all you know is this scent, this person. you don't exist, the world doesn't exist, the only thing that exists is this person. Your needs, your wants, your desires, no longer exist. the only thing that exists is them, that their scent is all you will experience for the rest of your life, stuck between your world and this new one, the one of them. suddenly, the intensity of their scent doubles, triples, grows into an unimaginable magnitude.

Your body, your mind, your senses, your wants, your needs, your desires, your life, your memories, your world, your universe. nothing exists but them, nothing exists but their scent. the only thing your mind knows is them, your mind is them, your body is them, your world, life universe, desire, senses, wants needs, are them, whose scent has driven you beyond madness, beyond unfeeling. you no longer exist. they do, they will continue to exist for all eternity, them, that which is you and all you have, yet will never be yours.

A touch comes to your body, it's them, but you can't feel it. you have no clue they are there but they know. they softly Caress your body, touching it in all the right places, feeling you, teasing you, but you don't know anymore. you can't feel them, you wouldn't know what feeling was anyways, all you know is them. their touch, their sight, their sound, their taste. even the smell, as intense as it is, has left you now. you've ceased to exist, your very essence gone. you've become undone.


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