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Diaper Commercial

by smellyskunk

Chapter 1

Rhys took the job, because it sounded so dead-simple; 'photo session, youthful model wanted. 500 dollar for three scenarios' it said. Rhys considered himself quite young, and headed to the studio.
The 'studio' was the local theatre, with camera's and special spotlights set up. The air smelled stale and dusty, but other than that, it appeared as a professional photo shoot.
The director was an Arctic wolf, with a vixen helping with setup. She guided the bunny on the stage and he noticed they both wore thick sunglasses.
"Expecting sun?" He asked, before being hushed.
"Just stand here, sir and let me handle it." The vixen assured, petting his shoulder. "Just a quick wardrobe change." She worked quite fast; putting a curtain in front before removing ALL his clothes.
*Wow!* Rhys shivered slightly.
"U...uhm... am I supposed to be this nude?" He asked, before she smiled.
"Only this, sir...." She said, pushing him forward on all four, and slipping a diaper on his furry bum. Rhys protested at first, before she gave him a playful pat. "It's a commercial for adult diapers, sir." He nodded... it sounded logical. She smirked and patted his crinkly white diaper. "Just a diaper commercial..." She repeated, before removing the curtain on wheels.
*What the heck?* Rhys thought, noticing the diaper. *A… diaper? Ugh, why don’t they put this is adds?* He sighed.

Rhys got up and faced the arctic wolf. Damn those lights were bright! He understood why they wore sunglasses. He was a little confused over the diaper, but it’s just a photo shoot, simple posing, right?
"Okay, Mister Rhys." The wolf started with a stern, stale voice. "Miss Carol will hand you some fun toys... bright and colourful. Oh, so pretty for your young... juvenile... regressed... mind." He whispered as the vixen placed a box of lettered blocks next to the bunny. He looked at the blocks before he grabbed one and let out a loud giggle. He was adult inside, but it felt so good to act young. So free! Each time the camera flashed, his acts were recorded.
*what the hell? I… blocks? Why am I giggling, I’m not a girl! Oh god… this is SO embarrassing! I hope my boss doesn’t see this… or my… no, everyone’ll see me chew on blocks!*
"Good, Mister Rhys... aren't they colourful... like candy?" The wolf asked, grinning. Rhys babbled on and grabbed a yellow block, before, with some wobbling motions, putting it in his mouth, and suckle on it. He drooled and smiled, enjoying himself as the wood absorbed the droplets of spit.
*why can’t I do anything? This wolf… what is he doing? So much control… ugh… I’ll just ask his to scrap me from the credits or blur my face… I dun like this.* Rhys thought, allowing by his actions.
"Yes, Rhys... just a little more..." He took a final picture, and the biggest spotlight clicked off.
The bunny's mind came back as he noticed the block in his mouth, and quickly spat it out in reply. "GOD! EW!" He shouted, before the vixen grabbing his muzzle and cleaned up the drool.
"Such a dirty, dirty boy!" She uttered, before giving him a kiss on the forehead.
*oh god… why is she treating me like a fucking baby? This isn’t worth five hundred bucks! Not even a thousand!*

Rhys got up and recapped, noticing how much he enjoyed the crisp diaper. It was warm, maybe even ironed. I blushed, but was startled when she put his clothes in a Tupperware box. 'It stinks' she gave as reason. He sat down and touched his diaper, giggling little as he did. The wolf grinned, seeing the wolf loose himself.
"Good reaction..." He muttered to himself. "Maybe... I can take him to the next stage...?" He asked, flicking the spot back on. Rhys looked up in reply.
*stage? I… if he means with the baby stuff, like shitting myself, I’m out*
"Next scenario?" He asked, getting a slow nod from the wolf as reply. "Okay... what next?" The wolf looked and thought. The bunny seemed to grabbed another block, somewhat fascinated by it. The bunny blushed, suddenly, he realised he was chewing on the wooden block again. For a second, he figured something was wrong, before the wolf interrupted this.
"Focus on the scenario, Rhys!" He shouted. "You're a little baby... and you love using diapers." He said. Rhys stopped a little, and the wolf sighed. Such a command went against what Rhys knew... too much to just happen. Carol appeared again, pressing a pacifier in his mouth. "Suckle, Rhys... just having your bibby in your mouth calms you... relaxes you." The wolf said, directing the bunny's mind.
*I… was quite calm… the stupid thing really works. Heh… maybe I should buy one… maybe… wait… what? I don’t need a pacifier!*
The vixen grabbed the bunny's nose and squeezed it shut. His adult mind fought it, but half-choking, he gave the pacifier a suckle.
"There..." The vixen said, petting him. "Good baby bunboy." She said, kissing him on the forehead. He shivered and suckled, losing himself in it. His thoughts of panic turned to the deep urge to suckle on the pacifier, endlessly. His adult mind was subdued by it... weakened by the simple pleasure.
"Come on, Rhys; be a good boy and pee." The arctic wolf ordered, smirking.
*pee… PEE? God no! I am NOT going to piss my… their diaper!* Rhys suckled, and his adult mind was drowned as he pissed his white, dry diaper, making it yellow and soggy. He smiled and giggled, but it also made his adult mind wide away, like feeling someone pee next to you in the pool.
"Come on, boy; tell how it feels to be nice and wet." The arctic wolf smiled from ear to ear, sniggering as the bunny nodded and spat the pacifier out. His mind screamed to get out; why was he smiling... why was it even fun to drool over his chest?
"I wuv weawing my diapies when thewe nice and wet!" Rhys said, giggling and babbling. Cameras and microphones captures it and he felt like crazy.
*why can't I move my legs?* Rhys asked himself, thinking. *w-why am I listening to him? T-this is disgusting!* The body piddled, soaking the diaper in pale yellow as his piss spread over the cloth. His body was ecstatic over his wet diaper.
"Good, Rhys... leave the light on, Carol; I think he's soon to fall." He smirked, seeing the bunny suckle his thumb, drooling on the floor. To boast, he clumsily tried to stack the blocks.
*He'll be my new kid-star.* The wolf thought. *Get me some money*

