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by batui4

Chapter 1

Drama Reheasal.

It all started at a Drama rehearsal. Me and Tommy were both 14 and hadn't had any action with girls, and were very horny. Tommy was 5 5" well built and very ripped, he has brown hair and blue eyes . I was 5 4", skinny, black hair and brown eyes. 

As we were sent into the room we began to laugh and not really do much learning. We joked around a bit with the water fountain spilling water on each other, soon enough our shirts were both very wet and Tommy's clung to his abs, defining all 6 of them. water slowly dripped onto the floor. This was the first time i had properly been turned on by a boy, i was horny and young and this whole sensual experience really made me horny. As tommy lifted his shirt to dry his abs i felt a bulge slowly grow in my trousers. Luckily i had some tight black school trousers on so tommy didn't notice. Even though he didn't notice, i did; soon enough we began to rehearse again and my cock was pounding against my trousers wanting to break free. I took one little look at tommy's defined, toned body and excused myself to the toilet. 

I swung the toilet door open and slammed into the toilet, locking it behind me. as i ripped some toilet paper from the stall with one hand, with the other i grabbed my trouser zip, undid my trousers and let my 4.5” cock loose. A small shiver ran up my spine as I tickled the tip of my cock. Whilst tickling my balls I pounded out a wank whilst thinking of tommy. As my hand rammed up and down on my hard veiny cock, images of tommy drying his sexy abs ran through my head. Oh how I wanted to kiss his body. Soon I was ready to come and this only made me rub faster and harder. Then I exploded with hot cum, it dribbled down my shirt and rested on my balls. I quickly used the toilet paper I had grabbed earlier to clean up, then I ran back (making sure I wasn't suspiciously long in the toilet).

When I got back to tommy we got called into the main drama studio, we had a talk with the drama teacher and I could see tommy eyeing my crotch. I stopped. Had I left some stain marks on my trousers? In panic I stroked my calming dick and felt a wet patch. Shit. I quickly rubbed it off then left along with tommy. 

As we were walking back tommy said,
“what was that on your trousers John”
“Errmm... it was some water from earlier” I stated still nervous,
“oh okay, see you next week then!” he shouted as he ran to his mum's car. As he ran his firm ass wiggled in his tight trousers. My cock began to peak again so I covered it with my script and caught the bus home. 

Finally, a start.

That night and for the rest of the week I had at least three wanks a night, each one was as massively pleasing as the next. Each one I thought of tommy whilst pounding my self. That week I had trouble in school because I wasn't focused, I had him on my mind. Throughout the days leading up to the next saturday rehearsal I thought about him even more, and had decided I was going to make a move. That saturday I gave him a hug when I saw him (surprised as he was) and I felt his hot body wrap around mine, this only turned me on so I had to pull away before he noticed. Again this week we were sent into the side room to rehearse our bit for the show. After a bit of script learning I decided to make my move. I began to push about (play fighting) and he did the same back, soon we were battling for power on top of each other, our body's wrapped around each other. As we kept fighting I felt my cock rub against his, and in turn his cock then grew into my leg. Suddenly Tommy stopped sat down on a chair and hid his erection. I too had a raging boner, so I sat down next to him and began to rub sensuously up and down his leg. At first he began to resist but slowly and surley I could tell he was beginning to enjoy it. He then got up and walked over to the wall practically ignoring me. At first I was a bit sad but then he said,
“Fuck me these rehearsals are tense, you know with the script learning and all”
“okay” I replied,
“What?” he said confused,
“I'l fuck you” I said confidently, suddenly thoughts shot through my head, had I taken it too far, what if he told every one I was gay and then I would be bullied. Oh God, what have I done!
“Go on then” he said.
Oh my god. For a moment I thought I was in heaven. I slowly advanced at him, delighted that I would finally have the chance to feel his firm ass. I began to slowly grind on his ass; my cock rubbing up and down his crack. It felt so good, I could only imagine what it would be like to do this naked. I hoped I would get the chance. I began to thump harder, thrusting my hard restrained cock into his clothed ass. My cock was getting hotter and hotter but I didn’t want to finish. Not yet anyway. So I asked him to try it on my now. We switched around and he grabbed onto my inner thighs, his arms stretching around my waist. This gave him more strength and ultimately made him pump my ass harder and faster. Tingly feelings spread around my body as began to fondle my crotch area whilst he pumped my ass hard. Mmmmm I was in heaven. Suddenly he span me around, and kissed me, shoving his tongue down my throat as we swirled saliva; then he began to fondle my crotch with one hand and my ass with the other. I in turn did the same, all the while our tongues fixed together. When we broke from the kiss, I asked if he wanted to go into the toilets as I was ready to cum. He said yes.

I grabbed his hand and led him into the toilets, slamming the door behind me I locked us in a stand. He kissed me briefly on the lips then began to unzip my trousers. Soon my cock leapt out into the palm of Tommy's hand which sent a hotness swirling though my veins. He stared deeply into my eyes and began to tug. His hand rubbed backwards and forward, twisting and pulling; I felt like I was dead and had come to paradise. Then my balls grew hot and I knew I was about to cum. Abruptly my hot boy juice shot into his hand, again and again; each shot a little smaller than the last. It was and has been the best orgasm I have ever had. Sensuously Tommy unzipped his trousers (with the clean hand) and let his 6” cock spring out. His balls were larger than mine and his pubes were a luscious dark black. He then slathered the remaining my cum onto his dick and told me to taste my own cum. 

I was shocked, but I was to in love with his large veiny cock to say no. I slowly got to my knees and kissed his tip; I received a low moan. I began to slowly suck down, I was surprised at how natural his cock felt swirling around in my mouth, enclosed by my tongue. I started bobbing my head quicker and quicker until soon he began to moan loudly and shouted “mmmmm please, keep going, ohhh yeaaahhh”. With this I removed my head and licked up from his balls all the way up to his head. With a loud moan he shot into my mouth. My first taste of cum. It was different, salty yet sweet. I swallowed it so not to spoil the moment then got up kissed him slowly and left. 

The following week my friend Luke asked if I wanted to come over to his house, I asked if I could bring my other friend too, Tommy. He said yes. 


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