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by mixtapemax

Chapter 1

Browsing through the internet, Drew looked for any new content from her favorite forums and art sites on her favorite subject: cows. Though she kept the fetish to herself, the young lady had made it obvious that she did adore cows, with her spotty patterns on her bag to the cow themed shirts she enjoyed to wear in public. Only a few online friends knew of her true nature, often roleplaying as cow girls in chats.

     At first, it really was just a cute adoration for her, but over time, she felt a growing connection to her and cows, up to the point where she even wanted to become a cow girl. Scrolling through the old submissions of the furry website she had on, she contemplated what it would be like to be a cow girl.

     And as if to answer, a message popped up in her notification, sent by an anonymous user. She rolled her eyes as she moved her mouse to click open the message. “Must be another random user who just wants to get off at the image of a cow girl…” She had gotten many of those, though she learned to ignore the ones that put little effort while giving trying to give others the benefit of the doubt. But as she opened it, she was greeted with a different message than the others: “If you want to see what a real cow girl is like, check out this great video! à” with the arrow pointing to a link. ‘Might as well. It’s not like any of the other websites have any new content.’ She thought to herself, clicking on the link.

     Opening in a full screen window, she was taken to a what appeared to be a private social site, logging her in with a preset account. The video in question was already playing, the title over it reading, “The Process of a Cow Girl TF” with a young woman standing in a bedroom. ‘Huh, looks pretty legit actually!’ she thought to herself, adjusting herself on her bed. If Drew had looked closer, she would have realized that it was actually a video chat and her own webcam had been switched on herself.

     A voice of a woman began to speak off screen, with the woman in the view prepping herself for what was to come next. “Hello ladies~ Y’all are tuning in to the wonderful and educational process on how a woman can become an elegant cow girl.” The woman on screen leaned in forward, blowing a kiss at the camera and through the screen, sending shivers down Drew’s spine. “Let’s get started shall we~? First, your ears should be a longer length, enough to push out several inches past your hair~” The camera switches to a closer view, with the woman tilting her head side to side so the camera can catch her ears growing and pushing through her auburn hair. “Wow! This is some amazing stuff! How’d she get it to look so real?”

     As Drew watched and wondered, she failed to realize her own had grown in length, mimicking the woman’s as they started to fold and cup in shape. “It is important to let your hair down around your ears, as covering them will hinder your increased hearing~” “I guess it is important…” Drew said in agreeance, absent-mindedly scratching her new cow ears. Moving to the woman’s face, the voice continued on: “On to the face now, your nose should be big and broad, perfect for smelling large areas~” The woman simply smiled as her nose began to push out and stretch from the sides, her nostrils widening. Even her lips began to look rubbery and her entire face pushing out into a short snout.

     Drew just looked in awe, drawn into a sort of trance as the video went on, her face following suite. Her mouth started to feel stuffed, letting her thicker tongue push out to lick her dry nose all the while oblivious to her instinctive actions. “During this process, you should have a short snout by now and vocal chords adjusted to give you that cute moo while still retaining your human speech, right~?” The changing woman responded with a low, content moo, Drew mooing back in response, her voice deepening from the vibrations. “She’s lookin’ to be one cuuuuute cow girl!”

     Moving to downwards, the camera switches to her fingers, showing them meld together forming three thick fingers, the tips and nails hardening into thick hooves. “Your hands should have finished merging together, creating three beauuuutiful hoof-tipped fingers~! Remember to keep your hooves groomed at all times now~” As if in response, Drew looked down at her fingers, just in time to see the last of them merge, leaving only six thick, hooved fingers. Rather than panicking, Drew simply looked in confusion with an entirely different thought: “I’m pretty sure I grooooomed them, right?” “They looook fine to me, girlfriend~” She quickly turned to the screen where the voice had come from, only to see the camera showing the woman’s feet become cloven hooves. ‘I swear I thought someone had said something to me from the computer…” She thought to herself, oblivious to the tears ringing out in her room as two cloven hooves rip through her socks.

     The transforming cow girl onscreen put her hooves forward, showing them off as if they were manicured fingernails before she moved them downwards to cradle the front of her pants. “And what’s a cow girl without her wonderful udder~? Just feel it swell, filling up with nuuuutritious, tasty cream, just ready to be milked from yoooou~!” Drew moved closer to the screen in anticipation, watching the cow girl’s pants stretch in front of her eyes, four smaller bumps forming around the edge of the growing lump.

     Before continuing any further, Drew suddenly leaned back, pressing her hooves against her pants to instinctively massage her growing udder as it filled with her milk. If she had kept watching the screen, she would have realized that the woman was already growing a short layer of white fur with black fur splotches all over her body. She can faintly hear the narrator talking saying, “and for the mooost wonderful part of the cow girl: yooour tail~!” The cow girl turned around and bent over, revealing her pants already had a hole cut into it as her tailbone pushed past the denim, whipping about as it gained length and the tip growing a dark soft tassel.

     A pressure soon grew behind Drew, her tail pushing against her jeans and black fur grew all over her body. Grunting in delight and tension, Drew finally let out a long, “Mooooooooo~!” as her tail ripped through her pants, whipping about in delight. All the while, Drew’s ears picked up the sounds of other moos coming from the screen, but paid not mind as her own delight clouded her judgment. 


     Settling down, she looked back at the screen, showing the cow girl on screen as well as other cow girls who transformed alongside Drew while watching the stream. The cow girl simply smiled seeing Drew coming to her senses. “Hey Drewww~! You’ve been quiet during the chat~ Yooou okay?” Drew smiled back at her best friend, before giving a satisfied moo. “Yooou betcha Belle~ Thanks fooooor inviting me to the Heifer’s chat club~! I love my fellow cow girls~!” Her mind registering her cow girl life as correct, she continued on through the night, talking to her new online friends, talking about handsome bulls and hoof polish throughout the night, ending with a mission to invite their friends to club known as ‘Girls are Heifers’… 


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