*Why am I pissing?" Rhys wondered, as hid body tinkled again. It seemed eager to continue, how much he might protest. *God this is gross! I'm gonna throw up!* He didn't... his body wasn't listening. The arctic wolf ordered for a fresh diaper. Hearing that, Rhys' body fell backwards, allowing an easy change. The vixen smiled as she cleaned his groin, before taping the diaper in place. She saw the begging mind behind the eyes, and smiled.
"It's okay, baby Rhys." She said, kissing him on the forehead again.
*B-baby? OH god this isn't permanent, is it?!* He thought in blind panic. The wolf sighed as the vixen filled the bunny's belly with formula, coming from a bottle. *A bottle... w-why?* He asked, wanting to cry. His body drank with glee, slurping it all done.
"There, sir, he's ready for the final takes." The vixen stepped aside.
"I see." The arctic wolf prepared. "Rhys, for the final scene, just be a baby... think like a baby... you're one year old, and you love wearing messy diapers." The arctic wolf grinned. The adult swayed to his will, loving diapers and messing himself like it was his only dream.
The vixen sighed, though, feeling like a jerk. Then again, this would be a goldmine, and they'll turn him back afterwards and pay him the promised money. Still, it was odd to change and adult and feed him with a bottle... she handled the wet diaper like it was a corpse, disgusted by it. She wanted a raise... bad.
He looked, his mind was beginning to erase years of it. Doing so, he pooped himself, letting a shit roll and smear out the backside over his bum as he stood up, wobbling on his legs.
*w-what am I doing?* Rhys asked himself. *This... god! That smell! MAKE IT STOP!* He suckled his thumb as he stood, wagging his messy diapered butt around.
"That's it! Tell the crowd how much you love a filthy diaper!" The wolf cackled, loving the sight. He turned the lights off, making the hypnosis permanent.
"I wuv my diapies when thewe aww poopie!" He said, giggling. He wagged his butt to the camera, giggling like a little girl.
*What am I doing?* Rhys thought, broking under the smell. *So gross! Stop now! It... EW!*
"Turn around... and sit on that nice shitty diaper for Joe." The wolf asked, tilted his head and pouting. The bunny nodded and turned his face and body to the camera, before giggling.
"Poopie go boom!" He said, before falling down on his diaper, making a loud, squishy noise echo in the room.
*OH GOD!* He muttered, crying to himself in his mind. The feeling was disgusting, to feel that warm brown mush smear itself over his bum. The command was followed, and soon, his mind too would be infantile. The body smeared the shit over his butt and diaper with long, firm strokes. *SO gross!*
"Yes, Rhys, babies love stinky diapers... smear it all over your butt." The bunny listened to the wolf and did so.
"Wub wub all on my butt!" He said, giggling. "Wawm and squishy!" The bunny was beginning to lose himself as the warm shit spread over his ass.
*heh... it... it is kinda warm.* He thought. *hihi, actually kinda fun* He continued as his butt rubbed and spread the shit. The bunny giggled with him, and soon he ignored the smell.
"Yes, you're a baby... in mind and doing." The wolf said, smirking. It was almost done, he knew it. Rhys would be stuck as a baby, at least, for as long as he was usable for commercials and advertisement.
*this is nishe...* Rhys thought, fading into infantilism. *aww squishy and poopy!* He giggled, and with this, his body and mind connected. Just in time, as Rhys no longer wished to return to normal age. The arctic wolf got up.
"Good boy, Rhys." He yawned and stretched. "Carol, dress him in a tee and get the baby to his crib. I'm sending this to the station for editing and all." He said, grabbing the computer with all the data. Rhys looked, and giggled.
"Fox ish mommy!" He said, grabbing her hand and wobbling with her. She nodded.
"Yes, Fox ish mommy."


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