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Beach Induction 1, Test 1

by carfan52

Induction 1, Test

(Before I begin, i'm curious to ask who's able to get relaxed, or maybe even a bit more comfortable by reading or listening to this induction i've started below. If your able to, please let me know, and i'll consider continuing it. Eitheir way, please let me know how this script is, and whether you'd like to see more of it. If not, well then I guess this was just for pure amusement. Anyways, lets begin. Enjoy!)




My name is Carfan. You need not concern yourself with why i'm called carfan. You might even find it to be self explainatory. I like cars, and thats all there is too it.


Now, enough about me. Let's get to the real reason your'e here. For an induction to be put into trance.


For this particular and common induction, i'm going to take you on a trip to a beach, where you can experience going back in time to a place of hapiness, then back up again.


So before we begin, i'd like you to find a comfortable place to sit back and relax for a while. Whether it be a favorite chair, or a sofa, or perhaps even your warm comfortable SLEEPY bed where you can relax and be by yourself for a bit. A place where you can go DEEP into a state of comfortable TRANCE NOW happily, and comfortably. 

Ready? Good. Let's begin.


I want you to begin by taking deep breaths. In through your nose, and out through your mouth.


In,.....and out.....exhaling through your nose as you breath comfortably through your nose and out through your mouth. Relaxing as you go DEEP into a state of relaxation.


Good. Now for another.


In,....annnd out through your nose. Exhaling slowly as you breathe. 


Now I want you to notice how much relaxation is caused by this breathing. Calm, soothing relaxation.


Another breath now. In through your nose, and out through your mouth.


Gooooodd. Relaxing more and more now. 


As you continue to relax, i'd like you to listen to my voice as closely as you can. Good. Continue taking deep breaths now.


In through your nose, and out through your mouth. Good.


I am going to count down, from ten, to one. When I hit one, you will hear (or see) the words SLEEP NOW. 


When you hear (or see) the words SLEEP NOW, you will fall into a deep state of hypnosis from which you will not wake up from until you hear or see the words WAKE NOW. Ready? Glad to hear it. Let's continue with the trance induction. Your doing a great job with those breaths. Please continue them as we count down.

Let's begin.


10, begining to fall into a DEEP state of trance now.


9, feel your muscles and body relaxing more and more now as you fall DEEP into a state of hypnosis.


8, begin to visualize a beach,...the warm, comfy, almost golden sand beneath your feet, and the palm trees blowing around in the comfortable breeze.


7, relaxing more and more now, loosing all awareness of your body now. Just focused on my words, and this comfortable story I'm taking you through.


6, SLEEP DEEP, and relax more and more deeply now. 


5, almost there. Entering a complete state of relaxation and trance that is almost blissful.


4, So close now to that perfect trance you've always wanted.


3, Getting closer and closer to that wonderful reality of yours. That comfy, warm, soothing relaxing sand spread beach. See the seaguls flying in the sky as your laying down facing the sky. See the gleaming sun, and the warm sun rays that keep you nice and cozy at a perfect temperature.


2, going deeper and deeper now. more and more relaxed.


1. Sleep deeply, and SLEEP NOW (snap when you say these words). Relaxing completely, totally into a deep state of trance from which you will not wake up from until you hear or see the words WAKE NOW.


Good. Now that we're in a comfortable state of trance, and we can visit a more relaxing time in your life, let's visualize some numbers. We'll start from 21, and go down (NOTE: Feel free to edit this so that it fits your age and then moves down up until the time we choose here). Picture and draw the number 21 in the sand with your hand. Then visualize yourself as a 21 year old, how you were (or are) now, and how you act(ed). Now erase the number 21 in the sand with your hand. Imagine all memories related to being 21 erase from your mind. Now imagine yourself as a 20 year old, how you acted, and what you looked like. Then, draw the number 20 in the sand with your hand, and then erase it. You are now only 19 years old. All memories related to being 20 years old are gone permanently from your mind now. GO DEEP into a state of trance. SLEEP NOW, and fall more and more deeply into a state of relaxation. (Continue this process till you reach 1).


(If you'd like to see more of this induction, please comment below, or just say yes please. Let me know whether or not you like it. Cool? Good. Bye for now!)


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