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by tr3bor

Chapter 1

Melissa was pulling her daughter into Westlake Daycare and Ana was just refusing. Ana couldn't believe that her mother was doing this to her. For the WHOLE summer! She wasn't a baby, she didn't need to be taken care of because she could take care of herself. But her mother does not believe that she can. Ana found this complete bull shit.

"Mom, please let go and let me stay home! I'll do anything but this, I'll a take a ground-ment instead just please I'm too old for day care!" Ana cried desperately as Melissa pulled her down the hall way to the daycare's office.

"Now sweetie, you know I'm doing this for your own good. I think this will change you." Melissa said, with a stern tone.

"I don't wanna go in there! I don't know anyone here!" Ana whined. Melissa stopped in the middle of the hallway.

"Ana, I need you to be a big girl right now. I need you to walk instead of my dragging you and if you don't I'm not afraid to carry you in there myself." Melissa scolded, like she was talking to a 5 year old child instead of her 16 year old daughter.

Ana sighed. Walking into a daycare and attending it was embarrassing enough, she did NOT need her mother to carry her in there as well... That is more embarrassing.

"Fine." Ana huffed. Ana started to walked ahead.

"Hold my hand honey, I don't want you getting lost." Melissa grabbed Ana's hand and started to walk her down the hallway again. Ana dragged her feet once again, whining and complaining.

"I'm not going to get LOST! I don't need you to hold my hand!" Ana struggled to get her hand out of her Melissa's grip. Melissa didn't budge. She wasn't going to let her daughter get her way, like she's done in the past.

"That's it Ana. You leave me no choice BUT to carry you." Melissa said, and picked up Ana. She settled the teenager on her hip. Ana was in shock, that she didn't struggle to get out of the hold. Melissa smiled at that.

Soon they were in the office and Melissa signed Ana in for the first time at the receptionists desk.
Another young woman came in, her name tag said Ms. Lucy.

"So good to see you Lucy." Melissa smiled brightly. They must know each other, Ana thought, as she looked at this Ms. Lucy.

"Hello Melissa, and this must be your little girl, Ana." Ms. Lucy cooed to Ana. Ana felt her cheeks heat up and hid her face in her mother's shoulder. It was embarrassing to get cooed at by an adult at 16.

"Ana say hi to Ms. Lucy." Melissa said in an encouraging voice. Ana mumbled a hi.

"She's a shy one, I see. Well if she's all signed in, I can take her and you can go." Ms. Lucy told Melissa. Ana felt that she was being handed over and she felt she was in Ms. Lucy's arms. Ana reached out for her mother. She didn't care if it looked childish but she was 16 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! She felt like it wasn't necessary for her to be in a daycare! Daycare's were for babies and toddlers!

"Please, mom, please don't leave me here!" Ana almost cried out. Melissa gave a quick hug and kiss on the cheek to Ana.

"Sweetie I'll only be a few hours and mommy will be back before you know it. I need you to be a good little girl, okay." Melissa cooed to Ana.

Where the heck did mommy come from? Ana thought.

"Okay..." Ana sighed. She then watched her mother leave.

This was going to be a very, very long day for Ana. Ana was going to be in for one big surprise


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