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Messy, Wet, Wild.

by locomaster7

       Susan awoke with a feeling of confusion and discomfort. Dazed, she looks at herself to see if she's okay, seeing her own long red hair, pale freckled skin, small breasts in a tight tanktop, and in plain cotton panties. She was lying on the ground, resting her back on the end of her living room couch. Attempting to stand, her legs working against her. In panic, Susan starts looking for an answer. On the couch next to her she looks up at her Mistress giving an implied glace pleading for help as she couldn only crawl. Her Mistress smirks a sly smile of delight as Susan crawls around trying to piece together the current situation.

    "Messy." Susan heard from her Mistress. Before she could even question what was just said she felt a sudden weakness. A weakness that spread from her stomach to her knees. Slowly, poop started to run into her panties smearing underneath her and around her butt cheeks reaching her pussy. Faster now, more shit came out bulging her panties. Only thoughts of horror and confusion came to Susan wanting to get up and run, but only able to crawl.

    "Wet." Attempting to crawl, Susan stumbles. Suddenly peeing, interrupting her escape. Immobilized and demoralized, Susan lay in waste filled leaking panties unsure on how any of this happened. Mistress looking down with satisfaction.

    "Wild." A rushing heat rips through Susan's body from her chest to between her legs. A building arousal needing to be dealt with. Managing to sit up, Susan spreads her legs, and lets her hands service this horniness. One hand caressing her clit, while the other instinctively massages the mess inside the panties. Gasping for air as arousal builds with each touch. Simultaneously she pushes the mound of poo into herself and thrusts her fingers into her pussy causing her to scream and spasm in orgasm.

    "Sleep." ...

    Next morning Susan waking up in her bed, feeling strangely erotic, but not thinking much of it, deciding to go get breakfast instead. Walking into the kitchen she finds her flatmate, Kaylene tall and slender with long brunette hair, draping over her olive skin, loose t-shirt covering her large breasts, and plaid pjs. Cooking breakfast for the two of them.

    "Good morning Mistress." Susan blinked for a moment as if something she said didn't make sense. Her flatmate responding normally so she doesnt think much of it. "What's for breakfast Mistress?" There it was again, she just couldn't shake that feeling of a misspoken word.

    "Eggs for me, and Oatmeal for my slave."

    "Sounds good." Susan accepting an effortless meal from her flatmate. However once again that feeling of confusion, but this time when Kaylene addressed her. Shaking this thought from her mind as she was too hungry to care.

    Breakfast until mid-afternoon Susan stayed in her room doing her college homework. Eventually getting so devastatingly bored she went to see if Kaylene wanted to do something.

    "Wanna have some fun?" As if reading her mind, Kaylene came into her room asking. "Sleep. Deeper and deeper... sleep."

    "...And three." Susan found herself in her sweats and bra on the living room couch, trying to piece together how she got there, maybe they were watching a movie and she fell asleep.

    "Let's play truth or dare." Susan's thoughts interupted by Kaylene walking into the room. "I'll let you ask me first."

    "Okay, Mistress. Truth or dare?"

    "Truth." Kaylene seeming keen on this.

    "What is your most secret fetish?" Susan starting out with a hardball thinking there's no way Kaylene will answer.

    "Hypnosis. I reeeeaaally love hypnosis. I've even hypnotized you." In complete disbelief, that not only she answered so quickly, but to say that Kaylene has hypnotized her.

    "If you have really hypnotized me. Prove it." Mostly curious, Susan inqires for answers. Even though Kaylene could easily be lying, for some reason she felt like it was true.

    "Nuh-uh, I answered, now I get to ask. Truth or dare?"


    "I dare you to take off your bra and massage your breasts." NO WAY was Susan gonna do that for her, she didn't care about the dare, she just wanted answers. Worrying too much, she didn't even notice that she was already bare. Forced back into awareness by a sharp pinch on her nipples as she has been slowly caressing them for the better half of a minute now.

    "Truth or Dare?!" is all that Susan could muster from her current confusion. She just needed answers.


    "If you really did hypnotize me, I dare you to make be become aware." Hopefully this will bring some answers Susan was thinking.

    "Very well..." Kaylene looking hesitant. "Aware." Susan now remembers undressing and the whole half minute of caressing and teasing. Feeling betrayed, wanting to lash out.

    "Truth or dare?" Everything she was about to say, interupted now making her unable to respond with anything but an answer to the simple question.


    "What turns you on?"

    "Pleasing my Mistress." Where did this come from?! Susan knew it was the hypnosis, but she still couldn't believe it, she may have become aware, but that didn't change the fact that she has no control.

    "Good girl." Hearing Kaylene say that sent a rush of arousal to Susan's sex, making it impossible to concentrate as her hands are still kneading her breasts.

    "How 'bout we just play dare for now on, and only I get to dare you." Susan could only knod in acceptance feeling another wave of pleasure following.

    "I dare you to please my little pussy." Susan without hesitation kneels infront of Kaylene, her Mistress and pulls her panties to the side. Slowly kissing around the folds of her tight hairless lips, moving closer and closer teasing with unknown experience. Susan for just a second suckles on her Mistresses clit recieving an expected moan as feedback. A finger easily slides into Kaylene's already wet sex while her clitoris is still being worked by Susan's tongue.

    "Mmmm... How about I give you a surprise to work with." Mistress giving an enigmatic warning. Susan grabbing her mistresses ass for support before feeling the panties starting to swell in her hands. A full load filled Kaylene's panties now molded to Susan's hands now massaging it into her cheeks. Still sucking on her clit, it didn't take much of this until mistress was squirming in her place, moaning wildly.

    "Messy, Wet, Wild." Mistress commanded between her moans and suddenly Susan felt wave after wave of pleasure, releasing all of her piss and filling her panties with a soft mess. All of these simultaneous feelings brought Susan's arousal to new heights moaning into her Mistress's pussy. Both so close to cumming, almost out of breath Mistress yells. "CUM WITH ME!" Feeling Kaylene's pussy tighten around her lips sending her over the edge. Cumming into her messy panties, with her mistress at her tongue.


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